"Kim, we need to talk." I said rather sternly.

My wife of five years had just walked into our house. Her long dark brown hair had red and blond highlights that contrasted with her deep blue eyes. She was wearing a white blouse that showed lots of cleavage, a black knee length skirt, black stockings and high healed pumps. Turning to me she saw me sitting on the couch rather agitated and holding a manila envelope.

Hesitantly she asked, "What's wrong?"

"How long have you been cheating on me?" I asked in a steady slightly menacing voice as my eyes bored into hers.

"Uh." she started to panic. "I ... a ... well I ... never cheated on you. What would give you that idea?" Her hands flickered around in a nerviness gesture before they fell to the top button of her blouse which she began to unbutton.

I just sat there watching her as she slowly shed her blouse then her skirt before I told her to stop. "Look at this and tell me you never cheated on me." Opening the manila envelop I pulled out a black and white eight by ten glossy and handed it to my half naked wife.

Taking the photo in her neatly manicured hand I wondered how many cocks she held and jerked off with her lovely hand. Turning my gaze away from her hand I saw the color drain from her face. "Oh god." she blubbered as she felt to her knees at my feet dropping the picture of herself totally naked as she leaned back while riding the cock of some other man. I rather liked that photo, the pure rapture of carnal pleasure consuming her face, her large pert breast thrusting skyward with her nipples fully erect, her body glistening with perspiration. The photographer did a wonderful job capturing her in the heat of a very intense orgasm. "Oh god. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Don't leave me." she sobbed.

"If you want me to stay you must confess everything to me. Every little indiscretion, every time you have kissed another man or felt his cock I want to know about it."

Looking up at me her face red and puffy from her crying. Her mascara flowing down her her face discoloring it. "Please. Can't you just forget the past? I am sorry oh so sorry." she pleaded.

"No." I said flatly and firmly. "The first step in saving our marriage is for you to confess your infidelity. So what is it to be? Confession or divorce?"

Looking up at me from where she was kneeling on the floor before me her face was pleading. Taking a deep breath her chest expanded stretching her already too small bra almost to its braking point. "Ca ... can I take a shower and clean up first?"

"Sure." I told her.

Slowly she stood up and was a little unsteady on her six inch stiletto heals. Reaching behind her she unsnapped her bra and with a shrug of her shoulders it fell to floor. "I do love you. I really do. Please don't throw me out. If you do I will die of a broken heart before our kids are grown." She turned on her heals and sauntered away up the stairs to our bedroom swishing her very fine panty clad ass leaving me sitting on that couch with a hard on.

My love for her never wavered not for one moment. When I was given those pictures I was angry and I felt betrayed. Jealousy didn't come into play till I had studied the pictures and saw how much joy she had with that other man.

Wondering how long she had been unfaithful I ran down to the drug store and bought a couple of those DNA test kits. Our oldest (Sara) was five. She was born six months after we got married.

While waiting for the DNA test to come back I took a closer look at our two girls. By the time the results came I no longer cared if they were mine or not. I would love them as if they were mine no matter who the sperm donor was.

Getting off the couch I retrieved the photo that Kim dropped reminding myself that I needed to get it framed. Following the path my wife took moments earlier I discovered her panties laying on the hall floor just outside our bedroom. Picking them I inhaled their musky odder. She was doing her best to try and use her charms to persuade me to relent and forgive her.

Once I was in our bedroom I took all the pictures out and laid them on the bed next to each other while listing to the shower running in our bathroom. Picking up that first photo I sat in the chair in the corner of our bedroom. It was hard but I resisted the urge to pull my cock out and masturbate.

The shower stopped running but my wife didn't emerge from the bathroom for a few more minutes. When she did all she had on was a towel. "I don't know how the photographer did it," I said as I was still looking at the photo in my hand. "But he was able to covertly take a photo of you that I have to say is the most beautiful photo of you." Turning the picture so she could see it. "The guy is an artist. I think we should frame it and hang it over the bed."

Her face paled again. "Please don't. I would be mortified if the girls saw it."

"Actually they already saw them."

"What!" Kim shrieked. "You showed our daughters porn of their mother?" She was mortified as she collapsed to the floor sobbing.

"I didn't show it to them. They found them. Sara it turns out is a little snoop. I thought I hid them very well in my office downstairs but it didn't take her long to find them."

"They hate me now don't they?" sobbed my wife. "They must think I am a cheating whore. Not to mention that they will be scared for life."

"I am not sure if they know what a whore is. As for them being traumatized by those pictures, I don't think so. Now if when I had found her looking at those pictures and screamed at her and punished her then that would most likely traumatize her." Looking at the picture again. "It was Sara's idea that I get it framed. She wanted to put it in the living room so that everyone could see how beautiful you are."

"Wha ... What about Megan?"

"She is two. She didn't understand the signifies of the pictures and didn't seem to care. Sara on the other hand did. She came running to me holding one of the pictures yelling 'Look daddy. Mommy is trying to make another baby with someone else. Can we keep it?' I nearly chocked when she said that."

Looking back at my wife as she lay crumpled on the floor with her towel no longer covering her breasts or one of her hips. "Kim, I am wondering. He isn't wearing a rubber in any of these pictures. Did you use any protection with him?"

Kim nodded. "Most of the time when I was in my unsafe time I used my diaphragm." She had never taken the pill a day in her life.

"And the other times?" I prodded.

"We went bare." she said slowly causing my cock to get even harder.

"How many times has he cum in your cunt?"

"I don't know."

"Not even a rough figure?"

"I don't keep track of things like that." she snapped.

"You must have some guess as to how many times. A round figure will do. Ten, twenty, fifty, over a hundred times?"

"Defiantly more than a hundred." she confessed.

"How many times without protection?"

"More times than you have been in me without protection."

"So are you going to have his love child next?"

"What? No. Why would you ask that?"

"For one the unprotected sex you just mentioned and the other is that it wouldn't have been the first time." Here eyes got huge. "Who is the father of our daughters?"

"You are dear."

"No I am not. At least not biologically."

"How can you say such a thing? You are their father."

"DNA tests don't lie." Leaning forward I continued. "Don't worry. I wont abandon our daughters even if you didn't conceive them with me. In fact the test said that they each have a different father."

My wife slumped in defeat. It felt like a hollow victory. Why couldn't she have been upfront with her indiscretions. I never cared if the children weren't mine. They came from her and I still loved her despite her cheating and lying to me. "Tell me everything or we are through."

"If I do you wont leave me?" A look of hope sprang to life in her eyes.

I couldn't dash that hope and totally destroy her. I still loved her very much. "I am not going to make any promises but unless you do tell me everything there is no hope for us. Trust is one of the foundations that a marriage stands on, without trust the marriage crumbles and falls."

"OK." she said, "I will confess." Taking a deep breath she continued, "But before I do can I ask what gave me away? What did I do that made you get a P.I. to spy on me?"

"Nothing, but when I saw those pictures things began to jell and I realized that you had been cheating on me for a long time. But I didn't hire anyone to spy on you." Pointing to the pictures, "They were given to me by Ronda. The wife of the guy you are fucking in those pictures. She suspected that he was cheating on her for some time so she hired a lawyer. The investigator worked for the lawyer. She is in the process of divorcing your friend. Still that wasn't enough for her, she wanted to hurt you for your part of the affair so she gave me those pictures in the hope I would do my worst to you." Pausing, "That was nearly two weeks ago she gave them to me."

"Why did you hold off so long before confronting me?" She said as she got up leaving the towel on the floor. Walking over to the bed she looked over the pictures before pushing a few aside so she could sit down.

"Why?" I asked. "I was angry but also turned on by what I saw in those pictures. I decided to try and clear my head and figure out what I wanted to do before I did anything rash that I would regret. Then when I saw you that night all I could think about was how you looked getting fucked and how hot you were. If you remember we had an incredible night of sex."

Kim gestured with her finger toward the pictures on the bed. "These turned you on to give me those incredible orgasms?" I just nodded my head yes. She smiled and continued, "If I knew that I would never had hid my cheating from you." Getting off the bed she sauntered over to me and took the picture from my hand. "Go ahead and frame it. I want you to look at it every night as we go to bed to remind you that I need lots of pleasure or I will stray."

Setting the picture aside she reached for my belt and undid my pants. As she pulled my pants down my hard cock sprang free. Kneeling down in front of me she took me in her mouth and sucked me till I started to squirm. Getting up she straddled me impaling herself on my spear of flesh. She rocked back and forth as she fucked me till I blasted a huge load of cum into her sending her off into a screaming orgasm.

As she came down from her orgasm she said, "Darling, I will tell you everything. Just be patient with me since it is a long story."

"I guess I can do that. But there is one more condition." I told her as I rand my hands up and down her naked sides.

"Oh? What is it?" she asked.

"In the future if you do end up spreading your legs for some other man you are not to lie to me about it or deceive me. You need to keep me informed about your dalliances."

"Don't worry baby, my cheating days are over." She kissed me.

"Please don't fool yourself. I don't think you have the will power to resist a good hard fucking." Sliding my hand down to her flat stomach I rubbed her belly. "So why don't you start at the beginning and tell me how you walked down the aisle to me on our wedding day with another man's child growing in your belly."

"OK." she said. "When we first started dating I was dating a few other men till things between us got serious. I stopped seeing the others, well mostly stopped, I don't think I have been faithful to you for more than six months. I was elated when you proposed and I decided to forgo anyone else for the rest of my life. As the wedding drew nearer I started getting second thoughts. Three months before our day I found myself calling Ian an old boyfriend. He never wanted me to leave him but he just wasn't right for me. His cock felt great inside me though.

"Well he sensed my apprehension about getting married and the next thing I knew he was knocking on my door. I shouldn't have let him in but I did. We talked for a while and we ended up first cuddling then the next thing I knew we were both naked and having sex. His bare cock felt great in my pussy and I enjoyed every moment of it egging him on to fuck me, to cum in me. He did. I lost count of how many times he dumped his seed into me.

"We spent a long weekend together naked in bed. By the time he had to leave he left me pregnant. I didn't know what to do when I found out. I called him with the news but he told me to get lost, that I was just a cheap tramp. I felt so dejected and didn't get out of bed for a week.

"When I realized that you hadn't given up on me even though we hadn't seen much of each other that month I fell in love with you again. You were my knight in shinning armor whisking me off to be your princess. I wanted to tell you that I let another man knock me up but I thought if I did I would loose you for ever. So I decided to live a lie rather than risk loosing you.

"It wasn't till after we got back from our honeymoon before I cheated on you again. A friend of my dad's, Jim, had a fetish for pregnant girls and he came onto me and I accepted with my legs wide open. We saw each other maybe three times a week over the next five months before I broke it off with him."

As she was telling me her story I started getting hard again so Kim stroked my cock back to life before slipping it back inside her hot sopping wet pussy. Slowly she rode me trying to make it last.

"After Sara was born I didn't want anything in my pussy for a while. That was till nearly she was two months old. One of the guys I work with came over for a visit, his name was Devin. He used the excuse about some account I had been working on before I took my maternity leave. When he left I had a pussy full of his cum.

"Our affair lasted three years. He would visit me at least once a week till I whet back to work. Not long after my return he got promoted and became my boss. He had some special duties for me. Every morning I sucked his cock till he came in my mouth. I loved it, I reveled in it, I became the queen bitch in his department. If it wasn't for the fact that I was very good at what I did I probably would have been fired.

"It wasn't just blow jobs with him. We also fucked, not every day but some days more than once. When he went out of town on business trips he would take me along even if I wasn't needed. A few of those times he let the client use me to close a deal. I really didn't mind. If it was my fertile time I would use my diaphragm and if the guy he had me sleep with looked at all dirty or sleazy I made them wear a rubber too.

"Our affair ended when he got transferred to the other side of the country. He knew it was coming and wanted to take me with him but we couldn't figure a way to do it. I wouldn't leave you. Instead I stopped using my diaphragm with him all together. I found out I was pregnant with Megan the day before he left for his new job. He was delighted that I was carrying his child. Every Christmas since then I send him a new picture of our daughter.

"I didn't cheat on you for a few months after that till one day as I happened to stop by my mom's and there was my dad's friend Jim, the one with the pregnant fetish. We picked up like we hadn't stopped. This time he fucked me all the way till the day I gave birth to Megan. He was the one who drove me to the hospital because he had just came in me when I started to go into labor. Since then I have only slept with him a few dozen times telling him that he might get lucky and give me another baby. And no, I didn't use any protection with him.

"After Megan was born I took maternity leave again. She was three months old when Mike there," she pointed at the pictures, "and his wife moved in down the street. Their dog had gotten loose and he knocked on our door to ask if I had seen it. He was hot and I was in my baggy sweets and no makeup yet he still made a pass at me. Before he left to find his dog he nailed me. Ever since then we have been having an affair.

"I may have had only four major lovers besides you but I have had over a hundred different flings and one night stands. I have even let a few of my lovers pay for the privilege. So yes I am a whore but I only risked pregnancy with a very select few. I mainly used my diaphragm since I don't care much for rubbers."

Kim continued to slowly rock back and forth on my cock. "I don't think I have ever seen your diaphragm leave the house."

"I have a overnight bag in my car that I keep several pairs of sexy lingerie along with my toiletries, a few changes of undies and another diaphragm along with a bunch of condoms." Smiling she added, "I am a prepared slut."

"When was the last time you saw Mike?"

"About a week ago. Haven't heard from him since which is strange."

"Do you want to continue seeing him?"

"He is one of the best fucks I have ever had. So yes I would."

"If you do. Don't forget that I must be informed."

She started rocking faster on my cock. "Do you want me to go find him and bring home my pussy full of his cum?" I just grunted yes. "Do you want me to forget to put my diaphragm in and risk getting pregnant by him?"

"Oh yes." I grunted. "I want to see your belly growing large with his child." Moaning I came in my wife's cunt for the second time that day. We cuddled for a while in that chair.

"Honey. Where are the kids?"

"They are at your Mom's. I told her that we needed to work a few things out if our marriage was to survive so she offered to watch the girls for a few days at least." I nuzzled her lovely large breasts.

"Dose she know what we are working out?"

"Yes. She knew before I did that you had been cheating on me." Leaning back I continued, "She did say something odd. She told me that she hopped that I was more understanding than your dad."

"Dad caught mom having an affair and left her and us kids." Getting up off my lap she stood before me and asked, "Where you serious when you said you wanted Mike to knock me up?"

"Only if that is what you want. I wont make you sleep with anyone you don't want to."

She licked her lips and said, "I had been thinking about having his baby for some time now." Turning she sauntered back into the bathroom. "I need to clean myself up and take out my diaphragm before I give my future baby daddy a call."

Pulling up my pants I gathered up all the photos and put them back into the manila envelope. Ten minutes latter my wife walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around me and pulled her naked body into me. Whispering into my ear she asked, "So, do I get a reprieve and get to stay your loving wife?"

"For now. Your summery of your extramarital love life was fascinating but I want a lot more detail." Turning to face my wife while still in her embrace I kissed her.

"It might take years to tell you all that you want."

"That is understandable. Not to mention what new adventures you will have over the years to tell me." Kim giggled and told me that she knew there had to be a reason she loved me.

Braking our embrace Kim walked downstairs to retrieve her cellphone from her purse. I followed her if for no reason other than to see my sexy naked wife walk through the house. Selecting a number she placed a call. Putting her phone to her ear she waited. "Hi lover. ... How is my stud doing? I haven't heard from you in a week. ... Oh shit that sucks. ... So where are you staying? ... You know what could make you feel better? My hot moist pussy. ... I am actually standing my living room totally naked. ... Oh you know it. How about we meet some place and you can take me for a ride."

I got my wife's attention and shook my head then motioned for him to bring hem here. Smiling at me Kim continued her phone conversation. "A hotel would be nice but why not my place. My kids are at my mom's and my husband is away for a while. ... Maybe if we play our cards right you can spend the entire night with me. ... Sure. See you soon lover." Closing her cellphone she said, "He will be here in quarter of an hour. Go hide as I put something sexy on."

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