tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKings and Queens Ch. 05

Kings and Queens Ch. 05

byMany Feathers©

I woke at nine-forty five, rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom to pee. The house was quiet, most likely mom and dad still asleep, which didn't surprise me after the late night they'd had. Re-entering my room I quickly snatched up my cell phone from off my dresser, I'd forgotten to check it for messages before falling asleep. To my relief, Jayleen had in fact sent me a text just as she'd promised. She'd gotten home, snuck back inside the house with no one the wiser. A second message was waiting for me, and I read that one. It said simply: I O U 1

I smiled at that, already looking forward to it, and then headed out to the kitchen. As I'd hoped, the coffee had come on as programmed, four clean empty cups sitting beside it. Obviously, even Cindy hadn't called or come over yet for her early morning coffee with mom, though I remembered her asking me to "come over" as opposed to seeing her here. I wondered why. After pouring myself a cup of much needed coffee, I stepped over towards the window and looked out across the yard. Bob's car was gone, but then I'd expected that. Unlike most, Bob very often worked on Sundays at the nursery he owned and operated, they always did a booming business on the weekends, so he usually took off Friday and Saturday and then worked the rest of the week. I ventured outside sitting down at the patio table. I wasn't there more than just a few minutes when I saw the back door open across the way. Cindy stood waving me over, she was almost naked, wearing nothing more than what appeared to be one of Bob's long sleeved dress shirts and nothing else, especially as it was open. I started to head across, but then she stopped me seeing the cup of coffee in my hands.

"I was just about to make some," she called out. "But if you've already got some ready, pour me one and bring it over," she told me.

I went back inside the house, refilled my own and poured her one, and then ventured back across the yard to her place. She was still standing there in the doorway, though I noticed she had buttoned up the shirt as she greeted me. I was slightly disappointed.

"Bob's already left for work," she informed me.

"Figured as much," I responded back handing her, her cup, which she gratefully accepted. "So...what's up?" I asked curiously, especially with her standing there dressed the way she was, not at all surprised to feel my cock lurch in hopeful expectation. If nothing else, perhaps she'd have me start filling up a new jar, something that no longer bothered me in doing for her.

"I have a bit of a favor to ask," she said coyly, "Though I don't think you'll mind doing it for me too much after you hear what I have to say."

"Sure, what?" I responded back, suddenly anxious to hear what new little surprise she might have in mind, though even when I did, I was a bit shocked by it.

"You know Laurel yes?" She asked.

"Of course," I responded, "I mean not personally really, but I ah...well, you know, saw them the other night over at the house, and then of course saw them again last night at the party, what about her?"

"Obviously Kevin, you've learned quite a few interesting things about many of us over the past few days," she began. I nodded my head smiling. "And since you have, and the more I thought about this, the more I decided I might share with you something else, another one of our groups naughty little secrets," she said grinning even more broadly.

"And that is?" I asked curiously.

"Do you have any fantasies Kevin?" she asked catching me off guard.

"Of course," I answered simply. "Don't we all?" Cindy smiled at that, nodding her head in agreement.

"Do you ever act on any of them?" She then asked.

"Not really...no. Until lately, anyway, " I smiled back. "But that wasn't something I had considered to actually be a fantasy, until now," I again added recalling the way it felt to stand there masturbating myself in front of her while she watched. Suddenly now...it was one.

"Would you like another?" she then asked.

"Maybe," I said tentatively, "what is it?"

"Helping me...and Laurel to enjoy one of hers," she told me.

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea, what if she blabs something to my mom or dad," I said worriedly. So far, I felt like I could trust Cindy at least, but I wasn't so sure about Laurel being able to keep her mouth shut.

"Don't worry...she won't even know it's you as long as you do what I tell you to do," she informed me. Now I really was curious, not able to imagine what it might be. "Interested?"

"Maybe," I said once again. "Tell me what it is I have to do, and then I'll tell you," I said a little impatiently.

"Well, as I said Kevin, we all have our little fantasies, and very often we try and help one another out in making them happen for one another from time to time. Anyway, Laurel told me one of hers last night at the party, I told her I'd see what I could do for her. She should be here in about twenty minutes from now in fact," she explained. "What she wants me to do for her, and which I said I would do, was find someone who would cum on her while she lays there playing with herself."

"Excuse me? Won't she know it's me? Like I said Cindy, we met...it's not like she won't know who I am."

"She won't, if she's blindfolded while you do," Cindy shot back at me. "Which is part of the fun for her, not knowing who it is, only that she's being watched, and then spunked on while she plays with herself. Her entire fantasy is in doing that, getting a guy so turned on that he shoots his cream all over her, and she never does know who it was that actually did it. That's where I come in."

"You're serious."


"What if I say no?"

"Then she'll be very, very disappointed when she gets here, especially as she's expecting it. And quite frankly, I'd be very disappointed myself. After all Kevin, it's not like she'll know who you are, or that you haven't stood there and jerked yourself off in front of me before either."

Which was true of course, and admittedly, the more I stood there thinking about it, the more and more exciting it became. Laurel naked, playing with herself, blindfolded while I stood there watching her, and then coming on her when it was time.

"Anywhere I want?"

"Anywhere...and everywhere," Cindy told me. "And to make it even more fun for you, I'll of course be naked too, and even play with you a little myself while you stand there watching her. So...are you interested? Or no?"

It had become a moot point. "Sure, why the hell not?" I said grinning.

"Just remember, part of her fantasy is NOT knowing who you are, so try not to speak or make a sound if you can help it, though that part may be hard for you. I don't think a little moaning will necessarily give anything away, but obviously she's spoken to you, so should you slip up and say something, she might in fact recognize your voice, which would spoil the fantasy for her. So...still interested?"

The sound of a car pulling up into the drive alerted us that Laurel was in fact already there.

"Yes!" I said excitedly.

"Good, run upstairs and wait in the bathroom, I'll come and get you when it's time, when she's ready. It might be a few minutes before I do however, she likes me to sort of prime her pump a little first if you know what I mean."

Seconds later I was sprinting up the stairs to the bathroom as Cindy opened the door greeting her friend. I sat down on the toilet after having removed all my clothing, once again trying to calm myself, collect my breath as I heard them talking, soon after coming up the stairs.

"So, he's here already?" Laurel asked Cindy excitedly.

"Yep, anxiously waiting for us," Cindy acknowledged. "Looking forward to watching you touch yourself, while he stands beside you, jerking himself off as he does," Cindy told her, which had the effect of arousing Laurel even more.

"Have you seen his dick?"

"I have," Cindy acknowledged.

"Is it big? Nice and hard?"

"Big enough, but certainly hard enough...yes," she informed her friend. I could hear them even more clearly now as they reached the landing, turning down the short hallway heading off in the opposite direction towards the main bedroom.

"Do you think he'll cum on me...a lot?" she asked hopefully. "I want to feel lots and lots of his cream squirting on me," she asked hopefully.

"I'm sure he will honey," Cindy told her. "Provided of course you put on a really nasty act for him in order to make him even more horny than I know he already is. Do that, and I can promise you that he'll drench you. So do very naughty, dirty, wicked things to yourself while he watches you, and then I am sure that he will."

Just hearing their conversation had made me that. But Cindy was right in another way now too, this had just suddenly become another fantasy of mine, and one in which I no doubt would think back on and jerk off to myself countless times afterwards. I was already looking forward to it. The hard part, would be in keeping my mouth shut, I was half tempted to run back to my house and grab the duct tape.

Cindy had already prepared for that however, which I would eventually learn.


I could still hear them talking though not quite as clearly. A few moans and groans later, Cindy opened the bathroom door inviting me to come out. As I did, she held up what appeared to be a ball-gag. I shook my head no at first upon seeing it.

"Trust me, it will help. If you can't stand it, I promise I'll take it out, but it might be better for all of us if you were to wear it," she told me quietly. I relented, allowing her to fit it inside my mouth. It took a moment to get used to it being there, but as I did, and as Cindy led me down the hallway towards the bedroom, I was soon rock fucking hard.

"We're here," Cindy told her friend. Laurel was indeed blindfolded, but otherwise unbound. She could have very easily removed her blindfold herself, but she didn't. What she did do, and was doing, was fondling her magnificent breasts, pulling on her nipples almost painfully by the looks of it, pinching her thick fat nipples, and then lifting her tits up, stretching them, wiggling them, before letting go again. And then just as quickly, repeating the process.

"Does he like the way I'm playing with my breasts?" Laurel now asked. "Is he...is he stroking his cock?"

"He does, and he is yes," Cindy told her as she briefly took a seat next to the bed, watching me more than she was herself watching Laurel.

"Is it all nice and hard?" Laurel asked. "What does it look like?"

"Damn hard," Cindy told her actually looking at it, which for a moment made me feel a bit shy and self-conscious.

"It's perhaps six, maybe seven inches in length? But it's really thick, fat and angry looking, all purple swollen, and I think I can even see a little precum oozing out of the tip of it now in fact," she said. There wasn't yet...but there soon would be. She was right about the rest of it though, my cock felt like stone, and it was indeed purple, the tip swollen, fat and horny as hell as I stood there fisting myself, looking at the two of them.

"Oh fuck!" She moaned, one hand now snaking down between her legs running up and down between her lips briefly.

"Show him what you look like," Cindy urged her friend. "Go on Laurel, spread yourself, let him see just how juicy and pink your pussy really is, give him a nice view of how wet you are, how your juices pool just inside your cunt like they always do."

She began doing so, her hands at first simply spreading herself apart. I had never seen anything like this, never...not even in a porn movie. It was in fact my very first glimpse at a woman's cunt, all totally exposed. The pinkness of her inner flesh was amazing enough, but then I saw what Cindy had mentioned already, an almost frothy white substance that seemed to be oozing from somewhere inside, coating her neither lips, wetting them.

"That's it honey, perfect. Now...draw some of that juice out of yourself with your fingers, rub it on and around your nipples for him while he watches."

"Is he stroking his dick? Hard? Slow?"

"Slow," Cindy told her. "Nice and slow while he's watching you. A nice slow up and down motion, now he's squeezing it, I can see another fat droplet of precum on his tip."

This time, Cindy was telling the truth, there was.

"Can I taste it?" She asked. "Feed it to me...please!"

I looked uneasily towards Cindy, but she stood up and came over, grasping my prick, her finger easily coming away with the droplet as she then leaned over, allowing Laurel to suck it off the tip of her finger.

"How's that? Taste good?" She asked her friend.

"Yes! Fuck yes...more please!"

"Sorry, no. You haven't been naughty enough, has she?" Cindy said looking over towards me. I just stood there looking at her, not quite knowing what to do or say. "He says no...you haven't," she told her friend. "Not nearly naughty enough. If you want more, you're going to have to earn it," she then told her friend.

Still laying there with her legs spread so obscenely, her glistening cunt so open, so vulnerable and inviting, I watched as she reached down, exposing her clit even more decadently than it had been.

"That's better, a little anyway," Cindy informed her. "Your clit is all nice and hard, but it needs some attention, some punishment perhaps, don't you think?" She once again asked looking at me. This time, I nodded my head yes, she even laughed, though more like a hot little giggle. "Yes, he agrees," she told Laurel. "I think you need to spank that naughty little clit, make it sting a little," she told her friend.

Seconds later she was doing just that, and hard too! I could hear the slap of her hand, flesh against flesh as she spanked her cunt, more specifically, her clitoris. Slapping it rapidly, pausing only on occasion to actually pinch it, tweaking and pulling on it with her fingers.

"How's that," she asked breathlessly.

"Very nice, he likes that, his cock is throbbing all by itself," she told her once again, once again telling the truth too, it was.

"Is he juicy?" She now asked.

"Very much so," Cindy told her, "want to hear it?" she asked. "Want to hear just how fucking juicy his prick really is?"

"Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!" Laurel cried out.

Cindy cheated just a little. But I certainly didn't mind. She leaned over, mouthing my cock, spitting on it, lathering it with her saliva, and then fisting it, jacking it, allowing Laurel to hear the squishy sounds she made as she now stood next to me actually working my cock in such a way she could actually hear it.

"Oh fuck that's hot!" Laurel moaned. She went back to pinching and lifting her tits again, something I quite enjoyed seeing, nodding my head in excitement at seeing her do so.

"He likes that," Cindy told her. "Now...slap them too honey, except kneel on the bed while you do, lean over a little, let them hang down and swing free while you do that."

It was as though Cindy had been reading my mind. There was just something about dangling, hanging tits that had always gotten to me, and now seeing hers, especially as large as they were as she leaned forward was driving me to the brink. Laurel began slapping them both with her hands, once again, not holding back either, her hand-slaps leaving red marks on her exposed tender skin, her nipples if anything, even harder than they had been as she did that.

"Nice baby...nice," Cindy cooed. "Would you like to feel a little cum lotion on the tips?" she now asked.

"Oh God yes!" Laurel groaned expectantly. Cindy led me over closer towards the bed, doing so by the cock, as I quite naturally followed. Seconds later, I stood there watching her as Laurel held her breasts together in her hands as Cindy rubbed the head of my prick back and forth between the two of them. I watched as she squeezed my dick, droplets of fluid leaking out, which she then smeared, rubbing Laurel's nipples with my cock, caressing each, leaving a kiss of pearly liquid upon each before moving away once again.

"Ok honey...time to see you really finger-fuck that cock of his, and just so you know, while you do that, I am actually standing here holding onto it myself, I'm jerking it for him now...for a little while anyway, until he's ready to squirt on you. After that, he'll be on his own, just the way you wanted to imagine it, feel it," she promised her.

"Oh fuck!" Laurel moaned, once again lying back on the bed, her legs bent at the knee, spread wide open. One hand holding herself a part, the other teasing her even more exposed nasty looking clit as she frigged it with her fingers rapidly.

"Very nice baby, very naughty. And this nice hard cock feels pretty naughty too. You should see it. Oh...but you can't can you? And you won't either honey, or I'll take it away. I'll make him leave if you peek. Yes I will. If you look, you won't feel one single precious drop of hot sticky cum squirting on your body, not anywhere. So don't look, as much as you might want to. As much as you'd enjoy seeing his hot thick semen squirting out of the end of his dick, you can't look, can't watch it...you can only feel it."

Watching Laurel below me, hearing the two of them as they spoke so lustfully back and forth, not to mention the feel of Cindy's hand as she stood there stroking my cock, soon had me hovering on the edge. I felt like my eyes were about to cross, the inevitable only moments away now.

"Oh Laurel, you should see how tight his balls are, his prick is so fucking hard, so swollen, so painfully big. I can tell he's ready to cum any moment now, shoot his big fucking load of sperm all over you, are you ready for that?" she asked. "Are you ready to feel his hot sticky spunk squirting all over you? All over your tits? Your cunt? Your face?"

"Yes! Yes! Squirt it! Squirt it! Cover me with your cum! Drench me in it...please!" She screamed, her fingers furiously pounding away in and out of her cunt now, one hand almost violently pinching her nipple.

"Go ahead baby...let her have it," Cindy told me smiling, and then stepped back, releasing my cock, surprising me as she slid into the bed next to Laurel. "Now you'll know...when you feel it, he's jerking himself off, just for you baby...gonna squirt that hot funky spunk all over your naughty, naked body!"

That's all it took, seeing the two of them lying there together, both working their cunt's now, though Cindy did so almost playfully as opposed to Laurel who continued to finger-fuck herself almost painfully so. In the next instant I felt, and then watched the first jettison of my cream as it flew out the end of my cock. Even I was surprised at the voluminous discharge, a thick white rope of cum, that speared her left breast, the tail end of which landed across the flat of her tummy.

"Oh my God! More! More!" She wailed.

And she got more, lots of it, as did Cindy. I continued to yank on my dick, jacking it, watching spurt after glorious spurt explode landing on them anywhere, and everywhere. Laurel screamed in delight as some of it hit the side of her face, much of which would have landed in her eyes had she not been wearing the blindfold. Cindy to was hit, leaning over to lick off part of my original spending from Laurel's breast, only to receive a rather copious splurge of my cream as she did so.

"Feel it baby?" Cindy cried out. "You should see it honey, oh my god, he's shooting his fucking cum all over the place, all over me...all over you!"

Laurel gasped, suddenly driving her fingers as far inside her as she could, she held still only for a moment, and then screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm washed over her.

I had long since collapsed down on the edge of the bed, exhausted, spent...and yet exhilarated beyond words. Seeing and hearing what I had...and eventually feeling it, had been one of the most erotic, sensual moments of my entire life.

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