tagNonHumanKiss of the Moon Ch. 09

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 09


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and are not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the feed back and I am glade you liked the latest chapter. Just a reminder there are only two more chapters to this story line. For those who are screaming and yelling NO, don't worry, due to many requests/demands, I am writing more stories with the same characters, Grey-hawk, Roberto, Alanna and Electra and will as soon as they are done be continuing with Amy's story.

As always I thank my editor and you the readers.

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* * * * *

Bob handed the microphone back to Eon. Eon took the microphone and bowed her head.

Bob hopped down off the stage and turned to Amy, "And now the battle lines are drawn."

Amy sighed, "Lets hope nothing will come of this, that those few people will realise the world is moving forward and they are being left behind if they retain such evil ideals."

Bob nodded and smiled. "I found them," he told Amy and gestured behind her.

Amy turned and a big smile broke her face, before her stood some of the Marines from her hop, the important ones. "Hello… you don't know me but I know you," Amy told them.

Susan Rice frowned, "How?" she asked. Susan looked different out of her battle fatigues, softer perhaps. Her jeans and top hugged her feminine form. Blond hair was pulled back in a pony tail, blue eyes were weary. Her team had been pulled from a mission by the president, of course she was weary.

Amy smiled, "It's a long story. One I want to tell you but not here, it might be easier to show you," Amy told him.

Rhiannon frowned as she joined them. "Amy…" Rhiannon said to gain her attention, "It was one thing with Were, they are telepathic already. I still thought it impossible to do what you did but with humans."

Amy smiled, "I can do it mother," Amy taunted Rhiannon.

Rhiannon pointed at her, "I am not your mother yet," she said angrily.

Bob chuckled and turned to Wolfgang, "They are still arguing about that?" Bob asked.

Wolfgang nodded, "They are Ancient," he said in way of explanation.

"One of these days someone is going to have to explain that to me," Bob said.

"You and me both," Wolfgang told Bob, basically saying that he knew little of the Ancients to aid Bob in his quest.

Bob sighed and watched Amy.

"Who gave birth to me?" Amy asked.

"I do in 900 hundred years time… don't push me Amy," Rhiannon retorted, "I am still finding it hard Amy. Can we do this slowly?" Rhiannon asked.

Amy nodded.

"Ancients really should just be called complicated," Mary slid in. "Mister President, my Queen can I get you both hooked up for a T.V interview." She asked hopefully.

Bob turned to Amy. Amy nodded.

"First things first," Bob turned to the Marines who straightened, "You are to protect Amy, you'll understand why later. You will be joining a group of Were who are also going to be protecting her," he told them, "If Amy gives you an order, as long as it doesn't conflict with protecting her, obey it."

They nodded.

"Any orders from any one other than myself and Amy you are to disregard," Bob told them giving them perhaps their strongest order, never had they worked outside of the chain of command before.

They nodded again casting Amy a curious look.

Bob turned to Mary, "Okay lets do this," he told her.

Mary's producer quickly hooked Bob up then Amy. Amy adjusted the earwig in her ear and the way she held her microphone. The producer started to count down then pointed to Mary.

"Welcome back, as you can see I am with President Robert Ashford and my pack's Alpha female Amy Luis after their historical speeches." Mary turned to them, "So first question, what has sparked all this?" Mary asked.

Bob smiled and turned to Amy.

"Many small factors have been leading to this but most of all it would have to be the added push of Senator Paolini and his bill for registration of Were. If that were to go through It would be as if humans have gone back to the second world war when the Jewish were forced to wear the star of David on their cloths simply because they had become the new focus of hate for another race. All the development, all the sharing that has happened since that time washed away as if hundreds of thousands of people hadn't been killed for simply having a different belief structure," Amy explained.

Bob however knew the true motivation, like Amy he didn't want to see a blood bath.

"And the mumbles of a War?" Mary asked.

"That is what we are tying to stop," Bob stated, "Before I was asked to come to the gathering I had no idea of the numbers, I naïvely believed that there were more humans then Were. I was dead wrong, each pack or pride keeps extensive records of births, deaths and turns. Even if Were numbers were less I would still wish no battle. This world is to be shared." Bob finished.

"Nor do we wish to fight humans," Amy added.

"So Bob, tell me, during your time at the gathering what did you come to admire the most about Were?" Mary asked curious.

Bob thought for several moments. "The most moving thing I watched was a traditional funeral. I have come to understand that the measure of a person or people can be noted in how they treat their dead. It was… it was different but steeped in tradition. I almost caused a blunder by going and offering my condolences, but Were don't really mourn their dead. They believe in reincarnation. I was told, when I was stopped, something very simple, why offer condolences to someone who isn't really dead, they are just not here. It moved me," Bob told the world.

"But what did you come to admire?" Mary pushed.

"As for what I came to admire," Bob paused for a moment, "I came to admire many things, the compassion they showed to several woman who had been badly treated, the infinite patience in dealing with those same women. But mostly I came to admire the fact that although they were all different, that they came from different backgrounds, different up bringing, cultures, they could all get along. During the talks they argued and debated but everyone had a voice, when the talks were over they were all friends, they could laugh and be at ease amongst each other. That's what I came to admire, the Were ability to work together without offers of payment or trade, working together without strings just to ensure that everyone was safe."


Amy flopped onto her couch at her apartment and snatched the remote from Alanna and changed the channel. Alanna rested her head on Amy's lap to watch the news with her. Footage from across the world of Were protests was replayed. Amy smiled, everything seemed to revolve around the mass protest. Susan, Ryan, Jeff, Dennis and Pat walked into the lounge room. Alanna crawled over Amy and left giving them a wide birth.

Amy sighed, she thought Alanna was doing better than that.

"What's her problem?" Ryan Pierce asked. Ryan was the typical looking Marine. White skinned with brown hair kept in standard Marine cut. He had a broad Texan accent and a body that would gain him a lot of attention.

Amy stood, "Her problem is that at nine she was taken from her foster family, raped and abused by a man. The abuse only stopped about four to five months ago." Amy stood, "Don't let her looks fool you, she's not even sixteen," Amy explained.

Ryan winced, "Sorry Ma'am."

"Amy," Amy corrected him, "Alanna… Electra… Maria…" Amy called out.

All three appeared at the doorway but wouldn't come any closer. Amy turned to them.

"Okay…" Amy nodded, she understood their fear. "I know you were threatened with being handed over to humans," Amy said gently. "Granted not all humans are nice, but these humans are good. They made the threat to play on you, to make you submit, to give you something to be more afraid of than them," Amy explained.

Amy waited, letting them think, knowing that if she let them think it over they would come to the same conclusion.

Ryan stepped forward, "Ladies… I swear to you that if I ever meet the men who hurt you, I would make them exceedingly uncomfortable for what ever remained of their lives," he told them honestly.

Electra smirked, "Too late," she walked forward and held out her hand. Ryan shook it, "I'm Electra."

Ryan released her hand. "Sergeant Ryan Pierce. Most just call me Sarge," he told her, he shifted his head trying to see through the dark glasses that covered her eyes.

Electra smiled weakly, "I was subjected to twelve years in a lightless cell chained to a wall. My eyes can't handle light. Excellent night vision though," Electra explained. She sat and waited for Alanna and Maria. Maria left going back to her room.

Electra stopped Amy from going after her, "You can't force her to live Amy, you can only give her the support she needs to take the risk."

Amy sighed and nodded. Alanna walked forward and lent over the back of the couch watching the marines.

"But I did so well with you guys," Amy told them.

"Everyone is different, I think though that Maria would be better off with Anna," Electra told Amy.

"We'll see." Amy told her. She turned back to the Marines, "Okay so Ryan you know, Susan Rice, Dennis Mc Gee aka Mac and Pat Harrison aka Lock-heart." Amy smiled. "Now the others in my 'protection' are in the gym."

Electra jumped to her feet, "bags the dummy," she ran off with Alanna chasing her. Amy followed them with the others following her. Amy took them down into the sub basement where the gym was. People were wrestling or fighting on the mats as well as using the equipment. When Amy became Alpha her building had quickly filled with Were who had decided that the sub basement which had been used for storage would be better for a gym. They paused as they entered to watch a fight. Susan winced when she saw one opponent being slammed hard onto the ground but jerked in surprise as the person got up, relocated their shoulder and threw themselves back into the battle.

Wolfgang walked up behind them. "Rematch?" Wolfgang asked startling everyone in the gym.

Amy smiled and turned to him, "Why not?"

The two fighters left the ring, Amy had been meaning to come down for a work out so underneath her jumper was a tank top and under her sweatpants were shorts. She kicked off her shoes and took off her outer garments. She then stretched as everyone gathered to watch.

"This isn't even a contest," A darker man said aside to Gillian.

Gillian snorted, "Right, you should have seen their last battle, Amy trounced him, Wolfgang had to shift into Hybrid form just to beat her. Amy maybe small but she's no push over."

Amy turned to Wolfgang, "No shifting," she told him sternly.

Wolfgang chuckled as he limbered up, "Fine then no groin hits," he retorted back.

Amy snorted, as if she would try to hurt her favourite part of him. Wolfgang kicked off his shoes and took a fighting stance. Amy copied but her stance was different, lower and more relaxed where Wolfgang's was more akin to a boxers. They started to circle; Amy padded silently, Wolfgang hopped.

Wolfgang closed the distance and jabbed forward. Amy trapped his arm and used the strength in his arm to pull herself up to double kick his head. She released his arm landing on her back. She quickly rolled away and up to her feet. She smirked as Wolfgang shook off the two kicks.

He was quick though and followed her with a series of fast moving hits that Amy blocked or dodged. Whenever she saw a chance she would attack back, landing hits mainly to his chest or stomach. Wolfgang kicked out with a spinning kick, Amy dodged it and countered with a jumping round house which landed squarely across his face. She landed and stepped away.

He ran his hand across his mouth and showed a smear of blood. He glared at her and attacked, he threw out his right fist, Amy pulled away letting his fist fly past her. Wolfgang changed his blow and backhanded her across the face hoping to pay her back in time. Amy took the hit and jabbed forward slamming a fist into his kidney. Amy then stepped away, she rubbed her face, he hadn't hit hard enough to make her bleed and started to circle again. Wolfgang closed the distance between them and jabbed to her face. Amy stepped forward and ducked under his fist. Wolfgang had been hoping for that, he shifted his feet coming up behind her as Amy went to quickstep out of there. He wrapped his arms around her.

He locked his arms, putting her in a bear hug. Amy flexed her arms and slowly his iron grip loosen. Wolfgang not wanting to give up his advantage, lifted her and slammed them both onto the ground. Amy managed to slide her arms free and went to work elbowing him in the side. Wolfgang released her. Amy rolled out of his arms and went to get to her feet. Wolfgang was up faster, he grabbed her arms pulling them out from under her slamming her face back down into the matting.

Wolfgang pinned her arms behind her, "Yield?" he asked her.

"As if," Amy declared, as she twisted her wrists and gripped his forearms as he was holding her upper arms. Wolfgang winced and released her. Amy slowly got her feet beneath her as she continued to apply pressure to his arms. Amy lifted her leg back placing a foot on his abdomen, as she released his arms she kicked him away. She smirked at him as Wolfgang flexed his forearms.

He glared at her, "How do you do that?"

Amy just smiled, "You'll have to beat it from me," Amy told him.

"With pleasure," Wolfgang replied.

He started attacking low, trying to get Amy to wrestle.

"What is he doing?" The darker man commented to Gillian.

"Amy can generate the same amount of force Wolfgang can, in a fist fight Amy can hold her own. Wolfgang can only gain an advantage by using his body, Amy can shift it, she can generate the strength to do so but she can't battle his shear size. So Wolfgang only gains an advantage by wrestling with her," Gillian explained.

Wolfgang finally managed to knock Amy's legs out from under her. Wolfgang was on top of her and trying to pin her down. He succeeded in pinning her legs beneath his but Amy managed to keep her arms free. Her fists landed hard until Wolfgang pinned them. He chuckled as he watched her.

"I win," he told her.

"First blood is mine," she replied.

Wolfgang glared at her, "Rematch?" he asked.

"Later," Amy agreed.

Wolfgang got off of her and helped her to her feet. Everyone dispersed to go about their training. Amy turned to the Marines.

"Gillian, Sienna, Sammy and Drifter," Amy called out.

They came to her call. Wolfgang wrapped his arms around Amy.

"Okay, Sarge, Susan, Lock-heart and Mac," Amy pointed them out to the Were, "Wolfgang my mate, Gillian his second, Sienna Gillian's mate, Sammy and Drifter." Amy pointed them out to the marines, "Gillian, Sienna, Sammy and Drifter will be working with you," Amy explained.

Susan stepped forward, "Um… I'm a good fighter but I'm meant to be the teams medic."

Amy smirked, "I'll get Nathanael to give you a crash course in Were physiology and healing rates, I think you'll find it informing."

Susan nodded her appreciation.

Lock-heart stepped forward, "No offense or anything but how do you know us?" he asked. Lock-heart was the only member of the small team who wasn't originally from America, he had grown up in Australia and still had the heavy Queenslander accent. His mother had moved here for work in his mid teens and had remarried a Bronx cop, a few years later he had gotten his dual citizenship and had joined the Marines.

Amy smiled, "Come on we'll go back to my apartment and I will attempt to explain all this to you." They nodded. Amy didn't bother to gather her things she just went up to the apartment with both halves of her team following.

Amy sat and they sat around her, "Okay. Firstly, I'm not Were, I'm Ancient."

"Which means?" Mac asked, he had a thick New Yorker accent tinged with a Greek accent as he was a first generation American and his parents kept to their Greek heritage.

"It means she's complicated to all heck," Drifter slid in.

Mac turned to Drifter, "I didn't ask you I asked her."

Drifter softly growled, "She is my Queen, you will treat her with respect."

"Guys cut it," Amy told them both, she then turned to Mac, "Drifter is correct Ancients are complicated, Ancients are classed as among the Other magical races, but Ancients aren't really a race. They are merely a unique group of people who for starters can't be killed, they time travel a lot and are often referred to as the Guardians. An Ancients sole purpose is to… I guess you could explain it as to prevent certain things from happening."

"Such as?" Mac asked.

"Such as… a blood bath between Were and Humans," Amy stated, "That's how I know you, because I hopped forward in time to a month from now and lived through a global mass genocide," Amy waited for their reactions to her statement.

"You belong in a loony bin." Was Mac's response.

Amy smirked, "This coming from the guy who crosses himself whenever he sees a spider."

Susan snorted to cover her laugh.

"How do you know that?" Mac demanded.

"Because we spent a good nine hours crawling through sewers to get out of the city unnoticed," Amy explained.

Rhiannon leant on a steel post as she listened to Amy try to explain how she knew what she knew. "Perhaps you should try to show them," she said.

"Okay everyone but Sienna and Gillian…" Amy started.

"Hey why not us?" Sienna protested.

"Because… okay but don't say I didn't at least warn you all that you will witness your own deaths," Amy told them, "Now everyone in a circle," Amy told them.

Wolfgang who had come up with Rhiannon was quick to join the circle. Rhiannon was also as quick hoping to see what Amy had. Everyone sat on the ground their knees touching.

"Okay close your eyes and relax, these are my memories of events that hopefully will not happen, you will not be harmed in any way," Amy explained.

Everyone closed their eyes and took several deep breaths to relax. Amy flung her awareness over the group. Susan tensed as she felt as if a hand had just brushed up her neck.

Bear with me, the first part of the hop is me hearing things, not seeing things. Amy warned them as she took them into the Hop.


Amy released their minds the moment the hop was over. Sienna turned to Gillian and hugged him tightly. Amy leant against Wolfgang and waited.

Susan turned to Amy, "I can see now why you had to come out to stop that," she said hesitantly, she had witnessed her own death and it had rattled her.

"So Mac, still believe I'm a loony?" Amy asked him.

Mac shook his head, "No Ma'am, I'm glad I'm on your side."

"Amy," she corrected him, "I put up with my lady and my queen from pack and Alpha but from outsiders I don't like it."

Wolfgang chuckled and nuzzled her neck

Bastion walked in, "How many am I cooking for?" he asked.

"Amy and I are having dinner with Isaac, Tammy and the cubs, we can protect ourselves. So I guess everyone else," Wolfgang supplied.

Bastion glared at him, "You're springing for pizza or something else," Bastion told him, "I am not cooking for more than ten people and well, will you look at that there are ten people in the room not including you and Amy and that's not even including the girls." He walked off.

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