tagRomanceKenny Ch. 12-13

Kenny Ch. 12-13


Chapter 12

"This is Robin Flowers on KTVA channel 7 and tonight we have with us Kenneth Jacobs, the hero at the hospital last week and with him are two young ladies; Consuela Gomez and Barbara Hicks. These are two of the people Kenneth saved from gunmen in the emergency room. First off Ken, I understand that you were injured. Are you not healed yet?"

Ken looked down at the sling on his left arm and grinned. "Not completely Robin, I should be able to get rid of this after I see the doctor tomorrow. Barb here is going to help me with some physical therapy then."

Robin turned to Barb. She asked her and Connie about what had happened and what they had each been feeling, how scared they were and what they thought of Ken's actions.

"What do think would have happened if Ken hadn't been there Barb?"

"Well, it would probably have turned into a hostage situation when the police showed up. The police don't have a very good record when it comes to hostages Robin. I'm sure that Ken saved two or more people from injury or death. I know that he saved the man who was shot. Five or ten minutes later and he would have bled out. Ken got the doctor to him just in time."

"But he killed a man too Barb, don't you think that is wrong?"

"Sure, it's too bad that he died, but it was his own fault; not Ken's. I was in the exam room with Ken, I was about to look at his arm, when Drake came in and knocked me to the floor. I heard what he was saying and I saw the scalpel in his hand. He was going to hurt Ken as much as he could and then go after me. I was just realizing that I was in big trouble when Ken spun around and Drake fell. Ken only hit him once, and there is no way he expected to kill the man with a bedpan. It was an accident. If Ken had grabbed the knife and stabbed Drake in the chest, then that would have been murder, but in this case it was just an accidental death."

Robin turned to Connie then and asked, "Would you agree with this Consuela? Was Ken just acting in everyone's best interest?"

"Why are you treating him this way Ms. Flowers? You act like he was trying to get famous or something. Drake followed me home and then called his friends to the hospital; Ken did nothing without just cause."

"What about when he saved you the first time a couple of months ago? Did he need to hurt those men as badly as he did?"

"There were three men who intended to rape my employers and me and my mother. He stopped them and once they were down he didn't do anything else."

"Two concussions and a broken jaw is not just stopping those men Consuela."

"One against three, what else would you have him do Ms. Flowers? They had ropes and gags to use on us. They even had a key to the house. Ken couldn't take any chances."

"Then what about this, Ms. Gomez?" A screen lit up behind Robin Flowers showing a parking lot at night. "A friend at the San Francisco airport sent me this yesterday. A young man was complaining about being attacked Saturday. When airport security looked at the tape this is what they saw." The scene on the screen went into motion and showed a slim man wearing a hoody running away from a woman with a white purse in his hand. The woman was gesturing but not attempting to follow the man. A chubby woman pushing a baby stroller appeared into the scene on the left and suddenly she kicked a trash can into the path of the purse-napper. The man skipped sideways then tried to run past a man and woman who were following the chubby woman. Suddenly the crook was on the ground and the walking man was picking up the purse. He then trotted over to the woman it was stolen from and moved away. The whole scene only lasted 30 seconds and left the audience silent.

"Do you deny that you were there and that Ken Jacobs hit that young man? Let's see that in slow motion." Robin turned to the screen again and the portion of the video where Ken stepped in and leveled the running crook. He was seen to drop the duffle bag he was carrying and step to the side as he swung his arm at the runner.

Ken stood up then, he had been largely ignored and had decided that enough was enough. "What do you expect me do Ms. Flowers? You there, the cameraman; would you have stood by and let the crook escape? The damn fool is just lucky he didn't try to go after my mom, she would have crippled him. Mom grew up on the docks and you don't want to mess with her."

The cameraman looked at Robin Flowers first, then he answered, "No, I probably would have had to do something; but there is no way I would have been able to clothesline the man the way you did."

"Maybe not, but you would have done something. Come on girls, I think this interview is over."

Robin Flowers jumped up, "Wait a minute, we're not done yet."

"Yes we are, c'mon Connie. Barb, how would you like to meet my mother and daughter?"

Ken took Connie's arm and the three headed out of the studio.

"If you leave you won't have any control over what we say about you, you'll be yesterday's news."

"Why thank you Ms. Flowers; that's the best thing you could have said to me. As far as having no control, you have done everything but call me a publicity seeking thug with me sitting beside you, how will us walking out make any difference?"

Barb giggled and looked up at Ken, "Your mom sounds like fun, let's go."

And just like that, Ken's moment of fame was over. The station never ran the aborted interview, and interest in Ken dropped when the hotel heiress forgot to wear her panties to an opening (pun intended).

Barb and Rosemary got along together very well, but the emergency room nurse was surprisingly uncomfortable with Mallory. Ken would have thought that a nurse would be good with kids.

Connie and she were alone for a moment and Connie asked, "What gives with you and Mallory Barb?"

"I don't know Connie; I can't seem to connect with her. I usually don't have any trouble with kids, as your little guy shows." Stefan had crawled all over Barb when she sat down on the couch. "Maybe it's because I see how Ken looks at her and I know that I could never compete. You I can fight, but he loves that little girl completely."

"Oh Barbara; it's not a competition hon. You're not trying to take away his love from Mallory, or even from Rose. What you need to do is to add yourself as someone for him to love. Mallory has captured a large chunk of his heart, but there is plenty left for the rest of us. If you try to insinuate yourself between him and Mallory, you will lose. Ken could never replace Stefan with me, but he sure could stand beside him." Connie was looking at Ken on his knees with Mallory building something with blocks.

Later Ken and Rose were sitting in his cabin watching Mallory sleep. The TV was on for background, but neither of them had any idea what was on it.

"So fess up son, why haven't you told me anything the last couple of years? Have I been that piss poor a mother that you had to hide from me?"

"Its not that mom, I was just so ashamed. I know that I have never lived up to your and dad's expectations, and I didn't want to disappoint you any further. When Belinda turned out to be such a witch and I knew that Mallory wasn't really mine, I didn't want to get your hopes up and then smash them down."

"Yep, a piss poor mom. How could you think that your father and I were ever anything but damn proud of you? We were worried that you didn't date, but we were always proud of you son. I had a long talk with those sisters who adopted you." Ken started blushing, "Yes, they told me about that too. I'm glad that they took an interest in your education; I sure couldn't have done that for you. My biggest question for you is what made you think that your father and I were fuckin' idiots?"

Ken looked at his mother with a shocked expression.

"We lived out here for 6 years and we damn well know a lot of people and have kept in touch with some of them. We have known since that bitch conned you into marrying her just what has been going on. Your father has kept me from interfering like I wanted to, but when the fucking skank ditched you like she did I just about shit a brick. It took a while to locate her in Idaho so my temper cooled down or I was going to have that slut's guts for garters. When the private detective called the police on her he saved her too. The waitress she left my granddaughter with is a friend of mine and was keeping me up to date on Belinda's activities. Belinda didn't know that Shanna was totally trustworthy; hell the fucking bitch didn't even know her. If the damned courts try to give Mallory back to the bitch they are going to have to find her first. The biker gang that frequents that bar would make her disappear if I asked them to.

"You have been working your ass off trying to do the right thing and I have been bleeding for you son. Now that you have things going good again I guess that I can relax. The thing you need to know you dumb shit, is that I have a reach that can jam a boot up your ass if you don't take care of that little girl. I know that you aren't her cum donor, but she has your name and I can see how much you love her."

"I'm amazed mom. I guess inside I knew better than to try and hide anything from you. I'm glad that you didn't step in when you could have, 'cause then I would never have gotten this chance with Marta and Marcia."

"I know son, and you wouldn't have met Connie either. When are you going to show her some lovin'? You know she wants it, her pussy drools whenever you are in the room, and I know you can recognize that smell now."

"Mom! I'm sure you're wrong about that. Connie is thankful to me for saving her from rape is all. As soon as she comes to her senses she'll be out looking for someone again."

"Bullshit buddy boy. She may have been thinking thank you at first, but when you showed up at the hospital with that fucking spear looking like Schwarzenegger in his prime her panties flooded and the little slit started thinking about more kids."

"Well if that's the case, why is she pushing me off on Barb?"

"Damned if I know, but I will be talking to her about it. If I had to guess, I'd say that she knows that miss hot pants nursie just wants a roll in the hay and will probably drop you afterwards. Then she can roll your sad dick into her cooze and comfort you. Hell, I drove your dad to three different fucking whores before he asked me out. Once he sampled the free shit he never went back."

"Gee thanks mom. I really needed to know that. I always thought that you intimidated him into marrying you."

"Are you shitting me boy? Look at me, I have never been a beauty queen and I was always glad to get whatever I could. Your dad is a big stud and he ain't threatened by me in any way. He is in control in our marriage and has always been, and I sure as hell like it that way. He doesn't say much, but when he does I fuckin' listen. Now get your ass to bed, we'll talk more tomorrow."

Rose was sleeping on the recliner in Ken's cabin. She was comfortable there and had been sleeping in one at home as well. Sometimes she had trouble breathing when supine and the slight elevation of her head provided by the recliner helped. Ken had volunteered his bed, but she had refused. One plus was that this way Mallory could crawl up on "gamma Ros" in the morning to wake her up. Rose was in heaven.

Rose did have the conversation with Connie and warned her that her plans may not work out as she hoped. "If all else fails girl, show up at his door naked and drippin' cunt cream; he's not likely to turn that down. Whatever you do, don't get into a knock down cat fight with miss nursie, Ken won't give a shit about either of you then. I'm amazed at how much violence he has been forced into lately. At most schools he would have to demonstrate at least once that he wasn't to be fucked with. Usually he would pick the biggest bully and beat the shit out of him. It rarely took more than one or two punches before they learned to leave him the fuck alone. He looks damned good now, but the little shit has always been strong. He takes after his dad and my dad that way."

Rose had one final indignity to bestow before she left for home on Friday. Mallory had her first appointment with the pediatrician Thursday. It was the same man who took care of Stefan, and Marta trusted him. Rose gave him a little incentive though, she described just what would happen to him if her granddaughter came to harm because of him. He knew without a doubt that when she was done he would be able to wear his testicles as earrings.

Ken finally left his mother at the airport and he and Mallory returned home. He had a date with Barb tonight. Dinner and a movie was what he had planned. Connie was going to baby-sit.

Ken was unsure about the wisdom of dating Barb at all; he just felt that it had no future. What the hell though, he would have the chance to spend some time with a lovely woman. There was no down side to that.

Everything was going as planned. Ken picked Barb up at her apartment and drove them to dinner. As they were having an after dinner drink, Barb wine and Ken 7up, Ken asked her what type of movies she liked.

"To hell with a movie Ken. What I want you to do next is to take me home and fuck my brains out. I've had enough foreplay for five dates and I want the real thing. Think you are up for that?"


Chapter 13

"Thank you kind sir," Barb whispered into Ken's chest.

"Thank me? I think you have things reversed, I should be thanking you."

The two naked lovers were sitting on Barb's couch taking a break. She was curled up on Ken's lap with a blanket wrapped around them.

"Maybe I should be thanking the sisters instead?"

"Connie told me she let you know about that and I was very upset with her."

"Why Ken? Are you ashamed to be sleeping with older women?"

"What? No way Barb, I'm upset that Connie would risk Marta and Marcia's reputations that way. The last thing I want is for either of them to be hurt. I was a total wreck when they found me; I was close to driving off a cliff or running in front of a truck. My ex had told me that I was a lousy lover, and what with all of her experience, I believed her. The sisters helped me to see that Belinda was the one at fault, not me."

"I didn't mean any disrespect Ken. I really am thankful to them. You are a fantastic lover and I feel great right about now."

"Thank you, but I have to ask; is tonight a one time thing, or are you hoping for more Barb?"

"I would like to see you again Ken, but at the same time I don't see myself as settling down just yet. I'm doing all right here for now, but I want to transfer to a bigger hospital where I can get into a supervisory position. I do like you a lot Ken, and you certainly flipped all my switches, but I think you need someone permanent; like Connie."

"I understand Barb, I expected nothing less. You and everyone else are wrong about Connie though. We don't have anything going."

"Well what did she say about your lovemaking?"

"We haven't had sex Barb."

"Why the hell not? I know Connie wants to, don't you like her?"

"I like her okay, but I'm not good enough for her Barb. I'm not really good enough for you either, but somehow I knew that you weren't serious. I'm afraid that Connie might be."

"Damn right she is serious; that girl needs a good man, and you look to be the best choice for her Ken. Think about it; everyone can see that you two are right for each other, and sometimes the majority can be correct. You and she should try to forge a relationship, you would do well together.

"That's enough about her, do you think you are up to another time Ken? I don't think that Connie is going to let me have another chance at you and I would like to get all I can while I can."

"That depends Barb; can I taste your sweet essence for a bit first?"

"You want to lick me again? I am certainly not going to turn that down cowboy."

Ken stood up and carried the fully aroused Barbara back to her bed. Later she did not even have enough energy to see him out. She kissed him goodbye from her bed. "If things don't work out with Connie, I will be around for a few months yet Ken, and I meant what I said about seeing you again."

"Goodbye Barb...you're going to call Connie as soon as I am gone, aren't you?"

"If you don't leave quickly, it will be while you are still here."

"I get the hint, 'bye."

He and Connie had already decided that unless he got home very early, he would leave Mallory to sleep with Stefan until the morning rather than wake her.

Ken entered his cabin and prepared for bed. He was almost asleep when he heard a knock at his door. He opened it to see a totally nude Consuela on his stoop. He stood there with his jaw heading toward the ground staring at the dark skinned Latin whose beauty was fully revealed to him for the first time.

"Are you going to invite me in Ken? Rose suggested this method of getting your attention, and after talking to Barb I decided not to wait any longer."

Ken closed his mouth and then started to get just a little irritated. "Mom suggested this huh? Well did you ever consider just talking to me? I was beginning to think that we might start dating, and then you pushed me off on Barb, so I figured you didn't want me. Now it is 3 am and you show up like this when you have been talking to Barb and you know damn well that I can't do anything about it. Your succubus friend drained me completely. I am sick and tired of everyone trying to run my love life for me so now I am going to take charge. Go back to your own bed Connie, and later today ask your mother if she will baby sit for us tonight. If she is willing to do that, then I will take you out on a proper date and we will talk all evening to see if we are compatible. If it looks like we are, then we can come back here and I will make love to you and make you scream in ecstasy. Is that understood?"

"You don't want me?" Connie asked in a small voice.

"I didn't say that," Ken said. He then leaned forward and lightly kissed Connie on the lips, "I want to do this the right way dear, and this is not it. Now go back to bed and think about what you want from a husband and lover and tonight you can determine whether or not I am it. I am going to get some sleep and I will see you at breakfast. Goodnight Connie."

Ken stepped back and closed the door. Connie stood for a moment, and then grabbed robe she had dropped to the side, put it on, and slowly started to walk back to her own cabin. This was not what she had expected to happen; but she thought that maybe she liked it. She knew that she liked Ken's firm manner much more than she did the meek guy she had known for so long. She had been too nervous to have been "drippin' cunt cream" as Rose had suggested; but now there was a tingle in her loins as she walked home.

Saturday night they talked all through dinner, and then they went dancing again. This time they didn't share with anyone and spent the time between songs talking some more. Finally it was time to go home.

Sunday afternoon Connie approached Marta as the older woman was relaxing by the pool. The Neilson twins were visiting again and beginning to be a regular feature.

"Hello Marta, may I talk to you for a bit?"

"Of course you can Connie; what's on your mind dear?"

"Well first off, you and Marcia seem to be quite taken with Wilbur and Walter. Are you getting serious with them?"

"Yes dear, I think that we are. They are living in an overpriced condo in Pacific Grove right now but we are thinking of turning part of the house into another master suite for Walter and Marcia to use. The problem the boys had when they were married before is that the women tried to keep them apart. They were jealous of the time the brothers spent together and that just didn't work. Walter and Wilbur are extremely close, even for twins, and can't stand to be separated. Marcia and I don't see a problem with that and think that we can all live together and be one happy family. We could build a new place to live, but I really love it here and I don't want to move."

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