tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKnowing Her Ch. 04

Knowing Her Ch. 04


We sat in a wide circle on the lounge floor, Taz, Kat, Stuart, Chris, Lynn and I. The mood was pretty relaxed. By now we were "back into our cups", but the whole time I nervously anticipated a slip; that someone would mention the incident in the bedroom. Slip? No, if it was mentioned it would be no accidental slip; it would be intentional. Taz could have broken down into tears at any point by the looks of her, she could point the finger at me and the game would be up. Then there was Kat; what game was she playing?

Hours passed, uneventfully with TV, DVDs, cards, music, and of course, drink. It would have been fun if not for the shadow cast on the occasion by my earlier actions. A bunch of twenty-somethings just chilling out.

Night came quickly. Stuart had work the next day, so he ordered his taxi home. Chris insisted on staying with Taz in her room, although she had already made it very clear she was in no mood to entertain his sexual advances. I guess that made sense. Lynn had already lost consciousness some time earlier, and had crashed out on the couch where I had woken earlier. Bless her; she always did that, but this time she seemed even more wrecked than normal.

Being the youngest of the group (still only 19, so not technically a twenty-something after all) we had adopted the role of protective older siblings. Her very long frizzy ginger hair collapsed over the back of the arm rest, her bookish glasses pushed up over her eyebrows. Her trademark baggy-jumper was twisted awkwardly as she had slept with her arms crossed over her chest under the garment, empty sleeves left hanging. The garish skirt that usually came to her ankles was heaved up to her knees, revealing her very pale legs and odd socks. Yeah, she was that kind of dizzy alternative chick who liked sociology books, old movies (which we often chatted about) and was just a little too timid for her own good. Sweet girl. Everybody liked Lynn.

That left me and Kat. This could be the time to get to the bottom of all this.

02:26am. Chris and Taz were upstairs, I could hear them bickering. Like I mentioned before, Lynn was totally wasted on the couch. I sat opposite Kat on the floor, pondering how to approach the situation. She sat there smiling at me, enjoying my discomfort. The lights were all off, only the muted television offered any illumination with its flickering blue screen.

I wouldn't have described Kat as a Goth or Emo, certainly not in a musical sense, but she was definately, well? Dark? Her straight raven black hair fell either side of her face, down to her full chest. The slinky and silky black party dress she wore was a little gothic looking I guess, one strap off the shoulders. It was pulled up past her thighs as she sat cross legged on the floor. Unlike Taz, Kat was rarely ever seen without make up, a dark eye shadow and dark pink lipstick. She was pretty, if you fancied that sort of thing, her figure was more hour glass than Taz's; long neck, a full pair of breasts, slim waist and strong thighs. As a person, she was easy to get along with from what I could tell. In truth, I hadn't ever spent any alone time with her before now, but sitting there playfully awaiting my inquisition, she looked down right sinister... There was obviously more to Kat than met the eye.

"Why didn't you mention it?" I whispered.

"What was it like to have that control over another person? Did it make you feel powerful? Was it a turn on? Knowing that she couldn't stop you from doing whatever you wanted to her, to her body?"

I turned to check on Lynn before replying, she was still out cold. An earthquake probably wouldn't wake her.

"Look, it wasn't like that Kat, she wanted-"

"Oh, come on Michael, I know exactly what it was. Don't try and kid yourself."

The memory of it was stirring my loins; I felt myself hardening as I recalled taz's feeble attempts to stop my questing hands from roaming her body, from playing with her pert breasts. Her hips twisting in protest, rubbing against my crotch. I decided to cut to the chase.

"What do you want?"

"I was sleeping off my headache in my bedroom when I heard what was happening in Taz's room. I got up to check on things, and I watched you through the crack in the door. First off the bat I was concerned for my friend, then suddenly shocked that you would do such a thing, but as stood there and continued to watch in silence, watching you use her body, making her yours, hell; it made me sooo wet. I'd never been so fucking horney in all my life- I even wanted to join in!"

She laughed loudly, then went on.

"I want that feeling of control, power over another person; to know that whatever you want you can take."

"You want to force yourself on somebody?" I asked, baffled.

She giggled.

"No, no. There are many types of power Mikey. I don't need hand cuffs like you did to control someone. Don't you see? I have your dirty little secret. You're my bitch now. You are my very own plaything!"


"What do I have to do? Is it money you want?"

She ignored the question and rose to her feet. She made her way over to the couch where Lynn was sleeping. I followed her. We both looked down on the innocent youth.

"She's so pretty, don't you think?" Kat asked.

"Yeah, she is."

"Pull her top up."


"Pull her top up. I've always been curious to know what she was hiding under there."

"Come on Kat, seriously?"

"Do it!" she smiled, as if this was some sort of innocent prank.

"What, you lesbian or something?"

"Not sure, just curious I think. Come on, lets take a peek at the goods."

Fuck, she was a crazy bitch. Reluctantly I knelt beside Lynn and gently tugged at her thick jumper. It came up to her shoulders easily. Under the top she wore some type of flimsy whit vest that looked more like a night dress, with her thin arms folded together across her chest. The cold chill in the air bought her skin out in goose bumps but she did not stir.

"Umm, not bad. Way to go Lynny!" Kat jested.


Kat looked down towards my groin. The bulge there was obvious; It was so sore, swollen from the pleasure it was denied earlier. Before I could respond Kat reached her hand, grabbed it firmly and tugged. The thrill ran through me.

"You're not I can see!"

I brushed her hand away.

"Get off me!"

"Sheesh, tetchy! I want you to satisfy yourself with sleeping beauty's body."

Not this, not again...

"Fuck you, I won't do it!"

"Shame... If Chris found out about what you did to his precious girlfriend he'd fold you in half."

I was reasonably fit, but Chris was made of muscle. In a fight, I really wouldn't have a chance. He'd kill me, no two ways about it.

"This is Lynn for Christ's sake!" I spat, my voice raised in anger.

"Go on, enjoy yourself, I won't tell a soul."

I tried a new tact.

"I'd wake her up."

"I doubt it, I spiked her drink."

What the fuck! She had this whole thing planned? I shook with rage and the frustration of being impotent to stop this bitche's game.

"If you've harmed her I'll fucking kill you!"

"Oh come off it Mike, I'm not stupid. She'll be fine, her head will hurt but that's the size of it. This is really getting you nowhere; Lynn's out for the count and Romeo and Juliet upstairs have been drinking so much they'll be lucky to see any of tomorrow."

What choice did I have? I'm no martyr, better to be kicking than kicked, sorry Lynn.

Kat continued.

"Let's see those tits."

I gently unfolded Lynn's arms and put them by her side. Her nipples rose in the cool air, easily visible through the thin fabric of her vest. My erection fought against my jeans stronger than ever, I hated myself for it. Admittedly I had done similar to Taz, but it was different; I lusted after her and she was awake, willing to a degree (I told myself). Lynn was asleep and she was almost like my sister. The conflict was still on going in my mind as my body moved with a will all of it's own. My hand reached out for a tender breast, my fingers gently squeezing the tiny cup, my thump rubbing against the stiff duct.

"Nice. Very nice."

Kat reached across for the other breast, pulling the vest down to expose it fully. She ran a long painted finger nail around the sensitive bud and then across the risen nipple. She gave it a little pinch.

"You'll wake her!"

"Trust me, there's no way we're waking this chick tonight!"

With that she lent down and put her face to Lynn's naked chest. I could only see the back of her head but she was close enough to lick or suck.

"Tender, have a taste." She instructed.

I got down onto my knees and watched. Kat made eye contact with me and kept her glance there while she teasingly placed her tung on the underside of the uncovered breast. Gently and slowly she slid her tung across the pale flesh and to the nipple, where she circled. Her tung left a glistening trail of saliver. I could barely contain my urge to fuck Lynn there and then, Kat was turning me on and she knew it. Then she started gently flicking the chilled nipple with the tip of her tung before putting her seductive lips around it for a hard suck. After a moment she straightened up again.

"Fuck the hell out'a her! I wann'a watch!"

I wanted to get this over with. I heaved the skirt up to Lynn's waist, revealing white cotten panties. I slid them down her slender legs and left them hanging from an ankle. Lynn's cunt was trimmed but not bald, a small strip of hair was left abuve the clit. It looked so appertising. Without thinking I slid a finger inside. The hole was already wet.

Kat had sat herself on one of the leather chairs and spread her legs over each arm rest, her tight black dress forced up to her waist. I could just about make out the sheer underware in the dim light. Kat's lips were pursed, her eyes taking in the scene before her. She looked unfocused, almost drunk. I wondered what was turning her on most? Me violating our sleeping friend, or, the fact that she was totally accountable for the events? She had the power. I may have been fucking Lynn, but Kat was fucking me.

I positioned myself at one end of the couch and pulled the limp body closer to my groin by the hips. I pulled the loose legs high and rested them on either shoulder. With one hand I held her hips close to my own and with the other hand I reached for her one exposed breast. I had unzipped and pulled out my pulsating shaft, soaked in pre-com. Then I hesitated. This was Lynn! Little, sensitive, shy, kooky (and possibly virginal) Lynn; my friend...

I looked over to Kat. Her hands had come to rest between her thighs. Although I could make out no details I could guess what she was doing by the flexing of her fingers and the movement of her wrists. She licked her lips greedily as she watched me, breathing heavilly.

I couldn't do it- I wouldn't do it! I zipped myself up and quickly pulled up Lynns underware. Kat stopped playing with herself immediately and sat up.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She shrieked quietly, frustrated that play-time had ended.

To hell with the consequences I thought as I scooped up the sleeping girl. I rushed to the downstairs toilet and lowered Lynn into the bath tub.

"What the fuck Mike?" Kat had followed me.

"Shut up!" was my reply.

I turned on the cold shower tap. Lynn begun to stirr. Slowly she began to come round, her groggy eyes widening. Then she spoke.

"Shit! Christ! That's freezing! What the hell? What are you doing Mike?" she asked.

"Yeah, what are you doing?" added Kat.

Saving you from sexual abiuse probably wouldn't have been the best answer, so I lied.

"You started choking and I couldn't wake you up... Sorry, seemed like the best thing to do."

Kat glared daggers at me. I knew this wasn't over, not by a long shot. I'd called her bluff, how was she going to take it?

Thanks again for the positive feedback folks- especially to 'Kim' from the US of A! If you have any ideas or thoughts just drop me an email.

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