tagBDSMKitty-Chan: Freshman Year Ch. 01-04

Kitty-Chan: Freshman Year Ch. 01-04


We'd already been going out for five months when I let my boyfriend, at the time I knew him as Will, take my virginity. We'd been each other's firsts and it had been the best feeling ever. At first I thought losing my virginity, in the middle of the woods would be weird but he definitely changed my mind, he was so sweet and passionate, if I hadn't known him for 5 years I would have thought he had experience.

My relationship with my boyfriend is quite backwards from most who live our lifestyle. As long as I can remember...well since I was nine, I always wanted to be a sub. Will, however, was very uncomfortable with the idea of "owning" me, but I kept begging and pleading and he soon realized that he enjoyed it. On the Halloween following our first experience, I had tied my wrists together and he continued to walk me down the street while I persuaded him to become my Master when he realized his logic was flawed he gave into me and so started our extraordinary sex life.

Of course there were a couple snags along the way involving both of us being bisexual and me having a very...VERY high sex drive. All though not too many down sides for him he disliked sharing me with anyone. Of course things only got better when we moved in together...

A small apartment, just one bedroom, but honestly, what more does one need?




I sighed in relief as I finally unpacked the last box in our apartment, which conveniently had been my favorite, how all of our toys ended up in the last box in the last load, I will never understand. As I put my last toy in my cute little toy box, my heart quickened. I was eighteen years old living on my own with my amazing and sexy Master, finally no parents, no siblings, no pets. Just us to do whatever we wished whenever. That opened a whole new door for me seeing as we had never been able to do much out of respect for our parents....My classes started tomorrow so I decided to make today special. I quickly made our bed to perfection, letting my hands glide over the black satin blankets, enjoying the coolness of it.

On my way to get dressed I stopped to look at myself in the mirror. Nothing extravagant. I was five and a half feet tall. Gentle curved body, not skinny but not quite fat, and full perky 36D breasts. My hair was down to the small of my back, black and purple and smelling of grapes from the die. My eyes, ocean blue and big with long lashes, which everyone told me made me look more innocent than I really was, especially mixed with my porcelain pale skin.

After a scrutinizing myself I dressed my self in a black corset with white lace trimming with matching mini-skirt and g-string. I then brushed my hair up into a tight messy bun, adding my signature kitty ears and tail to my ensemble and then slid on my 6 inch heels before setting myself to work on dinner.

As perfect timing would allow, I had dinner set out on the table just in time to hear Master's keys in the lock. I rushed over and took my submission position in front of the door. On my knees, perfect posture, breasts exposed, and looking down, not to look up at him without permission. Master walked over to me and greeted me by petting my head. I returned his greeting my bowing down and kissing his boots. He chuckled before extending a hand to help me up.

"Good evening, kitty-chan," he lifted my chin and kissed my lips. I kissed back with a small moan as he buried his hand in my hair. "I see you've been a busy kitten, haven't you?" He spoke more to my chest than my face, which made me blush.

"Yes Master-sama, I made you dinner." I smiled and mewed softly as his hand brushed my cheek. He opened his mouth to speak but I beat him to the answer. "Meatloaf, mac and cheese, corn on the cob, and dessert is a surprise, Sir" I smiled sweetly and turned to lead him to the table when he gently smacked my ass and pulled me back into his arms, pressing his chest to my backside. He buried his face in my neck letting his hot breath strike my nerves.

"You know not to interrupt me pet." He chuckled before biting down on my neck making me moan loud. "Now, how about dinner." He pushed me gently forward to continue on my way. Dinner was very quick and very quiet both of us knowing exactly what the other craved and wanted more than food. Hell, if sex was nutritional we'd be set for life. By the time dinner was done, neither of us cared about dessert, I was just glad the bedroom was so close; we didn't really have a couch for a substitute. Just as we hit the bed his phone went off. He let out a sexy growl as I laughed and tried to sit up.

"Stay." he growled as he pushed me down harshly. I mewed and nodded as he answered his phone. While he was angrily talking away to someone at work, I started to undo his pants and let them fall, and then pulled his dick out stroking it softly. I let my hair out of the bun and started to lick the head of it teasingly. He glared down at me and tried to quicken his phone call so I quickened my pace shoving his ten inch member into my mouth as far as I could get it. He grabbed my hair and pulled roughly trying to get me off but I only fought more to keep it in. Rolling my tongue around every part of his dick, gently massaging his balls with one hand and stroking what was left of his dick with my other hand.

I'm not even sure when his phone call ended the next thing I knew, his shirt was off and my head was in pain. "Bad kitty" He growled pulling my hair harder and holding me tightly again with my back against his chest. Adrenalin raced through my body, only intensifying his next actions. He slid his hand into my corset and started to gently massage my breasts, each one in turn. Making me moan softly. He shoved me face first into the pillows, pulling my ass into the air, then swiftly ripped off my g-string. I purred softly and wiggled my hips as he lined the head of his member up with my dripping pussy,

"You little whore, do you deserve to have your Master fuck you?" He growled pulling my hair back.

"No Master." I mewed.

"Good Kitten." He replied and shoved his whole cock into my pussy. I bit my lip to hide the pain and pleasure. He tightened his grip on my hair. "I can't hear you kitten!" I started to moan and softly scream which made him go faster, deeper and harder. After a few minutes I hit my first of many orgasms. I started to scream in ecstasy as his fingers dug into my hips and he growled. His thrusts slowed but he pumped harder which meant he was about to cum. I was orgasming, what seemed like every other thrust at this point. He let out one soft one as he released his cum deep inside me with one final thrust and he let me go.

I rolled over as he lay down next to me and I started kissing him, with a suggestive tone and smile I asked "So...how about that dessert?"




I laid in the warm water of the bathtub, the soothing aroma of my bath oils filling the air, the soothing sounds of Sirenia playing through my stereo and the only thing on my mind was how much I needed to fix the leaky faucet in the bathroom. I turned the jets of the tub on low as I let the water massage every inch of my body. I purred softly as I felt a familiar tingle however I was too lazy to actually lift my hands.

It wasn't long before I heard careless shuffling around the living room as I knew Master was home. My heart panicked a little before I remembered he had given me the day off. I turned the jets on the tub up a little more which only increased the sensations all over my body.

"Here kitty kitty!" I heard my Master call. I mewed loud enough for him to know I was in the bath and I sure as hell was not about to get out. I sunk lower into the tub as I heard him knock at the door, which I knew was just a warning about his entrance whether or not I answered. I gazed at him as he entered.

He was in fact the most gorgeous man I think I've ever seen. It is hard to describe him in words for they do him little justice. He stood six foot two with an arrogant slouch to him. Broad shoulders and a mostly proportionate body. His chest was firm and you could tell where his abs were trying to come in. He had a young but stern look to his face. He always seemed to serious especially with his ghostly blue eyes. His hair was long and dark with a moderate curl. Which as girly as it sounds, made him so sexy. His facial hair made him look older, more mature, but not too old. A nicely shaped goatee and mustache, but the thing about him that make me melt the most other than his breathtaking smile, are his strong arms, once they wrapped around me. I feet like nothing else in the world matters because nothing but he and I exist.

He chuckled which made my heart skip a beat. "You wouldn't be trying to hide from me would you kitty-chan?" He brushed his hand down my wet body. I quickly shook my head no and scooted up a little higher. He smiled and stroked the top of my head. "Are you enjoying your day off my little kitten?" I mewed a cheerful yes. He slowly massaged each of my breasts an let his hand trail down my stomach. "Well when you decide to get out of there, I have a nice outfit for you on the bed, then I have a couple surprises for you." Before I could ask any questions his forceful lips covered mine. "No no kitty-chan" He taunted before leaving the bathroom.

As soon as he was gone I drained the tub, toweled dry as quick as I could and dashed to the bedroom. On the bed was lying a beautiful black and red gown which I quickly dressed into. It was very short in the front almost to my crotch but the back trailed down to my ankles. The sleeves hung off my shoulders but flowed out at the wrist with a see through fabric, and the top half fit more like a corset with a neckline that showed as much of my breasts as possible. I brushed my hair up into some cute fluffy pigtails added some thick eyeliner and red lip gloss. I put on some knee high black socks and some red pumps, followed of course by my cute little ears.

I ran out to the living room and hugged my master as tight as I could. Kissed him as deep as I could and he pulled me onto his lap. I straddled him and felt the bulge in his pants grow. Being a good pet; I started to massage it gently. He let out a soft moan before pushing my hands away. "Not now kitty." he smiled. Kissed me deeply and proceeded to stand up, helping me with him.

First he took me to a nice restaurant, who's name I didn't pay much attention to. We sat next to each other in a booth with a table cloth. While we waited for our appetizer I made sure he was well entertained using only my hands at first and though he had tried to stop me, I won him over. After we enjoyed our appetizer. I slipped under the table as we awaited our entrée. Him not wanting to make a scene just let me do as I please, which involved his cock being down my throat. I toyed and played with him, licking every part of his dick I could reach without being suspicious. I giggled as the waitress came back and he tried to have a small chat with her, thought to get back at me he started flirting. My overly demonic side decided to take over as I got relentless, coaxing his orgasm while he was still talking to her; I savored the salty sweet taste of his delicious cum as I heard a soft growl in his voice as he tried to control himself.

When I heard her walk away, I popped back into the seat and snuggled up against him. He growled softly before the stern look on his face melted. He looked down lovingly at me and kissed my forehead. "You might just be punished for that little stunt." He smirked. I mewed and smirked at the waitress who had just brought our dinner. We ate in moderate silence, talking only about silly little things. After the waitress took our dessert order, Master slid a little bullet into my panties and set it on low. I purred softly against his arm. "You are to keep that there the rest of the night, understand kitty?" I nodded. He quickly lifted my chin so our eyes met. "What was that, slut?" I squeaked a quick "Yes, of course, Sir." before relaxing again. He wrapped his arm around me and told me I was a good kitty.

After dessert, he paid, got the waitress's number and gave it to me on the way out. "She wants you to call her sometime." He chuckled as he opened his car door for me. He then took me to a movie. I can honestly I watched the main parts but enjoyed having his dick in my mouth more than I wanted to watch any movies. When I realized how empty the theatre was, I quickly straddled him and, before he could object, had his dick inside my needy pussy, the vibrations of the bullet effecting not only me but him too now. He allowed me an orgasm before he made me get off and snuggle up to him and removed the bullet from my panties.

Something seemed off about his actions but I wasn't about to complain. After the movie, he took me home and carried me from the doorway to the bed. I sat there looking up at him before he got down on his knees; I went to move to be lower for my Master should never be lower than me but he stopped me. He pulled out a long box.

"Kitty-chan, you are my one and only love and the best little kitten a man could have, would you do me the honor of wearing my collar, committing to me that you will be with me and only me, that you will call no other 'Master' and you will serve only those with the authority over your own?" He asked in the most hesitant and nervous voice I've ever heard from him. Unable to speak, I just through my arms around him clinging tightly and shaking my head yes as fast as I could. He opened the box, and inside was a black leather collar, with little red hearts all the way around it. And on the ring was a silver heart with the engraving:



After he assisted putting it on for me and putting his own little lock, he laid me on the bed. He pulled down my panties and replaced them with his mouth, his skillful tongue reaching my most sensitive of places as his nose pressed against my clit. After one orgasm he pulled me up and undressed me as I undressed him. Let each article hit the floor before it was kicked aside. Still standing up, his strong hand started to stroke my already dripping pussy, he then stuck one finger in and teased me a little before sticking the same finger in my ass, carefully probing and prepping it. A little nervous but fully trusting him, I kissed him and climbed back on the bed doggy style. He lined himself up behind me and kissed the back of my neck and whispered his love for me. He then slowly pushed his massive, now eleven inch, cock into my virgin ass. I grimaced as pain shot through my body soon replace by pleasure as he started to pull in and out gently, the reaching around with his hands to massage my breasts. I moaned out loudly and only got louder the faster he went. He grabbed hold of my hips, digging in his nails and started pounding harder. I was nearly screaming as he filled my ass with his cum. However he was not done with me yet.

He stood up, flipped me over, and pulled me to the edge of the bed and without warning rammed his whole length into my pussy. I screamed and orgasmed as he chuckled. He thrusted as hard and fast as he could has my orgasms became almost one after another, non-stop moaning and screaming before he finally filled my pussy with his cum as well. I was spent. I mumble what should have been "I love you Master" as I climbed up to the pillows. He soon was behind me wrapping me in his arms and chuckled saying he loved me too. 




After a very long exhausting day of classes I entered our apartment and crashed on the couch falling asleep feeling dead as a door nail. I remembered waking up tied to my bed in a spread out "X". I tried screaming but it came out muffled. That's when Master walked in with a devious look on his face.

I saw a remote in his hand and as if reading my mind I heard a button click. A sudden jolt of intense pleasure raced across my body. I heard another small click and lurched my head back lifting my body off the bed as the vibrations intensified. "My my kitten, you were tired." he sneered as he sat on the bed next to me and ran his fingers down my cheek...my neck...my breasts...I shuddered as his fingers brushed my sensitive tits, wondering when I even got naked. I stared at him pleadingly for more pleasure. The last thing I saw was his smirk before he blindfolded me. That's about when I panic the most; not being able to see...having absolutely no control. Yet as the panic rushed over, I could feel my pussy become wetter, having lost all control.

"You are such a slut" He mocked speeding the vibrator up with another click. He slowly started to remove the vibrator. I whined and moaned as he laughed. "You filthy whore you'll take anything you can get." He slammed the vibrator back in. It didn't take long after that to hit my first orgasm. Just as I was about to hit my second he removed the vibrator and replaced it in my ass on the lowest setting. A wave of discomfort washed over me, I'd never quite got used to the feeling of anal sex. I felt his weight shift on the bed and soon new sensations started as his tongue flicked across my clit, I moaned softly which was swiftly followed by a stinging pain across my breasts. Which I soon recognized as Master's leather whip.

"Not a sound my little slut." I felt him smile as he continued ravaging my dripping wet pussy. I was ready to cum again and as if on cue... "By the way, you filthy whore, no cumming until I say so, or you shall be punished further." I whined, which just earned me another two whippings. I bit down on the gag each time as the pain struck and melted back into pleasure.

I fought my every urge and instinct to orgasm as Master's tongue hit all the right spots. Just as I couldn't hold out any longer. I heard the most gracious blessing "Cum, kitty-chan". Sweet relief flooded over my body all at once, a moan escaped my lips as the aftershock of the orgasm shook my body which landed me with four more whippings to my breasts.

"Shame, shame kitten." He whispered in my ear trailing his lips down my neck. He pulled the vibrator out of my ass and I soon felt the release of both my arms and legs. I sat up and reached to pull the blindfold off. I lurched forward as the leather made contact with my back. A sharp pain formed in my skull as Master's fingers wrapped in my hair; I stumbled as he almost dragged me across the room. Soon my wrists were fastened so high above my head I was on my tiptoes. My face smashed against the door. He undid the ball gag and removed it from my mouth. I felt his lips on the back of my neck and shoulders.

"Now kitten, I told you to make no sounds, correct?" he growled. "Yes, Sir." I piped up. "And did you have permission to remove any of my toys without correctly identifying the safe word?" he growled again. I shook my head and received a strong, sharp blow to my back. "What, you cunt?" "No, Master-sama" I murmured. "You will count off every lashing, loudly, and without mistake, should I not hear you or should you make a mistake I will start over, understand you dirty slut?" he asked angrily. "Yes Master-sama."

I counted each hit loudly and precisely for the first ten in which I stuttered. He, true to his word, started the punishment over. I kept count perfectly that time, but I knew he took pity on me as I got quieter as he approached twenty, when he stopped. He again released my wrists and I fell back into his arms, my toes searing with pain. "You may remove the blindfold, kitty-chan." He whispered in my ear and then picked me up bridal style.

I snuggled against his chest, completely tired. He lay me on the bed and kissed me softly before wrapping me in his arms. "Did my little kitty learn her lesson to always obey her Master?" He asked nuzzling my neck. I nodded and yawned but realized I had given him no actual pleasure today. When I told him, he explained it was perfectly okay, but I would not accept that.

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