A misty day, where no matter where you look, nothing looks quite clear. It's a grey day...the sky seems silver and very calm, the clouds listless and their shapes melancholy. "What a waste of a day", thought Eleanor as she peered out her window, her blonde, highlighted hair pulled back into a sloppy ponytail, leaning on her fist, her full blue eyes glazed slightly over with boredom. No license, no money, nothing on the tele and a grey and bleak day outside. She stood up and stretched, arching her back and raising her arms and hands out as far as she could, her fingers tickling the air. A quite pretty lass in all respects, slender but not thin, her skin a touch pale with a good complexion, a bit heavy in the chest, but there were many she knew that were envious.

Eleanor walked over to the fridge and swung it open, leaning in and giving a glance around amidst the wasteland that was her selection. "Bollix" she said gruffly and grabbed the last beer in the door, the one bit of anything that seemed even vaguely interesting in the whole mix. She rested the capped tip on the counter, gave it a quick club with her palm and took a long drag off of the bottle before the cap could even stop rolling. Eleanor walked around for a bit, taking a sip or two and contemplating all the joys she could get into today: there was laundry, washing the dishes, picking up around the house... "Bollix". What a day this would be...

Things had been boring for a while in Eleanor's life, it was as if the colour and fun had been on a major decline for some time. It wasn't that things had necessarily changed all that much, but more that she wasn't enjoying things like she once did. Fruit didn't seem so sweet, music had lost it's tempo, colours seemed muted and even sex had become a letdown. Her last boyfriend had all the makings for a great bit of fun, he was cute, well-muscled, had deep brown eyes, some sexy tattoo work, a leather coat and a motorcycle. They had fun dancing and riding into the night and going to crazy parties, drinking all night and dancing until dawn. The sex was definitely not the best in the world, but nothing is perfect after all. In fact, the only real problem with the guy...was when he got angry, which was almost whenever he got too much of the drink. He's gone now. She's alone again. What a waste of a day...

A bit of online fun might be just the cure for the bad weather blues, after all there was always something going on with somebody, somewhere. Click, click, click...same old, same old, and oh look now it's raining outside. The only reason rain is better than the mists, is that at least the weather has made up its mind and is doing something. Eleanor was about to just turn off the computer and call it a day, but wait...what was this? While doing her usual surfing and googling, she had found something that she had never seen before. A site called Kindred with a symbol like two serpents intertwined as knots and swallowing each others' tails, making it impossible to know where one began...and the other ended. Eleanor smiled and clicked the icon and her screen filled with interesting symbols and glyphs, virtual candles burning and a small box with a blinking cursor that asked only one question: "Why did you come?"

Eleanor sat there for a while just staring at the question that sat unanswered in front of her, and she wasn't sure why. Usually, if something like this came up she would have just put in something quick and easy, so she could get on with it and find out what the site was all about, but for some reason this question was vexing her, and she was honestly thinking about it. "Oh come on girl, on with it..." she thought to herself and poised her fingers over the keys. Hesitantly, she started to type "I don't know", but that wasn't the truth now was it? Eleanor pulled her hands back, blew on them, cracked her knuckles and then typed in the truth: "I'm lonely" and hit enter. Thunder rumbled outside and everything seemed to shake just a bit and then a new box opened, and simply said: "So am I". Eleanor smiled in spite of herself and was about to click around the site until the box closed and another opened, and a question sat before her: "Want some company?"

Eleanor sat there twirling a letter opener between her fingers for a while, thinking about the question and how silly it was, but at the same time, for some reason it was again something that she was taking a bit seriously. Finally, after much deliberation, she cursed under her breath and slapped her hand with the letter opener down roughly, mad at herself for being so silly. She just decided "Fuck it" and typed in the truth, "Love some". "Now was that really so hard?" Eleanor thought to herself. The box changed again, but at the same time there came a crash of thunder outside, so very close this time. In an instant she lost power, the lights were out and the computer was now black. She jumped at the sudden sound and winced in pain, she had poked herself on that damn letter opener. She cradled her hand up and tried to get a better look near the window and saw a bit of blood, she licked the blood and kicked something across the floor "Well, so much for that!" she exclaimed and looked out the window to see how far out the loss of power was.

The town looked so dark and still with no power, the rain still fell, virtually the only motion to speak of outside. Eleanor stepped back and found her way through her place to her bathroom and started some hot water in the tub. If everything was going to go wrong today then she would just blood well soak it in the tub and let the day go by on its own. She took off her jeans and long shirt and tossed them to the side, dropped her bra and undies on top and lit a couple of nearby candles. The bathroom was already getting nice and warm with steam drifting up from the tub now about half full of water. Eleanor eased herself into the water, which was just a bit too hot, but she liked it that way, means it was clean and do its job. She settled in for a nice long soak, finally turning off the water with her toes and letting out a deep breath of relief. Maybe something would finally go right today, that would be nice, too bad she wouldn't know what that last box on Kindred had said...

It was so peaceful and quiet, so dark and warm in the tub in which Eleanor now lie and soaked. She found herself more comfortable than she had felt in quite a while so maybe losing power wasn't so bad after all. She moved one hand slowly around in the water and enjoyed the soft scent of vanilla from one of the candles she had burning. Slowly raising her knee in and out of her tub and enjoying the moment for all it was worth. Eleanor had always been happy to have such a large tub in her place, one of the few things she had managed to get a hold of that she really enjoyed. She felt so light and warm, she was the only thing in the warmth of the water in the darkness and it felt so good. Her hand began to glide across her chest softly, reveling in the feeling and when her finger touched her nipple, she felt a flash through her and smiled. Her head leaning back, eyes closed as her hand explored her breasts more, making each nipple hard with her touch. She couldn't remember the last time this felt so good, letting her fingers lightly glide under the water and down her stomach. The water seemed to be helping and prompting her with its warmth, making her legs feel as if they were being softly caressed as her own hands continued to explore.

Eleanor's hand reached the bottom of her stomach and she took in a deep breath and held it as she let her fingers glide across her softness. She began to make soft circles and moaned slightly under her breath as the water of the tub was joined by a wetness of her own. One hand rubbed across her chest and up her neck as the other explored deeper into her pleasure. The water caressed her legs and seemed to help her part them, lifting her gently making her bottom feel cradled. She bit her lip and slid her fingers inside, now massaging her soft bulb as it grew harder. A shudder passed through her, now feeling as though the water were her lover, imagining them taking pleasures from her body and giving many in return. She pulled her hand from her deep wetness up and tasted herself, savoring the flavor and moaning. It felt so good now, her body was moving with a strange tempo, enjoying these amazing sensations as if a tongue now licked gently inside her, lapping at the nectar her body provided. Her hand gripped the side of the tub as her other pinched her nipples. She gasped as a rumbling grew within her, her toes seemed to curl, her legs wrapping around an unknown lover, her back arching, her moaning growing louder. As her body climaxed she grabbed down toward herself and felt a head of hair and grabbed it instinctively. "Oh yes" she thought...but wait, a head of hair?

Eleanor looked down, snapped back from her passionate stupor by the realization of the presence of someone or something else. His head rose from the water, his eyes piercing and looking into hers. His features were sharp and striking, his ears ever so slightly pointed and a cunning smile curled across his full lips surrounded by a well trimmed goatee. His hands gripping her thighs were strong, Eleanor felt he could do anything he wanted and she wouldn't have the strength to stop him, and why was that so alluring? She decided to engage him with some light conversation..."Who in the fuck are you, and how the fuck did you get in my bloody tub?!" she erupted.

"I am a friend, and you invited me" The stranger said with a smirk.

Eleanor sat up in the tub abruptly, covering herself with her hands and retorted: "I bloody well did no such thing! I think I'd remember if I inv..." Her mind flashed to earlier, that box on the Kindred site, it asked if she wanted company....she said she would love some. But, that couldn't possibly be what this was about could it? "How did you get in here, where did you come from?" she asked with a bit more of fear than anger in her voice.

"As I said, I was invited Eleanor and where I came from...well, I am a kindred spirit. I am here for you, so that we may no longer know what it is to be lonely." His words rolled so elegantly and easily, he had a strange accent that she couldn't place, and there was something about him that was captivating.

"Kindred spirits you said? But how...I, I don't understand. All I did was..." Before Eleanor could finish the stranger had leaned forward, close to her now, she could feel the heat of his breath, without even thinking about it her lips parted and he kissed her.

The stranger's kiss was like fire, it was intense and furious, with a passion Eleanor had never felt before. She felt her body open to him, her hands went from covering herself to embracing him, feeling his powerful form as she gripped his arm, her other hand slid down his chest, ever lower. His hand ran across her neck, through her hair and pulled her head to him, kissing her harder and with more hunger as his other hand found her breast and squeezed. Eleanor gasped at his touch, her hand ran down until it found what she was looking for, and she liked it. She took a hand full and squeezed and played, feeling a growl from her stranger as he kissed across her jaw and licked her neck. He licked down further and sucked at her shoulder, letting his teeth brush her skin, then sinking in just slightly and drawing a drop or two of Eleanor's blood. She felt her body tighten and she cried out in spite of herself: "Yes, god yes please take me..."

The stranger was hard in Eleanor's hand, which he moved aside, pressing his body into hers, and hissing into her ear: "With pleasure". The stranger plunged deep into Eleanor, filling her completely, pulling her to him and lifting her body to his. He kissed her again, even harder this time and bit his own lip, she tasted his blood...and liked it. Eleanor pulled him, wrapping her legs around him and grinding herself into him as he now began moving inside her. His thrusts were strong and deep, she could feel him everywhere and pressed to him she could smell his skin, a mixture of spice and sweet. Again and again his thrusts penetrated her, making her feel like his. It had been so long since Eleanor felt truly sexually alive, and now so wanted and so full of her unknown lover. Her body received him each time with greater joy, easing him in with her sweetness. Then he stood up, carrying her with him and pressed her back to the wall, their eyes met and he whispered: "We've only just begun..."

Eleanor felt her body giving itself willingly, easily to her lover, she cried out and moaned at his every touch, his hardness taking her over and over. He turned her around and bit the back of her neck, his hands found her breasts and squeezed, tumbling her nipples between his fingers as he took her again. She could feel him pressing against her from behind, pulling her by her bosom and she put her hands to the wall and pushed back as good as she was getting. His breathing was getting deeper, grunting and maybe even growling as he made love to her. His strength was amazing and yet he had not hurt her, he penetrated her so fully, stretching her just enough to make each thrust send sparks through her body. Their wetness was a mix of water and their own sweat now, her own sweetness welcomed him as she backed into each powerful stroke. Eleanor felt herself tightening and let out a loud cry as she orgasmed, clutching him tightly inside of her, her muscles holding him fast for a moment. She was still so very hungry as she pushed him back away from her, spun around and bit his chest, then licking down him, leaving a path down his chest and stomach with her tongue.

When Eleanor reached the strangers member she smiled, remembering the pleasure it had just given her and she licked it, tasting her own pleasure still glistening in front of her. She heard him moan as she took the head into her mouth and licked around it, running her hand down the shaft. She cradled his balls and squeezed as she took more of his length into her mouth. His powerful muscles tightened as he grabbed the back of her head and pulled. Eleanor felt the tip of him hit the back of her throat for a moment and then she sucked off completely, with a loud pop. She took him back into her mouth and devoured him completely, what a fun game she had found, and she was good at it. She licked down and sucked each ball into her mouth, one at a time before going back up and again taking him deeply into her mouth. The stranger's hand was still on the back of her head as she pleasured him, he eased her back and forth and his body twitched forward into her with each incredible movement. His body was tightening, and just when he might not be able to take much more he pulled her up to him, kissed her and picked her up.

The stranger pulled Eleanor down onto him, still standing so again he was inside her, and her body rushed with heat making her light headed. He walked out of the bathroom with her, moving her on top of his manhood until he found a wall in the next room. Pressing her to the wall, he became loud as he thrusted inside her hard, his patience and methodology had given way to primal wanting, now pressing her hard against the wall. Eleanor could barely keep her legs around the stranger as she bounced against the wall, digging her fingernails into his back and running them down, drawing blood. He growled and started thrusting more upwardly, bouncing her on him and making her unable to think. Eleanor dug her nails in and accepted each powerful thrust as they now quickened. How long could this go on, how much did her lover have in him? Eleanor's body convulsed as she orgasmed again, this time her muscles squeezed so tightly upon her stranger that she knew he would be hers, and she was right. He thrusted one last time, as deeply as he could before his body tightened completely and then released...released so deeply inside of her, so much pent up passion. Eleanor could actually feel the heat of it as he came inside her, it was everything she had wanted...had needed. His body twitched again and again, filling her beyond anything she had ever known, and then it was over.

The two of them slid down the wall together, panting like animals, smelling of each others' passions and finding it impossible to know where one started and the other began. The image of the serpents on the Kindred site flashed through Eleanor's mind as they lie there, and she kissed his neck softly. Her stranger drew back from her and smiled, he lifted her and stood still almost effortlessly and carried her to her bed. She quickly found warmth and comfort in her linens and enjoyed his embrace behind her as he lay next to her. Again she was taken, this time by sleep.

When Eleanor awoke she saw her unknown kindred spirit standing with his back to her, still nude and beautiful, she smiled to herself at the sight of the lines her nails had left upon him. He was looking out the window at where it had been raining, but now it was quiet and now only a fading mist remained. Eleanor stood and walked over, lightly holding a sheet up and over her body for a moment and then dropping it and any false sense of modesty as she hugged him from behind, pressing her bosom against him and smelling deeply of him. "What are you thinking about?" she asked calmly.

"The storm is over. It's time for me to go." He responded softly

"But why? Why do you have to go? I want you to stay, we can have breakfast maybe" she said back to him

He turned around and faced Eleanor, seeing the sadness creeping over her and smiled very slightly, running the back of his hand softly down her cheek. "It is the way of things, my dear." He said, now stepping away from her.

"But...will I ever see you again? I don't even really know who you are." Eleanor pleaded

"We were each a part that found each other, we are kindred spirits Eleanor, and what we have shared and do share will last longer than you will ever know. As for who I am, I am what you needed, what you summoned my beloved, nothing more or less." He answered.

"Summoned? But, how there is so much I don't know, I need you, please." Eleanor said, trying to hold back her tears.

"No, do not cry Eleanor, you have power, power you do not yet fully understand or comprehend, this is only the beginning. Never regret this, any of it, and know that you and I are forever part of each other, I do and shall always exist for you." Answered the stranger as he slipped back away further into the shadows...and then gone, just as he had appeared.

Eleanor sank to the floor at the stranger's words, not understanding what had truly happened, but feeling as though a new door had been opened for her. This was the first time that she had ever felt like she really mattered, like she had real reason or purpose. She liked this feeling, and it was far stronger than any sense of missing her dark stranger. The power came back on, light was restored and things were back as they had been except for one thing...Eleanor was stronger now. She stood up, got dressed and made her way back toward the bathroom, but stopped and looked to her computer. She walked over as it completed its reboot and hit yes to restore her last session. There it was, Kindred and a new box was there, one she had not seen before. She leaned in and read it: "Welcome home."

End of the first.

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