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Kim Frolics at the Pool Party


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The following is another Kim story. You don't need to read the previous stories about Kim to follow this one. However, if mere hints of indiscretion by a married woman upset you, this story is probably not for you. As always, feedback is welcome.

This is another story about my 24-year-old wife Kim. I don't know if it's correct to call her an exhibitionist. She would certainly deny the label. But after a series of incidents in which she was seen naked by others, I guess it's an appropriate term. Sure, some of those exposures were accidents and some only the result of a drunken loss of inhibition, but at this point it is hard to refute the pattern. A couple of these incidents occurred while she was hanging out with her coworkers from her telemarketing job. There's a group of younger, mostly male workers in their twenties that periodically go out together or have parties. I wouldn't say that they are an extremely wild bunch, but they are young, like to drink, and many of them are either single or only loosely attached. Even though they know that Kim is married, there is a lot of sexual innuendo and flirting that goes on and Kim's antics have only further encouraged such behavior.

We were in the midst of a heat wave when Tony, one of Kim's coworkers, decided to throw an impromptu pool party. His retired parents were out of town travelling, and they allegedly gave him permission to throw a party at their house. I was a bit skeptical about the permission part, but that just wasn't my concern and a pool party sounded great.

The party was set for 1 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon. When we arrived my first impression was that Tony's parents had done reasonably well for themselves. The house wasn't a mansion by any means but it was an old Victorian with roughly 5000 square feet. The back yard was perhaps three-quarters of an acre in size and was obviously professionally landscaped. And it was secluded. A large stockade fence lined the outside of the yard and there were no houses that directly overlooked the yard, although there were a couple of more distant ones with views into it.

The focal point of the back yard was the pool. It was large and looked real inviting in the present heat. Lawn chairs and tables with umbrellas were set up on the near side of the pool. Floating in the pool were a tube and a couple of mattress floats. Everything looked set for a great pool party.

It wasn't long before all of the dozen or so expected invitees had arrived. I knew a couple of the guests pretty well from previous get-togethers, namely Phil and Lauren. The others I had only met briefly before or were complete strangers to me. The group consisted primarily of guys but there were a couple of women besides my Kim.

People didn't waste much time before cracking open the beers, changing into their swimsuits, and jumping into the pool to cool off. As I was chatting with some guy about the upcoming football season, Kim disappeared into the house to change and reappeared wearing a white bikini. I didn't even see her at first. What I detected was an odd silence as everyone began to notice her emerging from the house.

The suit was perfectly decent. It fit her well and she looked great in it, but it wasn't the least bit obscene. Still, it revealed a lot of skin and I suppose nobody was used to seeing her dressed that way. After a brief pause everyone continued on with their conversation and nobody seemed to pay her any unusual attention.

As people started to hit the pool, a couple of guys began setting up a custom slip-n-slide. They unrolled a long sheet plastic on the lawn to go down a hill, across the pool decking, and empty into the pool. At the top they set up a hose to slowly run water down the plastic. It was obvious that they had set this up before.

And then people started going down, running and sliding feet first down the plastic and into the pool. When I gave it a try I figured that the ride was going to be a bit rough, particularly going across the pool decking at moderate speed, but it really wasn't so bad. The drop into the pool was a bit jarring though due to the low angle of impact with the water, but that just made it all the more exciting. It also made it more fun watching others hit the water.

Almost everyone went down, including Kim. Things got more entertaining when Tony decided to go down head-first. He had obviously done that before as he knew how to not hit the water face-first. But a couple of other guys followed who weren't so skilled and it was clear that they felt the impact. They were okay but their reactions made everyone laugh, so more and more people began daring to go down head-first.

Eventually, that included Kim. By that time, enough people had gone down without injury that I really wasn't worried about her getting hurt. I think she was just challenging herself to go head-first, but it's possible that others were encouraging her as well. Anyway, she got a big running start, and dove onto the plastic.

Like most others before her, she hit the water hard. We all watched from the side of the pool as her body slammed into the surface of the water before submerging. I was relieved to hear her laughing as she returned for air. She then proclaimed, "Ahh! My top slipped down!"

There was too much turbulence in the water to see anything besides her efforts to pull up her top while treading water. But everyone was looking. So as she worked to reposition her bikini top, everyone just stared at her. I knew that all the guys were hoping for a glimpse of her tits, and I was unsure whether at some moment her breasts might just appear above the water line. But that didn't happen as it only took her a few moments to reposition her bikini.

As Kim got out of the pool it was obvious that she enjoyed the attention. She had a big smile on her face and she appeared to be a bit embarrassed having all of these guys staring at her.

"You okay?" I asked her as she began to towel off.

"Yeah. Did anyone see anything?"

"Nah, I doubt it. I couldn't see anything. You were pretty well covered by the water."

Kim didn't respond but her facial expression made me wonder whether she was more disappointed or relieved that she wasn't exposed.

People continued to go down the slide, many of them head-first. The guys kept encouraging the other girls to go down head-first too, but after seeing Kim, none of them dared. So before long the attention turned back to Kim as a few of the guys tried to coax her into going down again.

Eventually she agreed and several of the guys let out a cheer. Kim laughed as the guys rushed to position themselves around the pool. It was obvious what they were hoping to see but she tried to make it seem like they were just being ridiculous. "Last time was just a fluke. I seriously doubt my boobs will pop out again!" she said.

Then a couple of guys pulled out cameras. Kim's eyes went wide when she observed that, but then she laughed again, telling them "I don't think there'll be anything to take a picture of."

With that, Kim walked up to the start of the slide. I felt an anxiety, knowing that she was about to go down again and risk having her top slip off like last time. Maybe last time was indeed just a fluke. Maybe this time she'd hit the water differently and her top would stay up. Or maybe not, and that was the source of the anxiety. I knew there was a chance, maybe even a good chance that her top would get ripped down by the impact with the water again. She had to know the same. And all of the guys swarming around the pool certainly knew it too. They were ready to get a glimpse of her tits. And those with cameras were ready to take pictures.

She ran and dove onto the slide. All eyes were on her as she slid down the hill and across the decking and deposited into the pool. She hit the surface hard again and sank underwater. Just a moment later she was back at the surface and laughing again. The water was so disturbed that I couldn't even tell whether her top had slipped down again. Then I saw her looking around and heard her yell out, "I lost my top!"

A couple of guys cheered her misfortune. Everyone stared intently at the pool while the cameras clicked furiously. I was still pretty confident that nobody could see anything but just the intense effort that the guys were making to see her tits was oddly arousing.

Kim certainly knew that everyone was staring at her and taking pictures. She put one arm across her chest and tried treading water with just the other arm, but it quickly became clear that she would need both arms to stay afloat. I could see her looking for her bikini top, but she also kept looking up at the eight or so guys that were watching her intently.

After a minute or so the water began to calm down and surprisingly there was still no sign of her top. I knew it should be floating by now and should be easy to spot on the calm surface. But there was simply no top in sight.

With Kim using both arms to tread water and grope blindly for her bikini top I began to see a bit of skin through the calming water. The periodic sight of flesh-tone where there should be a white bikini top was quite alluring. And I knew that I wasn't the only one seeing it. The images were brief, there one moment and hidden by wave or reflection the next. But I could only wonder what the cameras were capturing.

Suddenly Kim raised one hand above the water with her bikini top clenched in it, and announced that she had found it. Kim quickly put the top back on and exited the pool.

Shortly afterwards, Tony got the barbeque fired up and we all headed towards the outdoor kitchen. The transition gave Kim and me a chance to speak alone for a few minutes. Kim still seemed a bit embarrassed about losing her top in front of so many guys but it was also obvious to me that she enjoyed the attention.

Many of the guests left after we ate. The only women remaining were Kim and Lauren. As for the guys, there were Phil, Jon, Larry, the host Tony, and me. Most of us just sat on the edge of the pool or stood in the shallow end while drinking and talking. We had all been drinking for several hours by this point and our collective drunkenness was starting to show. The guys were openly trying to convince Kim to go down the slide again, and Kim was teasing back.

"C'mon, go down again. I dare ya!" said Jon.

"You just want me to lose my top again!" replied Kim. It wasn't exactly a 'no'.

"I just think you're afraid to go again. It's okay if you're afraid." Jon was obviously trying to bait her.

"Hey, I've gone already. Twice! Lauren hasn't gone down head-first even once. Why don't focus on her?"

"Yeah, Lauren, you're the only one who hasn't gone down at least once. Whaddya say?"

"No chance. I'd break something for sure," replied Lauren. I was actually happy to hear her determined response. Lauren was rather clumsy and frail; if anyone was going to get injured on the slide, it would be her.

And then the topic died and the pool was nearly silent for several minutes. I got the sense that we were on the verge of party collapse. Everyone seemed to have energy and the desire to do something, but we were just standing around in the pool without much conversation.

But then Kim changed that with a single act. Kim was standing next to Lauren and Phil in the shallow end when she suddenly reached up and untied Lauren's top. Kim had it untied and had just started to pull it away when Lauren realized what was happening and let out a short scream. Lauren just managed to get her arms up in time to press the bikini cups into her chest and not lose the top. Kim giggled and pulled half-heartedly for a few seconds before she gave up and walked away with Lauren glaring at her. As Lauren retied her top the guys all congratulated Kim on her effort.

About ten minutes later Lauren took her revenge. It's hard to imagine that Kim didn't know it was coming but the two of them were standing right next to each other and Kim just seemed oblivious to the possibility that Lauren might try something. Maybe it was the booze, but Kim was really slow to react as Lauren untied the top and ripped it off of her. Kim just managed to get her arms over her tits to cover them as the top was flying off.

Lauren immediately ran away from Kim with her top in her hand, while Kim just stood there covering her breasts while laughing her ass off. By the time Kim turned to retrieve her top from Lauren, Lauren had gotten out of the pool and was heading towards the house with Kim's top in hand.

Kim didn't seem to know what to do, so she just stood there in the shallow end covering her tits with her arms while laughing and giggling over her predicament. Meanwhile all of the guys came closer for a better view. I couldn't believe that she was topless with just her arms to cover her breasts with all of these guys she worked with staring right at her. With Kim, I couldn't even be certain that she'd keep them covered. At any second she could just decide to drop her arms and let all of these guys see her tits. I knew she loved the attention that she was receiving, with everyone focused solely on her, staring at her, hoping that she would accidentally or intentionally let them see her tits.

Then Tony said, "I need a picture of this," and walked over to retrieve his camera.

It was clear that all of the guys were enthusiastic about having a picture of Kim covering her boobs with her arms. Kim just laughed and shook her head, again acting like they were all being silly and making a big deal out of nothing.

Tony walked over in front of Kim and said, "Say cheese!" and snapped a picture. Kim's breasts were certainly not exposed. Her bikini top was probably more revealing than her arms. But I'm sure that you would be able to tell that she was topless and that somehow made it all the more sexy.

Tony took a couple more pictures, with Kim blushing from all of the attention. Then Phil suggested that Tony take a picture of him standing next to Kim. When Kim didn't protest, Phil walked over, put his arm around Kim and Tony snapped a picture. Jon and Larry followed, wanting pictures of them standing with Kim, and Kim just continued to act like they were all being silly and smiled for the camera.

Then Lauren came back, without Kim's top. She had obviously hidden it somewhere. I asked Kim if she wanted a towel or her blouse but she replied, "No, I want to stay in the pool. Grab that tube for me," as she nodded towards a blue inflated tube that was beside the pool.

I fetched the tube and dropped it around her. She placed her arms on top of the tube, pressing her bare tits into it. And then she floated around the pool with her tits concealed by the tube and tried to act like it was not a big deal. Several of the guys followed her around, presumably hoping for a chance to sneak a peek, but I knew that she was pretty well covered by the tube.

After several minutes, everything seemed to return to normal, except that everyone was fully aware the Kim was topless inside the tube. I went off to use the restroom and when I returned I saw Kim still floating in the deep end, happily chatting with a couple of the guys. Then she suddenly screamed.

It was a scream more from surprise than from pain or fear, but it wasn't obvious what was going on. There was an intense commotion as Kim thrashed in the water in an apparent panic. Her arms were still over the tube, but the tube and her body were jerking wildly. And then suddenly Kim seemed to stop her frantic behavior and I saw Lauren break the surface with Kim's bikini bottoms in hand.

The guys all cheered and Kim just laughed as Lauren took off towards the house with her bikini bottoms. Kim didn't seem upset by it. She looked a bit embarrassed and surprised, but not upset. She just continued floating in the tube, now completely nude.

But it still wasn't like anyone could see anything on her. That was until Tony and Jon dove underwater right next to her. Everyone including Kim realized that they were taking a closer look and Kim let out another little scream.

It was a strange feeling, watching and knowing that they were at that moment just inches from Kim's naked body and looking at her ass and pussy. It wasn't like there was any doubt what they were looking at. There was still plenty of light out for the underwater view to be pretty decent. And Kim just kept floating there as they looked at her.

Then all of the guys started diving down around her. They'd be down for half a minute and then come back up for air. Then they'd catch their breath and go down again. And Kim just kept laughing. She had to know that they were able to see her bare ass and pussy pretty clearly, and yet she just kept floating there and letting them look.

I was curious about exactly what they could see, so I too dove under for a look. I thought for a moment that my presence might scare the other guys off but I quickly realized that they were focused entirely on Kim. The guys were all swarming around her so it took a moment to get a decent look at her. The first thing I saw was her butt. Even though I knew the underwater view would be good, I still wasn't prepared for the realization that these guys were getting such a great view of her.

I knew that the view of her beaver would be equally great and I could see several guys in front of her with precisely that view. But then I noticed that the guys were sometimes grabbing her knees or feet and pulling and holding her legs apart. I saw several guys with their heads just inches from her crotch staring straight at her most intimate parts.

I surfaced and saw that Kim was just laughing away. She had to feel them spreading her legs apart and swimming real close to her for the view. She had to know that every single one of these guys were seeing her bare ass and staring straight at her pussy. And yet she was just laughing.

After several minutes, the guys seemed to tire and stopped their diving. And then Kim stated that she had to use the restroom. I grabbed a large towel for her and she wrapped it around her top while she stood in the shallow end. She then climbed out while slowly letting the towel drop around her. I did my best to shield her as she got out of the pool, but I expect that the guys might have gotten another glimpse of her ass. Kim then headed up to the house to use the restroom.

When she returned she sat in a lounge chair rather than getting back in the pool. And once again we had more normal conversation: sports, politics, work. Some of the guys got out of the pool too and people started milling around conversing in small groups. For a while I forgot that anything was unusual, and then I remembered that Kim was naked underneath her towel. As Kim walked around I knew that at any moment her towel could slip off or Lauren could deviously pull it off. It would only take an instance for her to be completely naked in front of everyone.

But Kim didn't lose her towel. Instead, it started getting dark and I figured that the party should be soon winding down. I had stopped drinking booze because I wanted to drive us home, but everyone else including Kim was still pounding them back at a good rate.

Larry asked Tony if there were some outdoor lights. He said 'yeah' and started for the house. But Kim stopped him, saying "Why don't you leave them off for a while. I was thinking about swimming some without the tube once it gets a little darker."

Phil immediately hollered, "Woohoo, skinny dipping!"

Several of the guys cheered and I heard Kim laugh. Lauren said definitively, "I am NOT getting naked. Sorry!"

Kim dismissed her protest, "It'll be dark. Nobody will be able to see anything anyway."

Lauren didn't respond. I wasn't surprised that Kim would propose to skinny dip – she had already essentially done so. I figured that she was trying to lure Lauren into getting naked. Or maybe she just wanted the nakedness to be a group thing so her own nudity wouldn't seem quite so outstanding. Either way, I wasn't opposed to the idea of skinny dipping.

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