tagChain StoriesKismet Ch. 04

Kismet Ch. 04


Hearing the faint calls of migrating geese, Afsoon reined in her stallion and removed the hood from her hunting falcon. It clung to her leather glove, talons flexing in anticipation. When the vee formation was directly overhead, she loosened the birds jesses and sent it soaring in pursuit.

Moments later it plummeted down on the flock, taking one of it's members with a puff of feathers. Afsoon saw her bird drop to the ground with it's prey behind the bushes at the edge of the oasis. A gentle nudge with her heels sent her mount galloping to where the bird landed. The falcon waited patiently atop it's kill until she dismounted, then flew to her outstretched gloved hand.

Returning the falcon to it's perch on her saddle, she drew her knife and expertly removed the birds heart, giving it to her hunting companion as a reward. Hearing hoof beats, she looked around to see Azlan and the rest of the hunting party riding toward her calling her name, "Afsoon. Afsoon…"

Afsoon arose from her cot, blinking the sleep from her eyes, savoring the bittersweet memories of her dream. A long and bitter month had passed and she was still in General Risay's harem, a sexual plaything to be used as her master saw fit. With a sigh she gathered up her soaps and lotions and walked down the sun lit hall toward the baths.

Discarding her robe, she eased into the soothing perfumed waters, sighing in pleasure. Laving her body with a scented soap, she was pleased to see the bruises from her last encounter with General Risay had almost disappeared. Why did he ravish her so brutally? She was fawningly compliant and amorous, yet he was still coldly abusive. A flash of hatred swept through her. If it costs me my life, I will make him pay for what he has done to my mother and I…

The piping voice of Ahmed the chief eunuch interrupted her vengeful reverie. He waddled through the entrance to the baths leading several women by a chain attached to their collars, their heads hung low in fear and shame at their nudity. Many were olive skinned or fair, but one stood out from the rest and Afsoon's eyes were drawn to her. She was tall with skin of bluish black, her carriage erect, her head held high as she looked about her with interest rather than fear. Afshoon noticed her wrists were shackled and the other women's were not. Snapping black eyes met hers as she stared and the woman flashed her a dazzling smile. Afshoon smiled in return, sensing the woman's strength and courage. She stood up in the shallow bath, water sheeting from her body as they gazed appraisingly at one another. Then the woman and her unhappy companions were led to the far end of the pool to be washed and prepared for their lives as members of Risay's harem.

Afsoon lay back in the waters, images of the ebony-skinned beauty flashing through her mind. In spite of her captivity, the woman seemed proud, almost defiant, yet her eyes spoke of a tenderness cleverly concealed. Completing her bath, Afshoon returned to her quarters to find a breakfast of goats milk, pomegranates, dates, flatbread and honey waiting for her. Although it made her flesh crawl, she repeatedly lavished false praise and affection on her brutal captor; doing this, and by satisfying his depraved urges, she had become one of his favorites. Savoring each bite, she then wrapped her multi-colored robe about her and slid into her sandals to begin another day of captivity.


Afsoon pulled the curtain aside and stepped from her room. Another day as a caged bird, compelled to sing sweetly for it's captor… lost in thought she turned and almost collided with the tall black woman she had seen in the baths. She was dressed in a colorful robe and her hair was close cropped against her head. The woman smiled at Afsoon and she smiled back.

Afsoon cleared her throat, "My name is Afsoon."

The woman smiled and nodded, but did not speak. Afsoon repeated herself in another Farsi dialect, then a third. She received a smile in return, nothing more. Then Afsoon remembered the universal trade language her father used when negotiating with silk merchants.

"Afsoon I am called. You?"

The woman's smile became a broad grin.

"Farisa of the Selam people. At last, one who speaks that I can understand. This place, where is it? Why am I here?"

"Azerbaidastan, it is called. The palace of one General Risay is where we are." She hesitated, unsure of the words to convey the purpose they all served.

"To pleasure and amuse the general. To do his bidding. His property, we all are."

Farisa scowled and her body stiffened.

"This one called Risay, own us, he does? Lie with him, we must? If I must lie with him, his death will be swift."

Afsoon shook her head. "No Farisa. Guards he has in great number. Dead, you would be. With me you will come, and I will explain all."

Farisa shrugged and followed Afsoon into her room.


In the complex social microcosm of the harem, alliances were formed and dissolved, friendships were created and destroyed, secrets kept and revealed, thus no one could feel entirely safe baring their soul to another. Afsoon and Farisa were the exception. In the weeks that followed, a bond developed between them and they became friends.


Farisa's initiation as a sex slave, due to her stubborn resistance, was brutal. When she stumbled into Afsoon's room, ravaged and beaten, Afsoon tended to her, applying poultices of herbs and oils and binding her wounds. Farisa returned the kindness when Afsoon was herself cruelly used and their friendship deepened.


In the third week of Farisa's servitude, she and Afsoon watched from the shade of a veranda as a mounted troop of Risay's army rode forth to do battle with marauding groups of Bedouins.

Both the risen dust and quiet settled on the compound when the women decided to bathe. Strolling naked down the mosaic tiled corridor to the baths, they relaxed into the scented waters and washed each other, gently laving healing wounds.

Not for the first time since they met, both women felt the stirrings of desire at their companions touch. Hands lingered on sleek, wet bodies while laughing and playing in the perfumed waters. The gentle caressing continued as they dried each other.

Returning to Farisa's room, they nibbled on their mid-day meal, enjoying the relaxed of the harem. They reclined on sleeping mats, half dozing. Farisa's hand found Afsoon's and clasped it feeling a squeeze in return.

Afsoon began to cry softly, relishing the quiet and Farisa's companionship, but knowing such tranquility was fleeting in the harsh world they occupied. She began to cry harder as the fears and terrors held in for so long came boiling to the surface.

Farisa gathered Afsoon in her arms and held her close, her head between Farisia's full breasts. They rocked together as Farisa crooned a lullaby her mother sang to her.

"The night is your blanket

My body your sleeping place

Sleep gently little one

You shall fear nothing

I will protect you from harm…"

Afsoon did not understand the words, but the tone was soothing and she snuggled closer, enjoying Farisa's warmth. Farisa lifted Afsoon's face from her breasts and kissed her softly on the lips. Afsoon sighed and returned the kiss, her arms around Farisa's waist. Soft kisses became more lingering, tongues tentatively explored mouths, hands caressing smooth skin.

Little moans escaped their throats as the ashes of desire began to glow in hearts so long denied any trace of affection. Farisa lay back

with Afsoon on top of her. Their stiff nipples brushed together as Afsoon slid between Farisa's thighs.

Kissing and hugging, they rubbed their damp pussies against each other, increasing their movements as their passions rose. They were feeling things nearly forgotten in the brutal world of a sex slave; tenderness, desire and the beginnings of a genuinely satisfying orgasm. Farisa gripped Afsoon's buttocks, body shaking as their labial lips and clits ground together and a powerful orgasm consumed her. Afsoon moaned, hips jerking as her orgasm spread through her body in waves of bliss.

They continued to rub against one another until they each had a second orgasm. Supple bodies dripping with sweat, they relaxed and their breathing returned to normal.

"Your skin feels like silk" Afsoon said throatily, cupping Farisa's breast and teasing the nipple with her thumb.

Farisa slid a finger in her partners wet pussy and wiggled it around. "So does this," she replied with a chuckle.

They shared a goblet of pomegranate wine, lazily caressing each other. Afsoon kissed her way down Farisa's muscled stomach, licking the belly button then traveling lower. The aroma of Farisa's newly fucked pussy was making her mouth water. Reaching the glistening pink slit, she tongued deeply in the slick flesh tasting Farisa's warm nectar. Farisa moaned as Afsoon's tongue caressed the silky pink walls of her aching pussy.

Afsoon's tongue was driving Farisa wild with passion. She gathered handfuls of her lover's long dark hair, gently urging her to fill her mouth with wet pussy flesh. Farisa screamed as Afsoon sucked the pink labial lips in her mouth, greedily drinking the warm fluids flowing between them. Farisa's hips bucked as her pussy and clit were licked and nibbled, Afsoon purring with pleasure while she brought her lover to the brink of orgasm repeatedly until she sent her crashing over in a howl of esctacy.

Farisa tasted herself on Afsoon's lips as they kissed and snuggled in the aftermath of Farisa's sweet release. Farisa's lips began their own journey on Afsoon's body, laving her stiff nipples and pebbled aureoles with her tongue as Afsoon sighed happily. She moved slowly down her lover's rounded belly, teasing the button then parting the golden thighs as she tasted Afsoon's plentiful juices.

She gripped Afsoon's buttocks, and delved deeply into the juicy folds with her long pink tongue, nipping gently at the engorged pussy lips. Afsoon writhed while her lover devoured her sopping pussy. She spread her legs wider to encourage Farisa to eat her; eat her and never stop.

Afsoon jerked and moaned as Farisa slid a wet finger into her lover's puckered asshole, pumping slowly as she nibbled the puffy clit and sucked it between her teeth. Afsoon's thighs tightened against Farisa's head as the licking and sucking increased sending waves of delight through her body.

Growling in passion, Farisa lashed Afsoon's clit with her tongue and added a second finger pumping in the tight asshole. Afsoon's back arched as her orgasm swept through her body, filling her lover's mouth with salty juices that she eagerly swallowed. Farisa coaxed two more orgasms from Afsoon, then crawled up and embraced her as she panted from her exertions.

Green eyes met shiny black as they smiled and kissed tenderly, cuddling together and falling asleep in each others arms. The past was behind them, the future unknowable, but for now they had each other and that was enough.


Delbar was passing Farisa's room when she heard the sounds of lovemaking. She paused for a moment listening to the cries of passion, peeked through the curtain and smiled. In her youth she had numerous female lovers in the harem, many of whom were sold or died while she somehow remained.

Take comfort in one another my dears. Share the tenderness that only lovers can know. Find solace in one another. Be at peace.

She padded to her quarters and prepared a report on this latest development in Afsoon's life to Mahmood Al-Benzair. A soft whistle brought a trusted courier who left immediately for the sultans palace. Then she relaxed with a goblet of wine, anticipating the couriers return with her payment of three gold Talents. Soon she would have enough to purchase her freedom.


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