tagLoving WivesKim Ch. 02

Kim Ch. 02


It was a little after seven thirty when Craig and I knocked Kim's door. I didn't know about Craig but I was getting a boner from just thinking of what we could do our latest conquest tonight. A few seconds later the door opened and we heard Kim's voice.

"Quick. Get in. I don't want the neighbours seeing me entertaining strange men while my husband is away."

"We're not strange men. We're the men who fucked you last night and are going to fuck you again tonight," I answered with a grin on my face.

Kim smiled and told us to follow her and the way she dressed meant we'd have followed her anywhere. She was wearing a tube of tight fitting material masquerading as a dress that showed off her figure as it clung to her body, finishing just below her wonderfully pert arse cheeks and revealing her upper chest and shoulders. On her legs she had what I assumed were tights while on her feet were a pair of calf length boots with thin spike heels. I didn't know about Craig but my cock was straining in my jeans at the sight.

She led us into the lounge and sat in the centre of her couch, telling us to sit either side of her. Immediately we sat down our hands were stroking her thighs, running up and round them as she squirmed between us. There was going to be no polite chatter from us as we were here for one thing only; to fuck the woman sat between us and we knew that was what she wanted. I mean, why else would she dress as she was.

Craig had pulled down her dress and now had his hands on her naked tits, mauling them firmly between his fingers, making her moan with both pleasure and I think a small bit of pain because I know he's rough with women's tits. I slid from the couch and as I did I saw how her dress had ridden up her arse and revealed a pink circle in what I'd thought were ordinary tights. The woman was wearing crotchless ones and that little pink circle looked even more inviting surrounded by the black nylon.

I knelt before her and opened her legs wide, taking in the sight of her neatly trimmed pussy hairs before running my tongue along the inside of her right leg while stroking her left one, enjoying the smoothness of the material covering it. Call it a fetish if you will, but I love the feel of nylon stockings on a woman's legs and as I neared the promised land of her pussy I could smell her arousal beginning to mount.

"This cunt smells as good as last night Craig," I said to Craig, not caring about what she thought. She'd given herself to us by dressing the way she had and letting us into her home and we were going to use her as we saw fit.

I put my head up close to her pussy and ran my tongue along its length, listening to her moan and stiffen as she prepared for me touching her clit, but I disappointed her and stopped short, delving into her wetness instead and running my tongue around the walls of her pussy. God she tasted good. I love the taste of cunt juice but hers is sweeter than most.

"Oh fuck yes. Eat me. Eat my pussy Phil. Oh God eat me and make me cum. Oooh God that feels so fucking good," she began pleading.

I probed deeper until my face was flat against her body and I could feel her juices coating my face as my tongue reached as far inside her as possible before I pulled away and looked at the slightly open and wet hole I'd turned her pussy into.

"I love eating pussy, especially one as tasty as this slut's got," I remarked before returning between her legs but this time I ran my tongue along her perineum, sending her arousal even higher.

"Oh God!" She shouted, having little idea where my tongue would eventually end this night. Then her position changed slightly as her moaning changed, becoming muffled and I knew Crag would have his cock in her mouth. I looked up and found I was right. I also saw she was struggling to get more than half his length in her mouth.

"Come on bitch, you took it all last night so you can do it again," he said with no regard for her predicament or feelings.

I knew what her problem was because she'd gagged on mine last night and then I heard her doing it again. Looking up once more I saw Craig's hand on the back of her head and her face flat against his body. My cock was rock hard and I was stroking it as I watched him deep throat Kim, listening to her gagging as he went into her throat. When he withdrew from her she gasped and gulped air as ropes of her saliva drooped from her mouth and his cock before dropping onto her tits. Eventually though her gagging stopped and I went back to her pussy, sliding two fingers into it as I licked her clit, sending shivers through her body.

Her hands had been free all this time but it was now my turn to be gasping for air as she held me tight against her wet pussy so my tongue was in constant contact with her clit. I pressed hard against it forcing it against her bone and rubbed it with circular movements and I knew from her muffled cries that she was nearing orgasm, but I wasn't prepared for the speed and ferocity of it.

Her body began shaking and extra juice began leaking from her pussy and I guess Craig must have pulled his cock from her mouth because she was beginning to wail loudly.

"Yes, yes, yes! Oh fuck yes! I'm cumming! Oh fuck yes!"

She was screaming loudly as her legs flailed around, trapping my head between them as her feet banged on the floor. Fuck me, I've never known a woman orgasm so violently before and it took her ten minutes to stop doing so. Finally she collapsed in a heap on the couch and with her body was still shaking I stood up and watched her slide to the floor and end up lying there with her chest rising and falling as she fought to breathe properly.

Craig grabbed her hair and dragged back up so she was resting on his knees and I watched as his cock slid back into her mouth. I pulled her dress all the way over arse and taking in the sight of nylon covered cheeks ran my hands over the smooth fabric, making her press back slightly to meet my caresses. I stood and removed my clothing before winking at Craig.

"Why don't you come over here and suck mine for a while," I said as I sat in a chair.

Kim rose from Craig's cock and turning, crawled on her hands and knees the short distance to where I was sat. What a turn on that was watching her with her tits dangling as she crawled submissively towards me with her mouth already open. I watched as I slid inside her mouth and then pulled her head flat against my groin, sending my hardness straight down her throat as she gagged at the intrusion.

Craig was now naked and stood behind her with his hand between her legs and from her moans I assumed a couple of fingers were inside her wet hole. She'd now stopped gagging and was fucking me with her throat muscles and boy did it feel good. I know I'm repeating myself but she could really suck cock and I told her that her husband was a lucky bastard for having such a good cocksucker for a wife. Eventually I felt myself building to the inevitable orgasm and quickly pulled from her mouth, making her groan with disappointment.

"Time to get this fucking slut upstairs so we can use her in comfort," I said as I stood and then put my hands underneath her body to lift her from the floor.

God she was light, she couldn't have weighed more than six, six and a half stone. She was upright in my arms and couldn't resist lifting her slightly before lowering her onto my cock, listening to the sigh as she became impaled on me.

"Time for that later," said Craig as he lifted her from me.

"I know. Sorry I couldn't resist it."

Kim was a little unsteady on her feet so we decided to carry her between us to her bedroom. Craig took her shoulders while I took her legs and that way we carried her upstairs and lay her on her bed. I looked at her bedside table and saw her husband's photo had gone.

"Where's your hubby's picture?"

"It's...it's in the drawer. I didn't want to see his face while we fucked."

"Nonsense. He should see what a slut his wife has become," I said as I retrieved it and placed it so his face was pointing towards us.

Kim made no complaint but moaned loudly as Craig buried his head between her open legs and began eating her pussy, telling me how wet she was and how good she tasted. As he spoke I gauged how much she must be enjoying it when her booted feet crossed over his back, locking him tightly against her. Not wanting to be left out I knelt by the side of her head and guided my cock into her open mouth and enjoyed the feel of her tongue as it caressed my tip and I'm sure she tried to open my piss hole. I was making a mental note to ask where she learnt to do all this when I felt her take most of me into her saliva filled mouth, feeling it coating my cock and seeing its sheen when she pressed her tongue against it as she forced me from her mouth before taking me back in and then down into her throat.

Craig had a hand on her right tit, squeezing and massaging it as he ate her pussy and I used my hand on her other one, trapping her nipple between my fingers, rolling them around the sensitive bud before running my fingers over the softness of her mound. While she moaned and groaned as her body shuddered slightly.

"I think it's time this cunt got my cock Phil," Craig said when she finally uncrossed her legs.

I pushed her head away and she fell back as we climbed from her marital bed. Craig grabbed her feet and pulled her down to bottom of the bed and onto the floor so she was resting on her knees. I slid onto the bed and sat with my legs open allowing her to take my cock once more into her mouth. No sooner had she taken me into her mouth than she sighed as I watched Craig push hid hips forward, sending his cock into her pussy.

He remained motionless for a few seconds which allowed her to become accustomed to him inside her before she began with the same high pitched grunts she let out the previous night as he began fucking her, slapping her nylon covered arse cheeks as he did so.

"Suck me you fucking slut. Suck me while my friend fucks your cunt," I taunted.

"I love this tight pussy she's got Phil. That husband of hers is luckier than he knows," Craig commented.

"If her cunt's this tight just imagine how tight her fucking arsehole will be." I replied and saw a look of horror come across Kim's face. "What's the problem? Don't tell me a slut like you has never been arse fucked?"

"Oh....agghhh.....please...agghhh don't. Not my arse," she panted in between moans of pleasure and now anguish.

Craig was now hammering her hole for all he was worth, forcing her forward with each thrust, sending my cock further into her as her face hit my groin each time. I looked down at her and she was out of it. Her eyes were now rolling in their sockets and her breathing ragged while sweat oozed from her skin. The smell of sex filled the room as we continued fucking her mouth and pussy until Craig told me he was near to cumming.

"Swap over and cum in her mouth," I said as I lifted her head from my cock, watching as he stood back and hearing her sigh as he withdrew from her. It took less than ten seconds to change places and as Craig pulled her head onto his cock I slid mine into her pussy.

"Fuck me Craig, you didn't say she was as wet at this," I said as slid easily into her pussy and began fucking her hard and fast while she grunted and moaned her pleasure.

As I fucked her I could feel her body begin shaking and knew she was ready to cum once more. It was time to give her one she'd not forget in a hurry. I ran my fingers around her wet hole as I fucked and then around her tight rosebud making her gasp again and stiffen as she must have guessed my next move. She was right. My fingers were running around the outside of her anal opening and I could see it was slowly relaxing, making it possible for the tip of my middle finger to open it slightly.

Craig pulled his cock from her mouth and pulled her dress which had been bunched around her waist, roughly up her body and over her head.

"Oh fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me! Fill me!" She was once more begging and I guessed her orgasm was once again getting near. "Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Oh please fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee!"

My finger had just slid into her arse and I was now finger fucking it while I cock fucked her pussy, sending her ever nearer to the edge of orgasm, until with an almighty scream, her entire body stiffened as she came, shaking and screaming as it consumed her body while I still drove my cock and now, two fingers into her distended holes. Finally I felt myself build to my own orgasm and quickly pulled from her and raced to the side of her head, pulled it round by her hair and shot ropes of cum over her face and into her mouth.

Her own orgasm eventually ended and she collapsed in a heap on the floor, her heart visibly beating in her chest while it also rose and fell as she fought to breathe. Fifteen minutes she was sat again between us on the bed with my cum still on her face and her juices leaking from her pussy while we stroked her legs, but not in a sexual way; we'd been fucking her for over an hour and all three of us were spent, for now at least.

Her tights though were by now in tatters and we ripped the remnants from her before she removed her boots. I looked down at her sweat covered body and matted hair and thought; is this really the same woman we picked up yesterday.

"Fucking hell guys, that was one of the best fucks of my life. I wish my shithouse husband would treat me the same way sometimes," she said as she sat up between us, grabbing Craig's cock as she did so. As she began stroking to hardness I slid between her legs and began lapping at her pussy, drinking in her juices as the flowed from her once more. I felt her move slightly as Craig straddled her chest and her gag slightly as she took his cock once more into her mouth. We fucked her twice more before once again leaving her naked on her marital bed with her face covered in cum.

"Will you? I mean...can we do this tomorrow night?"

You try keeping us away," I answered as Craig and I dressed. "But we want you wearing only stockings and shoes when you let in and then let us do what we want with you,"

"You have a deal."

She had no idea what she'd just agreed to.

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