tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKings and Queens Ch. 08

Kings and Queens Ch. 08

byMany Feathers©

It took me a while to recover. I lay there in what felt like a state of animation, voices in the back ground, giggling and laughing. But after a few more moments of that, I began hearing other sounds. Soft mewls of delight, moans...groans, gasps of breath...panting. Those were soon followed up by liquid sounds, squishy sounds, slippery sounds. I opened my eyes and looked over next to me only inches away on the bed.

Cindy was on her back, Doreen sitting on her face while Laurel had comfortably positioned herself between Cindy's legs, licking her that way. All three were oblivious to my having come out of my orgasmic coma, and with good reason. By the sounds of it, they were all enjoying a little climatic bliss of their own. Not quite content to just sit there and watch, I reached over now fondling one of Doreen's lovely breasts, soon sucking it as she rode Cindy's face.

"Well, well...look who's returned from the dead?" she laughed.

And I had in more ways than one too! Already my cock was beginning to lengthen again though it had just experienced what had to have been the most intense orgasm of my entire life. Even so, just sitting there seeing the three of them together going at one another the way they were would have at least done that much. But within seconds, I was hard as a rock once again.

"Isn't youth grand?" Laurel said looking up smiling towards me.

"Never mind that," Cindy moaned, "pay attention to what you are doing," she admonished her. "I'm not that far away damn it!"

I'd fucked Cindy. Or rather she'd fucked the hell out of me. I figured since we'd gotten that little piece of business out of the way, everyone and everything else was now fair game. I rolled over and then straddled Laurel from behind. Lying prone as she was, I simply put each one of my legs on either side of hers. She then spread herself just enough to allow me room to maneuver. Sloppy wet, it didn't take any effort at all to feel the moisture of her leaking cunt as I placed the tip of my prick at her opening and slid in.

"Oh my god!" She moaned into Cindy's cunt as I hilted myself inside her, unmoving for the moment as I lay on top of her, though still supporting most of my own weight on my arms as though preparing to do pushups.

"I take it you've just been boned?" Doreen laughed and then adding. "This, I gotta see!"

Without leaving Cindy's face entirely, she managed to spin around on her, now facing in the other direction, able to see now as Laurel continued licking Cindy's clit, sucking it as I began to slowly move within Laurel, teasing her as well as myself for a bit.

"He is so...fucking...hard!" Laurel groaned, once again letting up a little, just enough to cause poor Cindy to complain again.

"Don't talk with your mouthful!" she said trying to sound serious, though she laughed as Doreen too seemed to forget she was still being licked by Cindy as well, who was now also talking.

"Don't laugh, but I haven't been fucked in this position in years, I'd forgotten what it feels like," she moaned openly. "Remind me to remind John of that," she then added groaning once again. "Or anyone else for that matter," she giggled, and then sighed.

For myself, it was almost too much to take in all at once. I'd just lost my virginity to Cindy less than thirty minutes ago, and now...here I was enjoying only the second fuck of my young life in Laurel's pussy, with still another one yet to go if I could manage that. At the moment however, all I could think about was the way her slick wet cunt was sucking on my dick.

"Fuck," I moaned not even realizing I had, hearing all three of them giggle appreciatively, though Laurels was more of a responding groan when she did.

"Fuck is right! He's hitting my cervix!" she said thrusting back against me now, poor Cindy's cunt all but forgotten for the moment, though sitting in the position she was, Doreen quickly rectified that, now leaning over and taking over for Laurel, placing the two of them in a classic "69" position there on the bed. With Doreen having taken over for her, Laurel now rose up, tucking her knees beneath her, though still leaning forward. The enticing angle and display of her near perfect ass forcing me upwards onto my knees as well. But what surprised me was the differing sensation I now felt as I continued to fuck into her.

"Wow, I had no idea!" I exclaimed to no one in particular.

"No idea what?" Laurel panted looking over behind herself towards me as she spoke.

"That...that simply changing positions, even a little...could feel so different!" I spoke gritting my teeth, already fighting the urge to cum that had seemingly crept up on me from out of nowhere.

She laughed at that, though so did the other two. "Oh honey...and you've hardly even begun yet," she said hotly...yet sweetly.

"And speaking of which," Doreen now moaned though still lapping away at Cindy's split, "Hurry up so that I can have a turn!"

"Sorry honey, as young as he might be, I'm afraid after he shoots off this next load of his, you're going to have to be patient for a while before he can, he's not super-fuckman you know!"

And though she was right, I wasn't...for a moment I sure as hell felt like I was. Slamming into her now from behind, hearing as well as seeing Laurel's ass as it quivered and moved with each hard felt thrust of my cock inside her, not to mention the sounds of each slap of flesh as I did, soon had me hanging on for dear life. Luckily, she was right there too, and then told me so.

"Oh baby, right there yes! Yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck me! Make me cum now...make me....oh fuck! Oh fuck! CUM!" she screamed out at the top of her lungs. For a brief moment I was glad I had such a big room, not so closely situated next to the other suites whether occupied or not. Even then I wondered if the sound of her orgasmic release had carried out through the window and into the courtyard. My thoughts however short-lived as I felt the eruption of her cunt, felt it clench around my shaft, now triggering the second most intense orgasm of my young life.

If the neighbors and guests hadn't heard her, they sure as hell heard me!


Having spent ourselves and no longer distracted, Cindy and Doreen finally got one another off.

I felt like Jell-O, floating on a sea of female flesh, basking in it, surrounded by it, hands and fingers still occasionally reaching out, if simply nothing more than just to touch. It felt like a dream, a very sexy...very, very wet dream.

" Wonder how JoAnn and the boys are doing?" Cindy suddenly wondered aloud. "Right about now, I bet she's fucking two of them and blowing another while Steven films it," she stated without really thinking.

"I'm willing to bet she is too," Doreen added. "Though I'm also willing to bet the boys aren't complaining that we're not there with them either," she said rolling over only then catching what must have been a pained look in my eyes.

"Oh, sorry...maybe Kevin's not very comfortable hearing us talking about his mom and dad like this," she then said.

"No, it's ok," I told everyone. "Just gonna take a while to get used to the fact that my own mother's just as much of a sexy hot naughty woman as the three of you are is all. I mean I've always accepted Dad's behavior, sort of expected perhaps, so I've never really given any of that much thought. But...just recently finding out my own mom's just as naughty...if not even more so than the three of you are, is going to take some getting used to is all."

All three women laughed at that. "Someone starting to have naughty thoughts about their own mother?" Cindy teased me, seeing my eyes widen in response to that.

"Certainly not!" I objected, and then mellowed. "Well...not in THAT way anyway!" I responded back, once again to the sound of the three of them chuckling. And then I laughed, joining them. "I guess...I just need to see things in an entirely different light is all," I amended. "Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, though it's still going to take some time getting used to is all."

And then it dawned on me as to what Cindy had said earlier. "Movies?" I thought to myself, and remembered dad had an extensive collection of stuff, though he was always recording the history channel on TV, and then cataloging them for watching later. I wondered...thinking I just might have to check a few of those out.

"Damn," Doreen said fingering and fondling my limp flaccid noodle. "I think you guys killed it!" She said dejectedly.

"Nah," Cindy laughed. "It's just being coy. I'll show you. Stand up, spread yourself, let it see your little clit wants to come out and play, and see what happens," she told her.

I shook my head, these gals were unbelievable. After the intensity I'd just gone through, it was going to take a hell of a lot more than that!

Boy was I wrong.

I don't know. Maybe it was a throw back to that old, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours thing," going on that did it. But as Doreen actually stood there, and spread herself, and then diddled her cute little clit right there in front of me as I lay below looking up at it, I felt an all too familiar stirring. Hell, even I was surprised! I looked down, saw my dick suddenly move, sort of like rolling over onto it's back (if dicks had a back anyway) and then slowly sit up, and then stand up.

"Well...I'll be damned!" I said openly.

"No. You'll be fucked!" Doreen corrected me. "And now!"

I was only too happy to comply. I was at least granted a bit of a reprieve in the fact that she mounted me, like I was going to complain about that either way. For one thing, in addition to her slithering down my pole like a fireman with the alarm going off in the station as she did, having those two sweet beauties bobbing about up and down above me gave me something else to think about doing to. For me at least, in a way, it's sort of like turning on a light switch. All I have to do is pretend I'm screwing in the bulbs, and suddenly the switch goes up, and everything's on after that. Which it most certainly was.

I mean seriously, she might not have had the biggest tits, but her nipples more than made up for whatever lack thereof there might have been. Which in my book, wasn't much. Easily standing up and away from her breasts by a good inch, inch and a half at least, and as big around as gumdrops, or so it seemed anyway, I just lay there thumbing each one of them, flicking them back and forth between my fingers as Doreen rolled her eyes, moaning. Damn they were fucking fun to play with. So much so, I'd almost forgotten about the sensation her pussy was giving to my cock. Almost...

Still not quite into it yet themselves, both Cindy as well as Laurel just watched from either side of us, occasionally reaching out to toy with, fondle and then eventually kissing me, or one another while Doreen happily went about doing jumping jacks while sitting on my prick.

It wasn't long however before either one of them got aroused themselves once again, and before I knew it, Laurel was easing herself down over my face. Cindy had scooted around Doreen suddenly deciding a little ball sack play was in order, which tightened them up considerably, especially when I felt a probing finger suddenly going places I'd never had or felt one go before.

Feeling that, enjoying the soft wet caress of Doreen's tight hot cunt gripping my shaft, and then Laurel's delicious tasting pussy with that amazing clit of hers as she sat on my face, I once again found myself in a state of euphoria. I knew then that the impossible was possible, that the improbable, no longer was. The fact I now in my third slick pussy in a matter of less than four hours now was beyond me. That I had another gorgeous older woman sitting on my face was the thing that boyhood dreams and fantasies were made of, and I was living one. Not to mention enjoying the feel of a probing finger that up until now anyway, had never been something I'd have ever considered doing myself. I realized then, I still had a lot to learn. A hell of a lot to learn yet. But...I also knew from this moment on, I would be a more than willing student.

"Alright you horny little stud-muffin, give it to me!" Doreen cried out unabashedly. I actually don't think I knew what a stud-muffin was at the time, but I honestly didn't have to do anything but lay there and be one I suppose. I mean after all, Doreen was pretty much doing all the work, and it wasn't like I could really do anything to help that aside from an occasional upward thrust of my pelvis when I could manage it, and not throw Laurel off my face in the process. Besides which, I was already starting to tingle all over the place in ways I'd not experienced before as Cindy continued to touch spots and places that had previously had a "no trespassing" sign posted on them. So much for that.

And I honestly wasn't too sure I'd even climax again myself. It had been a thing of interest just seeing my dick rise once again, let alone anything else. So I figured if nothing else, it was at least stiff enough and hard enough for Doreen to ride on and pleasure herself. I'd have been content enough with that, as long as she was. But the closer and closer she got to having an orgasm, it seemed that she likewise wanted to feel me having one too...inside her. And that, I honestly wasn't too sure about.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me!" She groaned. "I want to feel that big hard prick of yours squirting all that nice hot sticky juice inside my pussy!" She informed me. "I want to feel you bathe the inside of my cunt, I want to feel your warm cum pouring out of me afterwards, and then have the girls lick it all out of me," she added a bit hopefully. Though Laurel moaned as she sat on my face having just heard that.

"Just say when," Cindy said from what sounded like a million miles away, and like she had anything to say in the matter when she did.

"Oh my god! Go ahead, do it!" Doreen cried out.

Now then. If you've never in your life experienced this, I really have to say, you need to. One moment I'm lying there contentedly enjoying myself, and hoping that both of them are too. In the next instant...I'm seeing stars. I mean lots of them, lots and lots of stars. I swear that for a moment, I thought a new universe had been created. I felt Cindy's finger suddenly go even deeper into my ass, she took just a second, and then flicked some sort of internal sensory overload switch or something. Between the lights suddenly going out in the room, and the star thing going off inside my head, I felt this enormous surge suddenly rip through my cock, seemingly coming out of nowhere. As it did, I think I latched on to Laurel's clit. I honestly don't remember. But whatever I did, seemed to have an enormous impact upon her as well.

Maybe suffocating had something to do with the blackout. Either way, I just remember pouring what felt like a gallon of semen into Doreen's cunt, though for a while I even forgot her name.

When I came to again, all of us...were once again collapsed on the bed, breaths still labored to some extent as everyone lay there trying to collect themselves.

All except for Cindy of course. And even then, the patty-pat-pat of her hand as she slapped her pussy was a kind of nice way to lay there and just listen to it as she did.


"What time is it anyway?" Someone asked.

"A quarter after nine," Cindy answered softly. "Room service should be delivering dinner around ten."

"Dinner?" I said sitting up, suddenly ravenous. Even as I did that, my tummy growled in response. I felt like I could eat an entire cow all by myself.

"Figured you might need your strength," Cindy informed me. "The nights far from being over with yet. But..."


"Yeah but...you need to go in and take a shower first, we all do. We all smell and stink like naughty, dirty sex."

"And there's a problem with that?" I asked still feeling a bit wilted and drained, not really wanting to do any more than lift my hands while cutting into a nice thick juicy steak.

"There is if you expect to be doing anything more tonight," she informed me. "As much as I like good old fashioned sweet smelly sex, I also like a bit of freshness too before getting to the smelly sex part again. So...go on now Kevin. Be a good boy..."

"You mean, a good man," Laurel corrected her grinning.

"You're right of course Laurel," Cindy said correcting herself. "Be a good man-boy, and go take a shower. We'll be in directly to join you," she informed me.

Reluctantly I got up and rolled out of bed. But the moment I stood inside the shower with the scalding hot water pouring down over me, I knew then it was the fourth best thing I'd felt so far tonight. And though I was hungry as hell, and anxiously looking forwards towards dinner, I suddenly found myself, just as anxious to slip inside at least one of them again, if not all three before the night was done.

I was soon joined by three luscious naked women as we all stood inside the shower happily soaping one another up.

I laughed as I stood there thinking to myself.

"Hotel Suite...five hundred dollars perhaps? Three gorgeous naked women standing with me in the shower. Losing my virginity to them in the process? Priceless."


It only made sense that the girls had come over wearing the big white fluffy bathrobes that the hotel provided for their guests during their stay there. Now wearing my own, feeling considerably invigorated after my shower, though still ravenously hungry. We soon sat relaxing in the somewhat formal sitting, dining area enjoying a cocktail waiting for room service to arrive. Promptly at ten o'clock the doorbell to my room sounded.

"Dinners here!" Cindy stated standing up to answer it. Even as she opened the door I could smell the freshly baked bread as the gal from room service backed in through the door pulling the cart. I stood up walking over anxious to see what had been ordered. The fact that there appeared to be only two place settings, in other words dinner for two was confusing enough, but I noticed as I stood there looking down, two playing cards, a Queen of Hearts and a King of Hearts appeared in the middle of each empty plate. Bewildered, only then did I look up at the gal who'd brought the dinner in.


Words failed me. I didn't know what to say...what to think.


For a moment I panicked. I thought this was some cruel twist of fate for a moment, looking up glancing towards Cindy. She stood there with this silly grin on her face as she stood there looking at me.

"You...you knew about this?" I asked.

"Let's just say this was a last minute sort of thing, but yes. Now...why don't the two of you sit down and enjoy your dinner. I'm sure the two of you will have a lot to talk about. Girls? Shall we?"

As one they filed by, but not before leaning over giving me a kiss, and none of them were quick little kisses either. As the last to leave, Cindy planted one on me that would have normally knocked my socks off, I could only stand there looking stupid, my face beet red as I worriedly glanced over at Jayleen.

"Your steaks getting cold," she told me smiling. "Sit down, eat...while I try and explain," she informed me.

If it wasn't for the fact that I was damn fucking hungry, I might have actually lost my appetite. I had a hell of a lot of questions to ask for one thing, and even began to ask as we sat down and as I began cutting into my thick succulent steak.


"Shh," Jayleen said. "You eat, I'll start at the beginning. After that, if you have any questions, I'll try and answer them," she told me. Fair enough. Besides like I said, I was damn fucking hungry.

"Last Tuesday I had a long hard talk with my parents. I told them that it was my intention to move upstate in order to attend school and live with my sister when I did. Needless to say, my dad wasn't any too happy about that. He and mom both felt they'd made some big mistakes with her early on, which is one of the reasons they had tended to be so strict with me. They were worried and fearful I'd turn out to be as wild as my sister's become. Anyway, I told them that it was because of their unfair strictness, treating me like I was still a child and not an adult that I was planning on doing that. Finally after some much heated discussion it came down to somewhat of a compromise. I told them both I was willing to stay here and attend school for a year, locally. But...if I were to do that, then they could no longer treat me like a child either. Which meant, I could come and go as I please, see and be with whoever I wanted to be with, and pretty much go where I damn well pleased. For that, I promised to work hard in school, continue to live at home and help out around the house. Eventually, they both agreed."

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