It had been frustrating and he'd become agitated. He was in a hurry when he left early and walked to his car. As he tried to back out of the slot there seemed to be a never-ending meeting by a small group of people at his bumper. Finally the group dispersed to their own cars and he started to pull out as a pick-up nearly hit him and he'd had to slam on the brakes. When he was ready to pull onto the street a crowd appeared strung out on the sidewalk and blocked him. Finally on the street he was blocked at every intersection by a red light. He was cut-off in the traffic lane twice in three blocks by some Kamikaze driver. He'd lined up at the metered entrance to the freeway and it was the longest line of cars that he could remember. On the freeway the lanes were packed and he was sandwiched between trucks.

Finally he'd realized the source of his frustration and relaxed. He was just in a hurry to see her. She was his inspiration, his lover, his friend and his wife of five years. Each day was new and fresh for him since they'd met so long ago. He loved her and cherished her in everything and at every moment of his day. She was incredible in everything she did. She was solid in her job, an expert housekeeper, a loving wife and his sexkitten. He enjoyed being around her, holding her and making love to her.

It seemed hours later when he got home and called her name softly as he entered. No answer. He called again a bit louder and still no answer. He'd parked in the driveway and she always parked in the garage and shut the door. He hadn't noticed her car gone. Puzzled, he walked through the house and finally into the bedroom. The bedding was folded back neatly and the scarlet sheets were on the bed. The bed was piled high with white pillows. They'd always liked lots of pillows on the bed. There was a sheer white scarf in the center of the bed and a monogrammed note lying in its center.

He reached for the note as he thought about how she was always leaving him notes of love everywhere. She had gone out to get some of his 'favorite' sandwiches for dinner. He smiled at the thought of the sandwiches that she called his.

The sandwiches were a reminder of a little visit they'd made just after their first date. They were in a hurry to get somewhere and neither had eaten all day. He'd noticed an old delicatessen in the center of a block as he drove. On a whim he parked and they'd walked in together. A large sign over the counter announced a special on the delicatessen's own Knackwurst sandwiches. While she was looking, he'd ordered the special for himself. She'd watched as the sandwich was being made and watched as the sharp knife sliced the Knackwurst lengthwise and then it was opened and spread on the top of a lettuce bed piled high on hand sliced fresh bread and then lavishly covered with their special white horseradish mustard.

When it was time for her order, she'd decided on the Knackwurst also, but when the lady making the sandwich prepared to slice it she'd softly asked her not to. The lady said something about the plump sausage being in the middle of the sandwich but she'd insisted that it was exactly the way she wanted it. The lady gave in and finished the sandwich and then wrapped it to be taken out. He carried the cokes and sandwiches and they ate in the front seat, but as he handed her the sandwich he had no idea.

She carefully unwrapped and folded the paper around the outside and turned sideways with one knee up on the seat as she worked. She was wearing a knee length skirt, but it still managed somehow to maintain its propriety. She looked him straight in the eye as she nibbled the edges of the bread and then the lettuce. Her tongue and teeth teased that lettuce in the smallest quick bites and she nibbled around the sausage. He ate heartily but couldn't take his eyes off her even though they were eating not talking.

Finally she'd licked the end of the sausage with her tongue and rolled her eyes and closed them. A few moments went by as her tongue circled that sausage. Her tongue extended and she'd managed to pick up a small amount of that white mustard on it and it seemed suspended in air for minutes before she slowly drew her tongue back and he could see her tasting it against the roof of her mouth. She moaned softly. She opened her eyes and was staring straight at him as she opened her mouth and her lips closed around the sausage. She moved her knee and the skirt fell back exposing her thong. He stared and stopped eating as she sucked on that sausage before dragging her teeth around it without piercing the covering. It was the most erotic thing he'd seen on a date. And when she closed her eyes again and bit slowly into it he could see the sausage compressing between her white teeth before penetration. When her teeth finally entered the sausage it literally seem to explode and expand between her lips. She smiled at him as her hand went to her thong and entered through its top.

He didn't remember where they'd been going, but they never made it and that first session of love was mind shattering and he still remembered every moment. But, the note said that she'd already showered and was wondering what they'd think of her at the deli if they knew she was wearing nothing beneath her sheer black capri's and her starched blouse. She told him to shower and relax until she got back.

He removed most of his clothes, folded them and placed them on the bed and then slid his briefs down and caught them with his foot and tossed them too onto the heap. Slowly he reached down and rubbed his groin and lightly scratched himself. He noticed how the memories of that sandwich had aroused him. He turned on the shower and then shaved as the water was warming. As he slid the door back on the shower and stepped in he felt the welcome warmth and gentle massage on his skin. A shower doesn't do for a man what it does for a woman he thought as he took down the hand unit and directed it over his body. He returned it and picked up the bar of soap and thoroughly lathered himself while enjoying the way his hands slid over his body and his cock. The urge was there but he held off.

When he finished the shower he was feeling horny, but dried his hair and wrapped a towel around his ass. Then he turned out the light and... did a double take. She was back and lying on the bed. Not just lying there but her cute bottom was nested on top of two pillows and she was reclining against three more. Against her back they had been turned long way up and cradled her soft shoulders. Her arms were wrapped around her knees with her breasts fully hidden. He was so surprised that he released the towel and it slid to the floor. When she saw the effect she'd had she smiled at him and the best part was she was completely nude. As he stared with mouth open and wide eyes she sat back, removed her arms from her legs and simultaneously spread her feet and thighs. Her eyes never left his erection and her eyes had fondled it as it rapidly grew in size.

For a moment he was dumbstruck and his eyes traveled from her breasts to her pussy and back again and again. She was looking at him and her arms stretched out to him and like a drowning man he walked slowly to the foot of the bed. Her body was in stark contrast to the scarlet sheets and her hair was the same way as it surrounded her face accented by the white pillows. She brought her hands down and slowly placed them on each side of her lips and spread them as she watched him. He reached the foot of the bed and raised one knee to the bed as his cock dragged on the top sheet... and for a six foot tall man that is unusual. She was ready for him and she looked more beautiful each time he saw her.

Her pussy was open and he could see the long nested lips so wet and pink inviting his attention. He dropped onto his elbows and his hands went under the pillows to raise her even more to his waiting mouth. With his mouth buried, she released her grip and raised her hands to his head and her fingers toyed in the short dark strands at the back. She stiffened as he laved that sweetness between and her hands tightened pulling him even closer. This was always a sweet part of their lovemaking... a sweet foreplay that neither of them could get enough of or tired from. As he worked, the wetness he cleaned was replaced by even more until he sensed that she was ready.

Her scent was powerful in the air as his mouth located the sweet spot of her clit and his lips closed firmly over it. She started thrusting slowly at first and then with more fervor as he worked. He raised his hands and reached under to actually hold the warmth of her cheeks in his hands as he feasted. She moaned in ecstasy as she approached her peak. She raised her legs and placed them over his shoulders and crossed her ankles behind his head and began an urgent hump of his face. She was crying his name and he could tell that tears were forming in her eyes. She was being pleased.

Suddenly she raised her hips as high as she could, tightened them and held them as she quivered and her hands pulled heavily on his hair. A moment and she was twisting and thrusting and thanking and asking and calling him. He increased his fervor just as she climaxed for the first time this evening. She rocked back and forth and slowly came back down and relaxed with her ankles still wrapped tightly. He took a deep breath and slowed his stroke and widened the lave. She relaxed.

As her breathing slowed and she regained control, he shifted his hands and he embraced her hips. Slowly one hand lowered and circled her. His fingers moved to coat with juice that had escaped his mouth and ran behind. His fingers were lubricated as he returned a strong finger to circle her anus. The combination of softness and muscle tightening told him that she was nearing yet another response to him. He circled slowly and brought his free hand forward and rested his wrist next to her lips and adjacent to his face. In one quick move he found her pussy, entered and entered her anus. He was gentle but demanding and soon he looked up to see her head back, her eyes closed and her tongue playing kiss me with her upper lip.

Again he seized her clit and circled it with his lips as his hands began their delicate job. One finger had entered behind and was circling patiently inside and waiting for her to respond. The second had entered first one and then two and finally three fingers into her pussy and her moan increased even further. She gasped that he was too perfect a lover. She raised her hips and circled them as he teased her. He knew from previous discussions that her pussy and clit were buzzing now and her breathing was shallow and then deep and then ragged and still he teased. Again he felt her tighten on the fingers of each hand. He held his hand still as her body forced itself to be entered and exited. He felt the pucker as she let out a soft scream of passion and drop herself on his finger hard and his hand came alive again as he alternated pressure on the wall between pussy and anus.

She was actually pounding on his head softly with her passion and then raised herself and ground her pussy hard into his face. Inside he was smiling knowing that she was at that point of foreplay where she lost attention to anything. Except what she was experiencing. He'd often wondered if she even remembered that he was there when she was above this point. She would beg him to stop but he knew that if he did she would be disappointed and he continued. His cock was hard against the bed as he worked but he only knew her pleasure. Later he would have minor burns on his knees and elbows from the sheet, but now he was happy too.

It had been a long enjoyable experience but all things have to slow down and so eventually she pushed him away and brought her legs down to rest and recover. She was feeling mellow and as he lay beside her she nested her head on his arm and spooned against him. She was quiet, eyes closed and thinking for a few moments. She turned her face toward him and they both knew what was next. She had always wanted to know if he actually enjoyed giving her oral. And she already knew his answer, but she couldn't help but ask again. She did ask. He smiled and waited for a moment and gave her his stock, honest answer as he said that she grew sweeter every time. She smiled and nestled back into his arm.

They rested and dozed for a few minutes and then she reached down to hold him again, and again his mildly flaccid penis responded quickly to her touch and he opened his eyes. He smiled and greeted her before asking if she felt any better. Her smile answered him and he was grateful. She told him that she'd been thinking of returning the favor and when he asked what favor she shook him in her hand and smiled. She was several inches shorter than he and called herself a big woman. He'd never argue but in his mind she was the perfect woman.

She toyed with him for a few minutes by stroking and squeezing him before leaning forward and placing a kiss on his cheek and then on his chest. Her tongue teased his male nipple and he smiled. He'd always joked about how worthless nipples are on a man, but it was pleasant when she toyed with them. Now she brought her knees up and turned as she crawled over him and descended with continuous kisses down and across his stomach. He was no longer in the shape he'd once been in but she still loved this part of his body. She got a slight bite into the skin below his navel and worried it for a moment before continuing in overlapping nibbles toward what she'd been holding in her left hand. She'd never bite hard, but she enjoyed using her teeth on his cock and its head. It was never the point of her teeth but more a tight squeeze with her lower lip and with her upper teeth almost parallel with the head. It felt good and his mind responded with the pleasure and forced him to take a deep pleasing breath and fill his lungs.

She liked to mount his arm while she pleasured him and if he tried to touch her she would push his hand away and rub his biceps with her pussy. The pleasure would sometimes cause her a minor climax while she pleasured him. Her mouth was now covering his head and she was using her lips and tongue in a slow tease as she rocked on his arm. He raised his head and planted a kiss on the closest cheek of her ass and then chased it with a small roving bite. Her hand moved lower and he opened his legs as she reached under and gently extracted his swelling balls and she rubbed them smoothly without slowing the movement of her mouth.

She'd always had a special way of pleasing him and he was feeling good as he arched his back and stretched a bit toward her. He heard her giggle and then she took him deeper and wrapped her lips around his head while running her tongue around the sensitive ridge. She paused at the completion of each circle and teased the tiny sensitive spot under before continuing. As his body's arousal followed that of his male member she took him deeper and began a steady bobbing that always brought him over. Her hands were now wrapped around him and stroking as her head moved and he was clenching his ass and his hands. She could feel the muscles in his stomach tightening and hear his breathing increase and then she stopped.

Instantly he was coming down and she hopped forward and over him and sat above his wais. She raised one leg high and leaned to bring him in contact and then with her hand wrapped she moved him along her lips and slowly increased the pressure to force them open. The wetness and warm softness of her was bringing him back up faster than before as she stroked herself with him as the tool. She spun him around her clit and back between her lips and with just his head she forced him in and rotated it around her pussy. The pressure and depth was just enough to stretch her and coat his head with her lubrication. Around and around she forced him and he felt her excitement approaching his own. She was teasing herself and held off her satisfaction until they were both ready. Slowly she slid her hand lower and allowed more of him inside but continued the manual rotation. She took a deep breath in each slow circle as his head scrubbed her g-spot but she didn't stop.

Soon her hips were lowering on him and she was still facing his feet. He raised himself on his elbows and then sat up behind her and reached around to her mound and found her clit and rotated in unison with her own circling. He raised his other hand and cupped a breast and lowered his mouth to her shoulder and kissed it and teased it with his tongue. The hand at her breast caught her nipple between its thumb and finger and he rotated and pulled the nipple. His grip on her nipple increased and soon the nipple was hard and he held the pressure tighten. She was almost completely down on him and couldn't rotate him now as she removed her hands and bend forward to put her hands on his knees and she started rotating her hips. The blessings of a big girl were demonstrated to me and she was light as a feather and so sensuous.

She was full on him and then back up and still her hips rotated and soon she was fucking him hard. He responded just as hard and his teeth were hard against her shoulder and both of them were working their bodies and breathing hard. He was beginning to lose control just as he'd made her lose it so many times before. She had never fucked him this seriously, with such single-minded determination before. Her head was violently thrown forward and back by their body movements and they continued. He brought his knees back a little to gain purchase and thrust harder. The movement brought her more upright and she began slapping her body down on him. He didn't think he'd ever been this deep before and still they fucked.

He was nearing that moment and whispered and then shouted that he was going to cum and he heard her ragged voice urging him to do it. He felt it deep and then rising and his body was tight and he gave her one last deep thrust and told her that he was here. He felt her clench him at just that moment and heard her whisper that it felt so good and that she was there too. It was almost simultaneous as he filled her and the warmth and pressure of his cum put her over the edge and she ejaculated and flooded them both. He'd never before believed that a man could tell whether one or both balls were discharging but this time he could feel them both and it was mind numbing to him.

When they finally lay back with her back still on his chest she began talking. She thanked him and told him how special this was. At first she said, she thought that she'd pee'ed on him, but now she knew what it was. She announced that she'd never ejaculated before and never been so aroused. She was proud that it had happened and then started telling him that she thought the pressure of his head rubbing her from behind was the reason and then she rolled off him and turned over to lie facing him. They were still breathing hard, but he'd almost gotten to normal while her constant description kept her out of breath. She thanked him again profusely and he only smiled and said that this was the 'best fuck ever' and kissed her cheek.

When she recovered she was neither tired nor ready for sleep. She bounced off the bed and retrieved his special sandwiches. They were still warm through the wrapper as she tore them open and handed him one. He knew already what was coming as she nibbled the lettuce on hers and this time she was watching his cock for a reaction. He tried to be nonchalant, but it wasn't possible. After all they'd been through she still wanted to tease him and it was working. She asked if he'd enjoyed making love a few minutes ago and he told her about both balls letting loose at the same time and she was fascinated. She talked about how they'd both reached a milestone in their marriage that night and she was right.

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