tagIncest/TabooKrystal,Phillip Calls Again

Krystal,Phillip Calls Again


It was only a week ago when my grandson Phillip called round and coerced me into a torrid night of sex. At least at first I felt coerced, but for those of you who haven't read my last story, I didn't feel it for long. I had one of the most highly erotic sexual experiences of my life. He was my youngest lover and because of him, I intend to have more. The stamina these young boys have astounded me. He satisfied me so much, I was sated for days.

Before long though, the familiar urges began to appear. I ummed and ahhed about what I was going to do about it and I made up my mind to call Sally and have a good old lesbian session. I got myself dressed and decided to do a quick spot of shopping and get myself ready for later. I didn't even bother calling Sally. I'd checked the work roster and knew that she wasn't on duty that night, so I had no doubts about her being able to come round.

I walked around Chichester for a couple of hours. Brought some new French lingerie and some heels. I always seem to come back with the same thing. My weakness. In some nice silky underwear and high heels I feel so feminine. At that leads to feeling incredibly horny. Any man or woman that makes a play for me and if the feelings mutual, doesn't have to work too hard. I'm almost there anyway.

Anyway, as I said, I shopped for around for a couple of hours and then headed home. As I drove into my driveway I noticed a car parked by my front door. It was empty and I didn't recognise it. It was a black Volkswagen GTI. As I approached it, I could see it was empty. I wasn't frightened. I figured that anybody that was here to do me harm wouldn't be silly enough to park in clear view of everybody in the neighbourhood. I jumped out of the car and opened my front door.

As I walked into the hallway I called out. "Hello.......... Is anybody here?" I stood still for a few seconds, after having put my bags down to stop the rustling. When everything was silent I could here the faint sound of music coming from the back garden. Leaving my shopping where it was I went into my lounge and looked out of my patio doors. I pulled the nets slightly apart and my heart leapt to my throat. There, messing about in my pool was Phillip. He wasn't alone. He'd brought one of his friends. Now his friend, Chris, a coloured boy, I hadn't seen for about 2 years. They were always together, more than brothers, they were that close. Then one day Chris announced that he was joining the army. Not being Phillips cup of tea, he stayed at home and pursued his own path. Chris had only been home once in that time as far as I'm aware and it was a shock to see him here now. He seemed to of grown up some since he'd been gone. The army had certainly brought out the man in him.

I stood there for what seemed like an age as I they messed around in my pool. I was reminded that only a month or so ago, I'd stood in the same place watching Liam and his friends the same way and how turned on I became and the ensuing sex that took place when I'd been caught masturbating whilst I was watching them.

I was starting to feel the same now as I watched them wrestling in the water. I wondered how much if anything Phillip had told Chris. I had a feeling that if he'd told anyone, it would be chris. I didn't know what I felt about that. I supposed I'd soon find out.

I opened the doors and announced my presence. "Hi boys................ Chris, how nice to see you again. How long has it been? I'm sure it must be two years."

"Hi Miss James. .... Good to see you too and yes it's been nearly two years to the month since I was last home."

"Hi Nan." said Phillip as he smiled at me. "I hope you don't mind us using your pool like this, it was just so hot and it was the first place I could think of to come."

"Of course not Phillip, your more than welcome." he smiled at me and I smiled back but as I looked away a look passed between the pair of them and I'm not that naive.

"Hey Nan, why don't you join us?... You must be hot too after walking round the shops."

I looked over at them both and gauged the look on their faces and I knew that if I did there was a good chance that they were both going to want to fuck the life out of me. I watched as they nudged each other beneath the water and decided to go in and change and yes I was going for a dip, but I wasn't going to make it easy for them. I was going to make them want me.

"Ok, your on young man. Try not to be too rough with this old bird." I said as I walked away to get changed. I watched them both through the reflection on the patio doors, there seemed to be a lot of nudging and so forth going on between them. I couldn't hear what they were saying, I can only imagine. I was already excited by the thought of Phillip giving me a good fucking again, but if I get the added bonus of Chris's cock as well, I was going to be one happy lady. I could already feel my cunt oils squishing between my lips and making my thong wet. I rushed upstairs to find my costume.

In seconds I had two suits laid out on the bed. I stood there naked, trying to figure out which one was the best to wear. On one hand I had a pale blue one-piece that was cut high on my his and low across my chest and on the other hand I had my white thong bikini, the one Liam loved so much. I chose as you can probably guess, the thong one. As I said earlier I know why they're here so lets let them know that I know. I quickly donned my suit and with the added touch of my white heels, a pale green wrap around and my dark sunglasses, I made my way back downstairs.

I called out through the kitchen window to them asking if they would like a beer. In unison they both answered that they would. Taking two cold ones from the fridge and pouring myself a glass of wine, I took some good deep breaths to settle my nerves and headed outside.

Now you may be thinking, "why is she nervous". I'll tell you why. I'm no spring chicken. I know I look good for my age, I know I'm still very attractive to men and some women and I also know that I can hold my own with men my own age. But here we were talking about two strapping lads of 19 and 20. Both very physically fit and I seriously had my doubts as to whether this horny 62 year old woman was going to be able to stay the distance. But I was just so horny, I knew I would play my games and get the screwing of a life-time no matter what happened. I just had to try.

I walked towards them and I could see their appreciative looks through my sunglasses. That meant the world to my confidence. Those that have read my stories before must be wondering what the hell I'm talking about. I know I've always sounded confident before and I am in fact still that way. And yes I know that one of my would be lovers is my grandson and we've fuck before and I really shouldn't be feeling any of this, but I am.

I turn around as I reach the small patio table and place the drinks down. I spend a few seconds longer than was needed to sort a small mess out, but I could see both guys reflection in my trusty patio door windows, so I could see that they were both aware of my thong bottoms being sucked up between my arse cheeks. Another knowing look passed between them.

I sat down in one of the sun lounger's and we chatted about this and that and I could see both guys stealing furtive glances at flesh I was exposing. Well, I don't think Phillip was being furtive, at least not as much as Chris was. It occurred to me that maybe Phillip had told him but Chris was still unsure whether to believe him or not. This made for some brilliant fun and I was going to enjoy this immensely.

"Hey Nan, why don't you come in and join us? ..... The waters great."

"Maybe I will in a moment. For now I just want to lay here and relax after walking around the shops. Now don't you go letting your beer get warm, will you?"

"We'll be out in a second."

I was so glad I had found these shades. They're darker than my normal pair and it allows me to watch or spy on people without them being aware of it. I laid there watching the two boys. Such a sight. They were pushing each other under the water and after a while I noticed that it took longer for each boy to come up. I couldn't see below the water line unless I moved the sun lounger forward then I assumed that they would stop whatever they were up to. I continued watching for another ten minutes. Both boys were now breathless and I again called for them to come and get their beers.

Phillip was the first out of the water. As he climbed up over the ladder I wasn't that shocked to see that he was sporting a huge hard-on and I figured that if Chris came up the same way, I would know what they'd been up to under the water. Sure enough, Chris came up exactly the same way, with a very impressive package. I gently squeezed my thighs together and could already feel my cunt oils squidging between my lips. I made a promise to myself to ask exactly what they'd been doing to each other later. The thought that they had been pleasuring each other under the water turned me on immensely.

Both boys stood before me drinking, no shyness, embarrassment, or anything. Their boldness emboldened me and I pulled my wrap off and slightly opened my bent up legs. They were able to see my thong as it disappeared up into my pussy. Phillip was so cock sure of himself he stared openly at my snatch, while Chris took quick furtive looks, hoping that I wouldn't see him. But I was watching very closely behind my sun-glasses. I was also watching the bulge in Chris's shorts. After having Liam and his other black friends not too many weeks ago, I was looking forward to seeing what Chris had to offer. By the looks of things I wasn't going to be disappointed.

It was at this stage of the proceedings that I saw movement and a reflection in the upstairs window from next door. I was stunned for a few minutes. If I made my guess right, it could only be Liam's Mother or father up there. I knew Liam was away at Uni and his sister was away at work and wouldn't be home until Saturday morning. But I was sure that somebody was spying on us from that window. I just didn't know who and to be perfectly honest, I didn't care. For those of you that know me, this suited my teasing exhibitionist nature. I was getting more turned on by the second.

I put my drink down and stood up. I then repositioned my sun-lounger so that I was facing next door. I obviously didn't tell the boys what was going on, only that this was a better position for the sun. I then laid back down in the same position as before. Making sure whoever was up there had a good view. I was sure, without even feeling it that my pussy was sopping wet and that you would be able to see it glisten. Phillip and Chris had sure noticed. Their cocks were twitching madly.

"Would you two boys mind doing my sun lotion for me." I asked. Both boys jumped towards me scrabbling for the bottle. Chris was there first and after squirting a liberal amount into his hand proceeded to immediately rub it into my thighs. Phillip had by now picked up the bottle and started on the other thigh. I had goosebumps all over me and my skin was tingling.

I looked up towards the offending window and sure enough there again was movement. In fact, the net curtain had been pulled aside slightly and I could now see quite plainly Liam's father Bernie with a pair of binoculars staring down at me watching the two boys cover me in lotion. I wondered if he was excited yet. If not, I'm sure he would be soon when they started moving up my body.

The sensations of what the lads were doing were incredible, plus the fact that I had a voyeur in the upstairs window, waiting for something to happen, made me so horny I very nearly had the boys there and then.

I waited, I knew I wouldn't have to wait long. Sure enough a pair of hands were soon rubbing sun lotion into my stomach and every so often their finger tips would brush against the underside of my large breasts. Every time they touched it would send a charge through my whole body causing my large nipples to become obscenely erect. It was plainly obvious to both boys and I was pretty sure Bernie was able to see them with his binoculars. I was, by this time, very heated and I wanted what ever was going to happen, and to happen now.

I reclined my lounger back further which caused my miniscule bikini top to lift and pull my breasts so that they were nearly spilling out. The boys were covering me in lashings of lotion and the obscene bulges in their shorts were very impressive. I had to take the plunge because I wasn't sure of what they had planned. I was pretty sure something was, but it was taking too long. Another quick glance up to the window revealed Bernie stroking his own impressive bulge and I desperately wanted to see him stroke his cock in full view. I hope what I did next would be enough to bring this about.

I ripped my bikini top right off and as I laid back I ran a long red nail along Phillip's hard prick. I quickly shifted my eyes across to Chris and saw his eyes were open in amazement. But he soon got the idea and I immediately felt his hand slip under my miniscule top. It wasn't long after that, that I felt him tweaking my hard nipple which had grown to ridiculous proportions. What with what was going on here in my back garden and knowing that Bernie was watching next door was sending me to a very heightened state and my pussy was leaking out copious amounts of pre-cum

All down the crack of my arse. I was really trying to prolong the foreplay, but to be honest, I was desperate for a good fucking and I knew I was going to get one and I wanted it now. It was a shame that Bernie couldn't of joined in, but I had no doubts, he would be giving me some serious attention pretty soon.

As a thank you, I ran a nail from my other hand along Chris's bulging erection. It was immediately followed by a wet spot on the front of his shorts. I was by now gagging for some hard cock and wanted a really serious seeing to. I looked up at next doors window for the last time and was glad to see Bernie with his hard cock in his hand and was slowly pumping it as if he had all the time in the world. It was really a glorious sight, further enhanced by what the boys were doing to me.

I deftly slipped my hand up the leg of Chris's short until I had his hard cock in my hand. His bulbous helmet was squashed into my palm and I could feel pre-cum dribbling onto my wrist. Phillip meanwhile had discarded his own drunks and was moving his throbbed towards my mouth.

"That's it Gran............ take it all." he said as he pushed his cock into my willing mouth. My mouth was so willing, drool was running out and down his cock covering his hairy balls in slobber. All I could say was "Mmmmmmmmmmmm". Chris was now trying to pull down his own shorts, but I had my hand in the way. I quickly removed it and he swiftly pulled them off. I took my mouth off Phillip's hard throbbing cock to look at Chris's. very impressive and with a nice big pair of balls as well which I quickly took in my hand for a gentle squeeze.

I won't go into a long and tedious monologue about what happened next. Needless to say the boys did me in all my holes each. I was treated to a good fucking and they left completely drained with the promise that they'd be back before Chris had to go back.

20 minutes later, I'm laid in the bath, letting the hot water ease all the strains from my body. My long nails lightly stroke my gaping pussy lips. I was thinking about the way Chris was hammering my bum hole as I sucked on Phillips hard cock. It occurred to me then that, as I get older, the more insatiable I become. I just hope that men will always want to fuck me. I really do need a steady supply of good hard cock.

Anyway, I'd just got to the part where Phillip pumped his spunk into my throat and could feel another orgasm coming when the door bell rang. "Shit, who could that be." I wondered as I stepped onto the bath mat. I was sorely tempted not to open it, but relented as it could be something important like work. It rang again as I towelled my self of quickly. I ran to my bedroom and looked down tot the front door. And there to my surprise stood Bernie. A jolt of excitement shot through me as I saw him and I banged on the window so he'd know I seen him and he wouldn't walk away.

Turning back to the room I slipped my black 4" sandals on and before I put a short black robe on I tweaked my already hard nipples so that they were sticking out so obscenely and they couldn't be missed. The robe comes to mid-thigh, so there an awful lot of thigh to see and it shows a generous amount of cleavage. I had no doubts about why he was here. After the show he'd witnessed this afternoon he'd probably plucked up the courage to come knocking and see where his luck lied.

I opened the door and watched amused as his eyes took in my 4" heels and travelled the length of my legs and finally resting on my expansive breasts that I ever so gently trusted towards him, just to make life more pleasant for him.

"Why, hello Bernie. To what do I owe this pleasure darling? Is there something I can do for you?" I purred as he was finally able to drag his eyes off my tits and meet my eyes which I'd lowered to his crotch, looking for that tell tell bulge. I was hoping that Liam took after his father. And Oh yes. I could definitely see it growing down his trouser leg. He looked to be in good shape.

"OH... Hmmmm..... Errr..... Hi Krystal, sorry to bother you and I know this sounds really weird, but have you got any plain flour I could borrow. Brenda's away at her sisters and I really can't be bothered to run to the shops."

Now that was interesting. The horny Brenda's away and her horny husband is on my doorstep. Can't say I blame him after what he saw this afternoon.

"Sure Bernie. I was just going to have a drink come on in while I find the flour and we'll have a drink if you've got time." I smiled to him. He stepped inside and I closed the door behind him. He waited and then followed me down the hallway. I could feel his eyes on my bum as I swished in front of him, willing the hem line to suddenly jump up and reveal my bum cheeks to him.

By the time we'd reached the kitchen, I was as excited as him and I was so turned on it took everything in my power to stop myself from leaping on him. Bernie had quickly sat down and was leaning forward over the table trying to cover up the fact that he had a stonking hard-on. Silly man, fancy acting like I didn't know. I moved about the kitchen, making an exhibition of myself, making sure he had plenty to look at. He couldn't fail to miss the cheeks of my arse as I reached up to get a glass from the top cupboard as my robe rose right up my legs. He also couldn't fail to miss my big hanging tits as I reach into a bottom cupboard to get the plain flour for him, taking my time as I did both.

"So Bernie, what's your poison?" I asked as I turned towards him, catching him arranging his log in his jeans. "If you've got time that is." I was pretty sure he would have.

"Oh................ That would be great Krystal. I'd love a scotch on the rocks please if you have it."

"Of course I do. Wait there and I'll fetch it from the front room." I walked away from him making sure I had a good sway to my hips as I knew he'd be watching. Whilst in the lounge I made sure to give my large nipples a good hard tug, just to make sure that they were prominent and to make sure his eyes would be glued to them. I couldn't believe how horny I was. I was desperate for some more fucking. Pulling the top of my robe further apart I walked back into the kitchen.

Another lewd display as I bent down to get ice from the freezer. I giggled to myself as I heard him gasp and then cough. Walking towards him I was undecided what to do next. Did I pass his drink over the table so that he'd have a good view of my tits or did I stand beside him and hopefully get a good look at his hard-on. The latter won. As I went to put his coaster on the table, I accidentally dropped it. I quickly bent to pick it up and was greeted by the sight of his throbbing cock just inches from my parted lips. Standing back up, I made sure that he was aware that I'd been looking at his erection. I wanted him to know that I was woman enough and sure of myself to know what I wanted. And I definitely wanted a piece of him. A big piece.

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