byHenry de BB©

This story goes out to a new friend of mine in the Navy...
"Erica," my love, come home soon, OK? We miss you, here!!!
xoxo, -BB ;)

* * * * *

The air inside was cooler than the hot August street outside. As I closed the door behind me, I wondered if I was at the right address. The sound coming from the bathroom down the hall would explain why there was no answer. The shower would have obscured my ringing entirely. But, if I were at the wrong house, I could easily wind up spending the night in the Pokey. The adventurer in me would not yield to such nonsense so I carefully made my way down the hall to investigate. Walking ever so silently, I made a mental note of every possible exit in case I had to make a fast getaway.

The door to the bath was ajar, about two or three inches... did I dare? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I've always told myself. Positioning myself so that I could see a reflection in the mirror, I was just able to verify, With about 95% assurance, that the being encased behind the glass shower door was female. "Well, that's one positive sign, at least," I said to myself. Still, I could not make out much more through the fog and rippled glass. The anxiety was building in the pit of my stomach... "IS THIS THE RIGHT FUCKING PLACE!!!???," my mind screamed. At that moment the water stopped and my heart skipped several beats. This was it. The adrenalin flowed, fight or flight. And yet I stayed, fixated on the possibilities. As the shower door opened, I caught the first glimpse of a figure emerging from behind the door, a hand reaching for a towel.

Yes, definitely female. Yes, definitely brunette. Curly hair? It was hard to tell since the woman's hair was sopping wet. Breasts... yes, those breasts... I felt almost as though I had seen them before. Large, luscious, with large scrumptious dark pink nipples. Just as she had described herself. It had to be her. Suddenly, as I began to feel more at ease... still wondering how Kim might react to finding me here like this, our eyes met in the mirror...

You see, Kimber and I had never actually met except through e-mail and Literotica. Never in a million years did I ever dream we would actually ever meet, and yet there I stood, gazing into Kimber's eyes in the foggy mirror. A look of alarm, or more accurately, like surprise swept briefly across the face of Kimber Wonts. Then a smile quickly erased all fear. Of course, she recognized me from the picture I had sent.

"B B!" she exclaimed. Quickly remembering her modesty she secured the big fluffy towel about her body and then flung open the door. Arms reaching out, shrieks of joy, we embraced for the first time.

Holding Kimber close, squeezing as though we might be wrenched apart at any moment, I whispered into her ear, "God I've looked forward to this day - I've missed you so much." Odd to miss someone I had never, until this moment, even met. Human emotions are truly wond'rous and mystical things. We gazed into each other's eyes, mouths smiling broadly. Then, gradually, another kind of look altogether encompassed Kimber's face. A strong, serious, sensuous look. "Kiss me BB - kiss me for real this time." I looked into her eyes and saw a bright crisp longing for true warmth, affection, acceptance. Need and yet not need. Lust and yet not lust. Bathed in desire to be everything she had hoped, I pull Kimberly's mouth close to mine. Warm, glowing waves of passion crash over us as we greedily explore each other's mouth, kissing, and feeling, and experiencing each other completely.

As we held each other close, my hand instinctively roamed downward to caress Kimber's bottom. Wet beads of moisture still clung to her body as she uttered a little moan at my adventurous touch. "Should I stop? Should we wait" I whisper. "Yes, you should, yes we should. But don't. You. Dare," Kimber replied, breathing after each word to emphasize her point. I pulled away just far enough to look deeply into Kimber's lust-filled, big brown eyes...

Kimber's hand in mine, I led her into the living room. Kimber stood in front of me as I parted the towel that had so dutifully served its purpose. A slight gasp escaped my lips as I gazed upon Kimber's naked body. So rich, so full, and warm as a morning sun, Kimber stood before me. Cupping her left breast slowly in my right hand, I kissed her once again, this time with lust and passion. Our tongues met, intertwining, and then explore. Experiencing the depths of Kimber's luscious mouth, my hand began to focus on her full, and now erect nipple. So soft and tender her breast, so hard and firm the nipple that garnishes it. Pulling Kimber toward the chair, I lower myself into it. Pulling her close, my mouth neared her breast as she eased forward to meet my longing touch. Slowly and warmly I allowed my mouth to encircle her nipple, gently licking with my tongue as my mouth presses firmly against her breast. Gradually I began to suck gently at her growing nipple as Kimber ran her fingers through my hair. Pulling my head tighter against her bosom, Kimber sighed a long, low sigh of passion. Eager to please, I slowly dragged my tongue across to her other breast - neither could be neglected. Working around her swollen pink nipple, I sucked as eagerly as before. My hands, which have been massaging Kimber's ass all the while, now decide to go out exploring. Sliding around to her front, I slowly dragged my fingers across the freshly shaven crease between her legs.

"But what about those clothes," Kimber asked. She reached down and began clawing at my shirt. I stood and began working on my jeans. Kicking shoes and socks and shirt and jeans into the corner, I now stood before her naked and erect. "Mmmmm," I heard Kimber say. Her hands now on my ass, Kim licked and sucked my nipples, burying her face into the thick, soft hairs of my chest. "That feels sooo good," I heard myself say. "But first, it's my job to please you." So I guided Kim down to the sofa and prompted her to spread her legs apart for me. As I gazed upon her womanhood, I felt my penis harden even more. Slowly I reached down and spread the lips of her vulva to visually enjoy each tiny fold, each crease, each wrinkle of Kimber's now moist pussy.

I moved my mouth close, first for a kiss, a warm passionate kiss. I felt her hips shift to push herself higher to meet my eager mouth. The musky fragrance of her juices filled my nostrils and I could hardly contain the pleasure it gave me. Exploring further, I slowly began to lick the full length of Kimber's slit with my extended tongue. Starting low at the opening of her vagina, I glided my tongue slowly over the opening, through the crease of her smooth inner lips, and up over her clitoris. Repeating this several times, I felt Kimber's hips rising eagerly to meet my mouth. "Oooohhh," she moaned. Daringly starting lower and lower each stroke, gradually lingering longer at her clitoris, I worked back and forth enjoying every movement of Kimber's pleasure. Then, pausing at the entrance of her pussy, I inserted my tongue as far as it would go. In and out, then sucking at the entrance.

Warm pussy juice clung to my tongue and I eagerly sucked in every drop. "God, that feels wonderful," I hear. Placing my hands under Kimber's ass, I pulled her tighter and tighter to my lips. Moving my mouth higher now, I began to suck gently on Kimber's full and erect clitoris, gradually sucking harder as her hips begin a familiar rhythmic motion. Pulling my hand from under her ass, I began prodding and exploring the opening of Kimber's pussy with my fingers. Slowly, I inserted a finger deeply into her vagina and felt her body shudder with excitement. Probing deeply, in and out, I explore every bit of Kimber's inside.

I pulled my finger completely out, then plunged deep again as I sucked rhythmically at Kimber's clit. The sounds emitting from Kimber's mouth told me she was enjoying this immensely. "Turn around, I want to taste you too," I heard her say. I rose and turned, anxious to get back to my duties. As I lowered myself across Kimber's body, I felt her warm mouth surrounding my hard penis. Floods of excitement flowed through my body at her touch. From this angle, I could suck Kim's whole pussy, pulling her lips into my mouth along with her clit. Rhythmically we swayed, in tune with each other's movements, floating on a cloud of ecstasy. Soon I realized that this could not continue much longer, as I was going to lose my load too early.

I told Kimber to get on her hands and knees because I really needed to be in her! I then proceeded to slide my hard dick into her tight love tunnel. Inch by glorious inch, I entered her loving warmth! When I was completely burrowed into her body I began moving very s-l-ow-l-y in and out. I didn't want to move too fast for fear of cumming too quickly.

I wanted the torture to last for us both!

Kimber started to moan then mumble. She mumbled something unintelligible just before she screamed my name!

"BEEBEE! Cum in me! NOW!!!"

I was so close before but when she said my name... I just lost it! I blew the biggest load of cum of my life up into my sexy companion's hot channel! I was grunting and panting like I'd just run a marathon at full tilt!!!

Kimber fell forward as the last spurt of cum went splashing on her ass! She reached her hand around and wiped it off her back-side and put the fingers into her mouth and, still panting, said, "It won't do to waste any of this white, liquid gold of your's, now would it!"

I just looked down at her and kissed her back, dragging my lips up to the nape of her neck and said that I loved her.

We've been hot-and-heavy, in love, ever since!!!

* * * * *

I hope you all enjoyed that one...(You especially, Erica!)

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