tagFetishKerry's Undies Ch. 02

Kerry's Undies Ch. 02


This story contains graphic descriptions of toilet activity and sexual encounters with a woman's sanitary pad. If this offends or disgusts, please do not read!


Many weeks went past after my amazing sexual encounter with 48-year-old Kerry.

Given the illicit nature of our liaison, I had not expected it to continue any further as her partner had only been away for a few days and had subsequently returned.

The utter sensuality of our dirty sex session had stayed with me, as I hoped it would her.

Kerry had certainly indicated to me after the event that she had never done anything even half as daring and dirty with her partner Eddie as she had done with me and that she would love to do it again sometime.

As tempting as it was to pursue Kerry and her sex in the days and weeks following, I let it be - as it would have been both wrong and extremely risky to push it any further in the circumstances.

Fortunately for me, I kept vivid memories of the experience with me - the intimate and dirty activity that we had engaged that evening providing the main source of masturbation fodder for the time ahead.

For a start, our analingus session had left such a bitter taste in my mouth - literally.

I thought back to that evening regularly and calculated that I must have spent close to 20 minutes licking her anus and bottom crack - so thoroughly and sensually that I distinctly recalled the incredible sensation as I spread her wide and mature buttocks apart, pushing my tongue as far up inside her back passage as it would go, clearly tasting the faecal residue from the interior of her pink rectum.

Kerry had admitted to me during our session that she had defecated at work only a few hours before and as impressive as it was to actually see how well she had wiped her anus clean, there was undoubtedly a sharp rich odour emanating from the area as she squatted her brown and hairy rear opening over my nose and mouth.

Being able to smell a woman's poo during sex could easily be off-putting but not so with Kerry.

It had reached the point whilst masturbating that all I could think about was Kerry sitting on the toilet pooing. Now that I had actually seen her anus and vagina in the flesh, I constantly imagined them spread wide open over the toilet bowl, excreting Kerry's bodily wastes each and every day.

I imagined the different types of poo that Kerry might be doing during her private toilet moments with her tender but large white cotton knickers pulled down around her knees and urine hissing out intermittently from in amongst her brown curly pubic hair as she grunted and strained in such a feminine way to remove the smelly faeces from her body.

Were they long, firm and glistening poo stools, crackling gently as they passed from her distended pink anus and slapped into the water below, only requiring a few gentle wipes to clean?

Or perhaps they were soft and squishy, leaving messy smears of brown matter around her anus and the deepest recesses of her hairy bottom crack, needing multiple wipes and maybe even some soft wipes to clean the area thoroughly?

This was the stuff of my imaginings about Kerry which would also include scenarios of her changing tampons whilst she sat either weeing or pooing on the toilet or both.

So it came as quite an ecstatic surprise when I received a discreet email from Kerry on a rainy Wednesday morning, the gist of which was that her partner Eddie was due to be away for the duration of the upcoming weekend and would I be interested in meeting up again?

I was beside myself with excitement to say the least, but chose not to reply immediately as I considered the reality of what might be about to happen again.

Dirty thoughts consumed me for the next few hours as the buzz of Kerry's email took effect.

This was the ultimate reassurance that she really had enjoyed our last encounter and the genuinely dirty nature of it.

I felt flattered that she must have wanted to risk meeting up for more and certainly hoped that she was looking forward to having her womanly interiors examined and explored both front and back.

Short of responding inappropriately, I decided to wait and give her a more considered response which I hoped would help set the scene of what may be about to happen.

"Hi Kerry. Great to hear from you!! I was really happy to receive your invitation via email and would love to meet with you again this weekend...hopefully!! James xxoo"

Deciding to keep my response simple and to the point was settling, considering all of the extremely lewd thoughts that were attempting to hijack my equilibrium in the days since receiving Kerry's invitation.

As the weekend drew nearer, I was masturbating at every perceivable opportunity with all things to do with Kerry at the forefront of my fantasies.

By Friday morning, Kerry had sent a final response and the net result was that we were set to meet that evening, as soon as she had finished work.

I couldn't have been happier.

Arriving at Kerry's place at the agreed time with a nice bottle of champagne under my arm seemed the least I could have done.

Kerry was still wearing her pants suit and a white blouse from work when she answered the door and I was immediately aroused.

The vivid thoughts of what she was wearing underneath and the condition they were in, suddenly took front and centre and desperately trying to maintain my cool at the same time was no easy task.

To Kerry's credit, she had probably anticipated the dynamic of the situation prior to my arrival and did everything possible to relax the energy between us.

She planted a kiss on my cheek and welcomed me inside, accepting the champagne with a lovely warm smile in an obvious show of appreciation.

Placing the champagne straight into the fridge, she offered me a seat and a cold beer.

I gladly accepted as she also helped herself to one and the conversation between us slowly clicked into gear.

It was what could be described as general catch-up as several weeks had indeed passed since we last spoke.

Considering the raw intimacy of our previous encounter, we did well to keep the chit-chat above board for the best part of 15 minutes.

By this time, Kerry had emptied her beer and spontaneously declared her need to visit the bathroom, at which my heart skipped a beat or two.

There was certainly a knowing look in her eye as she said it and I was more than ready to take my cue at only the merest hint.

"I was wondering if you might like to join me?" Kerry offered.

Knowing that this was what I wanted to hear more than anything else in the world in that moment, I replied in the only that I could;


Kerry then led the way - down the hallway and turning right through the bathroom door.

I followed closely behind and set sights on the scene as I entered.

The room was clean - and VERY white - tiles covered the floor with the shower recess to the right and the toilet to the left.

The toilet itself matched the pure white décor perfectly with the adjacent holder supporting a full roll of white tissue paper, which I hoped was going to be in use on Kerry's orifices very shortly.

Kerry moved directly towards the toilet and lifted the lid.

She then slowly started to unbutton her pants before sliding them downwards, together with her underpants and then lowered her now bare buttocks onto the white toilet seat.

Kerry's overly wide hips and buttocks were a delight to behold, especially seeing them in such a natural setting as the bathroom and sitting on a toilet, no less.

Now in position, Kerry gestured for me to move forward, taking me by the hand as she did so and smiling in such a knowing way.

"I've got something to show you," she hummed in a barely audible voice.

I felt unable to anything at this point but to go with the flow, so to speak - watching ever so intently as Kerry rolled down her pants a little further to reveal her size 12 black cotton undies within and even more exciting was the white sanitary pad that she was clearly wearing inside.

My heart skipped yet again as my cock nearly burst inside my pants.

Having the opportunity to ogle a woman's used sanitary pad as she sat on the toilet to take care of her private business was not something that presented itself very often.

With the history I had already created with Kerry, it was sure to be a very exciting experience and I was now hungry with anticipation.

Not knowing exactly how to approach it, I instinctively allowed Kerry to hold court as I was kind of standing there at her behest in the first place, as much as I was lavishing the prospect.

She sat there for a few moments, somewhat in suspended animation as I stood there looking a bit ridiculous waiting for my dreams to come true in front of me.

Sensing my agony, Kerry thankfully intervened and shifted her position on the toilet seat in order to accommodate my eager eyes.

"You might have noticed I've got something a bit extra in here for you!" she conceded.

"You can come down here and have a closer look if you like!"

Now trembling in my shoes, I tentatively lowered myself down in between Kerry's thighs as she opened them further for me, exposing the top of her pubic hair triangle over the toilet bowl but more obviously the stained sanitary pad which was sitting snugly inside the crotch panel of her black cotton underwear.

"There you go!" she almost whispered in a desirous coo. "I thought you might enjoy this!"

At this, she intentionally turned the pad covered gusset out towards me, with nothing left now to the imagination.

I immediately desired to inspect the pad in great detail to see first-hand exactly how her vagina had been behaving inside her underpants throughout the day.

"Ohhhh Kerry!" I moaned, whilst at the same time placing my shaking fingers underneath the soft cotton and stretching it gently up towards my face.

I cut a loving glance up at Kerry as she sat there with her thick, pale thighs wide apart and her dark pubic hair and vagina spread over the toilet and now only inches from my craving senses.

If her private parts were still inches from my nose, mouth and tongue then her dirty sanitary pad was even closer and I simply could not resist any longer.

"Don't be shy darling," Kerry continued, "It's all especially for you!! I've been ovulating for a couple of days and the mini-pad helps to stop my panties getting ruined from all the mess!"

I then lowered my face directly to Kerry's pad and inhaled deeply.


At a glance, I could see that not only was the entire pad area completely stained yellowish-brown with Kerry's feminine discharge but there were a number of dark, curly pubic hairs stuck randomly to the surface.

Inspecting the pad in more detail I could see various streaks of different coloured staining that were absorbed deeply into the material.

I also liked the fact that it was only a mini-pad, which meant that it fitted much more comfortably into Kerry's size 12 crotch panel, rather than looking (and I imagined feeling) like a diaper between her legs, it was must have been much more comfortable for her to wear with just enough of it covering her vaginal opening to be able to absorb all the moisture and discharge that her hairy pussy was expelling.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." was all I could mutter as I indulged the pure femininity of her soiled pad. God I love the smell of your vagina Kerry!!"

And I did.

Her unwashed pussy smell was entirely a sweat-infused musk with a distinct odour of urine and a delightful fishy pungency which her mature and hairy cunt had been producing over several hours of fermentation in her tender cotton underpants.

The pad had clearly done its job, absorbing the most alluring parts of her odour as well as the offending coloured discharge with a couple of her loose pubic hairs thrown into the mix for good measure.

"I've really got to pee, if you don't mind," Kerry then confessed.

"Of course not!" I replied in raptures.

Within moments, a jet stream of warm, golden urine started hissing from inside Kerry - its sound and smell were unmistakable as the resultant spray made direct contact with my face.

I simply couldn't help myself as I rapidly started running my tongue along the outward surface of Kerry's dirty mini-pad as she peed.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it!!" Kerry cooed once again, "Run your tongue along my tender little pad. Mmmmmmm... Taste my discharge...Smell my pussy odour as much as you want!!"

"Ohhhhh God Kerry!!" I was now more than happy to return serve at her provocation, "God... I love your smell and taste... Its SOOO musky and feminine!! Mmmmmmm...your pad's really nice and fishy as well!!"

"Yeh, I've been wearing it since lunchtime today for you," she admitted. "It's been really absorbent and smelling so much sweatier and fishy every time I go to the toilet! My pubes really help to hold the odour inside the pad as well!!"

"Mmmmmmm..." I moaned a little bit more as I now felt at least one of her rough, curly pubic hairs in my mouth.

"You can take the pad off completely if you want and put it in your mouth if you'd REALLY like to suck the discharge out of it completely," Kerry offered as she started to peel the pad from out of her undies and then eventually handing it to me.

"Oh God...I'd love to Kerry!!" I babbled.

Now spurting the last drops of urine out from between her legs, Kerry now had me where she wanted me, I was sure.

As much as I desperately wanted to reach down in amongst her pubic hair with a folded white sheet of toilet paper and wipe her clean, I presently had another idea which I hoped that Kerry would be open to.

After her pee was complete, I decided to make my special request to her - she was sitting on the toilet after all, with her panties removed and legs wide open after she had just urinated!

"Would you mind very much if I touch your anus??" I asked cautiously.

"Mmmmmmm...I'd love you to!!" Kerry replied without hesitation.

She then proceeded to open her legs even wider to allow me access to her other main toilet opening in this intimate setting.

In response, I moved my hand down deep beneath her undercarriage until the tip of my middle finger made contact with the lumpy contours of her anus.

Kerry moaned as my finger began firmly massaging the wrinkled and moist opening to her back passage.

It felt utterly amazing and I could also make out the rough texture of the hairs which clearly surrounded her swollen poo hole.

I meanwhile had taken Kerry's soiled sanitary pad fully into my mouth and had begun to suck joyously on her feminine secrets.

Her manky taste and odour now filled my senses as I continued to stimulate her tender anal area with finger but still I wanted more.

"Do you mind if I take your undies off Kerry?" I asked eagerly.

"Not at all, my dear!" she replied.

With my spare hand, I gently slid Kerry's black cotton underpants down around her knees and then her ankles until they were firmly in my grasp.

Using the same hand, I then strategically positioned the soft cotton gusset underneath my penis and began stroking immediately.

Kerry responded in kind by reaching down in amongst her pubic hair and starting to rub her clitoris as my hands found themselves entirely occupied with her panties in one and the middle finger of the other in direct contact with her anus and all the while transmitting the contents of her lady pad into my mouth.

We had begun to establish a rhythm with our mutual stroking, sucking and rubbing.

"So how is my dirty pad tasting??" Kerry enquired breathlessly after a few minutes, at the same time reaching into my mouth and removing it briefly so that I could reply to her question.

"Ohhhh God Kerry!" I gushed, "It's SO musky and smelly. SO absorbent! SO tender!! I LOVE the taste and smell of your discharge. It's so stale and sweaty. I can REALLY smell and taste the fishiness as well!!"

"So that's it, is it? Really nice and fishy hey??" she taunted. "Now you know what a REAL woman smells and tastes like! It's all action between our legs especially when there's pads and tampons involved!"

"Why don't you stand up for me?" she continued.

At this, I obliged, with my rock-hard erection pointing out at perpendicular towards Kerry's face.

Silently, Kerry took my swollen member and placed it straight into her mouth, whilst at the same time taking her undies back off me, positioning them underneath my balls and starting to rub my perineum.

She also handed me back her dirty pad so that I could put it straight back in my mouth to continue sucking.

To my amazement, she also reached around to the rear of her own body and apparently started massaging her own anus in the midst of it all.

Gulping and slurping all the while as she performed a very tender and sensual blow job on me, her stroke rates on my perineum with her soft undies also increased.

I got the sense that she was now fingering her anus quite firmly as her right hand presently seemed quite engaged with that part of her body.

At this rate, it seemed that one of us may be the first to come in less than a few moments, with anuses being rubbed, perineums being stroked in addition to erect penises and soiled sanitary pads being sucked.

I looked down now as Kerry continued to take my cock deep into her mouth and I could also see her black cotton underpants underneath my balls. This, together with a view of her naked pubic hair triangle as well as her hand firmly attached around her rear end just as she might have been wiping her anus clean of poo after a big bowel movement, I could feel my bananas about to blow.

Kerry's stroke rate increased on my cock as I thrust it deeper into her mouth.

With several shuddering and involuntary bursts, I emptied myself completely into her mouth and to my immense delight, Kerry accepted all of it, gulping compulsively as the thick white fluid made its way towards her stomach.

Kerry slurped several times as my cock remained hard inside her mouth and she desirously smacked her lips as the taste must have begun to impact on her tongue.

All the while, I sucked hard on her mini-pad with its contents also making more than just a mild impact inside my mouth.

Yes, I had enjoyed a mighty orgasm with Kerry but in doing so had got to reveal Kerry's most intimate feminine secrets from within the deposits of her sanitary pad - and all while she was carrying out a very natural and private bodily function in front of me on the toilet - such rare treat indeed and one which I hoped we could repeat as soon as possible!

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