tagGroup SexKissing The Bride: Rehearsal 01

Kissing The Bride: Rehearsal 01


"Hurry up, Kimmy; you don't want to miss your own wedding rehearsal."

My nineteen year old stepdaughter's wedding rehearsal was in fifteen minutes, and the church was halfway across town. Kimmy was not the only one running late. I was busy zipping Ruth into her skintight moleskin minidress. We had just snuck in a 'fast blowjob and spanking followed by pussy eating in the shower' moment, when we really didn't have time.

"If you aren't careful, honey, you'll give the preacher a heart attack."

"I'll be damned if I'll be a frumpy mother of the bride," Ruth said.

"Beside, Reverend Peever is like a hundred years old, and smells all musty," Kimmy added.

Ruth giggled. I loved how she still acted girlish. "In that case, maybe I should unzip it to here," she opened the dress to her navel, "just to see if I can make him stiff."

"You are such an evil woman," I said, kissing her, "You'll likely be in hell before heaven knows you're dead anyhow."

"Oh, I expect a few angels will cheer when they get the news. But heaven wouldn't want me. And Hell would be afraid I'd take over."

"Did you remember your Ben Wa balls?"

"Yes. Have you got your cock ring on?"

"I thought since I just came, I might go without."

"Better get it, nasty man. Even though Kimmy won't be in her wedding gown that you like so much, I know how much you want Wendy." My cock throbbed as Ruth reminded me that Kimmy had promised to help us seduce her maid of honour and lover, as payback for Ruth letting Kimmy spicing up the wedding by wearing a low-cut gown with thigh high slits on either side of the her legs.

"Okay, Ruth, just don't you disappear with Melody Ann. The thought of you having sneaky sex with a bridesmaid might make my balls explode if I can't cum." Despite my recent orgasm, thinking of all the fuckable women at the rehearsal expedited my recovery.

Ruth grasped my hands and ran them up to cup her melons. I could feel that the sex in the shower had just made her hornier. One of our shared lovers had labeled her nipples "Eveready" like the batteries. Except, instead of going, Ruth kept on cumming and cumming and chumming. She leaned back into my hard cock. My hands gravitated to the hem of Ruth's dress and slid it up. I pressed her against the wall. My fingers brushed her thong aside. "Please don't rip it off, Jeff. The Ben Wa balls might tumble out"

I had Ruth pinned to the wall. I unzipped my pants and freed my rigid cock Ruth moaned as I rubbed the shaft inside the valley of her buttocks. She disdained anal sex, but loved this sensation. I jumped back as Kimmy startled me by walking into the bedroom.

"Who is making us late now?" She teased.

"Jeff needed to unleash his monster so I could put his cock ring on. " Ruth ran a hand up and down my still hard cock. "You wouldn't want Reverend Peever staring at your Step Dad's woodie as he walks you up the aisle, would you? So he needs the cock ring. Unless you want to relieve him the old fashioned oral way?"

Kimmy licked her lips with exaggerated drama. Despite the teasing, she had never had sex with me, not even oral. The closest we had come was the weekend before. While Ruth had been out trolling for sexual adventures under guise of last minute wedding planning, Kimmy had seductively told me about her own history of sexual escapades, trading tales for my support of her choice of wedding gown. She had kissed me, and tortured my nipples, but had not licked my cock. As she stared at me now, that image played through my mind. My cock, nicknamed 'Seymour' by Kimmy, rose to the occasion.

Before last week, Ruth had insisted on insulating Kimmy from our open marriage and its consequences. After hearing that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, though, Ruth opened up to Kimmy about her own thrill seeking, as a prelude to the negotiation: help seducing Wendy in return for Ruth agreeing with Kimmy wearing the revealing gown.

"Well, Mom, it looks like Jeff's a bit stiff to fit your ring onto just now. Care to borrow the adjustable ring Wendy got me? I used in on Jeff last weekend. It fit well. And I don't need it for Eric til the honeymoon."

"Don't you intend to get well fucked tonight, sweetie?"

"Oh, I might sneak of with Eric for a quickie, but we need to split up before midnight. Tradition, you know. So I might just settle for sleep over sex with Wendy. After all, the maid of honour is supposed to make sure ALL the bride's needs are cared for."

"Are we still on for the clit piercing tonight?"

"For sure, Jeff. Right after Eric leaves. What a great secret wedding present."

"I think I'll just relieve Jeff the old fashioned way, Kimmy. I hope you don't mind if I do it right here- we're in a hurry."

I pointed out that we didn't even have time for that, if we wanted to get to the Church on time. Kimmy offered to drive, so Ruth could blow me in the backseat. This startling suggestion would open a whole fresh chapter in mother daughter relations, and my fit in that relationship. Teasing and playing with Kimmy alone had been exciting. Ruth and I had done exhibitionist games with others. But just thinking of head from Ruthie, with Kimmy watching made my already stiff member throb violently in Ruth's hand.

Just then, the phone rang. Ruth grabbed it with her free hand, never relaxing her grip. She spoke to the caller briefly, still toying with my balls.

"That was Bob Thomas next door. He was afraid, since he saw we hadn't left yet, that we might have car trouble. He offered to have Melody Ann drive us in their Suburban. I said 'yes'."

"Oh, Mom, why did you have to do that? She spoils everything."

Despite being a bridesmaid, Melody Ann was Kimmy's rival, including for the affections of Eric. I doubted that Ruth had told Kimmy every detail of our sexual history- that would take months- so Kimmy likely was unaware that Ruth and Melody Ann had enjoyed an intense Sapphic encounter while Kimmy had vamped me.

"Not everything, dear. In fact, her openness can add a lot to a situation. Like now. I agreed to take the offer not just to please her Dad, but also because with Melody Ann driving, you'll have no trouble watching me deep throat Jeff."

Ruth stuffed my bulge into my pants, and then we all piled into Melody Ann's vehicle. Ruth and I took the back bench seat. Kimmy scored the passenger side captain's chair. I noticed Melody Ann adjust her rear view mirror. The phrase 'set up' ran through my brain. Before I could think further, Ruth unzipped my pants at the same moment Melody Ann pulled out of the driveway. As we bumped out across the curb, Kimmy said, "Good thing Mom didn't swallow you yet, Jeff, she might have bit it off."

If Melody Ann was not in on Ruth's plan before, she was listening now. Ruth primed my stiffening shaft with three quick strokes, then squeezed the head, her thumb grazing the slit, as she explained, "I need to make sure Jeff doesn't embarrass us with a stiffie in the church."

"Oh, Mrs. Hunter. I would have been happy to help with that," Melody Ann said.

"But folks might notice the bridesmaid missing at the same time as the bride's step dad. And what if they held up the rehearsal? And, please call me Ruthie. Jeff knows all about our time together, dear."

"Mom!" Kimmy squealed, "You and Melody Ann? How could you?"

"Well, dear- it was like this. She was a damsel in distress. Well, actually, not really in her dress much at all. That was the problem. I rescued her and she returned the kindness. I love sex with enthusiastic women almost as much as men. More, if I'm in the mood. And Melody Ann sure got me in the mood."

"Speaking of in the mood, Ruth, if I can't have him now, would you mind if I sneak off with Mr. Hunter during the dinner after?" Melody Ann asked.

"Please call him Jeff, dear. I bet what he would like a blowjob under the table best. If the set up doesn't allow that, the coatroom or restroom works too."

My head was spinning. Suddenly, my wife was fixing me up with this young vixen, after we already had plans to play together with Wendy, the maid of honour. How would I manage? Maybe I ought to save my strength. Before I had a chance to say a word, Ruth bobbed her head into my lap, swallowing my entire cock in one gulp. Her fist pumped the shaft as she drew her lips slowly up, pausing to lick around the bottom of the helmet. "Hmmmm….Mrs…I mean Ruth, he looks as tasty as an ice cream cone," Melody Ann mused.

I made eye contact with Kimmy in the rearview mirror. As she turned to watch more closely, I saw she was still capable of blushing. Kimmy's tongue ran over her full red lips as she watched her mother's mouth capture the tip of my cock. Ruth kneaded my scrotum with her hand. I noticed that Kimmy had undone the top two buttons of her conservative 'rehearsal dress'. Her fingers were idly toying with the soft flesh bursting out of the cups of her baby blue lacy bra. Any embarrassment had passed quickly. Melody Ann was busy trying to watch the road, enjoy Ruth's show, and now, peep at Kimmy.

Ruth busily pumped her hand up and down my cock, teasing the head with just the top of her tongue. I watched Kimmy pop her left breast free of her bra. Her nipple was fully erect. I noticed Melody Ann's tongue snaking out the corner of her mouth as Kimmy caressed herself. I thought Melody Ann might be about to lunge across and suckle Kimmy. We didn't need an accident, so I upped the ante to change the dynamic. I unzipped Ruth's dress so her full tits fell out. "Like Mother, like daughter," Melody Ann observed.

Ruth's nipples were also excited, and got even bigger as I teased them, pulling, stretching then twisting. Ruth responded by vigourously bobbing up and down on my cock, taking it all in her mouth, then pulling up so only the head was in her lips. Her tongue teased around the bottom of the shaft on the down strokes, then flicking the soft tip with her teeth.

"Gee, Mom, he looks like he's swelling up even fatter inside your mouth. I can see him poking out your cheek" Kimmy mimicked my finger action, toying with her breast in synchronicity with my doing the same to Ruth. Melody Ann was wearing a knit pullover dress, but only one hand was on the wheel. The other was hidden from my view, but the excited elbow action suggested her nipples were getting a good massage.

I hoisted Ruth's skirt, exposing her plum thong to the girls. Kimmy followed suit, shifting in her seat so she could push her hem up to her waist, revealing a tiny strip of silk that matched her bra. It was more awkward for Melody Ann to drive and uncover, so she had to content herself with glancing sideways to watch Kimmy stroke her own thigh with fingertips recently manicured in the most expensive shop in town.

My hands roamed across Ruth's firm ass, starting by just rubbing her tender flesh.

"Kimmy, your Mom is in great shape for an older woman. She…"

"Ewww, Melody Ann, do not tell me about you and my Mom…"

"It was perfectly wonderful."

"Well, I don't want to hear about it, you cheap slut." Kimmy was distracted from the excitement of the previous moment. She slumped in her seat, fingers no longer in her lap, staring out the window.

"Cheap slut? You call me a 'cheap slut'? What if I tell Eric about you and Jeff?"

"Well, I never pulled a train of the college basketball team then bragged about being the first high school girl to have the whole starting five."

"I think you're jealous I did that. Just like you're jealous I fucked your fiancé, because you're too stuck up to do anal."



Since Ruth's mouth was too full to allow her to intervene, I spoke up, to avoid a disaster befalling the rehearsal. I knew agreeing to have Melody Ann as the 'even up' bridesmaid, just because there had to be two ushers, was a baaaad idea. I was tempted to relax and allow the blowjob to be enhanced by an all-out hissing, slapping, scratching clothes tearing cat fight, but the risk of car crash or ruined wedding was too great.

I chose a quick slap on Ruth's ass to break the tension. Ruth grunted around my cock. Melody Ann, startled, grinned and licked her lips. "Is your ass as nice as your Mom's, Kimmy?"

"You'll never find out."

"Just watching your Mom's ass squirming under Jeff's slaps makes me all wet." Melody Ann ran a finger through her pussy lips, and then licked it in slow motion, showing off for Kimmy, and also making fresh eye contact with me in the mirror. Ruth lifted her head from my lap for a moment to watch this play out. "Care to taste it, Kimmy? Or would you rather I taste yours? You are wet aren't you? I'm sure I can smell you from here."

"Which part of 'never' do you not get, bitch?" Kimmy turned to watch Ruth deep throating me. As she observed us, her fingers slid back up her skirt.

"Ruth…we're almost at the church. I can see the steeple up ahead." Melody Ann giggled. "A-head. How ironic. Anyway, better finish Jeff off quick, or you'll have just made his erectile problem more obvious not less."

"Being surrounded by beautiful women in a vehicle full of the odor of sex does that to me, I'm sorry."

Ruth increased the tempo of her bobbing up and down my shaft, her tongue now teasing my slit open aggressively. Her right hand milked my balls. She snuck her left hand around my butt. As soon as her finger stroked my prostrated, I groaned, a flood of cum filling Ruth's mouth. Kimmy game with a great scream just a moment later.

Ruth lifted her head out of my lap, still fondling my deflating cock gently. She asked Melody Ann to pass a Kleenex, so she could wipe the excess cum off her lips and chin. In response, Melody Ann pulled over to the curb, turned to Ruth, and licked the cream clean. She finished by cupping Ruth's chin in both hands and fiercely French kissing her, using her tongue to lave the inside of Ruth's mouth, cleaning all the cum out. Kimmy was visibly restless, muttering about being late. However, in ironic imitation of Melody Ann's earlier actions, Kimmy staring licking her own fingers clean. All this play just made my cock stir within Ruth's grasp. She clamped down hard, whether intending to restrain me, or in response to Melody Ann's attentions.

Melody Ann grinned goofily when she finished with Ruth, her own chin now glistening with a mix of saliva and sperm." Sure you won't do for me what I did for your Mom, Kimmy?"

"Just get me to the church, cow."

"Kimmy, be polite," Ruth said as she fastened her favourite cock ring around my deflated shaft. "There, girls, not even those visible nipple rings of Melody Ann's will force Jeff to make a scene."

I looked at Melody Ann. As Ruth pointed out, the excitement had aroused her nipples, pressing her jewelry against the wool of the dress. She was clearly braless. We all sat catching our breath for a minute before Melody Ann wheeled the Suburban in the church parking lot. A dozen vehicles were already there, the rest of the attendees waiting for us.

"Maybe if you stop imagining I'm staring at those baubles, your tits will relax, Melody Ann," Kimmy said, "because I am not interested in you. How else can I make that clear?"

"Perhaps, dear, if you weren't actually staring at her nipples as you deny it, Kimmy dear," Ruth suggested.

We hopped out of the SUV. Ruth lined us up for inspection, pronouncing, "No visible cum stains." Kimmy and Melody checked and approved Ruth's attire. Melody Ann added a quick squeeze of Ruth's ass and a caress of pussy through dress as she 'helped Ruth with her lipstick.'

I noticed as we rounded the corner of the Suburban that Wendy, the maid of honour Ruth and I wanted to seduce, was staring at us. I wondered how much she had seen, or guessed. Wendy was chatting with the other bridesmaid, a rather plain athletic girl named Henrietta, inevitably known as Hank. She was pleasant and cheerful, but never seemed to have a date. The high school custodians always seemed to be whitewashing over 'Hank gives Head- to Dykes' graffiti. However, Kimmy had not confessed to any sexual adventures with Hank. My hormones were so charged up at the rehearsal that, for the first time, I noticed Hank as a sensual possibility- perhaps the proverbial still water running deep, the truly grateful lover. Wendy was whispering into Hank's ear, giggling, arms linked. Watching this perked up my interest further. My cock strained against it's restraint as I realized that Kimmy never told me about Wendy's other lovers, only her own. What Kimmy had told me suggested that Wendy was polymorphously promiscuous, an adept sexual seductress. Hank's adoring gaze s their heads bowed together marked her as a conquest of Wendy, and therefore a suitable target for my own interest. Perhaps not tonight though. Wendy and Melody Ann- even separately- would likely exhaust me. Though the Wendy scene was still not certain. I quickly wondered how a Wendy/Ruth/Hank (plus me) four way might play.

"Nice grin, Mr. H," Wendy said in greeting," What some folks might call a 'pussy eating grin'. Have you been eating pussy on the way here?"

"Not that recently. Wendy…but he did quite fine in the shower before we got dressed." Ruth replied.

"Reallllly, Mrs. H? Cool. I always wondered if Mr. H had it in him. Kimmy is always too shy to 'fess up."

"Kimmy wouldn't know first hand, Wendy. At least not yet."

"How do you know?"

"Jeff and I trust each other totally. We have no secrets."

"So, like, you share everything?"

"Well, Wendy, we haven't shared Melody Ann yet- I've been the only one to have her so far. And, since neither of us has had you, we haven't shared you either."

"Yet," I said, referring to Wendy, but looking Hank straight in the eye, then letting my gaze obviously shift slowly down her body, licking my lips as I watched her heavy breathing puffing out her chest. Wendy didn't even blush, but Hank did. I grinned again. My doubts vanished. This shrinking violet would be a sweet flower to pluck. I appreciated her in a new light. Usually, Hank compressed her breasts with a practical sports bra. Tonight, all dressed up, her tits were revealed to be very decent half grapefruits, apparently supported by a Wonderbra. Perhaps the bra was lacy, because in response to my stare, Hank's nipples started to peep out through her pretty lilac blouse. 'Buttons in the back,' I noted to myself. I drifted off, wondering what shade of bra, what pattern of lace. Unwrapping Hank could be as much fun as a Christmas present.

Hank turned her head away, her hair spilling out of its expensive 'updo'.

"But I thought I smelled pussy juice," Wendy said.

"Yes, I believe you do," chuckled Ruth," but that doesn't come by way of tonguing. In fact, I think there are three pussies here that need a good eating. Or five?"

"Mommmm…." Kimmy stomped her foot, like a little girl. "We're running late. Can you fill up your dance card later?"

As we entered the church, I noticed a rental car pulling into the lot. Apparently, Kimmy's globetrotting real father was arriving to save the day, and I would not be required as a stand-in. 'Just as well,' I mused, 'more chance to find mischief.'

I chuckled to myself, recalling my dear departed Dad, whose universal retort to that word was "Miss who?" Dad had been an unrepentant cocksman, cutting a swath through suburbia. Dear Mom could have been a role model for Ruth's tolerance, though not her polyamourous proclivities. Mom had tolerated Dad's adventures until the neighbour, Mr. Stillwell, had chased Dad around the block with a shotgun. Seems Dad was caught skinny dipping with not just Mrs. Stillwell, but with her, their eighteen year old daughter and twenty year old niece. Mom moved in with my former nanny before Dad got back from having the buckshot removed. Maybe that's why Ruth and I, when we married, had searched for a minister willing to leave '… and forsaking all others…" out of the vows. Suddenly, I wondered about Kimmy- would she choke on those words? How would Eric react if she continued her brazen ways?

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