tagInterracial LoveKey was the Key to Her

Key was the Key to Her


They had met at school, and then they went through college. They loved each other all the way, now they were married. One month ago they had wed in a huge ceremony; all paid for by her wealthy parents, who gave a lavish wedding for their only daughter, in fact, their only child. Her new husband came from a wealthy back ground too, and that is why he probably had the hang up that he had.

He wasn't weird, not in any sense of the word; he just had such an imaginative mind. He was John Foster; she was now Mrs Jenny Foster, nee Higgins. They had an excellent sex life, though neither had had any experience of others, although Jenny suspected that John had had some, during the odd couple of times they had broken up temporarily.

Jenny had been a virgin right up until her 20th birthday, and that's when she had succumbed to the urges built up by her own body, and the not inconsiderable urges of her to be, husband. She hadn't really liked it much, it hadn't done a lot for her, but her best friend had told her it would change, that she would love it eventually, she had been right! It was fantastic now, having sex or making love was a paramount and integral part of her life now.

They had tried sex in every which way but loose, every position they could get into, onto, and around, all over their house, garden, garage, roof space, even the top of their car! Now at 23 years of age, John was 23 also, they thought of themselves as more than accomplished lovers. But they really had no idea of how love was made by others, and the intensity of finding out.

They had honeymooned in the Caribbean, and that's where John began understand and to fantasize. They had always made up stories for each other, stories where she would get seduced, raped, held captive, until a ransom was paid, she would tell John how she would surrender to the man who had her, who would have his wicked way with her, and during a session she would scream out her imaginary lover's name.

They would go into an imaginary bar, or hotel, where she would be asked to dance and it went on from there, she would give into a persistent man, where refusal wasn't an option, and such was Jenny's arousal she would half fuck her husband to death.

Or at work, the janitor had got her into a cleaning cupboard, and fucked her over the top of a pile of laundry. Her boss had seduced her and ravished her on his desk, screaming helplessly to anyone who could hear her, but no one was there to save her, and she was taken to the limits of her endurance.

John would hold her from the back, his cock deeply embedded in his beautiful bride's pussy from behind. He would regale her with stories of men who had come to work in their house, and she would be terrified of some of them, she would even submit to a fierce look.

He told her of one situation where a insurance salesman called, and with him, he had a female trainee, she was a gorgeous black girl, and right in front of Jenny, he had squeezed the girls nipples. Jenny was shocked, but even more so, when the man had done it to her. Then the girl had joined in, and soon all 3 were in bed, and Jenny was fucked from arsehole to breakfast time by them both.

John was, on the face of it, what could only be described as a normal guy in every way. He was quite good looking, masculine in his own way, tall, fairly well built, and as far as Jenny knew, his cock was a good size, and, he knew how to use it!

Jenny was a vision, absolutely cutely beautiful, 5ft 7", she loved being a woman and dressed accordingly. Long ash blonde hair which, surrounding her face, made its way over her shoulders and back, like shimmering waves on an ocean. Gorgeous upturned nose, which she could wrinkle so good. Eyes that were azure blue, deep, wide and almond shaped, her lips were pouty, soft looking, but had a firmness about them, that made men desire to be kissed by her.

Her body was heaven made, so receptive to a touch, super sensitive nipples that John had taken advantage of many many times. Jenny kept her fabulous pussy as smooth as a glass topped table, and not a hair in sight. Her long legs carried her in an ever elegant, way, Jenny glided when she walked, swayed with a grace that made her seem to float.

Jenny was a part time secretary, and had fended off her boss a few times, and also others, when and where advantages were sought for her favours. She was a faithful wife, and couldn't ever see a situation where she would ever be other than that.

But John was having dreams of her being with another man, a black man! The honeymoon in the Carib had brought that to the fore. He imagined her being taken from him, and made to watch, as she was both seduced beyond redemption, and fucked into oblivion, by a big dominant black male.

One day he went into a porn sex shop, he asked the man behind the counter, for black on blonde CD's. Armed with 4 of them he went home, That Friday night, he had loaded them up, and when he and Jenny were settled in bed, he turned on the first one.

It was black on blond, but it was just that, black on blond, the 2nd one was more of the same, he was getting pissed off. He wanted to see seduction, forced rape, anything, not just sex, Jenny wasn't impressed either.

The 3rd one came on and it was just what he wanted, A big black man was with a beautiful blonde, he had stolen her from her husband, and he was going to fuck her, she was pleading with him, to let her go, she was a mother of 2 small children.

But he told her, her husband owed him lots of money, and wasn't paying it off, so he had told him he would take his wife, and keep her for a few days, just to lower the interest. 'A few days?' she had cried. 'Yes, you will belong to me for a while, and anyway,' he told her, 'by the time I have finished with you, you won't want to go back, not after you have had this in you!' and he grabbed his crotch.

'Once you've been blacked, you never go back, ever heard of that?' he said, as he started to undress the hapless mother. 'Yes I have, but it won't work on me, I love my husband!' she cried again. John was squeezing, and tweaking Jenny's nipples, they were like chapel hat pegs! She moaned. 'Is it turning you on honey?' he asked, 'is watching a big black man have his way with that beautiful blonde making you horny babe?' he said gruffly. He dipped his hand to her pussy, it was wet through, he stroked her clit. 'Watch as he seduces, then fucks her,' he whispered. The blonde beauty was helpless, there was nothing she could do but give in. Jenny saw her dress fall to the floor, her bra came off, her panties were torn away, and making the woman and Jenny gasp in unison. 'Is that you there on the screen Jenny?' her husband asked. Jenny moaned at his words. 'Is he seducing you Jen?' is he making you so hot; you need his big black cock in you? Hmmm, is he Jenny?' 'Tell me babe, that big black cock, do you need it in you?' John teased her, his fingers playing havoc in her body 'Yesssss,' she hissed, an orgasm washed though her.

They watched as the woman visibly surrendered, she put her arms over the broad shoulders of her black seducer, and soon to be lover. He picked her up, and carried her onto the bed, where he deepened her confusion, and seduction, her nipples were under attack, she moaned into his neck.

'You want and need my big black prick baby?' he asked, 'you ever had black cock honey?' he asked. 'No, I haven't,' she whimpered, 'oh what am I to do?' 'You just put your tiny white married little hand on it, hold it and squeeze it, the rest will come naturally baby.' He told her.

She did as she was told, Jenny came again, and her thighs crushed her husband's hand! The woman moaned again, so did Jenny. John was beside himself, he was as hard as iron as his wife submitted, along with the beauty on the screen. The man kissed his now totally submissive woman, she kissed him back. John asked Jenny 'is he kissing you babe? What is it like?' 'Yesssss,' again Jenny hissed, 'it's so different?' John realised that Jenny was totally submersed in the scene before them.

'Look at his cock Jenny, see how big it is, is he going to fuck the woman at the same time as you?' 'Oh yes,' Jenny gasped. John's fingers were working away in her now sopping, and very slick pussy. 'Do you want black cock Jenny; would you like to be fucked by a big black cock babe? Mmmm?' 'Yes yes yes yes I do, I do John, Oh God!' she came in a torrent.

They watched as the huge man lay over the woman, and heard her moan and groan as his prick split her in half. She was pleading for him to stop, then for more, soon she was begging for it, 'harder harder,' she bellowed, mewling, moaning, her arms and legs tight around him as he fucked her senseless.

They witnessed her orgasms crashing through her, totally wrecking her. She was kissing his neck, her nails hard in his back, feet hooked into the back of his muscular thighs, her trembling was there right on screen, the bed shook.

The man fucked her twice more, the last time, she was on her knees, cheering him on, at the end, as he let her go, she told him she would come back anytime he told her to. 'Oh I think you'll be back without me asking,' he said. 'Once you go black, you don't go back?' the blonde beauty said to him, kissed him, and smiled.

John was in his wife's pussy from behind now, talking to her. 'Well baby, what do you think about that?' he asked. 'Fuck me, and fuck me hard right now John or I will kill you! Her voice was guttural.

He took the part. 'Is that great black prick in you right now Jen?' his voice was smooth and taunting her. 'Yes, oh my god yes,' and she screamed loudly as she came completely.

They watched the CD a few times more, it was embedded in Jenny's mind, the orgasms she had over it were like none she had ever had. The next week John took the CD's back, and the man asked if he and his lady had enjoyed them?

'To be honest, yes we did, especially my wife,' he admitted. The man looked at him, and then from under his counter, he produced a card. 'Call this number, you can arrange an evening out for you both, just to have a look, and see if you want to go further?' John left perplexed, this was further than he had anticipated, but he had already come this far, why not find out?

He waited 5 days before he called the number, a man answered, John explained what he had done, and the man said. 'Well, if you want to be at the Excelsior Hotel on Saturday night, there is a function on, its formal dress though, have a look around, and see what you think, it's up to you if you feel like progressing?' John tried to nail him down with further questions, but he just parried them, and said, 'just go and have a look.' And he put the phone down.

John went home, he pondered how to broach the subject with Jenny, he knew she would flatly refuse anything of that nature. Then he had a brainwave, 'I'll just tell her we have been invited to a do at the Excelsior, and it was formal dress,' he told himself. Jenny loved dressing up, and he knew she would be up for it.

He told her that night, she quizzed him as to what kind of do it was, but he said it was a surprise. And Jenny, because it was formal, went for it. She would buy a new dress, a slinky black satin one, slit right up to her gorgeous thigh, high backless heels, new gold necklace, and matching earrings.

The night came, and they set off, Jenny looked so stunning it took John's breath away; her hair was elegantly piled up on her beautiful head. John also knew that Jenny was totally naked under her dress, no panties, no bra, no lines, just smooth graceful curves, curves that left nothing to the imagination, nothing! She was as sexy as hell, and both knew all heads would turn the moment she walked in, no one would see John at her side, only her.

The man in the shop had made a call as soon as John had left. 'I think we have hooked one Max,' he said into the phone. 'Give me their address; their credit card details, I'll have them checked out.' He replied.

Three days later, a file was on his desk, including photos. He was slightly interested in the man, but was more than interested in the woman; she was utterly, and extraordinarily beautiful. She was the best that had come his way by a long time!

The investigator and his team, had traced John's movements of the last 2 weeks, and it was decided that he was more than interested in black sexing, which was focussed on his beautiful young wife.

Max was a man who found willing girls and women, and husbands too that were interested in seeing their wives etc being blacked, and many times they were stunned to find out that, their wives and girlfriends were more than happy to continue, and to leave their men for black cock, in reality, Black cock sluts! Men and women, who were into black sex, group sex, any kind of sex, he used coercion, blackmail, anything that would achieve his goals, and make him more money.

But this woman was different, he could see that in the photos, in the report, this one was special; She could very well be the one he had been looking for, for someone very special in his life. And he knew just the person for her, his son, Kwame, but nicknamed Key.

His son was the light of his life, and he had confided in his father, that his ultimate wish was to meet and fall in love with a beautiful blonde, but she would have to get used to being a man's woman, not the other way round.

Kwame had had women, but he didn't want a bought and paid for whore, he wanted a woman who would willingly love him, as he would love her, even though she would have to be submissive to him.

Max felt this could be the one; the fact that she was already married was of no consequence to him. Her husband had brought them to his attention, he felt it was his duty to find out if the wife was a black cock lover, a black man lover.

Max arranged the necessary details for the 'do' at the Excelsior, which he owned. He brought in all the necessary people to make it a formal occasion, he spent valuable time arranging the scenes, all the people there were friends and aquantances. Kwame was sat at the bar, nursing a drink. John and Jenny entered, and as expected, every head turned.

The maitre de escorted them in, and they made their way to the bar, he ordered a G&T for him, and a wine for Jenny. John looked at the extremely good looking young black man sat there on his own, and thought, hmmm? 'This could be a good start?' he thought to himself. He checked out the man, he was a big one, well over 6ft, powerfully built, and very well dressed in a very smart charcoal gray suit, and tie.

John gently nudged his wife's ribs. 'Look at him Jen, now is that a good looking black guy or not?' 'Yes he is John, but why are you asking me that?' she whispered. 'Well,' he said, 'after watching those CDs last week, I thought you may have had a few lewd thoughts?' he ventured, and smiled crudely at her. 'John, behave yourself, you might get me into trouble,' and she giggled. 'Looking like you do darling, I think you could have more trouble than you could handle!' he proffered, laughing too.

But John was already halfway there, he was wanting to see his wife being chatted up, asked to dance, seeing her get rubbed by some of the black men here, and maybe especially, by the young man sat near them.

He wasn't to know it was already in hand, the whole charade was a set stage, or he would have left like a shot! Jenny wasn't a big drinker, and after she had had three, and the band had struck up, and people were dancing. A tall man asked Jen to dance, 'if her husband would permit it?' he asked. John agreed right off, he was loving this.

Jenny danced twice, and then returned, she was having a ball, there were white people there, but predominantly, they were black. And all these lovely black men were affecting her, she felt a little dizzy, the feel of men's bodies against her, black men's bodies was getting to her. And when she felt one purposely rub his erect cock on her thigh, she had almost cum.

She staggered back to the bar, where John was talking to the man at there, Jenny appraised him, he really was good looking, in fact he looked remarkably like the black man on the CD she had watched with John. That thought made her pussy tingle a lot.

They made way for her to sit on the stool between them. 'Honey, this is Kwame, but he prefers to be called Key. He's from Zimbabwe, his family came here 40 years ago, and he is in his last year at college,' he told a flushed Jenny. 'Pleased to meet you Key,' she breathed, 'he is even better looking close up?' she thought, but only to herself.

They chatted, and he asked if she would dance with him, they had a dance or two, Jenny was holding her drink, and had refused anymore, John was a little drunk by now. Key asked her dance again, Jenny looked at John, he nodded enthusiastic approval. She was beginning to guess his motives, and reason's for bringing her here. But she giggled, and said to herself, 'I'm going to make him as jealous as hell!'

On the dance floor she danced close to Key, her beautiful thigh being exposed as she willowed her way on the floor, and she actually became quite aroused, she couldn't help it, she had rubbed against him, and she had felt his thick hard flesh press into her as she did.

Key was more than enthralled by the ash blonde beauty before him, he had never been this close to such a wonderfully sexy woman as this, she was like silk in his arms, as they weaved around each other.

Jenny had to return for a sip of her drink to sate her dry mouth. John was grinning like a Cheshire cat, she deliberately brushed his cock, he was rock hard, and he was as excited as she had ever known him.

'Are you okay John?' she asked. While Key stood close at her side, as if protecting her. John was almost cumming in his pants at the sight of them on the dance floor, he knew he was touching and rubbing against his wife, and it was driving him mad with lust.

'I have to use the bathroom,' he murmured to his wife, 'you have another dance honey, and then we'll think about going, hey?' 'Okay John,' she answered. She returned to the dance floor, with Key's arm tight around her, she was excited, and aroused, 'I need a fucking good seeing to,' she murmured to herself, but looking at Key.

She looked across to see John walking through the door to the bathroom, and he looked over his shoulder at her, as she cavorted about with Key.

John was going to relieve himself, he couldn't wait to get home, he went into a cubicle and wanked over the thought of his wife, under the big black man she was dancing with. The mans big black log securely fastened into his beautiful wife's white steaming pussy. His cum shot into the air as he jerked himself off, he had never been so aroused as this, his legs buckled.

He eventually returned, and he couldn't see Jenny or her black suitor? He leaned against the bar for a while, and then went to look for them. He wasn't to find them anywhere.

As soon as Key had seen John disappear into the bathroom, he had pulled Jenny tight to him, and pushed his big black weapon right into Jenny's dripping pussy, against her dress.

She couldn't stop herself from responding to it, he held her there, she held herself there, and she couldn't drag herself off it. He wrapped his arms around her, and waltzed her to the door and out of the building; she was in his car before she could draw breath!

Key felt Jenny's firm and rounded tits, he squeezed her nipples, and then kissed her, it left her completely breathless, stunned and utterly aroused. When she came down from where she was riding, he was pressing a button, and through glassy eyes, she saw a garage door open, the car drove in, the door came down, and Key was helping her out. He walked her in his arms into a very large house.

'Key, what are you doing? Why am I here?' she whispered as his mouth closed over hers, his thick lips smothered her, she responded in kind, she kissed him right back, this was the first time she had ever kissed another man like this.

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