tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKiss Me Kate Comes Again

Kiss Me Kate Comes Again


Kate and Claudia enjoyed their shower together; it was warm, powerful and very relaxing. They had made love in Claudia's bed all afternoon and needed to leave soon for their next assignment. Sue, the personnel lady at Maddox, had told them to be at the hotel by six and to dress smartly. It was the top hotel in town - there was to be some sort of dinner, she had suggested.

"You realise I don't even know what Mr. Maddox looks like!" Kate said as she soaped Claudia's beautiful breasts.

"We should find out tonight, darling." Claudia replied with a smile. "I am more interested in that famous dick of his – I can't wait! Ooh, that's feels good."

Kate's hand was now down between Claudia's legs making sure she was nice and clean; their juices and sweat had been flowing freely during their sex games and they both needed the shower! She knew they didn't have that much time; she kissed Claudia gently on the lips, got out of the shower and began to dry herself with a large white towel. She felt refreshed now and ready for whatever the evening might bring. Before returning to the bedroom, she slid her arm inside the shower curtain and turned the cold tap all the way on. Two seconds later, she laughed as Claudia screamed when the cold hit her.

"You fucking bitch, Katie, how dare you?" She yelled jumping away from the water.

"That should cool you off for a while. I could feel you getting horny again; you know what would happen if we got started again. We have to be there by six, remember."

"Bitch, no sex for you tonight!" Claudia growled, although she felt wonderful now; the cold blast had left her feeling warm and tingling once she had dried her body.

"We'll see about that, Claud. Come on now; get that sexy body into some clothes. You know what to wear, don't you?" She came over to Claudia and looked between her legs. "Much better, honey. Don't you think so?"

Earlier, she had helped Claudia shave; she had never really liked the full thick bush of black hair; if nothing else, it tickled! Kate had also sometimes noticed it in the sunshine if Claudia wore a white dress and no panties! She was sexy enough without being that blatant; Kate could get a little jealous if Claudia flirted too obviously with men or women of her own age. They had both become highly aroused as Kate shaved carefully all round the pussy and trimmed the hair above into a small, neat triangle.

When it was ready, Kate had given it a good celebratory sucking and tonguing until Claudia spirted again and again into her mouth. She could still taste it on her lips! Now she sprayed her favorite perfume on Claudia's neck, on her breasts, on her tummy and on the inside of each thigh.

They both put on little black knee-length dresses over sexy black underwear and helped each other with their hair and make-up – nothing too extravagant. Shiny black sensible shoes completed the picture.

"Wow. You look good enough to eat, Claud!"

"Greedy girl, haven't you had enough for one day?"

"Never enough of you, darling." Kate put her hand on Claudia's breast and squeezed affectionately.

"Come on, you horny woman. Let's go." Replied Claudia, opening the door of the bedroom. "I could do with a drink!"

They arrived at the hotel after a short taxi ride. The poster announced "Maddox Salesperson of the Year- Clinton Room. 6pm to 8 pm." Sue was there to greet them; it was the first time Kate had seen her in evening dress – she had made a real effort and, Kate had to admit, looked pretty good! She was wearing a stylish white linen pants suit with a scarlet round-neck blouse cut low enough to show a generous expanse of cleavage. Kate made a mental note to get to know Sue better!

Sue explained that the twenty or so leading contestants had been invited to drinks. Mr Maddox would announce the three winners. ("At last!" thought Kate.) They would go on to a special dinner party in the penthouse suite; the rest were usually left to their own devices in the hotel and around the town's night-spots. They were allowed to charge Maddox with any expenses, within reason, so always ended having a big party of their own. That kept the company gossips busy for most of the following year: who had got off with whom; who had got the drunkest; who did the most embarrassing things; who got arrested! Even so, competition for the three prizes ($20,000, $10,000, $5,000 and a chance to spend quality time with the big boss) was intense.

"What are we here for, Sue?" Asked Kate.

"You'll see. Go in and get a drink; I need to speak to your friend privately. You'll know several people in there. Have fun!"

Kate didn't really want to leave Claudia but muttered: "OK then, I'll see you in there, sister."

She always hated going in to a gathering of people on her own. John was not the most sociable of men but at least he was someone to stand with, until a party got into the swing and she had a few drinks inside her. But this time, she had no need to worry; if nothing else, sales people are natural mixers – they have to be. Of the twenty or so in the room, there were only four women, so Kate soon found herself being drawn into a circle of friendly and welcoming faces and having a large gin and tonic thrust into her hand.

She knew two or three of the salesmen from the head office; she had worked there part-time for over a week now. Already, they had all asked her out for a drink; a wedding ring seemed to be no deterrent to these guys. A woman, young enough, attractive, therefor available: this was their creed! She had politely declined of course.

She noticed Claudia and Sue join the party and begin to mingle at the other end of the room. Kate kept looking around to see what Claudia was up to; the man to whom she was chatting appeared amused by this.

"Am I boring you, Kate? Is there someone you want me to introduce you to?" He said.

"No, no. I'm sorry, that was very rude; I was just checking my friend was OK. It seems she is getting on fine." She replied with a slight edge to her voice. She had noticed that Claudia was already the centre of attention and seemed to be knocking back the champagne. She would have to keep an eye on that girl.

"She is very beautiful, I know, but I prefer a more mature woman, personally." He said.

He was a good-looking man in his mid-forties; Kate felt comfortable in his company and began to relax. They continued their conversation at the fringe of the party until Sue came over and asked Kate to join another group. "Now, George." She said with a knowing smile. "You shouldn't monopolise the women. There are some people I want Kate to meet."

As Kate and Sue walked away and George went off to find another drink, Sue whispered. "That's George, you have to watch him – he's one horny bastard. I know because I've been there! He's a great salesman though – sure to be in the top three."

The presence of Kate, Claudia and Sue had rather discomforted the other women. They were all used to being the centre of attention in their little world at Maddox and now found the men were no longer listening to them but looking over their shoulders at the three sexy new ladies. The saleswomen knew they would not sleep alone tonight and each had a pretty good idea which man, or men, would be with them. Even so, they liked to think they were the stars of this show and could play "hard to get."

The party had been going for over an hour and the volume of noise and laughter continued to rise. Suddenly, Sue stood at the microphone on the stage at the end of the room and shouted.

"Ladies and gentlemen. I have an announcement to make. I have just received a fax from Mr Maddox." She read: "Guys and gals. Sorry to let you down tonight but I can't get away from this deal tonight. You will read about it tomorrow – you'll be real excited! You've all done a fantastic job this year, whether you win the prizes or not – thanks for everything! Anyway I've sent you a little surprise or two that will be a lot more fun than me being there to spoil the party. Enjoy!"

As Sue stepped down, a disappointed silence filled the room. No one could ever remember Mr Maddox turning up to this event! This was broken by the sound of music. They all recognised the tune:

"Di, da, di, dah. Di, da, di, dah." And so on...

The lights suddenly went out. A spotlight picked out a white face, a mane of black hair and a shimmering black dress, as Claudia walked to the centre of the stage. She looked sensational as she began to gyrate to the music, wiggling her hips and shaking her breasts. She danced for a while and then beckoned to Randy, a tall young black guy who had been chatting to her before; he leaped up on to the stage and stood behind her. She gestured to him to unzip the back of her dress and then return to the crowd. He pulled the zip all the way down to her waist but then stood there on the stage moving suggestively to the music.

Claudia smiled and pursed her lips at him provocatively. Brazen bitch, thought Kate, as she watched transfixed. Claudia slowly eased the dress straps over her shoulder. She was no professional but she knew how to tantalise, taking as long as she could to pull her dress off, over her black lace bra, down over her white, firm tummy and black skimpy panties. The men gasped as they saw her white ample thighs above the black hold-up stockings.

Down to her underwear and shaking her sexy hips and butt to the music, she danced down among the guests giving each a special smile. She winked at Kate and danced seductively around each of the women, all pretending to be disgusted by the whole affair but still watching very carefully! Claudia had a hand inside her panties and they each felt themselves getting wet and wanting to do the same.

Claudia returned to the stage and lifted her legs, one at a time, to the black man. As he slowly pulled each stocking down, Kate felt a movement behind her and a whisper in her ear. It was George; she could smell the whisky on his breath. "She's quite something, Kate. But I still prefer someone nearer my own age!"

She felt a hand first on her butt, down at the back of her knee and then moving up the inside of her thigh. It was dark in the room and the music was loud.

"Stop it!" She whispered. "What do you think you are doing?"

She knew he wouldn't stop and she knew she didn't want him to. She tried to concentrate on the sight of Claudia's gorgeous white legs as she continued to dance, but her attention was focused on the feeling of the hand now at the top of her thigh; her skirt had slid up to allow him to push the gusset of her panties to one side. She felt his finger part her pussy lips and ease into her; she already knew how wet and ready she was. She gasped: it felt so fucking good.

"She's lovely!" He whispered as Claudia slowly removed her top and suddenly threw it in to the crowd. She shimmied her large white breasts at the crowd. "You're lovelier!" He began to rub hard on her clitoris.

"She's sexy!" Claudia turned her back on them and provocatively and very, very slowly removed her black panties, wiggling her shapely behind. "You're sexier!" He slid two fingers into Kate's pussy and began to finger-fuck her hard and fast. She could feel the juices running down the inside of her legs onto the tops of her stockings.

"I'd like to fuck her!" He hissed, as Claudia pulled her panties off, turned suddenly back to the crowd and threw them high into the air. One of the men caught them before they reached the ground and sniffed them appreciatively. There was a huge roar of approval, as Claudia stood there naked for a second, her magnificent body shining in the light, breasts proud and upright, perfect white flesh apart from the small dark triangle at the centre, before the spotlight went out. "But I want to fuck you even more and I will tonight!" George continued.

At the lights returned, Claudia danced naked around her new black friend, who had stripped down to his white boxers in the dark. Sue went back to the microphone, unaware that Claudia had pulled down Randy's shorts and had knelt down to take him in her mouth. Sue continued oblivious to the fact that the audience was much more interested in what was going on behind her.

"The moment you've all been waiting for!! The winners are...

In third place is...Ferdinand. $5.000 plus...me!" Poor Ferdy always won third place and Sue. She was besotted with him and it was the only way of getting hold of him once a year. He enjoyed it really, he knew he would marry her one day, but wasn't ready to settle down quite yet!

By now, Randy's huge black dick had enjoyed the tightness of Claudia's throat and was in the mood to test that sweet juicy pussy. He bent her over the chair and took her from behind, sliding in and out slowly and smoothly. Her cries of pleasure began to mount as Randy mounted her doggy style.

"And in second place is...George. $10,000 plus...Katie!" Kate turned around and kissed George full on the lips. She could feel his excitement through his pants and giggled. She knew what was in store tonight!

The spotlight returned to the bodies on the stage. Randy was driving in hard and fast while Claudia rubbed on her clitoris, giving out spasmodic whelps of pleasure. Their bodies were by now glistening with sweat, black and white, man and woman, stud and slut, dog and bitch, as the crowd yelled their appreciation.

"And the winner is:...Randy. $20,000 and...Claudia."

At this moment, they both reached their climaxes. Claudia screamed at the top of her voice for several seconds; Randy felt her pussy contract even tighter as his balls released all the tension by squirting his warm seed all the way into that horny shaven cunt. His whole body tensed as he forced himself deep, deep into her, relaxed and then rolled elegantly off her. They stood up, held hands, bowed once to the crowd and walked off the stage with a confident swagger and wave.

There was loud applause – Randy was a smooth operator. He had joined Maddox from a competitor and brought so much new business with him that he couldn't fail to win this year. George was always first or second; Ferdinand was always third whatever his sales performance – but everyone liked him. So there was no real surprise or resentment at the results. As more drinks were brought round and they all planned the next stage of their evening, the other winners were shown out by a side door and taken to the elevator.

For them, the night was still very, very young...

To be continued...

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