tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKing of the Hill - Poker Night

King of the Hill - Poker Night


They stood motionless in the driveway drinking beer and shooting the shit. It was a daily occurrence, a tradition that you just don't screw around with.

Hank Hill was the brains of the bunch as he was the Assistant Manager of Strickland Propane. He loved to talk about his work and the others pretended to listen to gas related stories.

After several minutes of silence, Hank said out of nowhere, "Strickland Propane, taste the meat, not the heat."

All of the other men grunted in agreement.

They stood side by side with a beer in their hand, as each of them talked more to the trash can than to each other. They all talked about their own topic of interest and the others would grunt, fart, belch or nod their heads as if they were listening.

"Guns don't kill people. The government does!" Dale mumbled.

"I'm so depressed, I can't even blink" Bill said as he tried to blink and failed.

"Yeah man, I tell ya what, man. That dang ol' Internet, man. You just go on there and point and click. Talk about W-W-dot-W-com. An' lotsa nekkid chicks on there, man. Click Click Click Click Click. It's real easy, man." Boomhauser said with a lustful grin.

Hank said, "I wish I could play poker with you boys, but Peggy made me promise that I would not do anything this weekend that did not include her. I can't see taking a wife to a poker game, its just isn't right."

"Not unless she brings a lot of sandwiches and be willing to make beer runs for us, added Dale.

"True that!" said Bill.

Dale had always been sweet on Peggy and loved it when she was around. He said, "Dang man, we love having Peggy around, she's a hottie!"

Hank blushed and said, "You know you're right. Peggy is one sweet piece of ass and I do enjoy it when she is being admired by other men. Did I just say that out loud?"

That afternoon Hank told Peggy she could come to the poker party and she agreed it would be a great idea. The poker game was being held at the Hill home and Peggy was thrilled to be included. She had prepared bowls of 10 different types of chips and crackers, six tangy dips, a tray of crunchy veggies, some cold cuts, cheese and various breads. This the first time she had ever been to a poker party and she wanted to get it right.

Peggy leisurely soaked in the tub, shaving her long legs and of course her pussy. "Hank was a picky eater and he did not like any hair in his food," she said jokingly to herself.

As Peggy lathered up her breasts with soap, her tits hardened at the thought of spending the evening with so many men. They would soon be leering at her body, undressing her with their eyes and she hoped they might even get a hard on looking at her ass. Her hands disappeared under the soapy water and soon found her smoothly shaved pussy. Her fingers began to massage the inter folds of his pussy lips and she just getting into the required rhythm, when Hank opened the bathroom door.

"Peggy I can't find my lucky socks. I always wear them win I play poker and I want to get lucky tonight." Hank said.

"We both do," said Peggy.

"What was that?" asked Hank

"Your socks are in your sock drawer Hun," Peggy said to change the subject.

Feeling especially horny, Peggy picked out an outfit that would emphasize her best features. She put on black lace panties and a black pushup bra, a low cut blouse and a short skirt. She didn't bother with panty hose, but choose to wear a pair of six inch heels that made her legs look that much longer.

"This outfit would give wood to a Woodpecker," she said admiring herself.

Her hair was light reddish brown and up in a bouffant style and nicely accented by her horn rimmed glasses. She always felt that her glasses gave her a Cat Woman look and she always made a "Meow" sound when she looked at herself in the mirror.

As Peggy came out of the bedroom, the boys had already gathered at the car table. They made small talk drank a few brews, but when they saw Peggy, they all stopped and all eyes were on her.

Hank was so distracted by her beauty and he blurted out, "Peggy, you look good enough to eat!" without thinking what he had implied.

Peggy said, "Why thank you Hank, that's the nicest thing you have ever said to me. I'm ready to play poker now."

"Peggy you are not here to play poker; you are just here for moral support." Hank said.

Peggy replied, "Why Hank Hill if you think that you playing poker while I watch is spending time together, you have got another thing coming."

"Okay! You win, you can play, but just listen and learn," Hank said in his best pussy whipped voice.

As she approached the table the men fought over where she should sit and all pulled out a chair for her. Peggy giggled and was pleased by the reaction her outfit she was getting and she felt a little tingle down there.

She sat down across from Hank, between Dale and Boomhauser. She made sure to caress each man on their shoulders and arms as if she needed their support to sit down. As she sat down she felt a hand grab her ass and knew it was Boomhauser. She let his hand linger a few seconds before she reached back behind her and grabbed his wrist, but made sure to drag his hand along her butt and legs as she pushed it away. It was not the first time that he had copped a feel and as he knew Peggy liked it, it would not be the last.

Bill said, "Let's start off with a game of five card draw."

Peggy had a puzzled look on her face and said, "I've never heard of that game."

"How about five card stud?" asked Boomhauser.

"Well I've never heard of that one either, but it sure sounds exciting," Peggy said as she laughed.

Dale getting annoyed said "Well hells bells woman! Just want poker game do you know how to play?"

Peggy was a little reluctant to respond, but she was determined to play, so she said firmly "Strip Poker. It's the only poker game I've ever played."

Hank's face turned a bright shade of neon red and he chuckled like an old Dodge trying to start up on a cold morning.

But Peggy you mean to tell me that you would be OK playing strip poker and being naked in front of all of my friends? Hank asked.

"Why Hank Hill you act like you are embarrassed by my body. You did not have a problem when you took me to that nudist camp did you?" Peggy replied.

"Hot Damn! When in Paris, Texas; do as they do, I always say", exclaimed Dale.

Hank knew when Peggy called him by his full name, it was over; period, end of story. He had always fantasized about seeing Peggy naked in front of the world and watching proudly as she showed off her goodies.

Peggy picked up the deck of cards and was getting ready to deal, when Hank's 19-year old niece Luanne came bouncing into the room. She was a college freshman and was in her cheerleader uniform.

"What are ya'll doing?" Luanne asked.

Peggy said, "I'm fixing to whoop the britches off of these fools in strip poker."

"I'm not very good at strip poker, but can I play?" Luanne asked.

"Why sure you can Hon, pull up a chair," Peggy replied

"Now hold on there, I'm not sure I want my niece to see my family jewels, with her still being a virgin and all," Hank said.

"For Pete's sake Hank! Can you act like an adult? Don't ruin this for the rest of us man," Boomhauser said in horny desperation.

"Uncle Hank, I quit being a virgin the first time I had sex, and the second time and the third time and the fourth time..." Luanne said, now counting on her fingers and toes.

"Ok, if you think you can handle seeing this much man meat, pull up a chair," Hank said as Luanne scooted her chair next to him.

Bill said nothing with a blank look on his face grinning ear to ear. This was just like the dream he had every night for most of his life. Dale raised his sun glasses up and down wondering if he could get a better view with them on or off.

Luanne started to unbutton her blouse and Hank stopped her. "Luanne, you have to lose a hand before you have to take something off." he said.

"Oh! We play it different at college," Luanne said.

Peggy shuffles the cards and dealt them like a professional card shark. She looked at her hand and she had three fours, an eight and a seven. She threw away two of the fours and her new cards were a king and deuce.

"Perfect hand," she thought to herself and she bet her blouse.

Luanne also bet her top as she intended just to follow Aunt Peggy's lead. Hank won the first hand of five-card draw with two pairs.

Boomhauser kicked in his shirt, Bill had bet his left shoe and Dale lost his baseball cap.

Peggy and Luanne proceeded to remove their blouses. Peggy's black bra displayed breasts and cleavage beautifully. The boys all had to wipe off the drool from their chins.

Bill was starring at Peggy's breasts intently and said, "Peggy your breasts are prettier than a two buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken."

Then Luanne removed her blouse exposing perfectly round grapefruit size breasts and hard pink nipples. Hank said, "Luanne did you know that you were not wearing a bra?"

"I guess I forgot. I'm not very good at this game, am I Uncle Hank?" Luanne asked. Looking at Hank, she leaned in wanting to give him a better look at her perky tits.

"I'm gotten so use to losing at strip poker; I just go ahead and take off all of clothes on the first hand and get it over with. The guys on the football team never seemed to mind, but the coach got mad when he caught us. He made all of 20 of the football players run laps, while he made me stand naked in the corner of his office while he took a lot of photos to be used as evidence," Luanne said.

Hank was getting a hard on looking at Luanne's breasts and she had noticed. Another hand was dealt and he felt a hand on his thigh that was inching up toward his cock. He was relived it was Luanne and not Dale, but concerned that Peggy might see what was going on.

"Is it hot in here? It seems a bit warm to me," Hank stated as sweat ran down his face.

The next hand Peggy put up her skirt as did Luanne, Bill put up his other shoe, Dale bet his shirt and Boomhauser bet his pants.

Boomhauser won the next hand and Peggy and Luanne had to take off their skirts. Peggy stood up so everyone could see as she slid down her skirt and as the guys whistled and hooted and chanted her name, "Peggy! Peggy! Peggy!" She turned around and did an erotic dance.

Luanne expected a similar response, but as she dropped her skirt, she had on a black thong that was made from about 2 inches of material. The men froze in place and as they took in her tight cheerleader body. She stood up next to her chair so they could get a better look and they started to chant. "Luanne! Luanne! Luanne!"

When all of the excitement died down it was time to deal another hand. Peggy surprised everyone by suggesting that they draw from the deck and the highest black card got to remove her bra and panties and the highest red card got to take off Luanne's panties. All agreed and the ladies climbed up on their chairs and the men lined up to draw cards.

Dale drew first and got a seven of diamonds and then Bill drew and got a four of spades. Then Boomhauser drew the Jack of Clubs and Hank drew the Ace of Hearts. The room got very quiet as Hank stood in front of Luanne and was face to face with her pussy.

Everybody chanted! "Go Hank, Go Hank, Go Hank, It's your birthday, It's your birthday.... "

Luanne said, "Uncle Hank take your time and enjoy it and don't have a heart attack."

Hank gave a quick glance to Peggy who seemed want to see Luanne naked as bad as he did. Pulling her panties off in one smooth motion he was torn between closing his eyes and going to get a camera. Her petite body totally naked and her pussy freshly waxed, made him burn hotter than a propane gas flame.

Boomhauser knew it was now his turn and Peggy was dripping with anticipation. Her bra opened in the front and as he slipped it off and as he let it fall to the ground Peggy's breasts giggled and her nipples stiffened as hard a nail.

"Her breasts are so perfect its as if they had been taken from a Playboy magazine," said Bill.

Then Boomhauser ran his hands up the outside and inside of her legs. Then he pulled the left side of her panties down and then the right side just to her pussy mound. Looking back at Hank for the go ahead, he saw Hank still with his face inches from Leanne's pussy.

Hank looked over gave him the go ahead. He was as proud of Peggy as he had ever been.

At last Boomhauser was ready to remove Peggy's last garment and all eyes were now on her. With one last pull her panties dropped to her feet. They all gasped in delight at the sight of Peggy's shaved pussy and rock hard nipples.

Peggy said, "I'm so horny I could fuck four men at the same time."

Boomhauser grabbed Peggy around her waist and caressed her butt as he slid her naked body down the front of his chest. Then he laid her down on the carpet and starting to lick her long legs starting at her ankles and kept going until his tongue found her pussy. Dale positioned his dick beside Peggy's head and she grabbed his cock with both hands pulling it into her mouth. Bill took his dick in hand and began to jerk off.

Hank was still frozen in front of Luanne while he watched Peggy sucking off Dale out of the corner of his eye his erection continued to grow.

Luanne said, "Uncle Hank, it's OK to touch me. In fact I insist on it. I want you to fuck me like a naughty little slut. Make me suck your big cock......"

Hank got the message loud and clear. He lifted Luanne over his shoulders with her legs on each side of his neck. With her back against the wall, she started eating her pussy like it was a cherry pie eating contest. After she came a few times, he lowered her down his chest and inserted his dick into her wet pussy on the way down and began pumping her with his massive dick.

Luanne moaned in ecstasy and said, "Fuck me Uncle Hank, fuck with your big fat cock."

Hank was sweating profusely and his face looked like it was going to explode, when he pulled his dick out and Luanne immediately got on her knees and sucked him off until he came into her mouth.

Luanne rolled over on her stomach and Hank entered her pussy from the rear as they watched Peggy taking on Dale, Bill and Boomhauser.

Peggy was bent over the ottoman with Boomhauser fucking her pussy from behind. She had Dale's cock in her left hand and Bill's cock in her right as she sucked each dick alternately and then tried to get them both in her mouth as the same time.

Boomhauser was spanking her ass as he road her home and at the same time, Dale and Bill gave Peggy a much needed facial.

Luanne sucked off all of the other men, while Peggy ate her pussy. Hank was busy filming all of the action.

After they rested, all agreed that they would have to play poker every weekend from now on.

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