tagIncest/TabooKrystal, Phillip Pays a Visit

Krystal, Phillip Pays a Visit


I really don't know what to think of myself. All my life, since my middle teens, I've been into sex. And I mean sex, in a real big way. There isn't much I haven't done or wouldn't do. I've had sex in every possible location, with any number of men and women. I've seduced salesmen, vicars and even two Jehovah witnesses that knocked on my door one evening. The only thing that I found taboo was my own family members, that of course doesn't include my son-in-law Graham. Somehow that changed last night. I don't accept full responsibility for this episode. I think the blame should be shared equally between us. Let me start from the beginning and you can make your own conclusions.

I stepped out of the shower and donned my black satin robe and wrapped a towel around my head. I felt the most relaxed I had all day. I was completely naked underneath, just how I like it. I just love it when I can feel the smoothness of the satin gently caress my large nipples making them stick out like obscene hat pegs. I can never resist squeezing them every so often.

Anyway, I'd just finished drying my hair when there was a knock on the door. I looked at my watch, it was 8.30pm. I wondered who the hell that could be. I'd already made up my mind to have an early night and play with my sopping cunt whilst reading dirty stories on Literotica from my lap-top. I quickly slipped on my mule slippers and went towards the front door. Putting my eye up to the spy hole, I was shocked to see Phillip, my grandson standing there. I quickly opened the door and he stepped inside. One thing I did notice, was that he had a queer look about him this night. I can't really explain it, even now. He just didn't look his normal self. More cocky and more confidant. I think the word that youngsters use nowadays is "lairy". He wasn't normally like that. He's a nice lad normally, the perfect grandson. It was though, unusual for him to visit on his own.

"Why Phillip, what are you doing here at this time of night?" I shouldn't of asked really. He's my grandson, my flesh and blood. Of course he was welcome whatever time he arrived. But it was still a strange thing to of happened.

"Hi Nan. Just thought I'd pay you a visit on the way back from the gym. You don't mind do you?"

"Of course not silly. Come on through, I've got a nice cold beer in the fridge."

He followed me into the kitchen and as I think back, I could feel his eyes on my arse and legs. I dismissed it at the time, because of who he is. I refused to believe that he was doing that to me.

He sat at the table as I got his beer, forgetting that I had on my short satin robe I'd bent down before I realised what I was doing and he got a full view of my bald pussy and my bum. I quickly chose to ignore the slip up and turned to give him his beer. I was a little too quick for him and I caught him adjusting his growing cock through his sweat-pants. Even then I refused to see what was happening.

As I walked towards him, I looked into his face and I saw a smirk appear. For the first time I became a little jittery. Putting his beer on the table I tried to make conversation, but that's a hard thing to do, when you've got someone eyeing you up from you head slowly down to you big tits and then on down to you barely covered muff. The thought also occurred to me, that my house was nowhere near his gym or any other gym that I know of.

"So Phillip, how is everything?"

"I know you know."

"Sorry love" My heart started pounding, I knew immediately what he was referring to. I prayed against all odds that I was wrong.

"I said Nan, I know you know....... don't you want to know what I know?"

I stood in the middle of the kitchen, shocked into immobility. I didn't know what to say or do, I was so stunned by this turn of events. My mouth was open, but nothing came out. All the while, my young grandson weighed me up and down as if I was his private fuck doll.

"I'll take your silence as a yes." he continued. "Last Friday, me and dad, you remember him? Your son-in-law Graham, married to your daughter, Sandy."

I dumbly nodded my head and he went on, "As I was saying, me and dad went out for a drink last Friday, you know sort of male bonding thing he's got going at the moment. As you know, dad can't drink to save his life and I fully intended to get him drunk so that we could leave and go home. But dad being dad had to talk. All part of the process you see? The more he drunk the more he talked. And then Nan, guess what happened? Any ideas?"

Again, all I could do was dumbly shake my head. I'm ashamed to say that under his constant scrutiny, I could feel my nipples beginning to harden. I saw his eyes latch on to them, but I made no move to cover them and make myself decent. I suppose deep down I knew where this was going.

"Still no answer Nan. Well I'll tell you anyway. He started talking about you Nan. He started talking about what a good woman you are and it's sad how your on your own and so forth. A couple more drinks though and he was talking very freely. He was telling me how you cock teased him for a year until the day he did your yard. He told me how he showered and you came into the kitchen, dressed pretty much how you are now, showing lots of tit flesh and thigh. He said you gave him a boner like he'd never had. He then went on to tell me how you got on your knees in front of him and gave him the best blow-job ever."

Transfixed, I stood, watched and listened. I had no idea how to react. Here was my 19 year old grandson, telling me things that should of remained so secret and I didn't know how to feel. He, all the while was ogling me, causing me to become heated and aroused. Even though I tried to turn it off, my arousal was obvious. I watched as he slowly lifted his hand and rubbed an impressive hard-on through his sweat-pants. Giving me a cocky smile as he did it. I broke eye contact with him and looked again at his hard-on. I could see the ridge of his helmet and a small wet spot appearing down his leg. I felt my pussy bubble for the first time and I squirmed a little. It didn't go unnoticed.

"Do I need to continue Nan?............... I could you know. The more drink I plied him with, the more his mouth ran away with him........ I know all the dirty details."

I still stood on the middle of the kitchen on wobbly legs, watching my grandson stroke his big hard cock through his sweat-pants, getting hornier and hornier. I know this sounds lame, but I had to ask the next question. I still hoped I was misunderstanding.

""What is it you want of me Phillip?"

"You don't know do you Nan?" A shake of my head and he continued. "Since I reached puberty or near abouts I've had thoughts of fucking you. You used to cuddle me up in those huge tits and I'd immediately get hard. There's been many nights I've laid in my bed thinking of sticking this fat cock into all your holes."

As he said the words "Fat cock" my eyes slid down to that region and as he gripped himself I could see it was a truly fat cock. I was, I must admit, very impressed.

"I didn't want it to be like this Nan. I've dreamt many a night and telling you how I felt about you..... I wanted it to be so different........ When dad first told me about what happened, I was angry as well as turned on. But as I lied in bed thinking about what he'd said, a plan began to form in my head.... You see, if I was honest, I was never going to be able to come and tell you how I felt, you're my Nan and things like that don't happen in normal families... so when needs must, I thought it only fair that I used the information to gain my needs. If you know what I mean."

Part of me was so angry at him for abusing me like this, but a bigger part, namely the woman in me was getting so turned on by now, it took everything in my power to stay where I was and not fall to my knees at his feet, pull his sweat-pants down and stuff that engorged hard cock down my throat. I tried my best to remain calm. I was at this point still in control and was doing quite well, I have to admit. But I was weakening. And he knew it. My bust was heaving and Phillip sat there watching them even as I asked,

"What makes you think I'd let you stick that cock in me?"

He just sat there lazily stroking his cock staring at my tits. "Answer me Phillip, tell me why you think I would."

He finally looked up at me. He knew what I wanted. I wanted him to threaten me. Somehow I'd got to the point of knowing what was going to happen between us. In fact I wanted it. Badly. It was as if I needed an excuse, so that afterwards, if I felt the guilt coming on, I'd be able to convince myself that I was threatened.

"You don't need me to tell you what will happen Nan. I'm sure your well aware of what's at stake here, aren't you?"

I nodded and he stood up, facing me and unzipped his hoody. Underneath he wore the tightest black vest top. I looked him over for the first time as a young man and not as my grandson. What I saw shocked me. He stands about 6' 1". He's been working out for as long as I can remember, so is very well built. He has a handsome face with short blond hair, which he sort of spikes up with gel. All in all he's quite a package. What I found puzzling was, ever since he was a young teen, he'd always had girls on his arm. Always pretty, well the one's he brought round to me were. So what was it he wanted with me. I'm certainly no catch for a hunky 19 year old. I quickly came to the conclusion that he just wanted to empty his sack and this is all just convenience.

His top removed he took a few steps towards me. I saw for the first time doubt cross his features. I stayed motionless. I wasn't going to make this easy for him. He took another step and then another. One more and I would be able to reach out and grab his cock. Make no mistake, I really wanted that cock. I sit here now wondering what would of I done if he'd of backed down. Would I have tried to seduce him and had him anyway. I don't know for sure, but I think I probably would have. By this time, I didn't consider him my grandson. He was a young man who was going to fuck me and I was more than ready.

He suddenly stopped. "Wait there Nan." and he was gone up the stairs. In the back of my mind I wondered what he was up to, but in the forefront I was relieved. I was so pent-up. My right hand quickly went underneath my robe and quickly found my sopping pussy. My left came up and into the opening and cupped my right tit and pulling on my angry nipple. By the time I heard him coming back down I had two fingers imbedded up to the knuckle in my cunt and was reluctant to remove them. I left it until the last minute. In fact I was still sucking the juice off when he re-entered the kitchen. That brought another smirk out of him.

I looked down and in his left hand he carried a pair of 4" heels with ankle straps. I looked up into his eyes with a questioning look.

"I saw you in them for the first time 2 years ago at cousin Brenda's wedding. Ever since then my deepest fantasy is to fuck you with them on.

I thought back to that time. I remembered that he had paid me an extraordinary amount of attention that day. But a lot of men had. Men do like well turned out ladies, especially in heels.

I shook myself and saw Phillip on his knees at my feet. He gently took my right foot and pulled the slipper off. He then lovingly slipped the stiletto on the did the ankle strap up. He then repeated the process with the left one. After he was finished I fully expected him to stand and begin his, for want of a better word, attack on me. He surprised me. As I looked down at him, he lifted my left foot so high I had to lean on his shoulder for balance. But he started kissing my ankle, so tenderly I could hardly feel them. All the way up my calves, round the back of my knee and onwards to my inner thigh. He must have been able to smell my wet pussy, but made no move on it yet. He then did the same to my right. When he reached my thigh, I opened my eyes and looked down at him, by now he was by-passing my pubes going up my tummy.

An involuntary groans escaped my lips as he finally reached my huge breasts.

"Fuck yeah Nan.........MMMmmmmmmm...............I've wanted this for so long..... Touch my cock .... Go on........... MMMMMMMmmm................you know you want to."

And he was right. I did. I gingerly reached down and slipped my hand under the waistband of his sweat-pants. I wanted to see it, but I couldn't over his head. But I loved the feel of it in my hands. Let me tell you girls, no matter your age, there is nothing like the feeling of a young hard cock. They get so hard and stay that way. This cock was ram-rod stiff, unbending, rigid, whatever word you use would be a perfect description. The pre-cum flowed copious amounts and within seconds my long fingers were saturated with the stuff. My left went down the other side of him to cup his balls and they too were wet with cum.

By now, our tongues were doing a mating dance on their own. I felt his hands come up and slip my robe over my shoulders. Let me tell you, there's a lot of emotional baggage that happens when your committing the sin of incest. You read stories, lots of them about sons fucking mothers, daughters fucking fathers, brothers and sisters, you name it, it's all been written about. But, aside from the guilt, there's always the little things like it being someone you actually care about and what they'll feel for you afterwards. The first thing that flashed through my mind when I felt that robe slipping off my shoulders, revealing my tits to him for the firs time was " what if he doesn't like what he sees? What if I disgust him?" I had my eyes closed in trepidation.

I needn't of worried. There was silence as Phillip stepped back from me and held me at arms length. "Oh fuck Nan............... look at you..... Your even better than I expected."

I opened my eyes and saw him making his way back to his chair. He sat there staring at me with one of his hands down the front of his pants, slowly tossing his huge cock. Any other time, with any other man, I would have been on my knees, licking all that pre-cum off him and swallowing all that gorgeous hard cock to the back of my throat. I knew that was what he wanted, ever since he'd heard about me and his dad, but I wanted him to tell me. There would be plenty of time for me to take control later. I didn't have long to wait.

"why don't you come over here Nan and suck my hard cock................. I've wanted this for ages."

I didn't need telling twice. I was stood in front of him in quick time and then went to my knees. I grasped him in my right hand whilst my left squeezed his swollen balls. I ran my tongue along the underside and lapped up the river of pre-cum that was running down his length. I felt his hand on the back of my head as he gently forced my wet mouth over his angry helmet. With a show of reluctance that I didn't feel, I sucked him greedily into my throat and used my nails on his hairy balls.

"That's it Nan............... use those long nails on me................ God, that feels so fucking good...... fuck yeah......... I'm gonna cum soon."

I knew that would happen and I wanted it. No man can play with himself, in front of his sexual desire and not cum quickly. I sucked him even harder, letting him know that it was alright for him to spunk in my mouth. I wondered if he'd had many girls or women who would swallow his cum. I hoped I'd be his first.

The hand that was scratching his balls wormed it's way along his bum crease and I tickled his rectum. That did it. With a scream of ecstasy, he shot his load into my throat. I had to pull partly off him so that I got a taste. And what a taste. And so much. I managed to swallow it all though and I stood up looking down on him. He was short of breath and sat with his legs wide open and his eyes closed. I stared at his cock and was delighted to see that it had lost none of it's hardness. It was now my turn to take control.

Iran both sets of nails down his thighs. His eyes shot open and I grabbed his wrists and pulled him to his feet.

"Now it's my turn Phillip. I want you to use that big cock on me, wherever you feel like doing so."

He took me in his big arms and I could feel his throbbing prick in between us. Again I took his wrist and led him back upstairs. Looking behind me, I was pleased to see that his eyes were glued to my arse as I walked up the stairs in front of him. I led him to my room and I pushed him on the bed. He laid on his back, his cock young and proud was stood upright. He watched me as I massaged my large breasts, staring back at him. I couldn't wait any more I climbed on top of him and reaching behind me I guided that thick cock into me.

As soon as he was ball deep in me, I felt the throes of my first cum coming from the pit of my stomach. This surprised me as I'm naturally a good stayer and can hold an orgasm back for a long time and release it whenever I need to. Especially if I want to cum with my partner. I've put it down to the dirtiness of it all. This anti-social behaviour was definitely a turn on. I have every intention of investigating it further.

Phillip had reach up to me and was massaging my tits and had started gently pulling me towards him so that he could suck on my nipples as I bounced around on him.

"Yes Phillip...... that feels so good.... Is this what you wanted?.................. did you want to screw Nanny's pussy?................. I hope you going to do my arse too!...... you've made me so fucking horny, I might have to keep you here all night."

"That's a good idea Nan. I told Mum that I was coming to visit and might stay over if it was alright with you........ Oh shit, that pussy of yours is so wet................ I knew it would be like this..... I'm cumming Nan................Ooooooooohhhh fuck............ YYEESSSSSSS!!!!!."

I ground down on him and my own orgasm finally reached the surface and I felt the first wave hit as he spurted his man-juice deep in my belly. I milked him with my pussy until I'd gotten every last drop of his cum and then fell beside him. I turned to face him and we both looked apprehensive after what had happened between us. I was the first to smile and gladly, that eased the tension and we laid there like two fools grinning at each other.

Phillip rose after a short while and removed the rest of his clothes. Christ he's got a hot body and I could feel the lust in me starting up again. As he pulled his sweat-pants down, I reached into the bed-side cabinet and pulled out a large tube of KY jelly. He looked down at me and smiled the biggest smile I ever seen him give.

"You want this baby?" I asked him. "You want to do Nanny's butt?"

He didn't need to answer as the pulsating lump of cock wavering in front of my face told me everything I needed to know.

I squeezed a fair sized dollop into the palm of my hand and lovingly covered his cock with it. With a lewd wink, I turned and got into the centre of the bed, pulled a pillow down and stuffed it beneath me. Now my arse was stuck right up in front of him and he wasted no time in spreading my cheeks and pushing himself into me. He was surprised at how easy it did slip in.

"My god Nan, your obviously no stranger to anal" he grunted as he powered away behind me. I could feel his big hairy ball slapping against my wet quim with his every stroke. Thankfully he wasn't being gentle. I reached down between my legs and inserted two fingers into my pussy and managed to rub my erect clitty bringing myself off in another shuddering climax.

As I came down, I was aware of Phillip having pulled out of me.

"Quick Nan, turn round................ I want to cum all over those big tits of yours."

I swung round and Phillip started masturbating fiercely. I cupped his balls in my hand, ran my long nails over his arse and I was soon rewarded with another torrent of spunk splashing over my breasts. He watched me as I rubbed it all in, smiling to himself.

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