tagBDSMKim's Camping Trip

Kim's Camping Trip


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Lance finished loading the last of the camping gear into the back of his silver Subaru Cross-trek. He closed the hatch, turned around, and sat on the back bumper as he contemplated what Kim might have in store for them that weekend. With all the things Kim had done to them in the recent months, he really had no idea what she had planned this time.

Two months earlier, Lance, a twenty-eight year old software developer and his wife, Mandy, a twenty-seven year old nurse, had enjoyed a reasonably active, but boring and vanilla, sex life. Until, that is, Mandy met Kim.

Kim was an eighteen year old patient of Mandy's at the hospital. During examination, Mandy noticed that the injuries Kim was in for were... unusual. Mandy's first thoughts were that Kim was being abused by her boyfriend. The truth was a lot more shocking to her.

Kim had no boyfriend; her injuries - a variety of rope burns, bruises, and sprains - were all self inflicted as a result of tying herself up in an attempt to experiment with bondage. One of the ropes had cut her deeply and had gotten infected, hence her visit to the hospital for antibiotics. That particular injury had occurred when she'd bound herself to a kitchen chair and masturbated herself to the point of orgasm. Her climax caused her to crash backward on the floor and the rope cut her in the process. But, Kim said, the orgasm was so intense that she still would have done it again. Mandy was stunned by Kim's openness at talking about that kind of stuff to her. Kim, on the other hand, relished the shocked expression on her nurse's face. The more she spoke, the redder Mandy's face became. Mandy had never thought about bondage nor had Lance ever brought it up to her.

"Would you like to try it sometime?" Kim said to her with a wry smile. And then, a few days later, Mandy brought Kim home to meet Lance...

Mistress Kim (for that is what Lance and Mandy were ordered to refer to her as) had called Mandy to tell her that she had planned a camping trip for the three of them and she put Lance in charge of getting all the supplies.

"I'll text you a list of gear we'll need," Kim told Mandy. "Don't worry about the fun stuff, I'll take care of those items!" she said.

She didn't give any further details on the plans, of course. That would have spoiled the surprise.

And, so, twenty minutes after loading their car, Lance and Mandy were picking up Kim from her house. She'd just graduated from high school, so it was actually her mom's house. That thought always gave Lance a tiny shiver. He knew she was of legal age, yet it somehow felt, well...

Anyway, she hopped in the back of the car with a backpack of her own and slapped her hand on the headrest of Lance's seat.

"Ok, bitches! Let's get this camping trip started! Woo!" she cried out. And off they went.

- - - -

"Alright," Kim said as they reached the highway. "You guys know the drill. Lose those clothes! Suns out, buns out!"

Mandy turned around in alarm in the passenger seat.

"Um, Mistress... anyone driving by will be able to see us," she said nervously. Kim rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Duh! That's the whole idea! Now lose 'em!"

"Um, Mistress, should I pull over then?" Lance asked, looking at her in the rear-view mirror. He was acutely aware of all the cars on the road around him on the busy summer weekend.

"Don't be a wimp," she said dismissively. "Just get on with it."

'Getting on with it' was much easier for Mandy than Lance. In just a few minutes, Mandy was sitting naked in the Subaru's fake-leather passenger seat, her clothes in a pile on her lap along with her sandals. Lance had never stripped in a car, much less while driving, and was surprised to discover how difficult of a task it was without, you know, crashing and killing everyone.

He got as far as unbuttoning his pants and unzipping them but couldn't pull them off his legs without releasing the steering wheel.

"Mandy, give the poor boy a hand over there," Kim said. Mandy did, reaching over and tugging down her husband's pants. Luckily, Lance was limber. Getting his pants off his legs would have been pretty much impossible otherwise.

But they did manage it, getting his shoes, pants, shirt, and eventually underwear off. They weaved just a bit as Lance's field of view was blocked as his shirt came over his head. Once Lance was naked, Kim leaned forward between the seats to examine the two slaves.

"I'll take those," she said, gesturing to the two piles of clothing. They both handed them to her and she promptly tossed them on to seat next to her. Then she peered down at the exposed crotches of the two slaves.

"Hmmm...." she said. She reached over and stuck a hand in Lance's crotch. Lance had known she was there but was unprepared for the sudden fondling; that made them swerve out of his lane which earned him a vicious honk of the horn from the guy whose lane he was trying to overtake. Kim ignored all of that as she rolled his testicles around in her hand.

"I'm glad to see you are both still shaving as I ordered," Kim said to him. Mistress Kim had a strict policy of no pubic hair on either slave. Mandy and Lance had a ritual of shaving each other bare every three days, even when they didn't expect Kim to be around. Kim had warned that she just might drop in at any point for an inspection and should she find hair on either slave below the waist, the consequences would be severe.

"I do feel some stray hairs on Lance's sack, though," Kim continued. "I won't punish you this time but don't make a habit of it."

"Yes, Mistress. I'm very sorry," Lance said as he veered back into his own lane. In the tiny corner of the mirror not being blocked by Kim's body, he could just make out the middle finger of the other driver behind him. Kim plopped herself back down on the seat.

"So," Kim said. "You guys won't be needing these again for the remainder of the weekend." She patted the pile of clothes next to her.

"I intend to keep you guys bare 100% from here on out until we get back home. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress," both adults in the front seat responded. They were all startled by the sound of an air-horn coming from the right side of the car.

Looking over, a tractor-trailer had pulled alongside and could clearly see Mandy's naked body. His grin was ear-to-ear as he gave a thumbs up. Mandy forced a smile back and Lance accelerated to pull ahead.

"Slow back down!" Kim ordered. Lance did so.

"Mandy," she continued. "Press your tits up against the window for the nice truck driver. Give him something to remember then next time he jerks off."

The driver watched as the Subaru slowed and pulled back next to him. And then he watched as Mandy squished both of her ample breasts against the glass. Mandy got another blast of the air horn as thanks.

- - - -

Mandy slouched down in the seat for the remainder of the drive; surprisingly, Kim didn't object to her hiding. The drive was long; longer than either Mandy or Lance were expecting. Kim didn't tell them where they were going, instead she just kept giving Lance turn-by-turn instructions as required. First, they left the highway then they ended up on back roads that got progressively more obscure.

"Stop!" Kim shouted abruptly. Startled, Lance slammed on the brakes and would likely have sent everyone through the windshield if he hadn't slowed as much as he had.

"Sorry!" Kim shouted as she got up off the floor and back onto her seat. Her apology was genuine. "It's been a while since my dad brought me here and I didn't see the turn until the last second."

Lance didn't even know what turn she was referring to at first; then he saw it. A small dirt path through the trees, barely large enough for the car to fit down. Kim could tell what he was thinking.

"Don't worry. This place is always deserted, and the road opens up wider just a little way in."

Sure enough, after a few hundred feet through the trees on the single car-width path, the road opened into a wide clearing.

"You can pull off to the right and park over there," Kim said, pointing. Lance did so and turned off the car.

"Now what?" he asked, looking over his shoulder at the teenager in the back seat.

"Now we start camping!" Kim pronounced.

- - - -

Lance and Mandy were hesitant to leave the relative privacy of the Subaru but, as Kim had said, the area appeared deserted. They tentatively opened their doors together.

The clearing was wide and long, surrounded by more trees in every direction. Lance and Mandy looked around as Kim spoke from behind them.

"I know I said you two were to remain naked for the weekend, but I'll make a small exception and let you guys put your shoes back on. No sense in having a stick through the foot ruin our fun."

Kim continued as she retrieved their shoes from the car.

"Grab all the gear and cooler; the site where we will set up is just through those trees there."

Lance opened the hatch and leaned in to pull out the Igloo "Ice Cube" cooler. As he did so, Kim ran a finger up along his ass crack causing him to involuntarily clench his cheeks; Kim's index finger was momentarily trapped between his globes before she pulled it away.

"What is this place, Kim?" Mandy asked. "Uh, I mean, Mistress Kim," she corrected a moment later. Kim ignored the slip-up.

"My dad used to take me camping here for one week every summer..." Her words trailed off as she seemed to recall something. She shook her head and led the way through the break in the trees.

- - - -

It took them a few trips. Well, it took the girls one trip and Lance three, but the campsite was only a couple hundred feet from the clearing. The trees were thick enough that they couldn't see it from the car, but the site Kim had selected was on a grassy patch just up from a gigantic lake. Mandy was briefly awestruck by the expanse of water in front of her; she could just make out a few scattered houses on the far side of the lake, much too far away to see her or her naked husband. The crystal-clear water was otherwise empty.

Lance pitched the tent solo; Lance hadn't been camping since he was ten years old and he'd never helped his dad do any of the setting up, so he purchased a tent whose package claimed it could be set up in under thirty seconds and it would just "pop-up" on its own. Much to his surprise, it performed more or less as advertised, springing up into shape almost instantly. Somehow getting it back into the bag it had come from was a problem for much later.

"Huh, I'll be damned!" he muttered to himself. The only real work was staking the tent down so it didn't blow into the lake.

"Looking good, guys," Kim said. She was staring at their bodies rather than the work that they'd done setting up, so what she was complimenting was not entirely clear. But it really didn't matter either.

"K, Lance, go gather up some firewood. Mandy, find some rocks at the shoreline to make a ring for the fire pit," Kim said as she dug in her own backpack. Lance was surprised to see her pull out a small folding camping shovel. She opened it and started digging a circle in the ground. Their sexual exploits had never really hinted at Kim being the girl-scout type. Though she certainly did know how to tie a knot...

Half an hour later, Kim had a two-foot diameter circle etched in the ground with the grass in the center dug out and replaced with sand from the beach. One by one, Mandy laid the stones that she gathered around the edge of the circle.

Lance came back with two arms full of sticks, branches, and a couple of small logs. As he was setting them down in a pile on the ground, he got to see his naked wife bent over at the waist straightening a rock. The sight of her bald pussy peeking at him from between her thighs was enough to make him remember how sexy the situation was.

"Well, well, well," Kim said, noticing him. Lance turned to her to see that her attention was on his crotch. He looked down to see that he'd sprung to attention.

"Took you long enough," Kim said. "I was starting to think seeing a naked woman was getting too mundane for you now. Glad to see you can still get it up." She placed a hand on the underside of his member to inspect it. Lance ignored her comments and set the wood on the ground after she released his manhood.

"Now," Kim continued, "I'm sure you guys noticed this bright sun above us." Instinctively, Lance and Mandy both looked to the sky as if there was something there to see. There wasn't.

"And I'm worried that Mandy's pale white skin is going to get sunburned," Kim finished. Lance saw that she was smirking and didn't think she sounded particularly 'worried.'

"I have some sunscreen in my backpack, Mistress," Mandy said. But Kim shook her head.

"Oh, I don't think that will be necessary. I've heard that semen makes the best sunscreen in the world," Kim said, deadpan.

"Is that true?" Lance asked, brow furrowed. Kim rolled her eyes.

"Geez, work with me here, Lance. ANYWAY, as I was saying, if only we had a ready supply of that sunscreen. OH WAIT. We do!"

Kim grabbed Mandy by the wrist and put Mandy's hand on Lance's cock. "Start pumpin', girl," Kim said. Kim put her hands on her hips and waited.

Mandy looked up at Lance as she curled her fingers around his meat. Slowly at first, then quicker she pumped him.

"Make sure we don't waste any of the sunscreen!" Kim said over Mandy's shoulder.

Mandy tugged and pounded on her husband's crotch in front of the eighteen-year-old. Before long, she noticed Lance beginning to quiver in front of her.

"On your knees, Mandy," Kim said from behind her. Mandy knelt down on the grass without releasing her grip on Lance or breaking her rhythm. Four more tugs and she heard the tell-tale grunt that warned her of the first splash of cum that hit her chest a second later.

She kept pulling on his manhood as more streams landed on her body. The last one didn't make it to her, but she was able to catch it in her hand before it hit the ground. She didn't know if there would have been a penalty for 'wasting' the 'sunscreen' but didn't want to find out. Kim knelt down in front of her and surveyed the mess.

"Perfect!" she declared with glee. Mandy jerked back as Kim reached out and placed both hands on Mandy's breasts. Kim smeared the cum around on Mandy's skin, first over the top of her chest before moving to her breasts. Kim cupped the underside of one of Mandy's ample boobs and used her other hand to work it into the soft flesh.

The whole "sunscreen" thing was total B.S., of course. Kim was surprised, though, by how warm Mandy's skin was to the touch from being out in the sun. And they hadn't even been outside that long. She might have to put real sunscreen on her slaves after all. There's nothing whinier than a sunburnt slave. Well, there probably is.

The amount of cum didn't really leave a lot to go around but that didn't stop Kim from trying her hardest to cover both tits with Lance's seed. Mostly, she was just fondling Mandy's chest for fun. To that end, Kim made sure to tweak and tease Mandy's nipples between her thumb and forefinger, giving them gentle tugs as she "coated" them.

Once finished, Kim looked down at her semen covered hands. She reached between Mandy's legs and wiped one hand off on her smooth pussy; that failed to clean anything as Kim discovered that Mandy was even wetter down there than she was on her chest. All Kim succeeded in doing was adding Mandy's vaginal fluids to the goo on her palm.

"Humph," Kim said, eyeing the mess on her hand. "Turn around," Kim barked. Mandy shuffled her knees until her backside was facing Kim. Kim then proceeded to wipe her hands off on Mandy's ass cheeks instead.

Kim put her hands on her hips and eyed the two slaves. "K, from here on out, I want every drop of seed from that cock," - she pointed to Lance's crotch, lest anyone be confused about which cock was in question - "to fall on Mandy's body. You," - she pointed at Lance's face - "are in charge of making sure it gets rubbed in well. I can't get my hand icky like that every time." She wrinkled her nose in mock disgust.

"Yes, Mistress," Lance replied.

"And," Kim turned to Mandy and continued, "every time Lance here gets erect, you are going to masturbate him to get that skin preserving seed out. No matter where we are. Or who is there. Understood?"

Both slaves nodded.

"Great! Then let's head out. I have a hike planned so I can show you guys what this place has to offer!"

- - - -

The trio headed out from their campsite on foot; Kim still fully dressed while her two slaves wore only shoes. Kim led them back into the woods encircling the lake. Fortunately for the nude hikers, the brush wasn't very thick. Still, Lance got a branch in the ball sack twice during the hike and Mandy had to pull a mess of leaves out from her slit once. She desperately hoped there wasn't any poison ivy anywhere. She had no idea what that even looked like.

Eventually, the trees broke and led them to another open field.

This field, they saw, was at the top of a cliff overlooking the lake below. The outcrop wasn't very large, big enough for a few tents maybe, before it was swallowed up again by more trees on the other side. The sight from it, though, was breathtaking. And frightening; the cliff had a sheer drop off that plunged more than one hundred feet to rocks jutting out from the water below. Kim stood in front and took a deep breath of the fresh air.

"My God, it's beautiful!" Mandy exclaimed. Kim turned and smiled at her.

"I know, right? This is the spot that my father would take me, and we'd have a picnic right here before going back to the campsite. The last time I was here was, oh... I guess four years ago, just before he passed away."

Both Lance and Mandy were stunned. They knew that Kim lived only with her mom, but she'd never talked about her father before then.

"Oh, God, Kim," Lance said. "We're so sorry."

Kim's smile faded a bit and she looked back out at the water.

"It's ok. You had no way of knowing; I really don't talk about it. My father died when I was fourteen. Colon cancer, very sudden. Prior to his passing, he and I would go camping here for one week every summer, just the two of us."

"Man, Kim, I'm so sorry, we didn't know," Mandy said. Kim shrugged.

"Thank you. It's all in the past, though. I'm moving forward. And we are going to celebrate his memory here ourselves with a new tradition."

She turned back to Lance and Mandy.

"Time to fuck!"

- - - -

"Uh," Lance said. "I'm not thinking your dad would appreciate this celebration."

Despite the somber mood, Kim laughed.

"You are probably right. He always called me Daddy's Princess. But times change, and Daddy's Princess grew up." Kim started undressing in front of the two slaves.

She'd made Mandy and Lance do all sorts of stuff to each other, but she had never actually participated herself. Until now.

Lance had eyed her many times. Since sexual tension was guaranteed whenever she was around, it was inevitable that he'd imagined her naked.

Her shoulder length blond hair blew lightly in the breeze at the top of the cliff. A generous, though not excessive, bosom sprang into view as she pulled her t-shirt up over her head. Lance had noticed her pert nipples poking through the shirt so he wasn't surprised to see her bra-less. As her shorts and panties came off, Lance saw the small landing strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair above her slit.

Kim walked to the edge of the cliff and stood with her back to Lance and Mandy; Mandy was holding her breath as Kim's toes were dangling in mid-air over the edge, but Kim didn't seem to notice or care. After a bit, she turned back to the two adults.

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