Twenty minutes latter my wife sat in the living room wearing a thigh length nighty that was partially transparent. It was sexy as hell on my wife's hot body. I had all the lights off but a couple in the living room and one by the bed as I hid in the shadows above the stairs. From my vantage point I could see the living room.

The door bell rang. Kim got up and answered it. The man in the photos was standing there smiling. They quickly embraced and their lips met. His hands roamed around my wife's backside. Braking the kiss Kim pulled him into the living room where they embraced in another steamy kiss.

Mike worked my wife's nighty up over her head as she worked his belt and pants off. Falling backwards on the couch Kim pulled Mike down on top of her. He quickly took advantage of his position between her legs. Slowly at first he worked his huge cock into my wife's wet cunt building in speed till he was jack hammering into her.

Kim began moaning that quickly built up to a guttural scream as she came. Squeezing Mike with both her legs and arms he quickly followed and came in my wife. Unlike myself earlier there was no barrier stopping his seed from getting to her eggs.

They lay in each others arms for a few minutes catching their breath. Pushing himself up Mike knelt on the couch between my wife's legs with his shrinking cock still inside her. I saw him smile as his eyes worked their way down her naked panting body. "Thanks," he said. "I needed that. It has been a rough week."

"How come you didn't tell me that Ronda is leaving you?"

"I ah," he stammered, "It was complicated. I didn't want to drag you into the middle of that."

"You dragged me into the middle of it when you first put your cock in me."

Mike pulled his cock out of my wife and got off the couch. Pulling up his pants he said, "Maybe I should get going."

"Why?" Kim asked him. "I would rather you stay the night."

"You would huh?" Mike asked. Kim nodded her head yes. "Sure. I have longed to spend the entire night with you. So where is your husband?"

"Dose it matter?" she smiled. "Or do you want to call him and ask his permission to ravage me some more?"

"I don't think that would be a good idea. I just don't want him walking in on us."

"Don't worry about him." Kim said as she got up off the couch. Taking Mike's hand she said, "Come. Lets go upstairs." Mike held up his pants as Kim led him to our bed.

I quickly got into my hiding place in the closet before the two lovers entered. Mike quickly got out of the rest of his cloths before joining my wife in our bed. They cuddled and kissed before he mounted her again. Having already cum in my wife earlier he lasted much longer. Between two of her orgasms he gave her she told him, "I am not using protection with you anymore."

"I am not pulling out." Mike grunted between thrusts into my wife.

"You better not." moaned my wife. "Cum in me. Knock me up." They both came together.

As they cuddled again in post-coital Mike asked my wife, "Since I am free of my wife why don't you leave your husband. We wouldn't have to sneak around anymore." He kissed my wife.

"Sorry. I am not leaving my husband. I love him too much."

"And yet you sleep around. Nice way to show him how much you love him." He casually played with one of her erect nipples with his finger. "What do you think he would do if he found out about us?"

"That sounds too much like a threat." Kim answered him with a hint of danger in her voice.

"I am just saying what if." He kissed her. "Do you think he would keep you around?"

"He already knows." she answered as her hand found his dick and began stroking it.

"He dose?" Mike said in shock. Kim nodded her head. "And he didn't kick you out or leave you?"

"No." Kim answered. Her hand was having a hardening effect on his cock. "After he found out he gave me permission to continue our affair."

"Not even if I get you pregnant?"

"Nope." she gripped his cock and squeezed it hard. "I am not going to leave my husband and if you don't stop this nagging you will never get to fuck me again. I love what your cock dose to me but that is all. Even if something did happened and I ended up divorced or worse I would not shack up with you."

"Ahh." he groaned. "Point taken."

"Good." Kim said. Rolling on top of him she straddled him while still holding his cock but not so tightly. Aiming it at her pussy she sat down on it. Impaling herself on his cock she began riding him like a bucking broncho. "Oh god fuck me." she screamed. "Knock me up like the cheating whore I am."

Sliding herself up and down his cock she tossed her head back and loudly moaned, "OH God! I love your fat cock." Her body writhing with pleasure my wife looked beyond beautiful as she rode his potent cock. I didn't last as long and came all over the inside of our closet before he added his third load of the night into my wife's receptive fertile womb.

It wasn't the last time he came in her that night. Twice more he filled her before they drifted off to sleep allowing me to sneak out our closet. I spend the rest of the night in bed of one of our daughters.

The following morning I awoke to the sound of them fucking again. Getting up I snuck back to our room and peered in and saw my wife kneeling on our bed with her face down in a pillow as Mike fucked her from behind. Her large breasts hung down and swayed back and forth with each of his thrust. Grunting He came in her again before he got dressed and left.

Hearing him drive off I came out of hiding and found my wife laying still naked on our bed. She looked warn out but happy, her pussy was red and puffy leaking Mike's cum. "How are you this morning?" I asked her.

Looking up at me she smiled, "Happy and satisfied. My love."

Sitting down on the bed next to her I ran my hand over her flat sexy belly. "So do you think he got you in the family way yet?"

"Maybe." She said. "Too soon to tell. I will just have to keep trying till I am."

Chuckling I leaned down and kissed her on her mouth. "I guess you will." Stripping my cloths off I climbed on top of my wife and eased my cock into her well lubricated cunt. I fucked her forcing his cum back into her womb. Kim was quick to cum for me as I neared my own orgasm I pulled out and came all over her belly and breasts.

For the next two months Kim dated Mike. She would spend two or three evening with Mike in his new apartment and all of Friday night with him. Each time he took her she continued to not use any protection and at the end of those two months we had gotten what we wanted. Kim was pregnant for the third time by someone other than myself.

One night shortly after my wife found out that she was pregnant she came home from Mike's apartment with a red mark on her face similar to that of a hand imprint. "What happened to you? Are you all right?" I asked in alarm.

"I am ..." Pausing she sat down. "OK."

"What happened?" I repeated.

Kim pulled a piece of paper from her purse and handed it to me. Taking the paper I looked at before I slowly began to understand what it was.

"I have been subpenaed." She said half in shock. "Ronda walked up me and slapped me then handed me that. Telling me that I have been served." She lightly touched the mark on her left cheek. "She called me a home wreaking whore then spat in my face."

Not wanting to go to jail for perjury Kim told the truth at the divorce hearing. The result was that Mike got taken to the cleaners by his ex. He felt betrayed by my wife and threatened her. Big mistake. Especially since he did it in court in front of the judge. After spending a few night in jail and a stern warning from the judge he walked out of our lives never to return.

While I got off on Mike impregnating my wife I didn't want him to remain in our lives. She is my wife and as far as I am concerned as long as the men she sleeps with just stay sex toys for her I am fine with her sleeping around. It is when they want to be more apart of her life than sex buddies or occasional friends that I draw a line at.

Mike wasn't Kim's last extramarital lover nor was he the last to father a child with my wife. Maybe some day I will wright about those adventures.

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