tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKim's Kock Addiction Ch. 01

Kim's Kock Addiction Ch. 01


The first thing I thought of was getting Kendall and Kylie involved somehow so Kim would have some incentive to obey me. But three things were wrong with that: I didn't want to have to involve three women when I could involve only one; dealing with women that young might be difficult and counter-productive and I wanted her to want me to use her - I wanted her actions to be guided by lust and desire and passion, not fear.

What they say is true -- Kourtney is the hottest one. But she hasn't made a fortune out of teasing me to death the way Kim has. Kim is the one who showed how crazy for cock she is on the sex tape -- black cock at that. I had no doubt that Kim was the one I could entice into being my sex slave.

I wanted to catch her at the perfect time. I wanted her to be made up and dressed as if she was on the make. You know -- lots of sticky-looking lipstick -- maybe a light pink. Lots of eye shadow and rouge. Wearing something tight around the tits. Maybe low-cut. A tight skirt or short one -- showing off her amazingly muscular legs. I'd want the heels to be so high that she had trouble walking in them. That would have to be very high -- about 9" at least -- because she's had lots of practice strutting in heels before. And, of course, I'd want to be able to view her wide ass. From behind, she always looks like she's had the entire football team in there at once and it never shrunk back. Maybe she had.

So how was I going to get her looking like that and into a seductive place where I could tempt her?

I figured I needed to make her think she was going to meet a man who might be very important for her career -- one she might be able to flirt with to gain an advantage. So I called her agent (not her mother) and told him I was the assistant to Mr. Robert Kelly who was an entrepreneur who was buying a textile factory in Hong Kong and wanted to start a new line of women's underwear, to be sold world-wide. And that Mr. Kelly was looking for a spokesperson for his new product. Stock options were available, as well as a nice salary. Kim was one of three celebrities he had scheduled for interviews. Her agent said he would get back to me on her interest and availability. When he called back, showing interest, I told him I was scheduling interviews at a local posh hotel and that she could meet Mr. Kelly in the lobby at 7:00 PM the next evening. Just primaries were invited, as Mr. Kelly liked his privacy and didn't want to speak through agents. I'll have to admit it might have sounded a little fishy to someone who was on the lookout for predators, but Kim's agent seemed to understand the need for the one-on-one interview. Go figure.

The next evening I put on my blue suit, white shirt and red tie and took a plush chair in the lobby at 6:45. My heart was racing and palms sweating as I anticipated my goddess walking through the door at any minute. I didn't have long to wait. She was early -- 6:52. I stood up, smiled and walked towards her.

She was a vision, wearing all white. The white sweater was unzipped down to her navel. She was wearing a light yellow bra underneath, which prevented me from seeing her nipples. She was wearing a long white wrap-around skirt and high, patent leather white boots with about six inch stiletto heels. Her lipstick was light pink and extended beyond her liplines. Her eyes were dark and flashed when she smiled at me.

I extended my hand to her and said, "Hello, Miss Kardashian. I'm Robert Kelly." She squeezed my hand erotically rather than shake it and, still smiling said, "Hello, Mr. Kelly. I'm very glad to meet you."

I told her I had the samples stored in a warehouse nearby and I'd like to show them to her, if that was alright with her. I told her I thought it was best if we exited the hotel as soon as possible, to avoid attention and questions. She said she understood and would go wherever necessary to conduct business. I pushed the swinging door from the hotel open. It led to an alley where I had parked my car. I opened the passenger door of the car open for Kim and she said "Thank you" as I closed her door behind her. I jumped in and drove off. My heart was racing so fast I thought I might pass out.

I drove the car to a buddy's warehouse that he had let me use for my equipment. I was able to pull the car into the warehouse through a hanger door. Once Kim got out of the car, I led her back to the area where my machine and a couple of office chairs were located. I asked her to sit in one of the chairs as I sat down in the other one.

She looked around the warehouse and saw a tarp that was covering the machine and said, "What is that thing and where are the samples?"

"Actually, there aren't any samples. I had to make up a pretense for getting you here so I could show you something."

"Oh, no! Keep your pants on, Buddy," said Kim. "I don't want to see it."

"No, no. It's nothing like that. I brought you here to show you this machine and what it can do for you," I quickly said.

"Who are you?" the girl asked.

"I'm an inventor -- a scientist. I've invented something I want you to try. I think you'll like it. But I knew mere talking would never convince you to try it, so I had to bring you here this way. I'm sorry if I scared you in any way."

"Is it a drug? Did you invent some kind of drug?" Kim asked.

"No, Ma'am. It's not a drug. It's a device. I'll show it to you."

I took the tarp off my machine.

Kim looked at it for a while, quizzically. Then her face exploded with fear. "Oh my God, it's a fuck machine! You're not going to use that thing on me!" she said defiantly.

I could have told her that she soon would be begging me to use the machine, but I didn't. Not yet.

"I'm not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do. I told you I'm not going to hurt you, Kim. I've been working on this machine for many years, trying to perfect it. But I haven't tested it on a real person yet. I'll have to admit I've seen your sex tape many times and I know you're the girl to try it out. You seemed to love doing some of the things the machine can do with you and I figured that if any girl would like the machine, it would be you."

"I don't fuck machines," Kim said. "I don't even have a vibrator. The thought of something artificial inside me makes me scared."

"Please don't be so fearful. It won't hurt you at all. It's designed to give pleasure -- extreme pleasure to women. You could be contributing to the pleasure of millions of girls and women by testing it out for them. I'll make refinements based on your recommendations. I'm a good guy. I'm just trying to perfect something that there's a big need for in the world."

Kim appeared to be thinking this over. She was looking me over and the machine over. Then she said, "Bringing me here under false pretenses wasn't a very smart thing to do. You could get into a lot of trouble for this."

"I know. I thought it was worth the risk. If you say you won't do it, I'll take you back to the hotel. I'll never bother you again. I hope you won't report me. I'm really a very innocent guy, not interested in you nearly as much as getting my machine perfected and sold. You seemed to be an open-minded girl - a fun-loving and sex-loving girl. Maybe I was wrong about you."

"If you mean what you say, you'll take me back to the hotel right away."

I thought that over. She couldn't overpower me. She couldn't get out of the locked building. She had a cell phone but I could stop her from using it. "OK. I'll take you back to the hotel. But you'll have to let me show you the machine and what it can do first. If you don't like it, I'll take you to the hotel and you'll never see me again."

She thought about this for a few seconds and said, "OK, but no funny stuff."

"Won't you let me help you up? I told you I'm not a bad guy," I offered.

With that she took my hand and I pulled her up from the chair. She fell forward, against me. I could smell her hair and her lipstick. I thought I was going to pass out. She quickly pulled back from me.

I led her to the machine. She kept her distance from it, but I could tell she was curious. She stared at the cock I had put in place for her maiden voyage. It wasn't all that big -- about eight inches long and about two inches around. But it had a molded head on it and looked rather real. It was made out of clear Lucite and was screwed to the end of a metal rod. The rod was flanked by two springs that were driven by pistons. It was a very simple model -- one that had been used by most other machines. But my machine was very different. Kim would soon find out how different.

"Well", I said. "It doesn't look so dangerous, does it?"

Rather than bolt away and try to escape, I could tell I had Kim's rapt attention.

"I guess not. Where do I put myself?" Kim asked.

"There are slings you can lock into that will hold you into many different positions. You can sit up and it can enter you from in front, or I can tie you to a frame that will suspend you in mid-air and it can enter you from many different positions."

"Can I control the positions and the action of the....the.....the cock?", Kim asked.

Now I had her hooked. I knew this bitch was so horny so much of the time she couldn't resist a pretty-looking cock.

"Well, yes. Of course you can control the machine and choose positions for yourself. But I'd suggest that you let me operate the controls until you get used to it. Also, for research purposes, I need to measure the time and intensity of some of the activities. You understand. As we go along, I'll give you more and more control."

Kim unzipped her white sweater and dropped it to the ground, revealing very large and voluptuous breasts being restrained by the light yellow bra. It was sheer, so her large nipples showed through the fabric. She looked like an animal that needed something. I knew what it was.

"So are you ready to give it a try?"

"I'll try it for thirty seconds. If I don't like it, you have to get me off it," Kim ordered.

"Yes. Of course," I replied.

I had turned the heat in the warehouse up over eighty degrees. Kim was wet with perspiration. It looked amazing on her. She gleamed.

"You'll have to get naked if the machine is going to work properly," I shyly said. "I'm sorry".

With that Kim quickly peeled off her bra, her panties and her boots. She looked sideways at me to see if I was staring. I tried not to, but it was impossible. She showed a wry smile. Kim was used to being in control by making men stare at her. She was feeling empowered. That was a good thing, for now. Soon she would be giving me complete control of her mind and body.

"OK, I said. We'll start off with something simple and basic. Just sit on this little seat up here and place your feet onto the pedals near the base. You'll be able to move your feet and legs back and forth in order to touch the head of the....the cock. It will come to you, but not all the way. You have to push yourself towards it until it can push into you. Then it will do it's own thing."

There was a back support for her. So it was a bit like that exercise machine that you sit in and pull and push weights with your arms while your legs move back and forth.

Gingerly Kim stepped onto the platform that housed the device. She gently sat her ass onto the chair and looked to place her feet properly onto the pedals. I had placed 'rails' up near her shoulders so she would have something to hold onto with her hands while she and the machine became one.

"Any questions?", I asked my victim.

"Not yet. It won't go real fast or hard, will it?", Kim asked.

"No, Ma'am. It's built for pleasure -- not for pain. Remember that. And I want you to do whatever feels natural to you. There's no right or wrong here. Just feel as good as possible."

"OK, I guess I'm ready," Kim said. I could see her licking her lips, like she was getting ready for something very sexual. She was.

I sat in my control chair about two feet from Kim and the machine. She was slightly above me. I started up the machine. At first I made it rotate on the end of the rod, so Kim could see how it could move. She was mesmerized. Then I made the end of it -- the tip -- wiggle up and down. That really got her attention. So now the cock was wiggling and moving back and forth. Kim licked her lips again, anticipating something, but she wasn't sure what it was. Now I moved the cock closer to her vagina. It was about eighteen inches from her lips. "Now you have to push yourself toward it, Honey," I said to Kim.

The girl enthusiastically moved forward in her seat. It slid along runners. As the cock approached her, she moved back, half-afraid of it. But the moving towards and then back from the cock gave her that motion that I was hoping for. Forward and backward. Forward and backward. Like she might do with a real lover. She was getting into it. So I became a little more aggressive with the cock. I moved it closer to her -- about six inches away. I made it wiggle and move forward and then pulled it back. It almost touched her once. She thrust her hips forward in an attempt to touch it, but I was quick enough to pull it away from her so she couldn't quite touch it yet. She became more aggressive and more frustrated. I could hear her breathing increase in intensity and quickness. She wanted it.

"Isn't this thing ever going to touch me? she exclaimed in frustration.

"I'm measuring foreplay. To see how much is enough," I said, somewhat mocking her.

"I'm not sure how much more I can stand," the girl said. I could see that she was extremely wet. Her lips and pubic hair were shimmering. Her legs were thrusting forward as far as the machine would let her.

I thought to myself, "I should take mercy on her and give her a big dose of the cock. But, no, I want her to beg for it."

I moved the cock to where it finally touched her lips briefly. "Uh. Oh. Oh," Kim said. Then, "It's getting closer."

I said, "Is that a good thing?"

"I don't know yet," Kim said.

The wriggling penis is something she desperately wanted to touch her; there was no doubt about that. I thought it was time to give her a taste.

I manipulated the cock so that it touched her for about five seconds and the tip gyrated, as if attempting to burrow within her. The noises she made were beautiful. "Oh, Oh, My God. My fucking God," the little whore said.

"So I take it the machine is doing its job?" I asked.

"Fuck. Just get it to fuck me, will you please?" Kim was out of patience. I'm sure she had never had to wait so long for a cock.

"It's still early, Kim. I'm still testing. You might have to wait a while before I can put it inside you," I teased.

"No, No, Please!" Kim exhalted. "I need it now! Now! Not later. It's a machine. Why can't it fuck me now? Please."

"I'm not sure you want it bad enough yet. Convince me, Kim." With that I made the cock enter her occasionally with light thrusts until it was about two inches inside her. It was wriggling and had found her G spot on the upper inside of her vagina and was teasing her there. It would withdraw, then re-enter slightly harder and faster than the previous time. It was starting to actually fuck her.

"Geezus! Don't stop. Whatever you do, don't stop this fucking thing," Kim begged.

"Tell me why I shouldn't, Darling," I said to the girl.

"Because I need it inside me. I need to be fucked and this thing is GREAT," Kimmie said.

"Keep telling me about it and I'll make it do what you say you want it to do," I said.

"Oh, fuck. It's such a hard bone and it knows what turns me on. Better than any guy I've been with lately, I'll tell you that. Shit. Give it to me harder. Please. Please." She knew I was playing her and she didn't care. So she looked directly at me with those enormous eyes and those pouty lips and said, "Please, Honey."

I wasn't going to let her play me. But I needed to prove the value of the machine to her, so I plunged the cock deeper into her and up higher into her, then retracted it quickly, then plunged it deep again. She liked that. But then I pulled it out of her and just massaged her outer lips with the tip. She attempted to push herself deeper around it, but I kept pulling back a little at a time. She kept straining to meet up with it, but eventually couldn't. She was sweating.

"What the fuck are you doing, asshole?" Kim asked me.

"I'm experimenting. That's what I do. I'm a scientist."

"Fuck. Fuck. You are nuts. Just give me the cock."

With that I turned off the machine. Everything stopped. I didn't say anything to her. She looked at me, knowing she had made a big mistake.

She was still panting. But she knew she needed to make things better between us. "I'm sorry. You're not an asshole. You're a genius. You really are. I mean it. But I'm so worked up I don't know what I'm saying. I'm sorry. I won't demand anything from you again. I'll let you call all the shots. But, please, show me some mercy. This is torture for me." Her mascara was running down her face as she was crying big tears.

The girl was desperate. I decided to show her some mercy. Kind of. I thought I'd hook her even more while I had the chance.

I turned the machine back on. I pulled the cock all the way back, into a sort of shell I had built to hide it from view. Then I activated a smaller rod to take its place. It would approach her vagina, much as the cock had done. It would enter her, just like the cock. It would rub her G spot. But a cock wasn't on the end. A 'tongue" was. I had created a rubberized lifelike "tongue" that could actually lick her up and down and in and out. Not only that, but it secreted a fluid, much like saliva, that helped lubricate the girl. I didn't tease her with it; she was already ready to explode. I placed the tongue inside her and activated the licking motion to catch the top of her vagina -- her clitoris. I made it secrete some fluid so it would smoothly flow up and down on her button.

"Geezus!" said Kim. "This is unbelievable!"

"The best part of it is that it would never stop unless you wanted it to," I remarked.

"Uh. Ugh. Uh-huh. Uhhhh-huhhhh. Oh My God. Oh My God. Oh, yes! Yes! Oh, fuck!" was all the girl could utter. She was almost speechless.

I soon made the tongue slow down and lick softer and lighter. So Kim pushed forward, attempting to get more of it -- make more contact with it. Just then I withdrew the rod holding the tongue and replaced it with the cock rod. But this time it didn't slowly approach her wet cunt and massage it before it entered her. It wiggled a bit, rotated a bit then quickly thrust deeply and forcefully into Kim. Then it pulled out of her and repeated the deep, quick thrust, over and over again. The girl went crazy. She pushed back whenever she could. She'd pull herself up to meet it and then slowly slide back as it did. She was fucking it, without any help from the cock. And the sounds she was making! Squishing, gurgling, aching, pushing, rubbing.

I just sat back and watched this for about ten minutes. I would guess Kim had about five orgasms during that time. But I'd ask her later to find out for sure. She was sweating so much the sweat was dripping off her long nipples onto the floor. And the girl juice was running down her legs. The girl was totally into being fucked. There wasn't room for anything else in her mind or in her life. I then turned the machine down to about quarter speed for about thirty seconds and then off.

I walked over and looked at Kim's face. I have never seen a more beautiful woman. Contentment was hers. Exhaustion was hers. Completion was hers. I looked into her beautiful eyes, but couldn't find them because they were buried so far into the back of her soul. She was gone - in another world. It was a much better world than this one.

She continued breathing hard and gasping for air. But, after a while, her breathing became lighter and more regular. And she was able to look me in the face. She smiled an adoring, loving, happy smile. It warmed my heart. She reached out her hand to hold mine. Then she started to cry again.

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