tagRomanceKitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 07

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 07


Halloween is my most favorite holiday, a natural fit for a girl who loves to dress up. I had struggled to decide on a costume this year and resolved the struggle by selecting two; one to wear out to the bar that has an annual costume contest, the other was just for my neighbor. My private "costume" was a stretch of the imagination, but one I thought my sweetie may enjoy.

Unfortunately, my neighbor is not as enthusiastic about Halloween as I am and refused to dress up with me, but he had fun getting drunk at the party nonetheless. I had chosen to be an 80's zombie wearing a handmade "Homecoming Queen 1988" sash, had on a colorful teased and sprayed wig, tattered Pretty in Pink dress, more than 30 colorful bangle bracelets, clunky rings, and scrunched, matching light pink leg warmers that covered the top of hideous white leather high heels; I came in second place. Honestly, the guy who transformed himself into "Pyramid Head" from the Silent Hill video games totally deserved the win. Even people who did not know the character were freaked out by him, kudos for creativity.

We walked home quickly as it was freezing by the time we left the bar. Once home I told my neighbor to wait for me on the couch and I staggered into my room, removed my zombie outfit/make-up and changed into the costume I was saving for him.

I pulled my hair into pig tails and put on an oversized white deep V neck tee that hit me right at my upper thigh, no bra. I had pink bikini cut flowered cotton panties and grabbed a little stuffed lamb that I have had since childhood. I headed out into the living room, and went straight past my neighbor bending over in front of him to turn on the DVD player and television. Not looking at him I said sweetly, "My mom said while you are babysitting, I could stay up and watch Cinderella."

I heard such a hearty laugh from behind me I had to turn my head and give him a quick wink. I grabbed the remote and headed over to sit on the couch with my neighbor who was still laughing. Sitting down next to him I held the lamb in my lap and batted my eyes at him while the DVD warnings were displayed. His eyes went straight to the screen as the title menu came up with snippets of hardcore images behind a play menu for a porn version of the classic children's tale.

His cheeks were flushed partially from still adjusting from the cold outside, but also because I think he was interested, but perhaps a tad bit uncomfortable with the whole scenario I had set for us.

"Uh," my neighbor blurted trying to stay composed, "I don't think your mom would be happy with you watching this version."

"Why not," I questioned eagerly.

"Well," he struggled to get out without laughing, "How old are you again?"

I rolled my eyes and pressed play on the remote. "I'm innocently alluring, age doesn't matter, just that I am of pure heart.....and body."

"Oh," he laughed. "Hmmmmmm."

I snuggled with my lamb against the arm of the couch as the story began to unfold on the screen. Alright not much of a story really, but I kept eyeing my neighbor as he shifted his position several times on the couch a whole cushion away from me. I knew he would play along, but obviously I had to get him into it.

Watching the main character engaged in a forced kiss with her wicked step-mother, the step mother's hand making her cry out as she roughly fingered her twat, I looked at my neighbor and our eyes met. "What is it like to kiss a girl, do you do it like that, or is it more like....other movies."

Beaming, his eyes averted mine as he raised his eyebrows and said, "Depends on the girl."

"Really," I questioned. "What kind of girl am I, how would you kiss me?"

He laughed and leaned in and said quietly, "I do not want to answer that, I'm supposed to be watching you, not talk to you about how I would kiss you."

"Okay, just watch," I said as I brought my hand up and ran it across the front of my chest, squeezing my breast with my hand, pinching my nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I vocalized my excitement as I continued to watch the movie, massaging my breasts.

"You are a bad girl," he playfully quipped as he unbuttoned the top button of his jeans.

"No," I corrected, "I am a good girl, always a good girl. I do bad things, naughty things, but am always good."

"Yes Kitty, very good," he said bringing his hand to my thigh touching it lightly with his fingertips. "You want to find out what it is liked to be kissed?"

I shook my head "yes" while locking my eyes with his. He got up and instructed me to lie down on the couch. Taking my lamb, he placed it beside me on the floor. Smiling as he stretched out beside me, his head blocked my view of the screen. He ran his fingers down my neck and traced the outline of my collarbone. "Your mom will be very mad if she finds out I kissed you."

"I promise I will not tell," I said while biting my lip and holding up my pinky finger to clasp with his pinky and secure our secrecy.

I longingly ached for his kiss while traced his fingers along my jaw, then behind my ear. He brought his lips to mine, very gently pulling my lower lip between his as he gave me my "first kiss". Lightly he began using his tongue as soft moans vibrated in my throat not quite making their way out of my mouth. I could feel my wetness seeping as he brought his hand to my stomach and made his way up my ribs and rested it just under my breast.

"You are a beautiful girl," he said in between kisses. "I've wanted to kiss you, wanted to do more than kiss you the whole time I have been babysitting you, but I know it's wrong," he said before giving me a deep long kiss. My body quivered in response to his gentle affection. My pelvis began to rock as if his cock was between my thighs and I was trying to coax him inside me. "So wrong," he continued as his hand squeezed my breast.

He rolled over on top of me, pushed my legs open so he could be between them and ripped up my shirt to expose my breasts before fluidly bringing his head down onto my left nipple, hungrily sucking it into his mouth.

I held my breath feeling him bite down hard on my nipple, finding his aggressiveness intoxicating. I cried out as he applied more pressure until my body began to shake uncontrollably. Moving from side to side, he roughly played with my breasts, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This scenario must have been making him seriously turned on because his demeanor changed him into a man I did not recognize, but found myself dying to get to know.

Still shaking even after he stopped, he got up and took his clothes off, telling me to remove my shirt. When I went to slide off my panties, he stopped me and got back between my thighs. He put his hand right over my pussy and pressed his palm hard against me. I winced from slight pain, but was transfixed watching him as he played with me.

"How sweet are those little panties, all wet with your juices," he remarked before pulling them off and throwing them across the room. Spreading my slit with his left hand, he found my opening with his right and sunk his ring and middle finger inside me. I rode his hand as he looked into my eyes.

"Completely bare little cunt," my neighbor said in a way made to shame me for shaving myself clean. "You know how much trouble I could get in for playing with a little girl that has a bare cunt?"

Harder and harder he fucked me with his fingers as I felt myself being driven to cum. He knew I was trying to get off and stopped before I could climax. I looked up at him disappointed while trying to catch my breath. I felt him stretch me as he inserted his index finger into me to join the others. It burned a little as he again began to fuck me while stretching his fingers wide. "I have to make this little pussy be able to accommodate my cock, your little virgin cunt is so damn tight."

I was so turned on after hearing that statement I grabbed him by the wrist and forced him to stay in me as I screamed out and came on his fingers. When I released, he brought his hand up to me, so I could see the red outline of how hard I was grabbing onto him.

I watched him as he took his engorged cock and smacked it on my pussy. I was going to apologize if I had hurt his hand, but was not given time to as he guided his cock to rock the tip into my opening.

"This may hurt a little," he said, still playing into my fantasy. "Just relax as I go deeper."

I said nothing. I relaxed as instructed while he inserted the tip in and out, stroking himself as he teased me. He pushed further until I feigned feeling discomfort with a wince and vocalization that he was hurting me.

He laughed and brought his hands up to my shoulders with the tip of his cock resting in me. Taking his short nails, he dug them into my skin and scratched down my shoulders, on my breasts and down my stomach. The sensation, grating and wonderful, he repeated several times leaving red streaks popping off of my pale skin. One last time he scratched me, much harder and slower than before telling me, "Focus on the pain of your flesh and not the pain in your cunt," as he slammed his cock inside, stretching and filling me.

I screamed out, clawing his sides as he fucked my pussy violently. He had his full weight on me as he rocked my pelvis back and made me wince in actual pain this time, pain that felt good, pain I wanted more of. I felt uncontrollable gushes flowing from me, saturating both of us. There was so much, it was all over the top of my pelvis, I could feel it rolling off the sides of my hips.

"Little cunt can't control herself can she," he spit out boastfully as he pounded away. "You are making such a fucking mess, what am I going to tell your mother about the couch?"

Trying to break through between my moans, I managed to say, "Tell her.....you were watering her favorite flower."

He brought his hand to my mouth and covered it, pressing down hard and turned my head to pay attention to a man on his knees over an exhausted girl, getting ready to squirt his jizz all over her face. "I'm going to fucking cover your face just like that little slut with all of my cum."

My eyes clamped shut after watching the man spurt several lines over the girl's face. My lover whispered in my ear to look at him, I was not going to cum unless he let me. It did not matter what he told me, I was going to cum whether or not he "let me".

I was suspended in this limbo, somewhere between building toward and actually cumming. My mind was not processing thoughts, my body trembling, sensations heightening with every stroke of his cock inside me. He bit my neck hard which did not stop the animation I was trapped in, just deepened it.

I could hear him moaning, I could feel the heat turning into perspiration between us. I lay there paralyzed by pleasure whimpering between held breaths, being so loud as he fucked me, I could feel my voice reverberating in my ears. All these things I noticed while being controlled, consumed be my orgasm.

Feeling him fucking me faster, I felt more gushes of wetness pour from me as I went silent, squeezing his cock as the tormented climax of my orgasm ripped over me. He yelled, "Fuck", as I continued to cum and he continued to push his thickness as voraciously as he could into my tightening cunt.

I had barely breathed out a moan of the most satisfying relief I have ever felt, when he pulled out of me, grabbed the base of his cock with his left hand while stroking with his right.

I blinked my eyes, trying to watch, trying to breathe as his thick cream, stream after stream, pumped out of him; spurts hitting the arm of my couch, dotting my hair, and splattered all over my face, breasts and stomach. He shook and crumbled after he finished, catching himself from falling on me by reaching out to grab the back of the couch.

We both were panting, exhausted as our eyes met again. He took a few deep breaths before bringing his lips to a puddle of cum between my breasts. He slurped it up into his mouth and reached to grab the sides of face and squeezed for me to open my mouth. Laying down on me, not shy to also cover himself in his cum, I looked into his amazing green eyes as a slow mix of saliva and cum dripped from his lips and into my mouth. I smiled after accepting it and he buried his head into my shoulder.

As we showered I could still feel aftershocks from my orgasm making the muscles in my pussy randomly spasm. My cunt was fucking raw. A small tear that burned and bled a little made me slightly uncomfortable as I washed myself. I had red scratches that in a few spots had drawn blood and huge mark on my neck that was tender and darkening on its way to being a bruise.

We held each other after washing off the soap. He pushed the wet clumps of hair out of my face and kissed me softly. "Such a good Kitty," he said sweetly and kissed me again.

Sex up until this point had been amazing, falling more along being romantic, but tonight fell into the category of "other" just like the titles at the porn store that captivate me. I enjoyed the "other" category of sex with my neighbor immensely.

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