Kimberly's Kids


"In my dream world, you're on top and I get to visualize all your perfect body and let you go insane," Charles told her. "You give up this perfect, in-control façade and unleash ever fiery facet of the sensual woman you truly are!"

Kimberly smiled, her son had a very smooth line and would likely do very well with the ladies. She mounted him and soon she was grinding her pussy on his cock. It felt very nice inside of her, she didn't feel as if she was doing anything wrong. He had a smooth style as a lover as well, he let her take as much control as she needed and he kept himself occupied by massaging her body, manipulating her silky flesh and kissing her from time to time. He didn't rush a thing and Kimberly appreciated the sensuality of the sex they enjoyed that night. Everything Charles seemed to do was for her pleasure and she lost count of how many orgasms she enjoyed at her son's cock, hands and lips.

Charles stumbled out of his mother's bedroom late the next morning and collapsed on his own bed. Kimberly smiled at Richard when he came down for breakfast ... one down, one to go!

Kimberly decided that she'd need an entirely different approach with Richard. He was the bold, daring, brash member of their family and taking a different route with him would likely serve them both well. Richard didn't need soft, gentle and sensual ... he needed a wildcat and Kimberly was confident that she could deliver that easily.

Charles had a date that evening and Kim was fairly certain Alicia was going to get some good loving that night. She thought she'd have to ask Eve about it next time they got together and compare notes. She doubted that Eve would freak out too much about what she'd been doing with Charles because Alicia and Eve shared a bed when it suited them both. Kaitlyn's earlier point had been correct, incest was indeed a lot more prevalent than people thought.

She went upstairs after dinner and left Richard watching television. After a while, she called him up to her bedroom. He knew why, but it still stunned him when he got there.

"What do you think about my outfit, Rich? Does it turn you on?" Kimberly teased. She had worn a black PVC outfit with straps that criss-crossed her body, black PVC gloves and black, thigh-high boots with a stiletto point. She had tousled her hair a bit and applied dark eye shadow to achieve the wild woman look she was going for.

"God Mom, you look like ... I mean, you really look hot, like a ..."

"Go ahead Rich, you can use the words."

"You look like a ready-to-be-fucked slut Mom, a hot bitch!" Richard told her as she walked closer.

"Mmm, that's good Rich, I am ready to be fucked and I'll be a slut ... your slut Richard, if you think you can handle it. How about it, baby? Think you can fuck Mommy like the horny, whorish slut she is?" Kimberly said, placing a gloved finger under his chin.

"Fuck yeah Mom, gonna damned well try!" Richard told her, getting out of his clothes as fast as he possibly could. Kimberly stifled a small laugh, the more confident brother seemed a little less confident than his twin and a little more eager to get things going. She'd have to see how they matched up in the bedroom department.

Richard approached his mother and his kiss was more savage, more urgent than his twin's had been. He pressed himself against her and Kimberly could already see that he was more endowed than his brother. She dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth and began to suck on it.

"Oh yeah Mom, you fucking slut, you whore, suck that dick bitch," Richard snarled. Kimberly didn't object to the obscene language as she knew it was only part of the bedroom play and nothing more. He had a nice cock, thick and veiny with a large, purplish head. She bobbed her head up and down on it and made a bit of extra noise to turn him on. From the way his shaft was thickening in her mouth, she would have said it was working.

"Your turn stud," Kimberly smiled as she got on her bed. "Think you can satisfy Mommy? Prove it and get your ass over here and eat some pussy. Suck my cunt until it's dripping, you motherfucker!"

She had removed some of the snaps that fastened her outfit together and left access to her neatly-trimmed pussy. Richard ate her with far more ferocity than his brother and had her cumming her brains out. When his thick, turgid shaft entered her depths, she wrapped her boot-clad legs around him and drilled her heels into his back. This in turn prompted him to fuck her like she needed, like a whore and a slut and a horny cunt that craved cock! He pounded her hard and she gave back as much as she could while her stud-son proved his virility.

She was more than a match for him though and she fucked him dry. Like his brother before him, he stumbled to his room, exhausted. Kimberly got dressed and made brunch for them all. They talked as a family, but also openly about the changes they had undergone.

"Anyone foresee any problems?" Kimberly asked them.

Her sons shook their heads. Having sex with their hot, sensual, brunette mother had been the highlight of their lives and it could only get better.

"Good. We'll work things out as best we can, but tonight I've got a hot date with your Aunt Kaitlyn and our friend Eve. I'm know I'll be extra horny when I get home so I might need both of you." They both looked at her as she had told them earlier she would never fuck them together. "No babies, I don't mean at the same time, but who knows in the future? Darlings, I made the rules around here and I can certainly break them," Kimberly chuckled as her eager sons grinned at her.

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