tagRomanceKiss Me Good Morning

Kiss Me Good Morning


"Morning baby."

I rolled over at the sound of his voice and opened my eyes. He stood there looking down at me, his eyes wide and his smile genuine. I felt my toes curl in excitement as he dragged his gaze slowly down my body. The sheets had fallen away sometime during the night and the warm evening breeze had kept me warm enough that I never thought to replace them. I caressed my right calf muscle with the sole of my foot and winked.

"You look delicious," he whispered, before sliding onto the bed and pressing his lips to mine.

Our tongues danced and teased one another. I tasted his morning coffee and kissed him more deeply, enjoying the bitter and sweet confection that was one of his vises. When we pulled apart, our desire was evident in the way our breathing had become haggard. I moaned when I felt his hand sweep up my thigh, across my hip and up my ribcage.

My hands did not remain idle. I used the tips of my fingers to caress the cords of muscle that lay under the smooth skin of his back. I tickled his ribs and was rewarded with a quick bite to one of my shoulders. I laughed loudly. He slid over me, and pressed his hips against mine.

The evidence of his arousal was easy to feel. I wiggled against it, coaxing the head of his cock so that it lay just on the upper edge of my pussy. "Like that?" I whispered before sliding my hand between our warm flesh.

"Just a bit," he answered back. A smirk told me how much more than "a bit" he liked. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and began to stroke. As I toyed with his ridged tool, his hips moved slowly. We played with each other. Our tempos changing at a mere whim. I teased the head, rolled back the skin and then jerked his shaft with a firm gentle pumping action.

"Careful baby," he said. "Two can play at this game."

This time I smirked. I felt his fingers invade my pussy. Instantly I stopped stroking him as he teased the velvet folds of my sex. "Fuck." The word came out long and low. A sigh of pleasure slipped past and for a moment I relished in the feel of his attention on my person. Eventually though he paused in his assault on me and I renewed my efforts of stroking him.

We moved together, each bringing the other closer to that knowing edge of release. Words of "fuck baby" and "harder" and "fuck yeah, right there" seemed to pour out of us with no real rhyme or reason. We were both close to coming so we stopped tormenting each other and finally I pressed his cock into my slippery pussy.

A long sigh passed from both our lips. He filled me up. The head of his cock pushed against my cervix and I wiggled hoping to gain even more of his heavenly inches. He chuckled, shifted his hips and delivered exactly what I craved. A gasp revealed my pleasure. I moved my hand from between us, gathered up my breasts and offered them to his wet mouth.

He wasted no time in sucking on the twin pearls that I kept pressed together. He teased and tormented the tiny buds with his teeth and the flat of his tongue. His cock remained pressed into me, but every so often he would lift his hips, drawing out a few inches and making me whimper for their returning drive back in.

Slow and agonizing minutes of torturous pleasure began to commence as my hips rolled forward and he drew in and out. He licked my neck, sucked on my freckled shoulders and nipped at the tender flesh under my ear. I locked my legs around his hips and pushed him in further. I begged him to fuck me faster, harder, and deeper and he only laughed at me.

My jaw tightened as our battle of wills commenced. I wanted him to lose control and to give in to that basic carnal desire known as lust. Yet, I never won this war and today would be no different. He called me names and labeled me his whore and dirty girl. The words only aided the stoked embers that his cock was stroking.

I clawed his back with my nails and again begged him to fuck me faster, harder, deeper. Again he laughed and frustration rolled through me. I kicked the bed's mattress, cursed and called him names, but nothing changed. He continued to slowly draw his cock in and out of me. My pussy muscles clenched his rod, working desperately to keep him locked and buried to the hilt inside its warm wet home.

When he finally increased the tempo and the thrust of his piston action I felt I had won. But once more the game was his to control. The fucking was quicker, but nothing like what I craved. Once more I clawed his back, gripped his ass cheeks with my hands and thrust my hips upward, meeting his jousting cock.

"Baby, you're so fuckin' wet."

I blushed because I knew he was right. I was soaked. I had juices pooling between us, skating down the crack of my ass and seeping into the sheets. "Fuck me!" I cried. "Please, fuck oh please fuck me baby!"

His dick devoured my sex. I called out his name as he worked to drive as hard as he could into me. We moved like a well oiled machine. Our mouths devoured the other person's kisses. We licked, sucked and bit down on whatever flesh that was within our reach. I sucked on his shoulder while he plowed deeper and harder. Over and over he drilled me until I could no longer speak or form a coherent word.

We were nothing but two bodies meshed together in a frenzied fuck. When we came we didn't need to announce it to the world. We didn't need to scream it to the rafters that we were coming. I felt the sudden rush of semen collide with the hot juices of my sex. I pushed upward, wanting more. Another volley of his cum cascaded around my pussy walls, and at the same time my juices shot out, splashing his dick and soaking the bed even further.

I shook around him. My pussy was locked around his dick. The muscles milking every inch, coaxing every drop. When we were both willing to part from the other, we did so covered in a sheen of sweat. He pulled me to him, kissed my head and wished me a happy anniversary.

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