tagMind ControlKindling Ch. 04

Kindling Ch. 04


For those of you who don't remember or weren't paying attention, Hazel was mentioned in passing in the first chapter.

Part IV– Anne

She didn't make it home, not right away at least, though the part of her brain still operating rationally knew home was the only place she should go. She was exhausted; over the five days of camping she'd had, Anne did the math in her, 15 hours of sleep. Maybe. Probably less. That she'd gotten so little sleep was no surprise, she'd spent every waking hour fucking her friends, again and again, waking them to quench the need that flared continuously in her, sleeping only when her body would accept nothing else.

That she was the one who went haywire (or, to be accurate, the most haywire) was the surprising thing. She'd always enjoyed sex, but it never controlled her thinking. Her libido had always, easily, been kept in check. She'd never needed sex the way she'd needed it this weekend.

Which made what she was doing now all the more strange. Sure, she was still a bit hot and bothered, but the quickie she'd had with Sharon at Lily's place had really taken the edge off. It wasn't anything she couldn't handle. This was different. It wasn't arousal, it was compulsion. She had to find a woman, someone she knew, a friend and share the chips with her. She had to be made to feel the way Anne was.

That tiny spark of rationality protested this wasn't sharing. It was entrapment. It was enthrallment. Anne extinguished this flicker quickly. It was improper. It felt like a pair of jeans that no longer fit.

As she pulled out of Lily's parking lot, Anne ticked through her list of friends, looking for just the right combination of beauty and opportunity. When she was finished, there was only one name. She drove quickly, and when she arrived at her destination, when she saw who's car was parked in front of her friend's house, she knew she'd made the right choice.

The front door opened, finally, after a long pause and many insistent rings of the door bell.

"Anne, You're back from camping?"

"Sure am. Missed me?"

"What are you doing here?" June's eyes and voice indicated the beginnings of panic. The door was open just enough for her body to block Anne's view into the house. Anne made a show of looking in anyway.

"Can't I drop by to tell my buddy about my fabulous trip?" Anne asked sweetly. June looked as if her person OS had crashed. "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

That shook off the lethargy, "No ... no! I'm really sorry, the place is a sty. I'd be embarrassed to have you see it. Come back in, like, an hour or so and give me a chance to clean up a bit."

Anne smiled as though she understood completely, and when June relaxed, she shoved the door open. June fell back. Anne marched in.

"What are you doing," June whispered urgently. Anne ignored her, heading straight for the living room. Nothing there. She'd brought her share of the chips in with her and dropped the bag on the coffee table. Anne spun and went back the way she came. June clutched at her; Anne easily broke away and started up the stairs.

"You have to leave ... now!" June used the same, quiet tone, but the panic was unmistakable now.

"I dunno' ... the place looks okay to me," Anne snarked.

At the top of the stairs, Anne turned right, heading for the master bedroom. The sheets on the bed were a mess. The smell made Anne juicy.

"Hey babe, who was at the door?" the woman walking in from the adjoining bathroom had been staring at the floor, putting in an earring. Her blouse was wide open, she hadn't bothered to tuck it in yet. The look of dread on her face when she finally saw Anne was a match to June's.

"Oh Alix," Anne said with faux disappointment, "what would HR say if they knew you were doing one of your direct reports?"

"This isn't what it looks like," Alix tried, feebly.

"Please ... I know the 'freshly fucked' look when I see it."

Rumors had been going around for months about June and Alix. It was a testament to their discretion that no one knew for sure just what was going on. But few people are as discreet as they give themselves credit for.

"What are you going to do?" June finally asked.

"Actually, the real question is what are you two going to do," Anne replied. "Why don't we go downstairs and talk about it?"

The three went to the living room, with Anne arranging the other two on the couch. Alix looked stunned, as if she'd been kicked very hard in the back of the head. June's face was harder to read.

"Oh, don't be like that," Anne said pleasantly as she tore strips of paper into the fireplace. "It's going to be okay, I promise."

She pulled a handful of chips from her bag and arranged them on the shredded paper, "In fact, when we're done, you'll be thanking me.

Alix and June looked at her like she was the most despicable person on the planet. Anne touched a lit match to the paper

* * *

Alix felt there was another entity sharing her mind; its name was "rage" and it was capable of murder. No one ever thanked their blackmailer ... the thought of it was obscene. For a long, crazy second she saw herself picking up one of the pokers by the fireplace and burying it in the blonde's skull. Then Anne had turned her back to start the fire and Alix knew this was her chance. She felt her body coiling even before she'd decided what to do. One deep breath and the decision was made. Another to calm herself. She hated the idea of it, but she wasn't going to let Anne ruin her life ... or June's.

* * *

All in all, June felt much worse for Alix than for herself. Anne had hit the nail right on the head. No one would care, that much, about what she did. But Alix was fucking someone who reported directly to her. That was the sort of thing that got people fired, and HR wouldn't care in the slightest if it was consensual, which it was. Plus she had a husband and kids. Sure, June knew Alix didn't really love her husband any more ... but still. Alix had a lot more at stake here, which is why June feared the older woman was about to do something crazy.

She had no illusions about her relationship with Alix. It was all about having fun and getting laid. She didn't love Alix, her boss was a "friend with privileges". And if that friend just happened to be in a position to boost her career because of those "privileges", so much the better. Likewise, she knew Alix didn't love her; she was a pleasant diversion from the drudgery of her marriage. None of that meant June wanted to see Alix lose her job or her marriage ... and none of that meant June wanted any part of whatever it was Alix was cooking up.

Even though everyone what they wanted, June suspected the whole thing would have played itself out in a few months ... that's how these things always ended. They'd been inches from a clean get away, and Anne had ruined everything.

Then Anne had made the crack about thanking her, which struck June as an incredibly condescending thing to say. The fury poured from Alix's body (a body she knew quite well); June could feel it like heat. She readied herself to tackle Alix, just in case her lover tried something.

Then Anne got the fire started.

* * *

Anne laughed softly as the hateful expressions drained away from their faces, replaced with a look of dull stultification. Anne suspected she'd worn the same look when she first saw the burning chips. She liked being on this end of it so much more.

* * *

The flame seemed to take everything out of Alix, her fear, her anger, her initiative and replaced it with something warm and calming that spread within her. As it spread, she felt herself becoming more malleable. Part of her felt like she should be running away, that this was all somehow dangerous. But that calming, warming feeling oozed right over her instincts and she felt too good to care anymore.

Then, on the edge of her perception, came the last thing she would have expected ... the smell of berry tea. With each second, the smell became more clear and wonderful. She took a long, deep breath to bring it inside of her. Then another, and another, each breath almost, but not quite, making her feel totally saturated with that beautiful aroma. She gulped at the scent, each breath coming faster than the previous. Her shoulders and chest heaved with the effort; the scent leaving her giddy, the hyperventilation leaving her dizzy.

The dizziness grew, along with the euphoria. She was afraid to keep going; the dizziness was becoming that powerful. But she was afraid to stop; the joy she was experiencing was that tangible. Then, when it seemed as if she might burst, she did. Her psyche seemed to pop like an over inflated balloon. Slowly, her breathing calmed. With a blink, she looked first to June, then to Anne. It was like she was seeing them both for the first time.

* * *

June sank back into her chair, her worry and her vigilance dissipating instantly. The fire was like nothing she'd ever seen, all encompassing and soothing. Its warmth enveloped her, like waking under a heavy quilt on a cold winter morning. She wasn't worried about Alix or Anne. She wasn't worried about anything anymore. It was so much easier to relax and look at the beautiful fire.

And then, June couldn't be sure of it at first, she could smell chocolate chip cookies. It was so confusing, she hadn't been cooking; she took a deep sniff to be sure. It was definitely cookies and they smelled terrific. June took a deep, slow breath, letting the smell steep through her. She took another breath.

* * *

Anne viewed the scene before her with satisfaction. Alix lay on her back, propped half way to erect by the arm of the couch and the pillows piled under her. June knelt between Alix's splayed legs. Each tore at the other's clothing, stopping occasionally to touch and probe as they stole deep desperate kisses.

It was obvious what they saw in each other. Alix's long, silky red hair spread like a blanket over the cushions, her lithe, creamy white body sprinkled with freckles that belied her age. Alix, Anne realized, was one of those rare Heather Locklear/Sela Ward types ... she was getting more beautiful the older she got. Which is what made her coupling with June so interesting and so fucking hot. Barely out of college, she retained in full the lushness of her youth. Her skin was smooth and golden and so fresh the sweat beading up on her looked as if it be as sweet as morning dew. Her long, caramel hair fell across her face; she shook it away with a toss of her head. June's wide set, icy blue eyes were hooded with lust but still flashed brilliantly as she took in the woman trembling beneath her. She bent forward, her ass describing a perfect curve as it rose high in the air. Anne vaguely recalled hearing June had been born and raised in Florida; she certainly looked like someone who'd lived her whole life on the beach.

Alix writhed awkwardly as they kissed, her arms flailing as June removed her blouse; June's tee had long since disappeared. Alix's hips thrust into the empty space between her body and June's, seeking contact. June's hand drifted down, Alix's skirt having ridden high up her hips, and she began to frig the redhead's cunt. Alix returned the gesture, pushing June's pants down just enough to give her hand access. The two groaned lewdly as the masturbated each other.

"Ladies?" Anne giggled. Judging by the looks on their faces, Alix and June had completely forgotten she was there. "Let's move this upstairs where we'll all be more comfortable."

Anne strode past them without a second look. She laughed quietly as she heard the two tumble off the couch.

They caught up with her at the top of the stairs with Alix on one side, running her tongue along Anne's ear as she plucked at the blonde's blouse. June was directly behind Anne, caressing her ass, pulling off her belt and unbuttoning her pants just as they arrived at the bedroom.

The two efficiently stripped Anne, with Alix working the top and June working the bottom, their own cloths lost somewhere between the living room and the bedroom. When she was naked, they propelled Anne to the bed. She lay on it on the diagonal, allowing her to stretch completely out. Anne had just enough time to notice June's tan was all over before the pair descended on her.

June burrowed into Anne's twat and her pussy licking quickly had the blond spasming with joy. Anne had enjoyed all the trysts with her friends up north, but having a girl who really knew what she was doing between her legs was another thing entirely. Alix lay next to Anne, her mouth moving from ear, to nipple, to mouth.

"God yeah, June, " Anne groaned as the younger girl gnawed on her clit, "like that Junie ... right there ... like that ... yeah ... yeah!"

Anne screamed her orgasm into Alix's mouth, but the redhead wouldn't wait. Scrambling to her knees, Alix hovered over Anne's still twitching body, then lowered herself onto the blonde's face. June came up from behind, pressing her tits into Alix's back and reaching around to pull on the older woman's nipples. Alix leaned her head back; she and June frenched wildly.

"Ohhhhh ... fuck ... FUCK!" Alix hollered. "Thank you ... thank you ... thank you!"

Alix's legs gave when her orgasm hit. She rolled away, her place on Anne's tongue immediately taken by June. And when she came she also screamed out her gratitude for what Anne had done to her.

* * *

Hazel was getting antsy. She was sure Lily was home from camping by now, and she'd been waiting around all day for her friend to return all of the loaner gear ... not to mention all the other kinky, fun stuff Hazel was sure Lily would now be in the mood for.

Ever since Hazel had been exposed to the chips, Lily had been high on her list of girls to capture ...

... she thought that word over a bit; "capture" seemed so harsh. "Share" was probably better. "Enlighten" was better still ...

... and she'd fully intended to "enlighten" her friend when Lily came by to pick up the gear. But Lily had let slip she was going with Edith, Anne and Sharon, and Hazel got greedy. Denying herself one hottie for four in the not so distant future seemed like a no brainer at the time.

So where were Lily and the other three?

As if on queue, the buzzer for her apartment rang. Hazel ran out of her unit, bounding down the stairs two at a time and throwing open the front door.

No one was there. Something landed on her foot. She looked down.

It was a package, twice the size of a shoebox, with Hazel's name and address, no postage, printed on a plain brown wrapper. She looked at the box and nodded, as if to acknowledge the sense of déjà vu, then gathered it up.

Back in her apartment, she opened the package. It was just over half full with chips. A note, folded in half, lay atop the pile:

"By now you have used the chips and shared them with your friends. I have more of them for you ... all that you will ever need. Have your friends, everyone who's been exposed to the chips, meet at your apartment one week from today, at 7p. Everything will be explained then."

That gave Hazel some pause. Having even more of the chips sounded great to her, as did having all the girls over. The chances, she figured, were pretty good Lily, Edit, Sharon and/or Anne had "enlightened" other girls. The more the merrier ...

... but she didn't like the idea of inviting a nameless, faceless stranger into her home ...

... but how great would it be to have all the chips she'd ever need ...

... but what if this person is an axe murdered ...

... if he is, than why bother with the chips?

Hazel chewed on her lip. Counting herself, there'd be at least five people in the apartment when the mystery person showed. If the others managed to capture (there was that word again) any others, then that should be enough to handle things if the mystery person wanted to start trouble.

And if she made it pot luck, Hazel concluded there'd be more than enough to eat.

She picked up her phone and made the calls.

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