tagErotic HorrorKiller Mutant Sluts Ch. 02

Killer Mutant Sluts Ch. 02


Stacy, who was tending to a customer in a room next door, heard the commotion coming from the room Jane was in. She went out and knocked on Jane's door.

"Jane?" Stacy called, "is everything okay in there?"

Jane had to think fast. She dragged the body onto the bed laying it on its stomach. Then she went to the door and opened it a crack.

"Never better," Jane told Stacy pulling her in. "You have to check this out."

Stacy watched Jane roll Randy's body over. She could see that his penis had been severed at the base. It looked like it was completely bitten off. The busty golden blonde looked at Jane half puzzled and half terrified.

"Want to know how I did it?" Jane asked.

Stacy just stared at her.

The woman moved closer to the busty blonde. She placed a hand on her shoulder. She smiled seductively.

"Let me show you," Jane said. "You'll feel so good afterward."

Jane embraced Stacy caressing and kissing her two breasts. she suckled Stacy's bare nipples moving each fleshy orb around molding them and kneading them.

Jane slid one of her hands down Stacy's stomach. She groped the woman's crotch causing her to let out a small sexual grunt.

The two women moved over to the bed still kissing and fondling each other. They pushed the dead body onto the floor so that Stacy could sit.

Jane slid down the woman's bare body and started licking her vagina. She started on one side slowly moving up along one of the labia and then down the other. Stacy bucked a little letting out a slight moan.

"You'll love this," Jane said, "trust me."

Jane then opened her mouth while she continued to caress and massage the woman's hips and thighs. A strange flesh colored tube emerged from her throat and passed her lips. It was covered in a white sticky mucus. Long blue and red veins ran up and down the sides of it. The tip split into three little parts.

Before Jane could penetrate Stacy's body Stacy sat up. The tube closed and darted back into the Jane's mouth.

"Is there a way we could do this after," she said, "My client is still waiting for his lap-dance in the other room."

"Bring him here," Jane said after pulling the tube in. she licked her lips at the thought of another tasty morsel. "We could give him a two for one deal."

Stacy smiled at Jane and placed a hand over on her back. Then she got up and left the room.

A few minutes later Stacy came back. She was followed by a man who was probably in his forties. He had gray hair with a large thinning spot on top of him. His beer gut jiggled as he walked and ugly varicose veins ran up and down his legs.

"Mmmm," Jane thought, thinking only of the beer gut. "Look at all that meat. This is going to be fun."

Stacy and Jane got into bed. They started caressing each other sensuously massaging and exploring their bodies. Hands moved up and down legs, between breasts and thighs, brushing against each other's cheeks, around to the backs of their heads. They put their hands everywhere as they kissed.

Stacy licked Jane's newly grown breasts suckling her nipples. A trickle of sweet tasting liquid flowed out of them. Jane squeezed causing a stream to enter Stacy's mouth.

The liquid was amazing. Stacy had never tasted anything like it before. She lapped it up greedily. With every squirt from Jane's breasts she became more aroused. A slight tingling sensation developed around her clitoris.

Stacy fell backward on the bed. Before Jane proceeded to lick her she looked back at the man. She smiled at him then went back to her work.

"You are going to feel so good after this," Jane told Stacy.

Still looking up at the busty blond under her she leaned her back over her crotch and opened her mouth. A flesh colored tube-like structure slipped out from deep within her covered with a lubricating mucus.

As Jane slowly stroked the sides of Stacy's body the she caused the tip of the tube to split open revealing its deep red insides.

"Mmmm," she said plunging the tube into Stacy.

Stacy's eyes widened at the amazing feeling she experienced. Her head hung down facing the man in the chair. she reached down and placed a hand on the back of Jane's head as it bobbed up and down between her legs.

Stacy made faces of utter pleasure while Jane continued playing with her. Her mouth hung open as she panted heavily. Her chest rose and fell rapidly with every breath she took.

"Oh yes!" Stacy yelled as the first orgasm built up. "Yes! Yes! YES! AAAH!"

Jane continued to move her fleshy proboscis inside the woman's vagina letting it stimulate Stacy's insides. With the first orgasm she pumped a translucent goop into her.

Satisfied with her work, Jane pulled her tube back into her mouth. she gave the man in the chair an evil little smile while she used her hands to continue stimulating her partner.

Stacy moved her hands up from her crotch and started massaging her chest. Another orgasm ripped through her body. With every orgasm the skin around her breasts seemed to grow tighter than before.

Another orgasm came. Stacy's breasts seemed to rise. It felt as if something was pushing on them from the inside. The thrust of Jane's fingers didn't help at all. Orgasm after orgasm flowed violently through her body like waves of ecstasy. Her breasts kept pushing forward with every arch of her body.

Every time Stacy's breasts pushed forward, her nipples shortened and flattened. Soon they were nonexistent. The woman sat up still uncontrollably orgasming. She moaned and groaned as the waves constantly came.

Jane let go of her partner's crotch and placed her soaked hands over her two orbs. She could feel the implants deep inside trying to push out of her body. The skin strained around the plastic orbs ready to rip open any moment.

"W-w-what are you doing?" Stacy asked Jane.

Jane just smiled as she pulled on her partner's nipples.

"Don't worry," she said, "you won't need them."

Jane dug her nails into the skin around Stacy's breasts. Stacy was surprised that her partner's nails didn't hurt. The puncture holes the nails caused didn't even bleed.

Jane grabbed the chunks of flesh and ripped it open. The implants Stacy had rolled over her body and plopped onto the covers next to her.

The man watched the surreal scene unfold in the plush bed. He wasn't sure what to make of the whole thing. The erection between his legs and his complete arousal even surprised him. He was both terrified and horny at the same time.

The two women continued their sexual romp kissing and fondling each other. Jane tore at and ripped more flesh off of Stacy's body. She leaned in and suckled on the nipples of her newly expanding hemispheres.

Stacy;s breasts were bigger, rounder and more beautiful than ever before. Her perpetually hardened nipples and the round fleshy orbs were perky like they were with the implants but Stacy felt freer with them. Stacy ripped the rest of the old skin off of her chest while Jane continued with her back. The blonde woman emerged from her old skin a new sexier woman. She felt freer now than she ever felt before. It was as if all of the impurities that were put into her body over the years rose to the surface and shed off with her skin.

"You see?" Jane said smiling at Stacy. "I really hope you like the new you."

"Oh yes," Stacy said grinning evilly. "I do like this new body." She looked back at the man and followed his naked body down to his throbbing erection. "I think my client likes the new me too."

Jane and Stacy stood up from the bed and walked over to the man. Their hips swayed back and forth with every step. Their breasts hung from each of their bodies like four gorgeous teardrop shaped orbs.

The two women went to each side of the chair the man was sitting in. Jane to the left of the man, Stacy to the right. They both hung over him staring at his erect penis. Their sultry looks belied the ravenous hunger each of them had.

Jane went first. She leaned over and pressed her lips against his. While she did that Stacy placed her hands on the man's bare chest. She moved up and down between his flabby pectorals and his enormous abdomen.

"Hmmm," Stacy said in a taunting sing-song voice, "I think our man is a very healthy eater."

"Oh yes," Jane said after releasing him, "Very healthy indeed."

Stacy moved down to the man's penis. It glistened with pre-come. she looked at the veiny structure watching it throb with his pulse. She then wrapped her two enormous breasts around the man's shaft and slowly moved up and down over him.

"This feels so good," Stacy said. "I hope you're liking this too. We want to make sure this is very special for you."

"Yep," Jane chimed in picking up one of her own breasts and licking the nipple. "Two for the price of one."

Stacy rubbed the man's penis faster and faster until it exploded all over her. The busty blonde squealed with joy at what she had done. She got up and licked the sperm from one of the fleshy orbs.

Jane walked over to Stacy, grabbed a breast and started licking her too. The two women hummed, grunted and moaned with pleasure and contentment as they lapped up the man's seed.

When they were clean and glistening with each other's saliva, Jane knelt down and started to work the man with her own breasts. Up and down she rubbed the man. slowly at first but gaining speed until another burst came forth. This time it wasn't as strong as the first.

The two women proceeded to lick and fondle each other again. They continued the pattern of stimulation and climax with the man taking turns with his manhood and licking and sucking his sperm off of each other's bodies.

After about the seventh time the man was completely exhausted. Jane reached up held his head by the chin and brought his face to her level.

"I think you're ready," Jane told him. She looked at Stacy. "What do you think?"

"I think you're right," Stacy replied grinning hungrily.

Jane and Stacy stood up and led the man to the bed. As soon as he sat down Jane placed her hands onto his chest. She teased him a little kissing and groping the man's flabby body. Then, with a little force, she pushed him back.

Stacy worked the man's penis stroking it slowly until it came back to life. Jane crawled over his body up to his head. She looked down at him between her legs. She touched his cheek then moved her hand behind his head. Cradling him she lifted it up for another long kiss.

After the kiss Jane sat up and positioned herself over his body giving him great access to her breasts.

"Since you were such a good boy," Jane said to the man, "I'll let you fondle them for a while."

the man reached up toward the pendulous fleshy sacs. They were firm and plump in his hands. Each one the size of cantaloupes. Jane bent over a little more to let the man suck on her nipples.

As soon as the client's mouth was on, a sweet liquid poured out. His penis shot up and he bucked a little.

Jane looked back at the woman still working his bottom. She gave her a secretive grin as she moved closer to her. Jane and Stacy touched each other's faces giving each other long kisses. The same flesh tube Jane used before came out. This time a second one emerged from Stacy. As they kissed they moved the two tubes around opening theirs up and interlocking the small flaps. They used them to exchange their juices.

After the kiss, Stacy positioned herself over the man's crotch. then she slowly lowered herself onto his member.

Jane, on the other hand, lowered her own crotch close to the man's face. She let him suck and lick her vagina while Stacy started to slowly massage him with her vagina. Her juices dripped down into the man's mouth as Jane's folds became red and puffed up.

"Ooooh," Jane said, "That feels soooo good." She looked at her partner. "How are you doing at your end?"

"Big and rock hard," Stacy said, "Exactly how I like them."

The two women giggled and kissed again. There was another session of tube-play before they let go. They continued moving their flesh-tubes around inside their mouths secreting more of the sweet tasting mucous.

Stacy continued her stimulating movements over the man's penis as they kissed. She closed her eyes getting completely lost in everything. Jane did the same. Her pelvis bobbed up and down over the man's head. for a few moments he had to let stop pleasuring her because Stacy's movements were making it nearly impossible to concentrate.

When the session between the women was over Jane gave Stacy a smile and a small nod. Muffled screams could be heard coming from under the two women as they continued to slowly undulate and move over the man's body.

Jane closed her eyes and pouted her lips. Something pushed down her victim's throat and into his stomach. Jane held the man's flailing arms down still making her constant movements.

"Oh yes," The two women whispered under their breath.

"You taste so good," Jane said.

"Oh! Keep it up! I want all of you inside of me!"

The women giggled at seem movement deep inside the man's stomach and then throughout his body. The women went faster over the man moaning and groaning with the most extreme pleasure they have ever felt.

After a few hours of playing with themselves inside the man, they got up. the same fleshy tubes that emerged from Jane's mouth slowly pulled out of the lifeless corpse of their victim. Jane's tube exited the man's throat. Stacy's exited a hole where his penis used to be.

"There's only one more thing we need to do," Jane told Stacy retying her bikini.

"That is?" Stacy asked.

"Help me get rid of these two bodies."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/14/17

Just discovered the series. It's amazing! Keep it up please.
I do love the "conversion" scenes most of all. So very sexy to see unexpecting women transform into lustful predators and join the fold.

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by Anonymous04/26/17


Hard to read, actually nothing erotic to follow.
Waist of my time.

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