tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKim's Kock Addiction Ch. 05

Kim's Kock Addiction Ch. 05


I was home relaxing in front of my TV when a knock came at the door. I knew it wasn't Kim. She wouldn't dare show up uninvited. When I opened the door I almost fell over. There was standing Kourtney looking fabulous. She was wearing a yellow knit minidress with a low-cut neckline. I couldn't see a bra on her. She was made up with deep eyes and a whitish-pinkish lipstick that glistened of moisture. Enormous hoop earrings nearly touched her shoulders. Her hair was perfectly raven and soft.

She smiled at me and showed off those enormous white teeth of hers. "Hi", she said. "Are you busy? I took the chance you might have time for me."

"I'd make time for you any time," I confessed, as she walked through the doorway and made her way to my couch.

"Can I get you a little wine?" I asked the goddess.

"Sure", she replied. "If you have some, too."

With shaky knees I went to the kitchen and poured two glasses of pinot grigio into my best wine glasses. When I brought them to her I noticed her legs were crossed and her short hem had ridden up so far that I could see most of her panty's triangle, and the dark hair underneath it.

I stammered, "You look amazing." Then I realized I must appear like a schoolboy after his first kiss. I didn't want Kourtney to think of me in that way. But I really didn't have any control over the situation – she had it all.

As I sat down next to her on the couch she took my wine glass in her hand and set it down on the table. Hers had already been put there. Then she put her arm around my neck and pulled me toward her. She opened her mouth and laid the most fabulous French kiss on me that I had ever had. She kept her tongue inside my mouth for what seemed like an hour, searching for my tongue , finding it and licking the tip of it. She went deep down my throat and I loved every second of it. I couldn't help but push her down on her back on the couch and roll on top of her as I continued kissing her. I eventually pulled one shoulder of her dress down, freeing one enormous breast and put my mouth around her nipple, sucking and licking and kissing it passionately. Kourtney started to moan and pushed her tit deeper into my mouth. I loved sucking her. I loved feeling her hot body up against my face. I loved smelling her and looking at her amazing face. I was whipped.

"Have you got a bedroom around here somewhere?" she kidded.

I didn't speak. I just stood up, grabbed her hand and led her into my bedroom, pushing her backwards onto my bed. I removed her shoes and kissed her feet. I began kissing up and up on her legs.

Her legs! How amazing they were! Muscular, dark, smooth, spreading farther and farther apart, welcoming me to my eventual destination – the destination I had dreamed of reaching many, many times. She used her leg muscles to wrap herself around me and pulled my head closer to her crotch.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I grabbed her white panties from the top and pulled them down to her ankles, then off. The glistening pubic hair and the smell of her cunt intoxicated me. I couldn't wait to dive in. I tasted her – wanted to taste all of her. I pushed my tongue inside her and licked around the vast cavern. Soon I was sucking her clit and licking her lips up and down. She seemed to like it. She dug her heels into my back and kicked me once, then twice. I pushed my tongue further into her and licked faster and harder. Kourtney was moaning as if she was about to cum. I was hoping she would, because I had dreamed of swallowing her discharge more than once.

The noises she made were music to my ears. She got louder and louder with "Uh, uh, ugh, fuck, fuck, fuck." Soon she was pushing her lips onto mine and digging her heels in like a mad woman. She soon quivered, sweating and straining. I tasted her precious cum and swallowed every drop. I was in heaven for the first time in my life. Still panting, Kourtney used her feet to kick me away from her. She lay on my bed with her massive breasts rising and falling and her heavy breathing turning me on more and more. I had the largest boner I have ever experienced. Hoping to make some progress for myself, I said, "Wow. I hope you enjoyed that as much as you seemed to."

Kourtney gave me a look I didn't understand, but soon would. She was still panting but managed to say, "Get out of here and leave me alone for a while." I thought this statement was incredulous as I had my huge erection sticking straight out at her face and was swinging it around as if it needed attention. It did! But I obeyed the angel and went out to my couch. She looked so amazing. All beautiful women look more beautiful right after they've had an orgasm, don't they?

I sat on my couch for about ten minutes, wondering whether I should stroke myself off or wait for further developments. Just when I was about to choke my chicken, Kourt came out of the bedroom. She was totally naked and said, "Lay on your back."

I turned on the couch and lay with my erection pointing straight up to the ceiling. Kourtney straddled my cock and made sure it found its way into her hairy hole. She started kissing me violently and pumping herself up and down on my dick. I tried fucking her so hard I would push my cock through the wall of her vagina. But, as hard as I tried, she wouldn't pull away or tell me to stop. It was if I was fucking an unbreakable machine – kind of like I'd let Kim do if she was a good girl. It wasn't long before I was shooting Kourtney full of seed, just like I had imagined in my dreams. She didn't take long to roll off me and cross to the easy chair opposite my couch. She sat there, blankly staring at me, as if her mind was in a far-off place.

I returned to my bedroom to clean myself up. She came in to get her clothes. She chose to dress in the living room, away from me. When I rejoined her on the couch, she had some stern words for me.

"If you ever want to get some of that again, you'll follow my instructions. Do you understand?"

"Yes, of course," I said.

"This is my opportunity to do something I've always wanted to do – get revenge on that little whore who's been ruining my life for years. She has always been such a slutty whore and the whole family – hell, the whole world, worships her. She's fucked and blown every man she's ever met and the rest of us have maintained some kind of moral high ground. But do we get rewarded? Hell, no. Kim's the moneymaker, Kim's the gorgeous one, Kim's the special one. I'm fucking sick of it! Do you blame me," she asked rhetorically.

"I don't blame you at all. As a matter of fact, I've always thought you were the gorgeous one. I've always preferred you to Kim. You're my goddess. Kim is my bitch. I think that proves it," I announced.

"OK. If I'm your goddess you'll do what I say. First of all, in about a month you're going to turn her over to me. I'm going to be her Master. Understand?"

"Yes, of course."

"Secondly, for the next two weeks I want you to be nice to her – to treat her as your girlfriend, with respect and kindness and romance. Can you do that?" she asked.

"I think so. But all the time I'll be wishing it was you I was being romantic with," I admitted.

"If things go well you'll get your chance," Kourtney promised. "After two weeks of this nice treatment I want you to turn on her and humiliate her far more than you ever have. I have good ideas about how you can do that. Can you do that for me, Honey?"

I was so pussy-whipped I would have promised her anything. "Yes, I will do that for you, Kourtney."

"When I take charge of her, her life will be a living hell. She only thinks she knows what it's like to be humiliated and hurt. I've thought about this for years and have come up with perfect ways to knock her fat ass off her high horse. When I'm through with her no one will want to hear of or look at Kim Kardashian," Kourtney announced. She was scaring me. But I never wanted her more. I'd do anything for one more taste of her.


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