tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKnocking Up Susan

Knocking Up Susan


Susan never saw it coming. Mall security had warned her several times not to walk to her car alone after work, but they were all beneath her notice. After all, they were just rent-a-cops for the local mall right? Besides, she had seen the way the security guards all leered at her. One had even had the gall to ask her out once. Susan had laughed in his face. She couldn’t imagine actually being seen with a lowlife like that.

She worked hard to keep her body looking its best, and she was saving herself for Mr. Right. Actually she really wanted Mr. Rich, but she would settle for someone of equal standing to herself. Susan had big plans. Another month of saving money, and she was out of here. Her best friend Beth had an apartment at the beach and a job in sales at a trendy new marketing firm already set up. Susan was just biding her time now.

As she walked into the deck, however, she saw a strange van parked two spaces away from her Civic. She reached her car and began rifling through her purse for her keys. The reflection in the car window was her only warning before everything went black.

She awoke in darkness. Her muscles were stiff and aching, and her head throbbed in pain. Groggily she tried to sit up, but the pain in her head was too much, and she sank back down. After a few minutes of deep breathing to calm the ache in her skull, she opened her eyes and looked around. The room was dark, and it took several minutes for her eyes to adjust, but dimly she could make out the furnishings of a small bedroom.

The bed she had been sleeping in was slightly larger than a double bed, and it seemed that the sheets hadn’t been changed in months. There was a hole in the dry wall by the nightstand, and another in the wall near the door. Discarded cigarette packs lay strewn everywhere, along with several other pieces of unidentifiable trash. Gingerly Susan attempted to get up. The floor creaked loudly as she did so, and she jumped at the sound.

The door swung open, and an extraordinarily large man walked through. Susan’s first thought was that this was the largest man she had ever seen. Easily over six and a half feet tall, he wore a sleeveless t-shirt that showed off clearly defined muscles. His eyes were bright blue, and he had a military style crew cut. When he spoke, it was with clear authority.

“What’s yer name bitch?” The southern accent made her wince.

“S… Sus… Susan.” Speaking brought back the pain in her head.

“Not no more it ain’t. Yer name is fucktoy now, and that’s the only name you answer to. You got it?”

He looked at her menacingly, and she quickly nodded her head, bringing an explosion of pain from the back of her skull.

“Tell me yes sir, dammit!” he yelled as he grabbed her arm to keep her from falling.

“Y… yes sir” she whimpered, the words barely more than a whisper.

“Good, good. Yer learning. Now lemme explain the rules here. You can call me Billy. That’s not my name, but it will do for you. You are now my fucktoy. You do what I say, when I say it. If you do everything I want, I’ll let you go soon, unhurt, and this will be nothing but a memory. If you resist, well …”

The glare in his eyes left no doubt in Susan’s mind that she would not resist. The thought of this man’s hands on her made tears well up in her eyes. She was about to be raped, and there was nothing she could do about it. “Billy” was having none of it. His arms quickly lifted her off the ground and he carried her back to the bed. “Undress slut. Get yer clothes off. I wanna see what yer hidin under there.”

Through her tears, she knew that failure to comply was simply not an option. She began unbuttoning her blouse, noting with despair the dirt that had already accrued on it. It was a designer blouse, and one of her favorites. Apparently, this was lost on Billy, who was equally lost in patience.

He grabbed the two sides and ripped open her blouse, revealing her skimpy bra as the remaining buttons spilled to the floor. Susan had always been proud of her tits, as they were all natural 34 DD’s.

She had spoiled herself on lacy bras and panties all her life, though her taste in undergarments left little to the imagination. Billy clearly appreciated what he saw. Reaching out to cup each breast, his fingers teased her nipples to life. Susan whimpered, although she wasn’t sure if it was fear or … something else. Nobody had ever touched her breasts like that before. Her body shuddered under his touch.

“You got some nice tits here bitch. They look real. Are they real, fucktoy?” he asked, with a small measure of pride in his voice.

She could still barely manage a whisper as his fingers continued to torment her nipples, which were standing erect at this point, “Y… yes sir. They’re real.”

“Good, good, can’t stand the fake ones. Just don’t feel right.”

He continued to caress her nipples for another moment before stopping to remove her blouse. “Take off the bra,” he said gruffly, “and the rest of your clothes too. I wanna see what kind of toy I got to play with.”

Her hands shaking, she reached to the front of her bra to unclasp the hook. As she did so, her breasts spilled out, creamy white and firm. Billy whistled in appreciation. She quickly removed the bra and blouse. Billy, clearly struck by her magnificent breasts, smiled greedily. “Now the rest, fucktoy. I wanna see it all.”

She grimaced at his words as a tear rolled down her cheek. She knew she had no choice but to obey. Her fingers barely able to function from fear and exhaustion, she slowly undid the buttons on her jeans and slid them to the floor. Billy chortled upon seeing her lacy panties.

“Well, well, I knew it. You are a hot little slut ain’t you? I bet you been dreaming of a day like this for a long time haven’t you? Been saving that sweet little ass for someone special. I bet dimes ta dollars I’m not what you expected. Too bad, there’s plenty of hot little sluts out there for the pretty boys. I bet you thought you would find some pretty college puke to settle down with. You got soccer mom written all over you.”

Billy continued to laugh at his own joke while Susan resumed pulling her panties down. Standing naked in front of him, trembling, she tried in vain to turn in order to keep some of her modesty. Billy ignored her feeble attempt, reaching out once more to grasp her breasts. His fingers once again, expertly, teased her nipples to arousal. Susan felt herself growing slightly aroused, although her fear and terror kept her bodies reactions in line.

Billy reached a hand down to grasp her firm ass, letting out a short groan as he ground his crotch into hers. He stank of stale cigarettes and beer. Susan did her best to not show her disgust, but Billy, ever perceptive, grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. “You will look at me, bitch, and you will like what you see. Here in a few minutes you will be begging me to be closer to you. You just remember that.”

With that he resumed fondling her body, taking time to touch everywhere. His hands were rough, but clearly practiced at drawing out a response. Despite herself she began to feel aroused, could feel herself growing wet at his touch, felt in the back of her mind a growing desire. Billy read her body like a book, and moved her back onto the bed. His mouth quickly found one of her waiting breasts, taking the nipple between his teeth and rolling it.

He devoured each breast, taking turns, a hand on whichever breast was not in his mouth. Susan gasped with unexpected pleasure. She knew she should fight this, knew that she was running out of time, but deep down she knew that resistance was futile. Her body came alive to the hands and mouth tormenting and pleasuring her body. Billy’s hands began to move up and down her inner thigh, teasing her with what was to come. Finally his fingers found her pussy and began a slow up and down motion through the folds. She moaned with clear pleasure, encouraging him to do more.

His fingers moved up to her clit and began a slow circle, punctuated by small bursts of pressure, eliciting small shrieks and moans from Susan. Billy then slowed his motions for a moment. Susan, groggy with pleasure, looked up at him befuddled. Billy said with a look of triumph,

“Beg me now fucktoy. Ask me, as my fucktoy, to please pleasure you. Tell me what you want.”

Susan was mortified. As long as she never said that it was ok, she wasn’t responsible. But to beg this man to pleasure her, like some common slut was another matter. She groaned as he applied a bit more pressure to her swollen clit. His movement slowed again. She tried to think through the pleasure she was feeling, tried to remember all the reasons she should fight, but they were lost to her. She was his.

“P… please sir, please make me cum. Please make your fucktoy cum.”

She couldn’t believe it when the words came out of her mouth. She had never talked like that and hated it when her sorority sisters used such foul language. Billy just smiled and began kissing his way down her stomach. As Susan realized what he intended, Billy’s tongue wrapped itself around Susan’s clit and he began to suck through it. Susan was immediately overwhelmed with pleasure, her shrieks and moans filling the room. A pressure began to build in her that she had never felt before, a feeling deep in her body that felt as though she would explode at any moment.

One of Billy’s fingers found her opening and began to slowly finger fuck her as he sucked. This only increased her pleasure as she wailed with delight. The pressure within her reached critical mass and a massive orgasm tore through her body with hurricane force. Her pussy clamped down hard on the invading digit as her hips thrust themselves up to meet Billy’s face. Her legs wrapped around Billy’s shoulders, pulling him in close. It seemed to on for hours.

As her orgasm subsided, Billy stood and began unbuttoning his shirt. Susan fought for breath. As she slowly returned from her high she saw Billy pull down his underwear. She gasped. His penis was enormous. Almost as long as her lower arm and at least as thick as her wrist, the monster dispelled every rumor she had ever heard about white men having smaller dicks.

“Hehehe, I get that a lot,” laughed Billy as he moved onto the bed beside her. “Don’t worry; it only hurts the first few minutes. Then you won’t be able to get enough.”

Her terror came flooding back, displacing the warm glow she had felt after her mind blowing orgasm. Billy’s hand once again found her clit and she moaned in pleasure despite herself. Seeing her body respond to him, Billy moved in for the kill. His mouth found one of her supple breasts as he placed his dick at her entrance. Susan’s eyes shot open as she realized he wasn’t wearing protection. This was the worst time in her cycle. If he came inside her, she would surely get pregnant.

“No, please, use a condom, I’m not on the pill, please no!” she yelled, actively struggling for the first time in the encounter.

Billy laughed at her, clearly reveling in the moment, “I never wear those damn things. You won’t be the first to have one of my babies, and you probably won’t be the last.”

Her legs bucked, trying to force him off, but the move only aided him. The head of his massive cock caught in her opening and he pushed hard, driving himself into her. His dick stopped at her virginity, giving her a moment’s respite. She couldn’t believe something that big had fit in her at all and her pussy struggled to adjust to the size. Billy wasn’t in the mood for patience though. He reared back and slammed himself through her virgin barrier, driving his cock in to the hilt.

Susan screamed in pain, her hips bucking to get him off, her mind in near shock from the raw feeling inside her. Tears rolled down her cheeks from both pain and shame, and her wails now filled the room that had previously been filled with her screams of pleasure. Billy gave her no time to adjust though. His began moving slowly in and out of her, enjoying the feeling of her tight, wet pussy on his cock. Her walls clutched tightly to this new invader as her body did what evolution had designed it to do.

Billy’s hand found her clit again and her body was torn between the pleasure of his touch and the pain of his cock.

Susan fought to breathe, and found herself moving up to meet his thrusts. Her hips snapped in time to his pounding, and her arms moved around his back, pulling his mouth down to her breast. The pain in her pussy was replaced by a deep pleasure, an unbelievable feeling of fulfillment as he thoroughly fucked her. Her cunt instinctively knew what to do. Her muscles began to squeeze him with each thrust, spurring him on, driving him to push deeper and harder. Her slick cunt wrapped around him and drew him to ever greater depths. In the back of her mind she knew that this only increased the chances that she would get pregnant, but she no longer cared.

All she cared for was the pleasure. The growing wave built until she could contain it no more, screaming loudly as her orgasm surged through her. Her hips slammed into Billy’s, almost as though she were begging him to come inside her and inseminate her.

Billy’s breath grew ragged as her pussy milked him, gripping his enormous cock and attempting to drain his cum out of him. Billy thrust himself deeply into her pussy, emptying load after load onto her vulnerable cervix. Susan felt his cum surge out and into her fertile womb, bathing her insides with his seed and probably making her a mother. Her pussy continued to rut at him, drawing his cum deep inside her. Susan’s body shook in orgasm as her body thrust itself at Billy’s cock, hungry for his seed to fill her and find her waiting egg.

Billy groaned and thrust himself one last time into her still clutching pussy and collapsed, breathless, onto her sweaty chest. Susan’s heart was still racing. Her probable impregnation at the hands of this stranger was gone from her mind. She didn’t care any more. As she looked up at the father of her child, all she could think of was insuring that she had his baby. And that might take a few more tries ...

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