tagSci-Fi & FantasyKingdom of Desire Ch. 01

Kingdom of Desire Ch. 01


“What do you mean it doesn’t fit?” The armor smith asked, “Surely you must be fooling with me.”

“No, sir.” The young soldier said.

“You’re telling me that your steel codpiece is too small?”

“That’s right,” the soldier confirmed.

“I don’t believe it,” the armor smith said.

“Well you see when I was a young lad, a witch caught me spying on her while she was bathing. She put a curse on me, saying that since I seemed to be ruled by my penis, it would never again fit in my pants.”

“Now come on, that has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard.” The armor smith said. The soldier started to undo his belt. As his drawers dropped, so did the armor smith’s jaw.

“So about thrice the normal size then?”

“That’ll do fine, thank you.”

“What do you mean you’re leaving tomorrow?” the Queen asked, “Where are you going?”

“Into the swamps my love, to do battle with those retched Hundumboots,” The King answered.

“For how long?”

“Hopefully no more than three days.”

“Well who is going to guard the castle?” the Queen asked, batting her eyelashes seductively.

“I am leaving Jormund in charge of thirty-five men to protect the castle. I will have two of my best men posted right outside of your chambers. Don’t worry my darling, no harm will come to you,” the King assured her.

“Well, what would happen if a few of those dastardly Hundumboots decided to retaliate by climbing into my chamber, through the window, and ravishing me?”

“Surely the guards would hear your screams.”

“Well what if they snuck up on me and one of the dastards stuck his long, hard, meaty, Hundumboot cock in my mouth? My mouth would be so full of thick cock, I would be unable to scream.”

“Well we wouldn’t want that….”

“Then while my cries were muffled, then the first dastards accomplices could take their long, hard, meaty, Hundumboot cocks in the rest of my orifices.”

“Yes you’re right, I definitely think…”

“But then, while the second and third dastards had their long, hard, meaty, Hundumboot cocks in my ass and pussy, any still unoccupied could use their hands or tongues, or both to massage my unprotected breasts. Surely at some point they would have ripped off all of my clothing.” The King was now visibly sweating. “This would be the fourth and fifth Hundumboot dastard,” the Queen added.

“I assure you, I now see the necessity of having…”

“But it is possible that instead of using their hands, the fourth dastard would instead take his long, hard, meaty, Hundumboot cock, and slip it between my naked breasts. Then the fifth dastard could wait until the first dastard ejaculated, in my mouth of course, and then he could stick his long, hard, meaty, Hundumboot cock quickly into my mouth, so that my cries would still be stifled.”

“Ahem,” the King interrupted, “Well we couldn’t have that…”

“But of course they might want to exercise extreme caution, to avoid getting caught, and so the fifth dastard might stick his long, hard, meaty, Hundumboot cock into my mouth before the first had ejaculated. Then the first dastard might continue to fuck my now stretched mouth until he came. Imagine that, two big dicks stretching my lips. Anyways, it is probably more likely that the first would pull out and shoot his stuff all over my tits, so it would be a little more sloppy and slippery for the fourth dastard. But, either way, they could continue switching positions like that all night and all day, so between the five of them, they could probably ravage me, against my will of course, for at least twenty-four hours straight. That would be exactly the kind of thing those Hundumboots would like to do to the wife of the man who was invading their land. In fact I seem to recall hearing stories about them doing just that. I suppose it’s a standard tactic in their strategy books, to gangbang the wife of any invading monarch.”

“I will post two of my best guards inside your door tomorrow!”

“Well shouldn’t I be allowed to choose the guards? After all they will have to watch me change.”

“What?” the King screamed’ “Why can’t you change behind your dressing screen?”

“Well I guess I could, but…”

“Surely you are not suggesting that the Hundumboot dastards will attempt to ravage you behind your dressing screen, while two armed guards stand across the room?”

“Well, I admit it is unlikely, but either way they would still have to watch me sleep in nothing but a night gown. I just wouldn’t want to have a pervert guarding me while I sleep. I mean how would I like it if I woke up to find the two guards with their long, hard, meaty, Faerumonian cocks in their hands. And who knows what they would do to little old defenseless me with their long, hard, meaty, Faerumonian cocks?”

“None of my guards would every even think of such a thing, they know that they would be tortured, and then executed.”

“But it is true that they might be overcome by lust, and they would say to themselves ‘Damn the consequences, I’m going to fuck my Queen.’ and then they would probably take their long, hard…”

“Alright, fine you pick the guards.”

“Thank you honey,” she said, kissing him on the cheek. King jasper left the room and told the captain of the guard, Jormund to assemble those staying behind. When all thirty-five were assembled in the courtyard, with their spears and armor polished, King Jasper escorted the beautiful Queen Olivia down the stairs.

“Alright men, two of you are going to be chosen to guard the Queen while the King is away. The two that are chosen will not leave her sight, until the King returns,” Jormund hollered to his men.

The Queen sauntered slowly through the courtyard, looking each soldier up and down. She stopped in front of a young blonde soldier, but she didn’t look into his eyes, she just stared at his steel codpiece. It was fully three times as large as any of the other soldier’s.

“What’s your name soldier?” She asked. He stepped forward, as Jormund prodded him in the back with the butt of his spear.

“Simon, Ma’am,” the soldier said uneasily.

“Well Simon, you look like a fine stout warrior, I’ll take you and him,” she said, pointing to him and Tony, the soldier next to him. The King then quickly escorted the Queen off the parade grounds.

Meanwhile the young princess lied naked in her bed pleasuring herself. She slowly massaged the wet swollen lips of her pussy. She was about five foot three inches tall with long curly red hair, clear blue eyes, ample breasts and a fiery red bush. Low groans could be heard in her chamber as she slowly parted the lips of her vagina with the tips of the index and middle finger on her left hand. Her right hand was busy massaging her breasts, and every so often she let out a squeak as she gave a quick pull at one of her nipples.

Her left hand began to move faster and faster, her fingers moving deeper and deeper. She felt like a swimmer, about to be swallowed by a tsunami.

“Crystal,” said the King disapprovingly. She looked up to see that both her mother and father had entered the room while she was preoccupied.

“Damn it, Dad why can’t you knock?” the Princess said angrily as she covered herself up.

“Then how would I discover all of the immoral activities you are up too? Plus why should I have to knock, it is my castle,” King Jasper retorted.

“Dad, masturbation is not immoral.”

“Oh, yes it is. I remember reading it in the Royal Law Books just last week, and I am almost positive no changes or alterations have been made since that date.”

“Well change it. You are the King, you can do that.”

“No, it is immoral, and that is that! That is one of the things I have come to talk to you about.”


“Yes, your mother and I..”

“If you recall, I said I was indifferent on the matter,” the Queen interrupted.

“Yes, yes you did. Anyway, I am going away on campaign, and I will not have you masturbating like a common whore.”

“Oh, I get it. You are here to teach me to masturbate like a princess.” The King’s change in temperament was visible in the change in shade of his face. “I had been wondering when you guys were going to get around to this lesson. How exactly does it differ from the way a common whore masturbates?”

“CRYSTAL! Enough. Do you promise not to pleasure yourself while I am away?”

“No,” Crystal said sharply.

“Fine then,” the King said. Then he quickly grabbed her by the wrists, twisted them around behind her back, and clapped them in manacles.

“Well now there won’t be any problems.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll be back in three days, and the servant will take care of your every need.” The King walked to the hallway. “You there,” he yelled to a young lady-in-waiting, “You are to take care of Princess Crystal’s every need until I return. Well I guess it’s off to war now.”

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