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Kristina & Kathy



Kathy O'Neil was in her back yard washing the cherry red '65 Mustang her late husband had purchased for her, and as usual, I couldn't take my eyes off her. The sun was shining, and the temperature had climbed past the century mark for the third straight day. It was the kind of heat that made you want to take all your clothes off, regardless of who was looking. I stood watching Kathy through the small window above her kitchen sink, waiting for her daughter Kristina. We were going shopping at the mall where it was cool, before returning later in the evening to go swimming. As Kathy's hands flew in a circular motion over the hood of her car, her breasts bobbled wildly beneath her t-shirt, and from the side I could see her shorts riding up the deep slit between her buttocks. Although I was filled with guilt, I began to fantasize walking up from behind as she was bent over the car, my arms closing around her waist. She whispered to me that there wasn't much time, so I pull her shorts down, and enter her quickly, taking her hard and fast over the hood of her car. Again and again, I drove my cock into her, my hands gripping her huge breasts as they slapped together...

"Hi baby," Kristina said, kissing me softly. I was jolted from my fantasy immediately, as Kristina pushed her teenage body against me and I captured her in my arms, slipping my hands down to cup her buttocks while slipping my tongue into her mouth.

"Oh my, you are happy to see me," she laughed, stroking my cock. "I'm sorry I was so tired last night. Apparently, our fun this morning didn't completely satisfy you though."

"No, no, it's okay, sweetie. I just wanted to return your favor, I wasn't angry. Just disappointed." The guilt was overpowering now, but there was no reason why she needed to find out that the erection was not because of her.

She hugged me tighter, kissing me on the cheek, then led my out the door.

"You don't want breakfast?" I asked.

"No, it's nearly noon. I'm sorry I took so long, but the shower felt so good. We can grab something at the mall." She gathered her small purse, adjusted her hair in a mirror hanging over one of the kitchen counters, and led me to out the door.

"We're leaving now, mom," she shouted out to her mother, who was now waxing the car behind the giant pool in the back yard. "We'll be back later."

"Ok, you two have a good day. Goodbye Kevin," Kathy said, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. She smiled at me, and I thought I recognized a glint in her eye, as if she had seen as much as I thought she might have the night before.

"We'll see you soon, Kathy. It was wonderful to meet you."

Part I


I had been dating Kristina O'Neil for seven months, and I'd been in love with her for almost six. Kristina was 19, and I had met her when she began working in my office as an intern during her senior year of high school. At 28, I had already built my accounting firm into one of the more successful businesses in the area, and we regularly took on interns from the high school that were interested in pursuing a degree in accounting or finance in college. The experience looked good on their college applications, and we were able to get a lot of extra work done that nobody really had much time to do.

I interviewed Kristina myself, and she was easily the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, I nearly spilled water all over my desk when she walked into my office. She had long blonde hair, perfectly straight, and framed the beautiful features of her face, which were settling into a gorgeous smile. Her soft lips parted, revealing a perfect row of white teeth, and cheeks flushed a bit as I walked over to shake her hand. Kristina's big blue eyes flickered for a moment as she introduced herself, and I fought to restrain the little voice inside my head that suggested she liked what she saw. She was dressed in an expensive navy pantsuit, and beneath the jacket she wore a cream colored blouse with a plunging neckline.

I invited her to sit down, and as she did so, she unbuttoned the jacket. For the second time in two minutes, I nearly spilled the bottle of water I had been sipping from, as I sat down behind my desk. My eyes were drawn to her enormous breasts jutting proudly from beneath the confines of her blouse, which was impossibly stretched to its outer limits. Kristina had the deepest cleavage I had ever seen, and as beautiful as her smile was, I couldn't help but steal quick glances at her breasts throughout the interview.

We talked for nearly an hour, and I was delighted to discover that she was as smart, charming, and funny as she was beautiful. I hired her on the spot, and walked her out to the door.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Thomas. I won't disappoint you." She shook my hand, and her smile reappeared. My knees buckled, but I managed to maintain my composure.

"Please, you're making me feel old. My name is Kevin, you're free to call me that, unless it makes you feel uncomfortable."

"Ok, well, thank you, Kevin," she said, laughing softly. "I'll be here at 2:30 on Monday. I'll see you then?"

"Have a great weekend," I replied, watching her leave. I turned just in time to catch the remaining remnants of the smirk that had passed over my assistant Janet's face.

"What are you grinning at? Don't you have work to do?" I teased.

"Well, I knew you'd hire a gorgeous one eventually," she said.

"You were extremely professional," she said. "The entire time I was there, you never indicated that you were interested. I appreciate that very much."

"Sexual harassment isn't something to fool around with," I said, taking her hand as we walked along the beach.

It was our fifth date in 2 weeks, and I still hadn't slept with her. On the Friday of her last day, I took her out to dinner, as I do all the interns who finish their work. But this had been the first time I had asked one of them out. Several times I had ended up in bed with them, and on more than one occasion, the "fling" had lasted throughout the summer until, inevitably, the young girl would go off to school. With Kristina, the chemistry was different. She was a nice change; I was excited about dating a girl that I was interested in beyond getting her into bed. But after having spent so much time with her, my defenses were beginning to wear down. I had seen her mind-boggling proportions hinted at in the tiniest of tank tops, skin-tight jeans, and shorts, not to mention the bikini she wore on our trip to the very same beach the previous weekend.

"Kristina, it really was difficult. You are so beautiful, and so damn sexy. I couldn't get you out of my mind. And of course, I figured I had no shot at you."

"Why not?" she asked, turning to look at me.

"Well, you are a bit younger. And, well, you're a knockout." My eyes drifted down to her breasts, which were fighting with each other beneath a baby t-shirt that exposed a great deal of her midriff.

Of course, the thought that she was younger and therefore untouchable had never entered my mind, the truth was, I had slept with more 18-year-old girls in the last three years than I had in my entire high school career. But Kristina was by far the most beautiful, and though she never spoke about a boyfriend, she didn't seem to be the kind of girl that spent much time alone.

"Age really doesn't matter. My mother is in her mid-forties, and we could be sisters. Except of course, her breasts are bigger. And she has a nicer ass."

"Bigger than you? Is that possible?" I laughed, watching her cheeks turn red.

"Oh shut up and kiss me, before you get yourself in trouble."

I caressed the smooth skin of her face with my palms, noting again just how young she looked in the sunlight, before pressing my lips against hers, pulling her closer. Her huge breasts pushed against my bare chest, and my hands drifted down to cup her full ass cheeks as our tongues began to dance with each other.

"Fuck me," she whispered. "I can't wait any longer, Kevin. Please fuck me."

"Oh god, baby, I've wanted too for so long...."

She stripped naked in front of me, slowly revealing her glorious body for the first time. Her breasts were huge, perfectly rounded, firm, and easily the biggest I had ever seen. My cock awakened the instant she pulled off her shirt and shook out her hair, causing her breasts to bobble for instant just inches from me. Her large, dark nipples were already erect and sat proudly in the center of half-dollar sized areoles, and I fought to keep myself from reaching to her before she could remove her shorts.

"Jesus, Kris," I whispered. "They're more beautiful than I imagined."

She stepped out of her shorts, and smiled at me as I took her in my arms. My hands explored her smooth skin, and as my tongue plunged deeper into her mouth, I squeezed the full, firm, rounded cheeks of her ass in my hands as I had done at least a dozen times before.

The foreplay didn't last very long; I could feel the sticky indications of her arousal on my throbbing cock, which had nestled against her hairless sex. In an instant, I picked her up, carried her over to the wall, and spread her lips with my fingers. She looked me in the eyes and begged me again to fuck her, even as I thrust into her tight sex. The hunger and need in her eyes was obvious and powerful, and she clung to me like a second skin as I invaded the deep folds of her drenched pussy.

"Goddamn it," I cried. "You're so fucking tight Kris."

"Fuck me hard, baby," she moaned as my head dipped to take her nipples into my mouth. She arched her back, pressing her huge tits up against me and I began to pound her against the wall. Her legs wrapped around my waist while her hands gripped my buttocks to pull me tighter against her. Again and again I pounded into her, ripping the cries from her mouth as I sucked harder on each one of her bouncing breasts.

"Fuck me harder! Yeah, fuck that little pussy...fuck it hard baby...." She screamed.

Soon, our lips met again, and we kissed each other feverishly, my hips snapping uncontrollably, driving my rock hard cock deep into her tight, teenage sex. Her full thighs gripped me even tighter as she began to scream, low, guttural cries indicating that she was cumming as I pounded her up against the wall.

"Don't stop fucking me, please, keep fucking me hard baby...fuck my little pussy raw baby, fill me with your cum..."

I was lost in my own world of pleasure, as her incredibly tight sex gripped my thick cock tighter and tighter. I couldn't hold back any longer, and as I again took a breast into my mouth, my balls began to empty inside of her. I cried out her name again and again as blast after blast of hot, thick cum began to spurt wildly into her young pussy. The feel of my cum shooting wildly deep inside of her caused Kristina's body to contort in orgasm yet again, and I squeezed her against me as her breasts heaved and body shook.

I held her up against the wall, my cock still buried inside her, our foreheads brushing against each other as sweat poured off of us. Her breasts heaved against me, sticking to my moist skin, and her legs were still wrapped around me when I carried her over to my bed.

"Jesus, baby, you are so beautiful. Even more beautiful than I imagined."

"So are you," Kristina said. "Your cock is so thick and powerful, I came the minute you pushed into me."

I turned on my side, resting my cheek in my palm while gently caressing her huge right breast with the other hand. Her nipples were still hard, and a thin film of slick sweat covered her body, making it glisten in the moonlight as it streamed in through the open shade. My cock began to rise again, and she smiled as I moved over her, kissing her gently before sliding up towards her breasts.

"Baby," I whispered, my face inches from hers. "Can I fuck your big tits?"

"Mmm, yes baby, they're nice and slick for you too." I pushed forward, resting my cock between her enormous breasts, and she squeezed her flesh around me. I groaned with pleasure as I began to gently thrust, placing my hands over hers to squeeze the abundant tit-flesh tighter around my cock. Kristina licked the head of my cock as it pushed through the deep valley of her breasts, and I stopped for a moment to allow her to suck on the engorged head before resuming my thrusts.

"Fuck my tits baby, fuck them so hard...blow your cum all over me baby. I want a bigger load than last time. Come on baby, please," she begged. I had never heard her utter a curse word, let alone talk as openly as she was, and it encouraged me to quicken my pace. Soon, I was pounding into her tits, my balls slapping into her breasts. The mere size and weight of her tits was more than I could handle, and I could feel another orgasm beginning to rise inside of me. My balls tightened and I began to groan. Kristina recognized the tell-tale signs of my impending climax and squeezed her breasts harder, pulling her nipples as she looked into my eyes and begged me again to reward her with a copious load of cum.

"Oh fuck, here it comes baby, oh fuck Kris, here it is!" I shouted, as a huge blast of cum shot from cock, blasting Kristina right in the left eye, causing her to close it immediately. A second blast caught her nose, and cum began to drip from the tip down to her mouth before mixing with the blast that had trickled from her eye. Subsequent blasts splashed against her chin, her left cheek and nostril, before she took hold of the cock and began to milk out the rest of the cum. I was crying out her name as my hot seed continued to drain from me, showering her left nipple, before she covered my cock in her mouth and swallowed the remaining sperm.

I collapsed on top of her and she stroked my hair softly, before I moved down her stomach, kissing and licking the sweat from her smooth skin as she brought her own breasts to her lips, cleaning them of my cum and sweat.

Kristina was once again soaked, and was not shy about asking for what she wanted. I felt her hips flex up towards me as she felt my hot breath near her pussy.

"Fuck that pussy with your tongue, baby, please..." she groaned, thrusting her sex up towards my waiting lips. I parted her sex with my fingers, immediately driving my tongue deep inside her sopping hole, gripping her firm buttocks in my hands. I brought one hand around to stroke her sex lips, finding her hardened clit as it emerged from beneath its shy little hood. Kristina guided my fingers, and indicated the kind of pressure she wanted, and moved my finger in a circular motion; barely touch the surface of her sensitive flesh. I quickened the pace of my tongue, and matched the rhythm with my finger. Kristina began to whimper, and my face quickly became saturated with her juices. I lapped up her nectar as it began shooting in my mouth in steadier streams. I had seen a pussy so wet in my life.

Her cries had gone hoarse, her body stiffened, and her legs began to buck and writhe around me. I gripped her ass even harder as I continued to drive my tongue in and out of her, and Kristina's body arched, her breasts wobbling violently, and much to my surprise, a steady stream of fluid began to spurt from her, splashing me in the face again and again. My hair was soaked with it, as, like a geyser, it continued to spout. I managed to open my eyes long enough to see Kristina's face contorted in orgasm, and she was screaming nearly at the top of her lungs as she roughly pulled her nipples up from her chest.

As she began to settle down, her pussy gripped my tongue tighter once again, and I could feel her muscles flexing. Soon, a thicker cream oozed from her sex, and I drank it down quickly, before cleaning her as best I could, licking the cum that had saturated the split between her buttocks. When my tongue found her tiny rosebud, Kristina flinched, but allowed me to drive my tongue into her anus. I licked and sucked the cum that had dribbled down to her asshole into my mouth, and soon I was left with a raging erection. Mounting her, I eased my length into her messy pussy once more, and rode her to a third orgasm, filling her once more with my hot seed, before finally collapsing on top of her. Our bodies remained connected, and the mixture of sweat and cum caused our skin to stick together as she held me in her arms, softly kissing my head.


I love you, Kevin," she whispered. I had drifted off to sleep, and the words drifted unheard off into the hot, sticky, summer evening.

After our first encounter, Kristina proved to be as experimental and creative in bed as any woman I had known. She indicated on several occasions that she was not interested in anal sex, but we enjoyed teasing each other with tongues and fingers. Our relationship progressed steadily over the next month, and as we ate dinner at a charming restaurant overlooking the river, I took her hand in mine and told her I loved her. Had I heard her whisper the same words to me just a few weeks earlier, I wouldn't have felt so nervous before I said it. Kristina's eyes began to tear, and she laughed to keep herself from crying, squealing in delight, as she told me she loved me as well. As we crawled into bed that night, Kristina suggested that it was time I meet her mother. I held her against me and told her that I would be honored. I was happy, in love, and excited about my future. I should have known that something had to give.

Part II


The following Saturday came, and Kristina and I prepared to meet her mother at her house for a bar-b-que. Kris wore a tight white t-shirt without a bra, and a tiny pair of blue cotton shorts that clung to her ass and sex like a second skin. Across the cheeks of her ass, the word "H O T T I E" was printed, and I my gaze locked on the swell of her buttocks as the thrust against the flimsy material covering them. Just watching her huge breasts wobble beneath her shirt, the material stretched between her stiff nipples was enough to send my mind racing, and for most of the morning my cock was as hard as a rock. Just before we walked out the door, I reached out and squeezed Kristina's buttocks before pulling her back against me.

"Baby, you've got me so hard. I don't think it's a good idea for me to meet your mother this way." I kissed her neck, breathing in heavily to capture the smell of her hair. The smooth skin on the side of her neck tasted amazingly sweet as I kissed her, and she turned in my arms.

"So, am I supposed to just drop to my knees and suck your cock whenever you get hard, Kevin?"

I pulled her closer, my arms snaking around her waist, and darting beneath the elastic band at her waist to cup her full, bare ass cheeks.

"You're not wearing underwear, Kris. Not even a thong. What did you think was going to happen?"

"You'll just have to wait until dinner is over, because I'm not messing up my makeup and getting all sweaty before we get to mom's house. Besides, you fucked me in the shower, you're insatiable." She knew she was teasing me as she thrust her tight, rounded ass back into my hands. At the same time, she crushed her breasts against my chest, and I nearly exploded in my pants. She kissed me quickly before breaking our embrace.

I watched her young buttocks sway back and forth all the way down the driveway, her beautiful hair gently blowing in the breeze. I had my hand on her thigh the entire drive over to the house, and she giggled when pulled in her mother's driveway, her eyes dropping down to my lap. My cock was still straining against the confines of my shorts, and she knew there wasn't time to do a thing about it.

"You're a little tease," I said. "I should just fuck you in the back seat, whether your mom sees us or not."

"Oh really? The first time you meet my mom, you want her to see you shooting cum in her daughter's face?"

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