tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKitty Tales: Yvette Pt. 3

Kitty Tales: Yvette Pt. 3


When I ended part 2 of the story, I was in the middle of taking Yvette on her first lesbian excursion, albeit reluctantly. After a lot of licking and forcing by me, she was just beginning to respond by licking my pussy. I hated to force her into it, but I was so excited and worked up that I had to. Although she was my best friend and we had seen each other naked on many occasions, taking that bath with her put me over the top. I had to extinguish the fire that was building in my pussy.

Yvette was simply gorgeous. At 5'8" and 110, she was a beautiful woman (or girl if you think that early 20's means a woman is still a girl). Her jet-black hair, olive complexion and high cheekbones reminded me of a woman of Italian ancestry. In short, she was stunningly beautiful in a Mediterranean way.

Her pussy was marvelous. She had a thick, black bush, which she trimmed. She shaved her pussy lips, which became very large when she was excited. Plus, she had a fuck-me trail of light hair from her navel to her bush.

As with her complexion, her pussy lips were dark, rather than pink like mine. Although her breasts were small — b-cup at best — her areoles and nipples were dark, almost brown. Her nipples extended at least a half-inch when excited.

We were about the same height and weight, but I was the blond to her brunette. I am also tall with b-cup tits. Being blond, my areoles and nipples are very pink. I have a thick bush (it's blond, too), and I don't shave my pussy. I do trim, of course, so that there isn't an Amazon rainforest between my legs.

Yvette and I had been friends since childhood, but, back then, she refused to accept that she had bisexual tendencies. Like most woman, she eventually discovered that she could have exciting and stimulating sex with another woman if the circumstances were right. I was determined to introduce her into the bliss of lesbian sex, even if it ruined our friendship. I got my wish that evening, but with a few unfortunate strings attached.

As I mentioned, I was spending the night with Yvette at her apartment. We had just taken a bath together, which gave me the opportunity to play with her pussy and tits. In fact, she had already had one orgasm and was about to cum again before I interrupted her and forced her into the bedroom. You see I wanted her to fuck me for a while.

When the attack occurred, Yvette and Darren, the dweeb, had an apartment together. Darren was out of town on "business" that weekend, which gave Yvette and me an opportunity to get together, as we always did when we were both free. In those days, we worked together as exotic dancers. That's how we met.

Darren was not a great guy, to say the least. In fact, I thought of him as a dirt bag. He used Yvette, and was constantly trying to get the three of us together in a sandwich with him as the meat in the middle, but I had no interest in him. (If you don't believe me about how he used her, read part 1 of this story.)

My only interest was in Yvette. I loved her and still do, but in the way that a woman can love another woman. I was sure that if I could get her into bed, I could convince her to keep coming back for more and more. Of course, I think that most women have some level of bisexuality, whether they will admit it or not. Over the years, I've given a number of women their first taste of female sex, and most have worked out well.

Please don't think that I am a lesbian because I'm not. I love cock, too. I just like pussy a bit more. I've been lucky over the years and have had many girlfriends. Some of them were lesbians, but most were bisexual who liked both men and women. If you ask my hubby, he will tell you that being married to a bisexual female is great for the sex life. In the five years we have been married, he has been able to fuck six girlfriends of mine. None have had a problem with fucking him as long as I am a part of it, too. We never fuck anyone without the permission or involvement of the other. That's a rule we have never broken. Now, with the required "I am not a lez" statement out of the way, I'll get back to my story.

Darren had some low-class business associates. I had met some of them at parties. In fact, I'd done a bachelor party for a group of them a year or so before, where I experienced my first gangbang. Hey, I got paid well for that one. Now, my hubby and I attend swinger's parties, so gangbangs are commonplace for me.

Believe me, some of the guys that Darren knew were scary. These were guys that you just didn't say "no" to. I'm sure you know the type. They really had very little to lose, and they weren't afraid to do much of anything.

Who's going to report them to the cops? Hell, the cops don't give a shit about strippers, anyway. So, you just accept what you get and keep your fucking mouth shut. Getting too mouthy could really cost you. At the very least, you'd get an ass whoopin.

When the three of them broke in, I had just pushed Yvette on her bed and pinned her with my wet pussy over her mouth and nose. I was getting really excited because she had just started to respond when the intruders made themselves known. Now, we were in a word of shit.

As I felt her tongue slide along my slit, I heard a man's voice exclaim, "Hey! Charlie, Fred. Come take look at this. Darren has two lezzies licking each other."

I immediately stopped grinding my pussy into Yvette's face and turned my head toward the voice. Yvette damn near bit my pussy lips when she heard the voices, but couldn't scream because of my blond "gag." She was still pinned and was rather helpless, if that mattered. We were both helpless and maybe hopeless.

As I sat there stunned, I saw three men standing in the doorway gawking at us. I recognized all three of them: Charlie, Fred and Lewis. Charlie and Fred worked for Lewis, who was one of the meanest dudes in the city. He was not a guy to fuck with.

I knew them by reputation, not personally. All three had been in and out of jail most of their adult lives. They were part of a larger group or gang in the city that had a reputation for being quite ruthless. These guys felt no remorse and had no conscience.

I thought all three of them were gross. Charlie was tall, maybe around 6'5" and built like a brick shithouse. He had huge hands. My guess is that he could knock most men on their asses without much trouble. Like the other two, Charlie didn't seem overly concerned about his hygiene. As I found out, all three could have used a little soap and water.

Fred was just a slimy twit. He was as ugly as Northwest Texas, if you get my drift. He was shorter than me, and a tub of lard. I'd guess that he was about 5'7" and over 250 lbs. But he thought he was a real lady killer. I bet that the only pussy he got was either because he paid for it. He was also a knife guy. He liked to call himself Razor. He liked to cut people.

Lewis, the leader, was the worst of the group. He was around 6'0" and seemed to be in decent shape, maybe a little on the pudgy side. But his face was covered with acne scars. Lewis didn't take shit from anyone. He was always in control of situations, and no one challenged him, at least not more than once. It was rumored that he killed a man for not giving him the respect he demanded. Everyone was afraid of him, simply because he just didn't give a shit. Those types are very dangerous people.

Charlie and Fred entered the room and stood near the bed while Lewis remained in the doorway. Scared and a little humiliated, I jumped off of Yvette and grabbed a pillow to cover myself. Yvette pulled the bed sheets over herself to hide her naked body from their lecherous eyes.

The three of them just stared at us for what seemed like an hour. I guess they didn't know what to make of the situation. Finally, Lewis broke the silence. "Bring the bitches into the living room," he commanded.

On command, Fred grabbed Yvette by the arm and yanked her off the bed. Being on the other side of the bed, Charlie reached for me. I avoided his grasp, jumped out of the bed and started walking toward the doorway. I knew better than to show any resistance. We were both going to get fucked and we'd better get used to the idea right then and there. The only questions that remained were: How many of them would fuck us? How many times would they fuck us? In what holes would they fuck us? And how much would they hurt us in the process?

The toadies escorted us down the hall to the living room. Along the way, I whispered into Yvette's ear to keep her cool and we'd survive. I told her to do anything they said and not to resist. That was our only real hope for survival with all of our parts intact.

To my relief, Yvette nodded in agreement. I just hoped that she would be okay through this. Although some might think that a stripper would not care about being raped, rape is just a traumatic for us as it is for any church going hypocrite. Also, Yvette was a little high strung and did not handle stress well. If she fucked up, it could be bad for both of us.

In my haste to talk with Yvette, I forgot that I had only a pillow covering my front, and my ass was completely bare. My lack of awareness ended when one of the toadies laughed, "Hey! Check out the ass on this one. Look how it sways when she walks. Lewis! You are going to want to fuck them aren't ya? You'll let us have some of this?" He then gave my ass cheek a hard slap.

There was nothing I could do to cover myself as we walked down the hallway. At least Yvette was totally covered by the sheet that she wrapped around herself. But it wouldn't be long before that was stripped from her, I guessed.

I knew they would eventually get around to fucking us. It was just a matter of time. The one hope that I had was that they'd want to see Yvette and I do each other. Most guys would get off seeing to girls eat each other out. I was guessing that these guys wouldn't pass on the opportunity. I figured that I might as well get something out of this.

As we entered the living room, Lewis instructed, "You both look for the money. You two bitches take a seat on the couch."

Obediently Fred and Charlie left the room to look for some money that Darren must have had stashed, and Yvette and I took our places on the couch. I remember now for some reason that it felt good nestling my ass into the couch. Why I remember that I'll never know.

I'll tell you one thing. I was glad that I had fucked both of our asses with the bar of soap when Yvette and I were taking a bath. Both of us really liked anal sex, but I doubted that they would be gentle when fucking us. I just hoped that our sphincters would be ready for the assaults that were surely coming.

Lewis was as cool as a cucumber as he sat in an overstuffed chair and talked to us, waiting for the boys to finish their search. You could tell that he was in complete control and was in no hurry. He had us for whatever he damn well wanted, and there was not a fucking thing we could do about it. If he told us to walk out in the street and fuck the next guy that drove into the apartment complex, we'd have done it without question. At least I would have.

The two toadies searched for a good half hour before returning in frustration. They both grabbed chairs and scooted them over to where Lewis was seated. Now, all three of them were seated directly in front of us just a few feet away. I figured that it was time for their entertainment to begin, and I was right.

"Blondie, stand up, but lose the friggin pillow," commanded Lewis.

When I stood, he continued, "Lift your arms above your head. That's right. Show me those little bitty titties."

He then added, "Nice bush, sweetie. Come over here. I want to dip into that slit."

I approached him and spread my thighs a little to give him easy access to my pussy. The last thing I wanted was for him to start probing me by fumbling around my pussy lips. He reached with his hand and slid his index finger along my slit. Then he demanded, "Turn around and bend over."

As I did what I was told, Lewis added, "Now, spread those ass cheeks. Give me a nice look at your asshole, darlin."

As I pulled my ass checks apart, Lewis started to run his finger from my pussy all the way up my crack and back, stroking the tender flesh. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as it involuntarily responded to the stimulation. As Lewis was doing this, the other two were pulling their chairs closer so that they could get a good look at me.

I snuck a peek at Yvette because I heard her begin to whimper. Her eyes were as large as saucers, and fear registered on her face. I guess it dawned on her that she would be getting similar treatment soon.

"Lewis, I know her. She's a stripper at Bonitta Flats. Maybe she could do a little dance on our dicks?" joked Charlie as he leered at my exposed pussy and ass. "I think she has done more than lap danced. I heard that she has fucked a couple of guys in the private rooms," he added.

"I'm for that," added Fred, "I could go for a little blonde snapper for dinner. Followed by some Italian"

"Fred, put some music on for the bitch. I want her to do a lap dance for me. You up for that sweetie?" queried Lewis.

I nodded my head and waited for the music. Charlie found the CD with the "You Can Leave Your Hat On" by Joe Cocker. I guess he knew that its one of the best stripper songs every made.

I started my usual routine for doing a lap dance. I started to grind my bare pussy into his lap as I felt his cock grow. Placing my hands on his thighs for support, with my back to him, I ground my pussy as hard as I could into his cock. I've done this hundreds of times before. I've even pulled my g-string aside and used my bare pussy if I got enough of a tip, and I have fucked a few guys in private rooms.

After some grinding by me, Lewis grabbed my ass cheeks and told me to stand up. As I did, he pulled down his pants. I looked back and saw a good seven-incher waiting for me. I knew what he wanted, so I reached between my legs and pulled my pussy lips apart and eased his cock into the entrance of my pussy.

Since I was already wet, there wasn't much difficulty in stuffing it all into me. It took a few short strokes to get his cock wet with my pussy juice. But once it was wet, I started to fuck his cock with gusto. As I did, I looked at Yvonne. She looked at me strangely as I fucked Lewis. I think she was confused as to why I was so willing.

I didn't have any chance to explain to Yvette before the fun and games began what I was going to do. I just hoped that she would follow my lead. I figured that if we just played like we were into it, it would take some of the fun out of it for them and they would lose interest more quickly. Most of what they wanted was dominance over us, and they wanted us to demonstrate fear and humiliation. I wanted to deprive them of that victory. They could have my pussy, mouth and ass, but not my soul.

On the other hand, if we made a big deal about being brutalized and humiliated, they would get more turned on and it would be a feeding frenzy. Now, I was not dumb enough to think that we would get out of this without some major fucking. But I didn't want them to become overly aggressive and hurt us. Fucking me is one thing, but hitting me and beating me is something else.

After only a few minutes of fucking Lewis' cock, I felt him beginning to cum. The first load of the night was about to be spent into my pussy, and I knew it would not be the last. As he came in me, I pushed down hard and squeezed his cock with all of my pussy muscles. I milked that bastard for all I was worth.

When he quit cumming. I stopped stroking him and rested. He pushed me off his lap so that his cum and my pussy juice didn't run all over his balls.

"Damn bitch, get your mouth on my cock and clean me up, or I'll smack your tight little ass," threatened Lewis. I got on me knees and licked the cum off of his balls first, and then took his semi-limp cock into my mouth. I licked him clean.

"Lewis, I've got an idea," remarked Fred. "How about the one bitch eating your cum out of the other bitch's pussy?"

"I like your thinking Fred," responded Lewis. "Blondie, put your ass on the couch and turn toward the other bitch and spread those long legs."

Looking as Yvette, Lewis continued, "Get rid of the sheet and crawl between her legs." As Yvette complied, Lewis added, "Now eat that pink pussy."

It was worth fucking Lewis if Yvette would have to eat my pussy. I'd wanted this for ages, and it would finally come true. Although the circumstances sucked, at least I would have the pleasure of Yvette's tongue and mouth before the next cock penetrated me.

Sobbing, Yvette discarded the sheet and crawled between my legs. Hesitatingly, she started to run her tongue along my slit. As the cum oozed out of my pussy, she began to suck it into her mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the best pussy eating of all time. My beloved Yvette was finally doing me. My euphoria was short lived, however. Lewis broke my trance, "Fred, you want a little piece of the Italian bitch?"

Without hesitation, Fred jumped up and pulled out his turgid cock. A six-incher at best, his cock was quickly positioned behind Yvette's pussy. With no warning, he slammed his cock into her. Her pussy must have lost some of its wetness from when I ate it earlier. When Fred's cock sank into her velvet lips, she bucked, pressing her mouth to my pussy. As she licked and sucked on my twat, I watched Fred fuck her. I hate to say this, but the sight of Fred fucking her turned me on. Fred didn't turn me on, but I was envious of his cock being able to fuck that sweet, sweet pussy. That's something I could never do to her. In response, I started grinding my cunt into Yvette face.

Although Fred wasn't much to look at, he sure could fuck. The little shit was banging away on Yvette. His fat belly slapped against her tight ass with every stroke. He had to grab her hips as he fucked her so that she didn't fall over with his powerful thrusts.

As I watched Fred fuck my beloved, I felt a huge hand on my chin. It was Charlie, and his cock was at a perfect height for my mouth to suck across the back of the couch. He squeezed my chin and forced my mouth open. I gagged as he slid that fucking huge cock into my mouth.

I can deep throat with the best of them. Although I have a very small mouth, I can take a large cock down my throat. But his cock was fucking huge. Not only was the bastard long, it was fucking thick. I could suck it, but I was sure my ass would be torn apart when they finally got around to fucking our asses, which I knew was coming.

I felt another huge paw behind my head holding me in place. With my mouth firmly in his control, he started to fuck my face. I had to relax my throat to take it all in. I order for him to get most of his cock in my mouth and throat, I relaxed when he pushed in and sucked his cock hard as he withdrew. I could tell he was enjoying my mouth as he moaned with each hard suck from me.

As Yvette was being doggie fucked and I was being face fucked, I saw a flash of light. I couldn't turn my head to see what it was, but I had an idea. Lewis had retrieved a camera and was taking a few shots. Since it was one of those cameras that had self-developing film, I sure he was planning on taking them with him or using them in some manner that I would regret.

As Charlie continued grinding his cock into my face, I noticed that Fred was cumming in Yvette's pussy. To her credit and my enjoyment, she still had her mouth glued to my pussy. I guess it had become a temporary refuge for her. It kept her mind off of what was going on behind her. It was like she was telling me that we would get through this together. I loved her for that. We had to stick together. This experience would either cause us to avoid each other or to bond. I had no idea which would occur.

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