tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKim's Nightmare

Kim's Nightmare


Knowing what he wanted she struggled to swallow as he pumped his cumload into her mouth. She knew they were all watching her as she urgently gulped down the cum pouring into her mouth.

She was sick at the thought - but she had no choice.

"You're not much of a cocksucker, baby," Bill smirked as he shoved himself back in his pants and the other men smiled.

"But you sure do know how to swallow!" he laughed.

She began to cough at the thick loads that she felt slowly rolling down her throat.

"My turn," Ralph laughed, approaching her.

Kim pressed into the couch, fearful and sick at the thought of having to suck them all off.

"Not just yet," Bill countered. "We don't want to mess her up too bad. Hubby can still come through."

"Fuck that," Ralph began.

Bill glared at him. Ralph sulked away and made another drink.

"Say thank you," Bill demanded of her.

Through her anger and her glaring eyes she made herself say the words.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"For what?" Bill snapped angrily.

She knew what he wanted – she was not stupid or innocent. She knew he was doing everything her could to break her down mentally.

And she knew she must comply. The memory of his vicious slaps still rang in her mind.

"Thank you for not making me blow him."

Bill laughed and sat on the couch next to her. She pulled tight into the corner of the sofa.

"You got a filthy mouth, Kimmie," Bill laughed. "You're a dirty girl, aren't you?" he sneered as he reached out and stroked her right breast. Kim did not move as she felt the hand on her naked tit.

Then he stopped and stared into her eyes.

"Tell you what, sweetheart," he murmured. "You wanted to get dressed so I'll let you get your underwear on," he smiled. Then he reached down and picked up the camera from the coffee table. "On one condition."

He saw her hesitation. "Don't worry, honey," he cooed. "Just for us."

She didn't move. There was no way she was going to let them take pictures...

"Don't be stupid," Bill snapped. "We've already got pictures of your naked cunt!"

She saw the anger return to his eyes.

"If you don't we'll just tie your ass up and take them anyway," he said plainly.

Her reached down and took her black lace bra and black lace bikini panties from the floor. Handing them to her he pulled his hand back and made her reach for them, her small tits moving against his arm as she was forced to lean.

She was disgusted four men were watching her as she slid on her lacy bra and pulled up her bikini. But they all had already fucked her, she thought sadly. There was nothing they had not see or felt up.

"Stand up," Bill demanded when she finished putting on her underwear.

Knowing what they were going to do, but having no choice, she stood.

"Hands over your head."

And it began. She stood sobbing internally as the camera flashed. They told her to assume different poses in her underwear as the camera flashed again and again, seventeen times.

"You're a beautiful woman, Kim," Bill oddly said as he took another picture, this time of her leaning down and focusing the camera on her tits nearly spilling out of her bra.

When he was done taking photographs he let her return to the couch, gave her yet another drink, and moved to the chair. The other men stood around the room, but not physically close to her.

A short time later Tom and Fred again left.

"Better hope hubby looks at his e-mail at night," Bill said firmly.

"He does," Kim whispered.

"You know, I'd worry about that," Bill replied oddly. Then he looked into her eyes. "He might have a little honey on the side, you know."

She did not respond to the comment.

"You never thanked me for letting you get dressed," Bill suddenly said menacingly.

"Thank you," she made herself reply.

Bill's eyes turned cold.

"I usually make my bitches call me 'master'." He stared at her. "Do I have to make you?"

Her eyes widened at the words.

But again she knew she had no choice. She shook her head and said the words.

"Thank you," she muttered. "Master," she added sadly.

"That's a good girl," Bill replied sickly. She noticed he was starting to slur his words and became even more afraid than she had been.

A few minutes later the other two men returned. Tom shook his head.

"Dude says he can do it but to 'please' give him until the morning."

Bill's voice was oddly calm. The calmness terrified Kim.

"Not a problem," Bill replied. Tom and Ralph looked surprised. "She's not going anywhere."

Then Bill turned to look at her.

"It's gettin late." She pressed herself into the corner of the couch at his piercing eyes. Then he turned away. "You assholes get some sleep."

She could not believe they would leave her alone! She began to plan how long to wait until she tried to escape again.

Until Bill spoke again.

"Little honey's sleepin with me."

"NO!" Kim screamed. But before she could move off the couch Bill was at her. He grabbed her left arm roughly in both his hands.

"Let's go, baby," he snarled as he yanked her from the couch stairs. "I was hopin for this!"

"NO!" she screamed again as he began to pull her toward the stairs.

He slapped at the arm that desperately reached out to grab the railing.

"It's gonna happen, buttercup," Bill laughed, looking at the other men. "May as well relax and enjoy it!"

As bad as being stripped and raped was, this was so much worse knowing the men looking at her all knew she was being taken upstairs to be fucked.

Kim fought, but Bill pulled her up the stairs and pushed her into the first room on the left. He quickly locked the door then turned to her.

She stood terrified in her underwear as he looked her up and down. Then he pointed to her chest.

"Lose it."

There was no sense resisting. She could hear the television downstairs and knew that at least one of them was down there making sure she couldn't get out.

She reached behind her and undid her bra and let it fall down her arms to the floor. Reflexively she threw her arms across her chest.

"Let's see 'em."

Knowing there was nothing she could do she let her arms fall.

"You got nice tits, baby," he smiled, then reached out with both hands and took hold of her naked breasts. "Real nice tits." Then he laughed as if he had just thought of something.

"How about I call you that?" he murmured as he fondled her bare breasts.

"What?" she whispered, not wanting to say anything at all.

"Tits," he replied, squeezing her boobs. He looked in her eyes as he continued to fondle her. "You're a good lookin woman, tits." His hands squeezed slowly on her small boobs. "Yeah, tits, you're alright."

She was disgusted that he was now calling her "tits" but she could do nothing.

Suddenly he dropped to a knee and clamped his mouth over her left breast. She was sick as he slobbered over her as he kissed and sucked on her left nipple.

"You likin this, lover?" she suddenly heard. Instantly she realized that she had not before noticed how cold the room was, and the ceiling fan was on – and without noticing it the cold had made her nipples begin to peak out.

"I knew you'd come around," he murmured around the hardening nipple in his mouth.

She felt the tongue begin to flick her now-half-inch long erect nipple.

"Damn baby!" he squealed. "This baby's long!" She felt him take her nipple in his teeth and pull. "Never had one so long."

He rose and returned his hands to her breasts. She stood motionless as his fingers played with her long, hard nipples.

Then she felt his hands moved down her sides.

And she knew it was beginning.

As she knew would happen, she felt his hands move to her panties. She did not respond as he slowly slid her black lace bikinis over her wide hips and down her thick thighs. Even when he lifted her left calf, then her right, she did not move.

"A little heavy in the hips there, tits. But what you got between um's nice," he sneered, then shoved his hand between her thighs and cupped her hairy pussy.

"Very nice."

She continued to stand stoically as he coarsely rubbed her pussy. Then he stopped.

"On the bed."

The tears welled, but she complied.

"Un un, on your stomach."

She turned onto her stomach, then heard him fumbling in the dresser. A few seconds later she saw him with something long in his hand. Before she realized what it was he had tied the end of a necktie around her left wrist.

He was going to tie her hands together! Her mind screamed at the thought and she began to fight his hands. But he just laughed and pulled her arm painfully until he was able to tie the other end of the tie to the bedpost. She swung her right arm wildly to keep him from tying her, but he knelt painfully on her shoulders and yanked on her arm until her right arm was tied to the bedpost as well.

"Do you like surprises," he oddly said. Then she felt him draw another tie around her eyes. "I like surprises." She shook her head violently, trying to dislodge the blindfold but she remained unable to see anything as he moved off her shoulders.

She pulled at her bonds when she felt him run his finger slowly down her spine.

Then she heard the words she had feared.

"I've been starin at this all night," she heard him exclaim.

An instant later she felt hands grab both her naked ass cheeks.

"Now I'm gonna have it." She felt the bed rise and heard him move to the bathroom. She pulled with all she had on the bedpost, but her wrists were tied too tight.

A few moments later she felt the bed sink again.

She felt his hands on her naked butt cheeks, pawing her.

Then she felt his fingers spread her cheeks apart. She knew he was staring at the tiny pucker of her asshole. Then she felt something cold and soggy on her.

"Please," she begged. "Don't."

"Oh, but I gotta, lover," he squealed as he pressed the hand-creamed covered pad of his finger against her asshole.

She sensed he was pulling his t-shirt off, then felt the bed rise and heard a zipper as he pulled his pants off and leaned naked on her back.

"You're gonna love this, baby," she heard him squeal. Then she felt his hand pull her left asscheek open.

"Or maybe not!" he laughed as she felt the knuckles of his hand position his cock.

"Please!" she began to cry. "Please, don't!" She turned to face him even though she was blindfolded.


"Well, since you asked nicely," he snarled, and pressed his cockhead against the cream-coated star.

"NO!" she screamed as she felt the pressure against her asshole.

"Oh god NO!" she screamed again as she felt her asshole begin to painfully stretch at the intruder cockhead. "Oh please."

"NO!!!" she screamed as she felt the tearing-stretching as he successfully wedged his head in. "Unghhh!" she moaned as she felt her anal ring expand around the pressing head.

Then she felt him stop. He did not move for a moment, and pulled back until he was nearly out of her.

Then he again pressed the head into her anal ring.

"Owwww!" she cried out.

Then he withdrew again. For a third time he let just the tip of his cockhead be gripped by her closing ass ring. Then slowly wedged his head into the tight ring again.

"Oh god!" she wailed. In her agony she realized he was doing it on purpose.

"Stop it!" she cried out.

"What do you want, buttercup?" he sneered as he again pulled nearly out.

"Oh god just do it," she begged in resignation.

"What?" he sneered. "This?"

"Ahh!" she moaned as her ass ring tore wider open as he began to press inside.

"Is this what you want?" he laughed as he pressed more of his cream-coated cockhead into her ass.

The hand cream allowed him to easily part her elastic ass ring and slide into her vice-tight butthole.

But it did nothing for the tearing pain as her anal ring was stretched.

"Or is it this?"

She braced herself as she felt his hips rise. Then screamed as he shoved two inches of cock into her oiled ass.

"Aaaaghhhh!" she moaned.

"And this!?" She felt the cock pull back.

Then shove into her ass without friction.

"Aiiieeee!!" she wailed as she was torn open.

He shoved again.

"Yeaaghhhh!!" she cried as he skewered her ass.

"Ughh!" he grunted as again he lifted his hips and he pressed.

"Yaaggrrhhhh!" she wailed gutterally as he fed cock into her ass. He felt like her asshole was pulling his cock off.

"Yiiii!" she screamed as he once again pulled back, hesitated for a moment, then sunk his cock balls-deep into her asshole.

He looked down and saw his cock hair wedged between her cheeks and saw only a sliver of cock. He shoved again. And was completely inside her impossibly tight ass.

"Get ready for the ass-fucking of your life, baby!" he snarled.

She cried out and her hands grabbed at the bed post as he pulled back and began to slowly fuck her steaming, tight ass.

Her tortured mind went back to the first time Terry took her asshole. That time she was too drunk to feel anything.

But this time she felt everything. The cock slowly moving up her asshole felt like a mouse moving in her. The thought sickened her as much as the sick, stuffed feeling as his cock pumped deep into her bowels.

"Oh fuck yeah!" he moaned as he felt her hot damp ass-vice pulling on his cock as he slowly fucked her.

"Unghh unghh unghh unghhhh!" she grunted as her ass was fucked deep and long and slow. She could feel her ass ring tight around the base of his cock, and the thick head deep in her rectum.

She cried out again and again as her ass was torn apart and fucked deep and long.

Two agonizing minutes later she felt him shove even deeper.

And nearly threw up when she felt the laser-stream of warm cum spurt from his cockhead.

"Unghh unghh unghh!" he grunted again and again as he felt himself start to come in her ass.

"Ungghhhhh!!" he wailed girlishly as he exploded and pumped cum deep into her rectum.

"Unghhhh!!" he wailed again as he thrust one last time.

"Ohhhh!" he cried out one last time, as the last of his cum pissed inside the tight asshole.

"Ummm," she heard him purr as she felt his full weight fall painfully on her back. "Oh baby!" he moaned as he lay on her. "That's the best assfuck I've ever had."

Only then did she hear the muffled sounds and knew that at least two of them had been standing outside the door listening to her being fucked in the ass.

A moment later she felt his cock pulling out of her ass. She could feel the entire length of his still-firm cock as it slid back through her anus. She heard a sickening liquid "splop" when he finally pulled his cockhead out.

"You better get your ass in the bathroom, baby," Bill snapped as he rose from on top of her and untied her blindfold. "Don't want you messin up our sheets!"

The vulgarity of knowing he meant for her to hold his semen inside her ass until she went to the toilet exploded in her mind – but not as brutally as the word "our" sheets.

She willed her anus to hold the warm slimy cum inside as he untied her hands. As soon as he worked her right wrist free she ran to the bathroom.

"Keep it open, baby," he cooed. "I really don't think there's any secrets between us anymore."

She was disgusted and embarrassed, but swallowed her pride and sat on the toilet, knowing he could see her. She felt wet cum start to drip from her ass into the toilet, feeling sic as she heard it splash into the water-filled bowl. A moment later she heard him laugh at the loud sounds as she began to squeeze the cum out of her ass and the exertion turned involuntarily into cum-farts.

She wanted to hide in the bathroom all night.

But she knew she couldn't. She wiped herself and rose from the toilet. She knew there were two ways she could reenter the bedroom – timid and disgusted, or proud.

She knew she was going to have to sleep naked with him but she would not demean herself by being timid or afraid.

She strode to the bed with her head held high.

He patted the pillow on the left side of the bed. Wordlessly she lay naked on that side and fought her revulsion as he pulled her against his body. She said, and did, nothing as he wrapped his arms under and over her and held her breasts. She said, and did, nothing as she felt him pull closer and felt his limp, wet cock against her bare asscheeks.

He began to kiss her neck. She felt teeth and realized he was intentionally leaving sucker bites on her neck. She remained motionless as he pulled at the sin of her neck with his teeth.

"Oohh, that's gonna leave a mark," he laughed, then pulled back. She felt his hand move down her round hairy vee and he cupped her sex tightly.

A few minutes later she heard snoring.

For a moment she contemplated trying to escape, but she could hear the television blaring from downstairs and the sound of talking. She remained captured in his arms, her only concession to life being to move her hips and dislodge the hand holding her cunt.

An hour later she forced herself asleep.

She awoke from her fitful sleep to fumbling behind her and the feel of a firm cock against her pussy. She twisted momentarily, still half-asleep. Then she heard the laugh as he fought to get inside. He gripped her hips tightly and began to press against her sweat-coated opening.

A few moments later she felt him move his hand to his mouth, then replace it over the head of his cock.

The wrestling match continued in silence – until he succeeded in shoving in. Exhausted, her mind exploding, she went limp.

And let him fuck her.

He took the captive wife in short stabbing strokes, his hand gripping her right tit tightly, until she felt the warm cum spurt deep into her pussy.

She felt it slide out, and didn't care the cum poured from her onto the sheet. He turned her to face him. She felt the cold wetness under her hip and didn't care. The only thing she cared about was that he began kissing her. It was the first time any of them tried to kiss her.

She refused to return the kiss, but he just laughed and squeezed her cheeks, forcing her lips open. She felt nothing but revulsion as his clammy lips moved against hers. Then she felt even sicker as he shoved his tongue in her mouth.

Kim lay unmoving as he tongue-kissed her, and did not react when he took hold of her left breast as he moved his flabby lips against hers. She felt him roughly maul her tit but did nothing to upset him.

"You better think about things, lover," he snarled when he moved his lips from hers. She felt herself cower as his eyes turned angry. "If I want to kiss you you better warm up to it." His hand squeezed her tit tightly and painfully. "Understand?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Yes, what, asshole?" he snapped.

"Yes, sir," she made herself respond.

"You're learning," he laughed. Then he slid his left arm under her, again pulled her close, and with his right hand still massaging her breast he fell back to sleep.

A short time of internal tears later Kim fell into her own sleepless sleep again as she lay on the wet on the sheet.

Kim awoke to a hand between her legs.

"You're awake," Bill said stupidly as he slowly rubbed her hairy pussy.

"I have to go to the bathroom," she demanded.

"Go ahead, pumpkin," he smiled. Then he smiled again. "Brush your teeth, too."

Kim didn't even bother asking – she knew he would make her keep the door open anyway. She felt disgust as the pee flow started and she knew he could hear her. She was even more disgusted when she saw there was only a used toothbrush in the room. But she knew she had nothing to back up refusal with so she washed the brush and brushed her teeth.

And she refused to look in the mirror.

A few minutes later she returned to the bedroom. Again she walked proudly even though she was naked. Defiantly, and angrily, she covered her breasts with her arms as she stood next to the bed.

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