tagErotic HorrorKiller Mutant Sluts Ch. 03

Killer Mutant Sluts Ch. 03


Mike drove through the busy late night streets. The red hot hum of the neon lights steadily invited locals and tourists alike to go in and enjoy the sheer decadence the city had to offer. A guy could find anything his heart desired in Zenith. Any worldly thing he ever wanted could be his at the touch of a button or the opening of a door. Of course that's how the government intended it.

Zenith was a party town. A special place set aside for people all over the country to come and just completely let their inhibitions go. People could come to Zenith and forget the social, political or economic problems that plagued the country. Happy people would never think to revolt or protest whatever changes they made. It was all bread and circuses on a large scale.

That night there were a lot more regulars walking the streets. State prostitutes lined the sidewalks in their government issued blue corsets. They were tethered to pay poles waiting for someone to drive up, put some money in the slot, unlock the tether and drive off to the nearby hotel. In the back, standing and leaning against the walls of buildings were the freelancers as they were called. They were a little freer to pick and choose what clothes to wear and were able to set their own prices. Some even were able to pick their hours.

Despite the name, many of the freelancers were actually members of different cat houses, whore houses and strip clubs. They pulled in new patrons to entertain. In Zenith the term became synonymous with prostitutes not affiliated with the government. There's a joke among some of the men of the city saying they were called freelancers because they were free of government regulation and they got "lanced".

That isn't to say Zenith didn't have its own independent contractors. Most of them worked on the seedy outskirts where regulations and laws were a little more lax. A few brothels and independent porn studios dotted the area but it was mainly free reign for prostitutes.

The Red Lounge was a Zenith institution. It was the first whorehouse in the city. Many of the women who worked there were ninth generation prostitutes. Their mothers made careers of sex work and, when their daughters were old enough, their daughters started their own career.

With the government promoting easy women in the name of "happiness" and complacency, prostitution in Zenith wasn't taboo. It was even glorified to a certain extent. Many streetwalkers and other types of women would give anything to be a part of the exclusive ranks of the workers at the Red Lounge. That was where Mike was headed.

The Red Lounge was a nondescript square building. The front had a big glowing neon sign with its name written in script above a red leather upholstered door. As always the parking lot was filled with cars. People lined up at the doors waiting for their chance to get in.

As soon as the car stopped she got out and walked to the front. Mike showed the bouncer his badge and was immediately let in. For a Wednesday night during the off season the place was extremely busy. Guys gathered around the center stage as a busty blonde danced and gyrated on the pole. She looked out at her audience eyeing the police officer with hungry anticipation while she sensuously ran her hands all over her body.

The officer made his way to the bar.

"Gin and tonic," he said sitting.

"I recognize that order," the woman at the bar said. She was a slender Asian woman. Probably around five feet tall. Her almond shaped eyes and thin nose gave her an exotic look reminiscent of the old geisha girls from the movies of ancient history.

"Hey Thai," Mike replied.

"Mike! What's happening? Where's Adrianna?"

"She's working on another part of the case."

"Ah yes. The recent murders."

"You sure you don't know anything?"

"I only know what I've told you. All of the girls here wanted Randall dead. They even talked about how they were going to do it. I just ever thought someone would have the guts to actually go through with it."

"What about the second guy?"

"I couldn't say. He was Stacy's client. She was the last to see him alive."

"Where is she now?"

"She's up on stage."

"That's Stacy?! What happened to her?"

"No one really knows. All I know is that she's bringing a lot of people in. That other girl, Jane, went through something too. It's weird."

"I'm going to need to talk to her."

"Her show's almost done. You'll have to be quick. A lot of the guys here are waiting on private sessions."

# # # #

Stacy was spinning and turning around the pole. Undulating and moving her flexible torso. Standing with the pole behind her she held onto it with both hands and slid down. Then she lifted her legs up and wrapped them around the metal rod. When she was secure, she pulled the rest of her body up and grabbed the next part of the pole. Grasping the pole she arched her back and wrapped her legs around the next section of pole. Before she continued climbing to the top, she ran her had down her lithe contorted body. Her cantaloupe-sized breasts hung on her slick frame like two perfectly shaped teardrops. Sweat ran down her sexy body giving off a sweet smelling musk. She continued her way to the top climbing leg over arms. When she reached the top of the pole she spiraled down. As soon as her feet hit the ground the whole room exploded with cheers and whistles.

Twenties and higher denominations fell around her like leaves in the Autumn. As soon as the curtains closed she gathered the money up from the stage and walked to her room. The guys lined up at the door called her name but she just passed them counting the money she made.

Stacy went to her boudoir. She took out a new lacy white bra and put it over her massive cleavage. Someone started pounding on the door.

"Hold your horses boys," Stacy called fluffing up her hair. "There's plenty of me to go around."

Another series of pounds. She took a see-through pink teddy off its hanger and slipped that on. The slip clinged to her body in just the right way.

"Wait a minute. I know you're all very eager to get to me."

A third set of pounds. Stacy walked to the door and opened it a crack.

"I said hang-"

The busty blonde was face-to face with the electronic badge of the America Police Force. She closed the door and threw on some stockings and underwear. She opened the door again this time a little wider.

"Well well well," she said, "If it isn't Mike Monahan. You know you still owe me for the lap dance last week."

"I'll pay you later. This is official police business."

The woman put her knuckles onto her hips.

"Hmmm. Police business huh?"

"Yes. I'm here to talk to you about the recent murders."

"I already told your little girlfriend, Adrianna, what I know. We all wanted Randall dead. None of us thought anyone would do it."

"It's not about Randall."

Stacy lifted an eyebrow inquisitively.

"Oh. Well, come in."

The woman allowed mike to enter the room. She then addressed her clients.

"Sorry boys," she said, "You'll have to wait a little longer. This guy's top priority."

Sounds of disappointment and aggravation ran through the line.

"Don't worry, I will make sure to get to each and every one of you."

Stacy returned to the room. She gave the officer a devious grin.

"Why don't you get on the bed and make yourself comfortable?" the busty blonde said. There was a deep sultriness in her voice.

Mike sat on the edge of the queen-sized mattress. He looked at the wooden molding and carvings of women enjoying various sexual acts on the headboard. Each post on the other end stood up nearly to the ceiling looking like two long, phallic poles.

"Do you like the room?" Stacy asked. "I'm now one of the top earners. They only give these types of

rooms to the women who bring in the most clients."

"I'd really rather talk about the murders."

The woman plopped on the bed next to Mike. She stretched out on the mattress on her side holding her head up with one of her elegant hands. Her other hand swept across Mike's back.

"It's always about business with you. You should relax a little."

Mike stood up. His erection prominently showed under the blue pants of his uniform.

"No not this time," he said.

"You say no but your body says yes." Stacy replied. She rolled over and sat up in bed. "Come here."

The busty blonde put two fingers in Mike's pants and pulled him between her legs. She brought her hands up slowly rising from her seat. Her hands snaked up over his stomach then his chest. When she reached his shoulders she started to unbutton the officer's police uniform. It slid off of his burly chest and fell to the floor.

Stacy admired the man's chiseled stomach.

"They really know how to sculpt you boys," Stacy said.

"Please," Mike pleaded, "I need...umph."

Before Mike could say anything Stacy shoved her breast into his mouth. She squeezed. A sweet tasting fluid flowed into his mouth.

"There," Stacy said. "Maybe now we can get somewhere."

The fluid immediately took effect. Mike's penis strained against the fabric of his pants. Stacy unzipped his zipper and pulled them down. The long rod popped out after she removed his underwear.

"Now that's more like it," Stacy said.

She pulled down her panties and started to grind her crotch against his. She leaned in and pressed her lips against his. Her tongue slithered into his mouth along with something else. A second tube-like object seemed to go in. Mike felt the end of it fold open. A sweet tasting slime flowed out. When Stacy pulled her lips away he could see a flesh colored tube connecting her mouth to his. It bulged and contracted as she forced something soft and slimy down his throat.

Stacy continued to pump more of the sweet fluids into him she guided his penis into her. She swirled it around and slowly massaged his crotch with her body. With every movement inward, she contracted her vaginal muscles around the full length.

Mike couldn't take much more stimulation. He was terrified at what Stacy had become but he couldn't break free. His penis spasmed violently into her.

Stacy smiled feeling all of his seed emptying into her body. She felt sexier and energized. Her features became slightly more exaggerated and any pheromones she emitted were even stronger now. Finally she threw her head back and moaned as her thrusts became more vigorous.

Mike orgasmed into her three more times. When he was released he fell over, closed his eyes and blacked out.

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