tagBDSMKim's New Life Ch. 12

Kim's New Life Ch. 12


Sam took a deep breath and said, "When Mistress Allyson and I arrived home last night she asked me what I thought of you, Kimmy. I exploded and said 'I hate her. That fucking bitch is going to take Kelly away from us."

I opened my mouth to tell her what happened, but Sam stopped me. "I know what you're going to say, Kimmy. Mistress Allyson already explained that she initiated the introduction. I was not rational. I know I acted normal at Lisa's, but I was seething inside. The more attention Miss Kelly showed you, the madder I got, and I honestly do not know why. I am not a jealous person, but maybe it is just because I love both of them so much. The reason really doesn't matter. I know that Miss Kelly would not leave us. We're just too close; almost like sisters, and I know she loves me as much as I love her. For that reason alone, there was absolutely no cause for my outburst. I knew I was in deep trouble as soon as the words left my mouth. I just don't know what got into me. I spoke without engaging my brain and deserve to be punished. Mistress Allyson, Miss Kelly and I have discussed the use of such words many times. We all feel that calling someone a 'slut,' 'bitch.' or 'cunt' in place of a slave name is OK if used in a loving way. Many Dominas do use those names to belittle their sub, but that is not right. The way I said it was derogatory and demeaning and should never ever be used with reference to any woman.

"Enough rhetoric, Sam! Bring a chair from the dining room and place it in front of the fireplace." As soon as she sat the chair on the floor, Kelly said, "Stand and present, facing the chair."

The next instruction was mine. "Kimmy, kneel behind Sam pull her shorts down to her knees."

The first thing I noticed when I pulled the shorts below her hips was the small brass rectangle hanging between her legs.

"Ohmygawd!" I exclaimed. "Is that a padlock?"

"Yes, it is slut. It's the substitute collar that Sam was alluding to earlier. The yoke goes through two piercing tubes in her labia, one on either side of her vagina. Its weight keeps her constantly aware of its presence and of her status, especially when it swings free under skirts."

"Oh, wow! What a trip."

"Since it excites you so much, maybe I'll get you one someday." The now incessant shudder arrived.

"I want you to pay attention to my next command, little one. It is one you should not forget." To Sam she said, "Prepare yourself for receiving your punishment, Sam." Kelly explained the specifics of the position while Sam bent over and gripped the sides of the chair seat.

"Mistress Allyson sentenced you to five ones from each of us, correct, Sam."

"That is correct, Miss Kelly."

"Kimmy, kneel about three feet to Sam's right so you can watch."

"Hold your position and keep looking down at the chair seat, Sam. I need to give Kimmy a little demonstration."

She moved beside me and said, "Hold your left hand straight out, pet; palm up." I gulped and obeyed. Kelly explained that, because of the plastic rod, this cane was a severe whipping instrument. "Since Sam selected it, you need to have an idea of what she is willing to receive as punishment for calling you a bitch in such an insulting manner." She held the rod about a foot above my hand. As soon as she started the downward motion, I jerked my hand away. Kelly stared at me then pushed the tip of the cane against my nipple. In a very terse voice she said, "Since I haven't explained all the rules to you, slut, you just got away with one. When ordered to receive a punishment, you do not even flinch. If you EVER pull away from me again, I will cane your ass so hard you won't be able to sit for a week. Now get your hand out there again."

I was shocked at the tone of her voice. There was no doubt I had been severely rebuked. I quickly extended my hand. This time she held the cane about two feet above my hand. When it connected with my flesh, I screamed and immediately tucked my hand under my arm. "That really hurt, Mistress."

"It was meant to hurt, pet, but you can consider it a mere love tap compared to what Sam will receive."

"Are you ready, Sam?"

"Yes, Miss Kelly."

"Position!" I knew this was another command I would need to remember. I

watched carefully as Sam leaned forward a little, spread her feet so they were about 18 inches apart, adjusted her stance so her back was nearly parallel to the floor and thrust her butt back slightly.

Kelly turned back to Sam, touched her ass with the cane to judge distance then pulled her arm back. The only sounds in the room during the next second was the "swoosh" of the cane moving through the air and the very loud "splat" as it connected with naked flesh.

I couldn't believe it. I jumped more than Sam did when the cane landed on her bare ass. She merely groaned, gripped the chair seat harder and held her ground as the cane indented her flesh before bouncing back. I watched, almost mesmerized as a white stripe immediately appeared across her cheeks, then started turning pink. I then heard her gasp, releasing the breath that she was holding and saying, "One; thank you, Miss Kelly."

I couldn't take it. "Please don't hit her again, Mistress. She really didn't mean what she said, and it doesn't bother me."

"The choice is not yours. Allyson assigned her punishment and she is the only one who can reduce it. Besides, Sam is a masochist and loves it; don't you, Sam."

"Yes, Miss Kelly."

A second stripe quickly crossed the otherwise white ass. It hurt me just to watch the second welt form as the first was beginning to change to red. I knew that the marks would eventually become dark red bruises. Sam took a deep breath and said, "Two! Thank you, Miss Kelly."

I had to say something. "Mistress, don't you think that is enough?"

There is an adage... "If looks could kill..." that would be appropriate at this moment.

"Damnit, slut. Her Mistress said it would be five. Would you like to take her place for the other three?"

"No, ma'am," I gulped.

"Then remain silent. One more word and you shall also receive five."

I cringed with each sound of the final three strokes, and could not believe that Sam remained nearly silent, except for the low groan, deep breath, the count, and saying "Thank you, Miss Kelly." I, on the other hand, nearly cried out with the sound of each stroke. When she finished, Kelly held the cane to Sam's lips. She kissed it and thanked Kelly for her punishment. Strangely, she remained in the same position. I saw tears dropping onto the chair seat. Tears started to form in my own eyes.

"You may rise, pet. It's your turn."

I looked up at Kelly with questioning eyes. "My turn? I don't understand."

"Did you not hear me when I asked Sam to verify that she was to receive five strokes from each of us?"

I remained silent for a long time trying to process what she meant...what I knew was to happen. "Each of us?"

"Yes, my pet. Five from me and five from you."

"But why me? I don't understand."

"You are the one she called a fucking bitch, Kimmy. You are my slave. She is not permitted to call you vile names like that. That is the punishment her Mistress decided. Now get up here and carry out your portion or you both will get ten. She will be punished for your recalcitrance."

More tears flowed as I reluctantly stood, took the cane from Kelly, moved to the side, took aim and swung. "Damnit, Kimmy, that was about the weakest fucking swing I have ever seen. I doubt if it will even leave a mark. I won't even count it as part of your five. If you don't do any better, we'll be here all night until you cane her as hard as I know you can."

The tone of her voice during her verbal attack pissed me off. I swung the cane five times as hard and fast as I could, not even giving Sam time to count. The second I stopped, the thought, "Damn, doing that felt good," surged into my mind. And then I felt guilty. Sam was now my friend and I enjoyed whipping her ass. How could that be? I dropped the cane and said to Kelly, "I hope that was better, Mistress."

Kelly looked at me, smiled, and replied, "It most definitely was, slut. I knew you had it in you. I have a feeling you even enjoyed it. You have not finished. Pick up the cane and present it to Sam so she can kiss it and thank you for her punishment."

When I finished, Kelly said, "You now have permission to kiss her wounds, pet." Without hesitation, I fell on my knees behind Sam and tried to kiss each of the stripes on both cheeks, receiving a gracious moan from Sam in return. What shocked me is how the first marks had already formed into welts. I was surprised that I was able to sense each ridge with my lips as I kissed them. Kelly slipped her fingers between Sam's spread legs and traced her fingers across Sam's pussy. She then held her wet fingers where I could clearly see them, commenting, "See how a masochist gets excited over a whipping, pet." I needed no instructions when she presented the wet digits to my lips. I enjoyed the taste of a new woman.

"Now let's see if my own slut enjoyed Sam's punishment." I was embarrassed at how wet I had become. This time Kelly sucked her own fingers and I felt honored. "I'm sure Sam would enjoy a taste of her audience, too." Kelly slipped her fingers deep into my wet pussy again then presented them to Sam's lips. Sam licked the digits first then sucked the remnants of my juices from them with passion. Kelly sat on the sofa and indicated that I should move to a spot in front of her. "You are due some punishment, Pet. I'd like to use the cane on you just to show you what it is like but won't for your first time. I'll spank you instead."

"Thank you for your consideration, Mistress."

"You won't want to thank me tomorrow when you taste the cane, and I promise you will taste it, even if you are a perfect little slave between now and then. It is important that know what it is like." I noticed Sam remained in the position she had attained for the caning.

"You may rise, Sam. I will need to use that chair. Stand and present in a spot where you will be facing us." The first thing I noticed when she turned towards me were the tears that streaked her face. I realized the amount of self-control it must have taken to remain silent during the whipping. I wondered if I would be able to be that compliant. The second thing I noticed was that her pubis was bare. I wondered if everyone in Kelly's group of friends shaved.

Kelly sat on the chair and said, "Do I need to explain how I want you for your spanking, pet."

"No, Mistress, you don't." I dutifully laid over her lap and hesitantly placed my hands on the floor to balance myself.

Kelly rubbed her hand softly over my bare ass, and then ran her fingers down my crack and across my cunt. I gasped at the touch. I was hotter than I thought. I did not see her raise her arm. I cried out when her hand landed hard on my right cheek. "Oh, slut, you embarrass me. You saw how Sam remained quiet when I caned her. How could you make so much noise because of my hand?"

"I'm sorry Mistress. I didn't expect it and was startled."

"Well, pet. That one didn't count since you cried out. For the rest you will thank me in the same manner that Sam did."

"How many do I get, ma'am."

"You'll know when I quit."

"Shall I begin with number one or two, Mistress?"

"Good question. Normally if I assign a specific number and we need to start over, you will always go back to one. This time it doesn't matter. The choice is yours."

Twenty-six more swats followed. I counted, beginning with two, and thanked Kelly for each one. The surprising thing is how much my ass hurt when she finished. I was amazed that Sam was able to endure the cane. The pain from it had to have been incredible. I wasn't looking forward to "learning about it." Kelly rubbed my flesh again and commented on how much warmer it was and how good it looked with some color added. I almost laughed when I recalled my thoughts about paint while they were discussing adding color to my ass while we were in the bathroom. I also realized what the stripes were going to be.

Sam was ordered to sit on the edge of the sofa. I watched her wince as soon as her ass touched the leather seat. Damn, that must hurt.

"On your knees in front of Sam, pet, facing her."

"OK, Sam, spread them wide." My position provided a perfect view her hairless pubis, of course, and immediately, I had my question answered. She was wearing a clit ring. There was, however, something I didn't expect A small object hung from the ring. It looked like a military ID tag but was gold in color, instead of silver. It was also curved slightly to lay over her clit when she was sitting. I had not been able to see it from the rear because of the lock. I was close enough that I could see that it was engraved. The first line read, "slave sam," and the second line, "Property of Mistress Allyson."

I wanted to know more about this tag, but Kelly interrupted me by handing me a key. "Because we are so close, Allyson has given me exclusive permission to remove Sam's lock and tag when necessary, Kimmy. As my slave, you have the privilege of performing that task for me." I guess it is needless to say that I was more than a little nervous while removing Sam's lock from her vaginal lips. Gawd, I loved doing it. Removing the ID tag was easier.

"You may now show Sam that you forgive her, pet. Clasp your hands behind your back and only use your tongue." How could there be any question as to how I was to forgive her. I tasted my second pussy in two days and the second in my life. The flavor of Sam's juices was different from Kelly's, but pleasant. Sam leaned back on the sofa and spread her legs wider. I savored her taste, licking along her blood-filled lips and inserting my tongue as far into her as I could, to lap up all her copious juices. I found that I loved flicking her clit ring with my tongue, and even pulled on it by grasping it with my teeth. When Kelly saw this, she commented that she was going to get me one. Shudder! I wondered if she planned to pierce anything besides my nipples and clit.

When Kelly saw that Sam was nearing a climax, she stopped me, to my disappointment. "Sorry, pet, but she isn't permitted a climax without her Mistress' permission. Sadly, Allyson did not tell me that she could. Besides, it's time to dress. Once I had replaced the lock and ID tag, Kelly said, "Sam, bring your suitcase to the bedroom. After my slave dresses me, you two can assist one another."

On the way to the bedroom, I asked Sam if she shaved herself. She seemed so smooth. I was surprised when she commented, "Well, not really, Kimmy. Mistress Allyson initially required me to be shaven, but later said it took too much time to shave one another. I continue to shave her, but she tried Brazilian Waxing for me, which lasted longer than shaving, buy hurt like hell. It wasn't the type of pain she liked for me. She eventually found a laser treatment that was mostly painless. She decided that would be the way to go. We used it to remove my pubic and underarm hair. It takes several treatments and is expensive, but I highly recommend it."

"I already plan that for Kimmy, if she extends her contract," Kelly explained.

Naked and kneeling, we watched Kelly carefully select her clothes and place them on the bed in the order I was to dress her. A gold chain that seemed to have three ends intrigued me. Kelly instructed me to put the chain on her first. After I studied it for a moment, I picked it up and studied it some more, First, I tried to put the shorter ends around her neck and connect them. They weren't long enough. Sam and Kelly knew that would probably be the case and had a good laugh at my expense. Kelly told me to connect the two shorter chains to her nipple rings. After that I should easily be able to determine what to do with the remaining long end. I removed the balls from her nipple rings, slid the ends of the chain over the rings and replaced the balls. When I stepped back the chain looked like a large letter Y with the bottom leg hanging about six inches below the V of her legs. I quietly smiled, kneeled and connected the long end to the D-ring in her clit, leaving the pendant attached. I loved the way the chain drooped in front then turned up between her legs to her clit. The look was extremely sensual.

"Very good, slut." Silly as it may seem, I felt proud. "The thigh-highs are next." They were black in color. I thoroughly enjoyed touching her skin as I rolled them up her legs while remaining, properly, on my knees. As I smoothed out the second nylon she said, "Slut, you should be honored that your Mistress permits you to touch her skin without restriction. Many Dominas forbid skin-to-skin contact unless they have first given express permission. I enjoy your touch too much to restrict you. You need to know that since I can tell that you enjoy it, forbidding such contact will be one method of punishment I may invoke, although, I am forced to admit, I'm not sure which one of us it would affect more.

Knee high, low-heel boots, zippered on the inside, followed the nylons.

As she stood before me, I marveled at her beauty, and realized that I was glad she asked me to be her slave. I also understood that the look in her eyes said she was proud of me. I kept my legs spread as she had instructed. "I want you to know that I enjoy the view of you kneeling before me naked like this, pet. I definitely have to add some decorations to that body, though."

I felt compelled to reply, "Thank you, Mistress," because I wanted to wear some form of decoration for her.

She turned to the bed, picked up a necklace and handed it to me. It was made of several small gold disks hanging from a gold chain. I noticed an engraving on each disk but did not have time to study them, since my primary concern was putting it around her neck. Given permission to stand, she instructed me to do it from the front, which forced me to get rather close to her. My hands shook as I attempted to close the clasp. "Here, let me assist," she said as she wrapped her arms around me to pull me tight against her nearly naked body. She kissed me while I finished my assignment. That, of course made it more difficult, but I didn't mind. When I stepped back, she told me to take a close look at the necklace. Initially, all I saw were fancy designs, but, as I studied them, I could see a single letter hidden within each design. The lightly engraved letters spelled the word Mistress. I smiled at the revelation.

Kelly went to her jewelry box again and removed a bracelet that matched her necklace except it was made with only five disks. I thought it was for her, but she ordered me to hold my arm out and put it around my wrist, locking it on with a small heart-shaped lock. Without looking, I knew the engraved letters spelled 'slave.' I was surprised when she said, "I have had this bracelet for many years, pet, waiting for the proper person to wear it."

Understanding that she was telling me, my heart skipped a beat. "Thank you for the privilege of being the first, Mistress. I will wear it with pride."

"And, hopefully, you will be the only one to ever wear it or the matching necklace." she added. "I'm sorry but you will not be wearing the necklace tonight."

Her final item of clothing was a black, sleeveless, satin lined, suede dress. It was figure skimming, with a wide collar and a V-neck. Mid-calf length, it buttoned in front with small, cloth covered buttons. My fingers trembled again as I buttoned it for her. "Don't worry about being nervous, pet. You'll get used to dressing me." She explained that she was originally going to wear a skirt and blouse but canned that idea when she decided to wear the 'Y' chain because, "It looks nice hanging in the V-neck of this dress."

"You are next, Sam." Following Kelly's instructions, Sam opened her suitcase and placed its contents on the bed saying that Mistress Allyson had packed it and, up until this moment, she had no idea what she was going to wear. Holding up a beautiful white leather corset she commented, "I am going to need assistance with this, Miss Kelly."

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