tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKings and Queens Ch. 07

Kings and Queens Ch. 07

byMany Feathers©

I had just enjoyed one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life, and the sun hadn't even gone down yet.

Taking a breather, I stood on somewhat wobbly legs and pulled the corks on the wine that mom and dad had left for me..."for us," I grinned inwardly. Cindy had begun filling the Jacuzzi, which was more like a miniature hot tub sitting in the middle of the master bedroom. It was plenty big enough for all four of us as we eased ourselves down into the bubbling hot water, wine glasses in hand as we toasted the experience, still reveling in it. At least I was and oddly enough...I was still a virgin, but it was still early yet, and the night had a long way to go.

"So what's next?" I asked feeling giddy, surprisingly still horny though my cock had gone flaccid, even as Doreen sat beside me in the tub, her hand already busily fondling it beneath the water.

"Well, while we catch our breaths and give you a little time to recover," Cindy grinned, "I thought it might be fun to share our first time experiences with you, perhaps telling you about them will get you all nice and aroused again, and ready yourself for the big moment," she smiled wickedly. "So? Who'd like to go first?" She asked.

Even with Doreen's hand playfully fondling my still somewhat flaccid prick, I was already starting to become aroused again. Just seeing those bare breasts peeking above the surface of the water was enough to raise the dead. The way they wiggled, wobbled and bounced about as the water bubbled like a cauldron around them was doing that, but the additional incentive of sitting there telling dirty stories helped a lot too.

"I will!" Laurel said excitedly. "I lost mine my first year in college. I'd gone to a dorm party, and someone suggested we play a naughty game, so they brought out a deck of cards..."

"Kings and Queens?" I asked.

As one, all three women sat looking over towards me, though Cindy sat with a bemused expression on her face when I said that.

"How'd you know about that?" Laurel asked curiously. Cindy burst out laughing of course while looking at me.

"Ooops!" I said feeling the blush come into my face.

"You might as well spill the beans," she then said. "Go ahead Kevin...tell them." But before I could, she then announced how she'd caught me sitting in the dark in the spare room, spying on them when they'd been over to my parent's house. I was relieved when Laurel laughed upon hearing that I had.

"So...did you enjoy what you saw?" She asked. Now I was rock hard as I sat there thinking about it.

"Yes...I did," I smiled back relieved to some extent in admitting it.

"Too bad we don't have any cards with us now, that might make it more interesting later," She then added.

"I bet...we can get some," Cindy grinned..."If you'd like to do that."

Somehow that seemed fitting under the circumstances, and I nodded my head. Besides, it also might make it a lot easier for me to let fate decide who my first time was going to be with rather than have to choose one of them and hurt someone's feelings in not being my first.

"Let me make a call while you continue on with your story," Cindy said climbing out of the tub. "Be right back."

"Anyway..." Laurel began again. "It wasn't Kings and Queen's no, but in a way, sort of like that I guess. Started out as a game of strip poker, except the way we used to play it back in college, you bet clothes just like they were chips. Needless to say, it didn't take long before everyone was naked. After that, the stakes went up as the game turned into betting dares instead. Anyway, I was still a virgin then, though nobody knew that, and I wasn't about to tell anyone that I still was either. I'd gotten involved in a hand, and had pretty good cards too. Before I realized it, it was just down to me and this guy, a guy I'd actually had my eye on for a while. So when he bet me fifteen minutes of "anything he wanted," I had to think for a moment. Which is when I realized I did in fact have the winning hand based on the cards that were showing. We were both sitting on flushes, but I had a straight flush. When he upped the bet to thirty minutes of whatever he or I wanted, I folded."

"You folded? Why?" Doreen asked curiously.

"Because I knew what he wanted, and I wanted it to be his idea, and that way it would appear to everyone there that I was willing to honor my bet, besides finally giving him my virginity, even though he never knew that he did."

"But...but wasn't it obvious?" I asked. To which Laurel laughed. "No, not really. See though I was technically a virgin, having never been with a man before, I no longer had my hymen, I'd lost that a long time ago when I discovered things like banana's, cucumbers, carrots and eventually my mother's vibrator. So no...no one ever knew, but that's how I actually and officially lost mine," she finished.

Cindy came back into the room and slid back into the tub after having made her phone call. She smiled winking at me. "They're on their way," she informed everyone. "So...Doreen, tell us...how'd you lose yours?" she asked.

I noticed she was blushing. "Actually, I lost mine to another girl," she said almost demurely.

"That sounds interesting," Cindy said to which everyone agreed. "Go on...tell us, how'd it happen?"

"Well, there was a friend of mine that I grew up with, we'd known one another ever since we were kids. Quite naturally, we used to sleep over at one another's homes. Over time, our sleepovers got more and more interesting. We started out just experimenting by kissing of course, 'practicing' as we used to call it for when the time came that we actually got around to kissing boys. Eventually, after even more time, that went from kissing to touching ourselves while we watched one another, and then from there to touching one another, amongst other things," she grinned.

"Go on," Laurel encouraged her, just as I felt her hand now reaching for my cock beneath the water, taking over for Doreen's hand as she continued on with her story.

"So one day we'd gone over to her place after school. We were actually trying on some different makeup that her mother had just purchased, for one reason or another, Charlene started rummaging around in her mother's drawers, which is when we discovered her toy collection. A rather extensive one I might add too. Anyway, one of the items was a rather real looking life-sized penis, complete with a strap-on. Now, even though we were both virgins, we'd actually talked about it when the time came, and how both of us were so apprehensive about actually doing it...with a boy. There was the fear of course that it would hurt too much, and at the time, neither one of us wanted to appear 'easy' either. So that quite naturally was a dilemma for both of us. The more we sat there looking at and exploring her mother's toy collection, the hornier and hornier we both got. Before long, we decided to take one another's virginity instead. So that's what we ended up doing, we took turns with the strap-on, and with a lot of time and patience, especially being as nervous as we were, even though we were horny and excited too, that's how I ended up losing mine."

"Damn!" I thought as I sat there thinking about that, wondering how many other girls often did that as well. Before Cindy could begin her story however, the doorbell rang.

"That should be our cards," she informed everyone, once again climbing out.

When Cindy returned a few moments later, she did so...along with my mother!

"Hi everyone!" she greeted her friends enthusiastically before turning towards me as she placed the deck of cards she'd brought along with her on the nightstand next to the bed. Sheepishly, I slid a little further down into the tub, though Laurel's hand continued to play with my very erect cock even then. "Don't worry Kevin, I won't embarrass you by hanging around when things get going again," she then added. "But I wouldn't mind sitting in the tub for a bit with you all, if you'd be ok with that," she now asked me.

I'd seen mom naked before obviously...not counting the times I'd seen her actually having sex, so it wasn't that so much that made me nervous or a little uncomfortable, but her being there with me sitting in the tub naked myself, sporting an erection.

"Ok...mom," I said a bit hesitantly, though she smiled and immediately began stripping off her clothing. It didn't take her long either as all she had on was a bikini with a wrap around covering it. Once she was naked, she slid down into the tub between Cindy and Doreen, but at least she was at the opposite end from where I was. What I hadn't anticipated was when I saw Cindy reaching over, and begin fondling one of mom's breasts as we all sat there...silently now, just grinning and smiling at one another.

"So...what were you all talking about before I so rudely interrupted you?" she laughed.

"We were just sharing with Kevin here how it was that we all lost our virginity," Cindy explained. "Doreen and Laurel just finished telling their stories, so...I guess it's my turn, unless you'd like to go next," Cindy said turning and looking directly at me as winked mischievously in my direction.

Initially, I wasn't too sure I wanted to hear the details of how my mom had lost hers, but then suddenly I did. I know it was weird, but now I was actually curious as I sat there, not to mention being aroused with Laurels continued help.

"I'm not sure Kevin wants to hear how his own mother lost her virginity," she said glancing towards me, "Or do you?" she asked.

"Actually mom...I would. Go ahead, share your story." I think my saying that actually surprised everyone, except for Cindy of course. I think she new damn well that I'd find that interesting, as well as arousing in hearing about it.

"Ok, contrary to what you might believe Kevin, your father wasn't the one who did."

Although mom and dad had never been married to anyone other than one another, I'd never really given it much thought, or considered the fact that mom might have been promiscuous long before they had gotten married. Though much of that way of thinking had been dramatically changed here recently anyway.

"So...like I said, it wasn't Kevin's father that got mine, but it was Steven's brother in fact who did. I'd actually been seeing and dating him before Steven and I finally ended up together."

"Uncle Jim?" I said incredulously. Suddenly these images filled my head. I was doing a fast rewind of the number of times that my Uncle Jim and Aunt Maxine had come over during the holidays in the past, or had come to stay and visit with us during a weeks vacation here and there as they now lived several states away. But I couldn't recall a single solitary moment where either one of them had even hinted at the fact they'd once been intimate with one another in that way.

"Yes, you're uncle Jim," mom freely admitted. "But that was long before he and your aunt ever knew one another, and as I said, before your dad and I actually started dating after we broke up. And no Kevin, in case you're wondering...ever since he got married to your aunt, and I married your father, we haven't done anything, or even spoken about it since then."

"Oh...ok," I said somewhat relieved, though still wanting to hear mom's story. "So...how did it happen?" I actually asked, seeing the amused expression on mom's face when I said that.

"You really want to hear?" she questioned me. "It's pretty naughty!" she said giving me a warning.

"Actually...I do," I frankly admitted, as did everyone else as none of them had obviously heard the story before.

"Ok, but like I said...I told you it's pretty naughty," she warned me once again, though continued. "Ironically, it was your father that walked in on us. Your uncle Jim was a very tender and caring man, luckily for me. He'd taken plenty of time getting me aroused before attempting to put his prick inside me, by the time he finally did, I was really wet, and really horny. The funny part of it all was, we'd been at it for nearly an hour...not fucking, just trying to get there. I had no sooner felt his cock break through my hymen, and slide in, when your dad suddenly came in the front door unexpectedly. The whole point of our doing it then, was because your grandparents were away for the weekend, and Steven supposedly had a late date himself, only it had ended up with he and his then girlfriend breaking up instead, so he'd come home. Only when he did of course, he ended up walking in on us just at the precise moment that I lost my virginity...literally. Now...to make matters worse, your dad had liked me even then, and even though he knew his brother had been dating me, he'd heard just that very same morning, that Uncle Jim in fact, was thinking about breaking up with me...mainly because I hadn't been putting out."

"You're kidding me!" Laurel exclaimed. "What a shit!" She then added. "Did you know this? Is that why you finally gave into him?" She asked.

"No in fact...I didn't, not until Steven stood there and told me, especially after seeing what we were doing. He was furious with his brother for one thing, for taking my virginity when he did, even though he was considerate about it while doing so. But Steven was almost beside himself, like I said...he'd had a bit of a crush on me too, and had in fact told Jim that if the two of us actually did break up, he had every intention of asking me out himself. I think looking back on it now, Jim wanted to take my cherry before Steven did. Anyway, Steven ended up taking me home...except we didn't end up at home either. Upset, we drove around for a while, and then ended up at what was then the local make out place up in the hills. That's where Steven and I fucked for the first time, six months later...we were married."

Cindy was laughing. "So...you fucked both brothers in the same night and ended up marrying the one who didn't take your cherry. That really is ironic!" she continued giggling, though I noticed even as she did, she was still playing with one of mom's boobs.

"So...speaking of which, how are the boys doing anyway?" Doreen asked curiously.

"Well, at the moment I'm pretty sure they're still out golfing, though it shouldn't be too much longer now before they return, it's just now starting to get dark, so I'm sure they will be. After that, they're coming over to spend the evening in our room..." mom grinned though she didn't elaborate on that, actually blushing a little as she said that.

"That's ok honey," Laurel told her. "After tonight, I seriously doubt there will be too many more secrets between us, which includes Kevin here, she said winking at me. "We've already learned a few interesting little tid-bits tonight as it is, so I don't think he's going to be too terribly shocked or surprised to learn just how sexy and naughty his own parents are. In fact...I think he's already pretty aware of that...aren't you Kevin?" she now asked.

Now I was blushing.

"I mean after all, this was your idea," she grinned. "Albeit a good one."

"And speaking of this being my idea," mom said standing up. "It's best that I leave now, as much as I'll admit to finding it interesting to stick around and watch, I'm not too sure Kevin would be as accepting of that. So...I'll leave the four of you to your own fun. And besides, I have four men I've promised to be nice to myself a little later," she then added, glancing over once again, seeing the somewhat shocked look on my face as she said that.

"You're an adult now Kevin...or soon will be anyway," she added grinning. "I may be your mother...but I love sex. So, get used to it!" And with that, she got out dried off and dressed, but not before giving me an affectionate kiss, along with everyone else too, though I also noticed a bit of fondling taking place when she did that.

"Count yourself lucky Kevin, you've got amazing parents who are open-minded, loving, and certainly trusting. Not many men your age do, and certainly not many would have mom's and dad's who'd go out of there way to set something up like this for their own son's and daughters."

"You're right," I said in acknowledgement of that. "It's just going to take a little getting used to is all," I said thinking about it. "Kind of hard to see your own parents as people who are in fact sexy, sensual people. But I'm starting too," I then added. "Now then...shall we get the cards?"


The big moment in fact had finally arrived. Admittedly, I was a little nervous. Inexperienced at best, I took some comfort in the fact that I wasn't supposed to be experienced. That was something I was about to get lessons in, from three very attractive, very excited, and very experienced women.

Cindy quickly rummaged through the deck and located the first three Queens she could find. She then placed them face down on the table and told the others to pick one, look at it, and then put it back. Once everyone had done that, she thoroughly moved them all around as I stood with my back towards her as she did that.

"Ok, everyone remember what card they picked?" Cindy asked. Everyone did, which is when she then had me turn back around. "Ok Kevin...now it's your turn. Pick a card honey, whosever card it is, will be the one that gets to take your cherry!"

I stood for a moment looking down at the three cards, it didn't matter which one I picked really, I knew that whoever it was, I was going to experience something special, something I hadn't experienced before. And even if the other two weren't selected for that, I also knew...I'd no doubt be fucking them all eventually anyway. Talk about a way to lose ones' virginity! I reached down, grabbed a card and held it up.

Maybe it was fate, and maybe it was meant to be. Without even being told, I knew when I saw the sparkle in Cindy's eyes that I'd selected her card, especially when I saw the somewhat disappointed looks coming from the other two. And the fact it happened to be the Queen of Hearts just made it all the more fitting for some reason.

"Two out of three?" Doreen suggested.

"Ha, you wish!" Cindy grinned, "Not on your fucking life! I won fair and square, and besides, not like the two of you won't be involved, or get to fuck him after I do either."

"If...you don't wear him out first!" Laurel complained teasingly. "Just promise you won't, save some for us too," she almost pleaded.

"Don't worry honey...I'm pretty sure as young and as virile as Kevin is, he'll have more than enough to go around for everyone."

Cindy now led me over to the bed. "Normally honey, I'd tell you to choose any position you'd like, but as this really is your first time, and I want you to try and control yourself, just lie back and enjoy it, might I recommend a position?"

I was only too happy to agree to that, and did so.

"Good, in that case, let's have you lay down. I'll straddle you, though I'm not going to put you inside me right away. I'm going to tease you a little first, and the girls can sit beside us, and share in the moment with us that way too." She told me. Once again, it sounded good, damn fucking good. And looked pretty damn fucking good too as Cindy swung that sexy nude body of hers up and over my chest, straddling me, before slithering down.


"Yes honey?" She asked.

Her pussy was so close I could smell it. It was all sexy spicy, and suddenly even more important to me to do that than actually stick my dick inside it, not yet anyway.

"Can I lick you first?" I asked lustfully. I swear I saw a small tear form in her eyes as she sat there looking down at me.

"Of course you can!" she said happily, and then slid upwards towards my face.

"Well, if you two are going to do that," Doreen said, "Laurel and I are at least going to keep him all nice and hard until you finally do decide to fuck him," she stated. Like I really needed them to do that, but...who was complaining?

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