tagInterracial LoveKylee's Story Ch. 04

Kylee's Story Ch. 04


As promised, here is the fourth chapter. Enjoy! It will probably be a couple of weeks or so before I finish the fifth chapter, as I am currently overwhelmed with classes :-(

As always, please give me some feedback. I live on it!!!

The dungeon hadn't been as horrid as she expected. Instead of sharing a cell with the others Kylee had been given what the guards were calling "the dungeon suite". It was a small room with a cot, two buckets, and a small window in the top corner. She was allowed three cups of water each day, it was up to her how she would use them. She often would save one cup per day for three days and use that water to bathe. She was not enjoying her time spent.

The prince would often send for her, asking that she rethink her decision, but her answer was always the same. She would "rather be confined to life in a five by six cell than a life without love". While she spoke those words each time, she was beginning to question its truth.


She was a tough one, that little library girl. Aden could think of nothing but her. In the weeks past, he had started training the army, trying to incorporate new strategies. Aden was quite good with a sword, and it was important to him that his army was as well. His ability to fight skillfully with two swords was unmatched by any competitor. He would spend hours every day teaching them, and showing off. It was a way for him to release some of his pent up anxiety.

His body, which had always been strong, and masculine, was gaining more muscle. His body was now rather large, his 6'3 frame accentuated by the extra muscle. He was the sculpture of David, come to life.

It was becoming more and more difficult to perform his daily tasks knowing that Kylee was locked away in a cold dark room. He wanted to give in, but he admired her tenacity. She was a strong woman.

He also missed her presence in his bed.

The other maids were suddenly less fitting, and as a result, he was reduced to releasing himself every night at the thought of Kylee's touch, her kiss, and her sweet, sweet, sounds. He would give nearly anything to taste her upon his lips, or to caress her supple bottom. He was conflicted by what his heart needed, and what his obligations mandated.

He must find a way to get her to agree to being his lover. Or he would surely go mad.


The next morning, as the king and prince enjoyed their breakfast, Aden brought mention of Kylee to his father.

"Father, who is responsible for our latest addition of servants? I wish to speak with him about one in particular."

"The girl you have imprisoned? What did she do to be punished so? She is lovely girl. It is a pity to not see her gracing the halls with her smile and light demeanor."

Aden frowned, thinking back to what he had heard about his father with the girl. "I simply wish to know who is responsible for her presence. She has displeased me, and I wish to have words with him."

"She did not displease me.. What did she do? Is it true, what I've heard about you? She is a servant, and I pray you are not gaining feelings for this girl. There is nothing she may offer to you but her body. Do not waste your time with foolish ideas."

"Foolish ideas? I do not plan on marrying her, father. And upon hearing that you have touched her, I know not why I wasted time with her in my bed!" Aden calmed himself, thinking about the way she had lain with him. His words were of anger, and he did not mean them.

"I am King! You will respect me. I may have any woman I wish. You may favor this girl as you please, but you will not question the decisions I make in my own palace. Do you find it unsettling? That I have tasted her? That I know the sweet sound she makes when brought to ecstasy? I know you will not marry her. Not under my rule."

"Tell me the name of the man."

The king sat back in his chair, only now, had he looked into his son's face for the first time since they had begun the conversation. There was rage splayed across Aden's face. And something else. Something.. Sad. He had gone too far. "I believe she was a gift from the duke of Grayle."

Aden stood to remove himself, and as he passed his father, he stopped and looked at him. "If you ever touch her again, your rule will end prematurely." With that, he left. He did not see the king clinch his fists, or the look in his eye that communicated that his tolerance level had diminished.


"A letter for you from the prince, sir."

The duke looked up at his servant to receive the letter. He opened it, read it, and put it on the side table. Nia, his favorite slave, was performing her daily duty. And he was about to reward her with a mouth full of his seed.


"...And make sure she is in the garden in no more than twenty minutes," the prince said, "I want her present when I speak to the duke."

The guard went to retrieve Kylee. He would not upset the prince, for he already seemed to be in a foul mood.


Kylee was shocked to hear the locks on the door to her cell being opened. The light outside the door was very bright, and she hadn't left the room in the seven weeks she had been imprisoned. "The prince and his guest will see you. Now."

He then grabbed her by the arm, and drug her to the other side of the palace.


The duke walked over to the fountain, and waited. The prince, came around the corner, followed by his personal guards. As he approached the duke, he spoke. "Duke Vellace, thank you for your swift arrival."

"Well, highness, I am honored to be called upon. What may I do for you?" He was confused, and growing nervous, for he did not know the reason for this meeting. The letter simply requested his appearance.

Just then, Kylee was brought over, shackles on her hands and feet.

She looked over at her father in shock- what was he doing here?

Aden read her face like an open book, but could not understand why she seemed so shocked and hurt. It was obvious that her relationship with this man went deeper than just master and slave. Had he made an attempt at her innocence?

"I want to know, duke, why this servant you have given us is not living up to our expectations. We are very displeased at her lack of willingness to perform to our will."

"I.. Well, she.. She was never really given duties, majesty. I am afraid I did not have it in my heart to grant her anything but a simple life. A free life."

"This girl was not your servant? Explain this to me."

"Well, no sire. She was allowed to have free will."

Kylee understood that he would not tell Aden the truth, as it might ruin his reputation. She felt even more ashamed, and her pain was quickly turning to anger.

"Why?" The prince was growing annoyed with him.

"Uh, well..."

"Because I am his daughter." Kylee spoke, and as soon as the words left her mouth, the duke went to slap her across the face. Before his hand touched her, Aden had grabbed his arm.

"Do not believe her, majesty, I only had pity on her, is all. It is not my blood that courses through her veins."

"Dare you touch my property? What reason has she to lie? And to me, of all people? Speak girl. Tell me your truth."

Kylee began to cry, and then she told Aden everything. She told him about her mother, and her childhood. She told him about how the men came and took them all away, and she became a servant. She told him that her father had betrayed her.

Aden felt his own eyes beginning to water, as he listened to her story. If he had spent any time at all, just trying to understand her, perhaps he would not have been so hard on her. He expected her to come to his bed willingly, because he did not know she had lived her life this way. She should never have been sold like cattle by a man who should have loved her.

"Duke Vellace. Tell me, is this true? Did you sell your own daughter to the royal family?"

The duke avoided the prince's gaze and answered. "Yes, majesty. I could no longer take care of her. My wife was sure to find out soon, as it has been quite a fee to raise the girl in secret. I just thought if I gave her to you, she would be given a decent life."

Aden looked to Kylee, who was hunched over and sobbing. Then, he turned his attention back to the duke. "You will be fined for giving us an inadequate servant. The fine will be used to give the girl a dowry. In addition to the dowry, you will take any funds from selling her home and use them to buy a full wardrobe for the girl. She will need it if she is to mingle with society."

The prince nodded, and the guard took Kylee away. The whole time, she looked back at Aden, knowing that his decision had not been an easy one for him to make. And wondering... if she would be able to love any man but him.


After being removed from the dungeons and given a room in the Queen's wing of the palace, Kylee's life started a new normal. She had a servant, who sought after her every need, and Mira had been released to join her at court. Together they would take long strolls by the lake, attend events, and even took up painting. But Kylee missed the touch of the prince, and missed the sight of him even more.

Every time she had seen him in the passing weeks, the prince had ignored her. He would see her in the library and simply leave. It hurt her to know that he would not even look upon her anymore.


Aden would not allow her to consume him any longer. He had done well to avoid her, but for the late night library visits and bumping into her in the garden. But he was able to sleep with other women again, and that was helping.

Admittedly, his love making had become more rough. He often times would not even allow them to look at him during sex. He would fuck them from behind, with their skirts raised, and send them on their way once he had finished. Gone was the passion he once felt, and in it's place an empty shell of a man who only hungered for what he could not have.


One day, while Kylee was resting in the garden with Mira, the king came near. "I hear you are now a member of the court," he said. "My son must truly be taken with you. I would like to see you tonight. Come to my chambers late evening, and show me what graces you have bestowed upon him."

He walked away, smiling, while Kylee sat in shock. She looked over to Mira, who could obviously not understand what had just happened. "What will the prince say?" Mira asked, the question, but she had a feeling what he would say.

"We must keep this to ourselves. He is not to know. I cannot disobey the king, but The prince will surely kill us both if he discovers this."


That night, Kylee went to the king in her night dress. She made her way down the hall, a candle lighting her path. When she walked in, she found the king, resting on his bed with a book in hand.

The door closed behind her, and Kylee drew nearer. The king's eyes were transfixed on her, as he could see her nipples through the thin fabric, and the sway of her hips. He looked into her eyes as he stood, and went to her. He took her candle and set it on the mantle of the fireplace. He wrapped her in his arms, and kissed her, then brought her over to the bed. He sat, and said, "Remove your clothing. I want to see your beautiful flesh."

She did as she was told, allowing the garment to fall to the floor in a puddle beneath her. The king raised his hand to touch her, and was surprised to see Kylee shudder; not from fear, or excitement, but from what appeared to be disgust.

"You do not want to be here?"

"I wish to please my king."

He stared into her eyes for a few seconds more, before pulling her down to kneel before him. "Has my son taught you to pleasure a man with your mouth?" He smiled. He could already envision her mouth wrapped about his cock. The warmth of her tongue as she licked his sack. If Aden had not taken advantage of such a pleasure, he would be the first, tonight.

"I have taken him into my mouth, once."

The king leaned down to kiss her again, this time slipping his tongue into her mouth, coaxing a moan from her. She did not want to enjoy this, but his touch was so gentle, and he looked so much like his son. She imagined he was Aden, and so it was no surprise that soon she began to feel a familiar warmth between her thighs.

He became so caught up in the kiss that he brought her up onto his lap. Soon his cock was like stone, rigid in his pants. He felt Kylee grind on his thigh, and it was all he could do not to cum. He moved his hand to her thigh and slowly made his way up. He broke the kiss and put his lips to good use on her earlobe, kissing, and softly nibbling there. As his hand reached her most sacred place, he felt her anticipation. She was so wet, her thighs had become sticky, and he brought his hand to his mouth to taste her.

She watched as he licked her wetness from his fingers, and felt a sudden rush come over her. As soon as his fingers touched her, she came. He gently caressed her nub with his thumb, as she came into his hand. When her orgasm had subsided, he moved her hand to his crotch.

She rubbed it through his pants, her eyes closed imagining Aden with her. The king unlaced his pants and removed his aching cock. With the hand he had used to touch her, he stroked himself. "This is the effect you have on a man. You are so beautiful. Come. Straddle me."

She straddled him, and slowly took in each inch of him. While he was large, his penis did not stretch her and fill her in the way Aden's did. The king's hands moved to her hips, and he guided her in slow gentle movements above him. She was like a vice around him, and soon, he would be unable to hold back.

He flipped her over, and began to enter her more quickly. His desire to please her was not as strong as his desire to fill her. Before he could release his seed, the sound of a table being thrown interrupted their love making.

Kylee screamed as she looked up to see Aden walking over. A sword in hand, and a face that she had never seen before.

He looked at her, and she recognized what seemed to be tears in his eyes. "Get out."

She scrambled to grab her gown, and ran from the room, naked.

"Did you think I would not know? Did you think you would have her right beneath my nose and it would go unnoticed?" Aden brought the tip of his sword to his father's throat.

The king had flipped over in all the commotion, and was now looking up at his son, reconsidering his actions. "I am your father, and more importantly, I am king. Do not do something you will regret..."

"You should have taken your own advice, father. I told you never to touch her again."

"And I told you that I will take whatever wench I desire. Your feelings for that girl do not matter. You cannot marry her, so you may as well share her with me."

Aden increased the pressure on his throat, and was now close to drawing blood. "Be careful old man, you may have me kill you before I speak my last words to you."

"Guards," the king yelled out. "I will have you beheaded for this. It seems there will be no heir to my thrown." The guards did not come. They had been called away.

"I will be king. Rest assured, father. Your death will have been an accident." Aden smiled, as he lifted his sword. He then left the room, knowing that his father would soon be tired. Earlier that day, he had left a pitcher of water in the room- it was laced with a toxin that left the person who drank from it paralyzed.

Surely enough, as soon after Aden left the room, the king walked over to the side table to pour himself a glass. He finished the glass, and threw the glass into the fire in anger. He was about to follow Aden- to get the guards and have him imprisoned, when he felt a strange numbness in his fingertips. He dropped the pitcher and stumbled over to the bed. He barely made it; his legs grew weak, and he could hear his heart beating in his ears.

He thought he had been poisoned. He thought.. He was dying.

An hour later, Aden returned to his father's chambers. The king was lying on his side, seemingly at peace. It was hard to imagine life without his father. Harder still, to imagine his father's death at his own hand. "I am sorry father. But you leave me no choice."

He grabbed the pillow from beside him, and covered his father's face. He held the pillow, on its' ends, and when his father began to struggle, he climbed atop him to hold him down. He did this, watching the life fade from the king's struggling body.

Aden held the pillow for another minute or so, until he could be sure his father's heart had stopped. He then removed the pillow and looked upon his face. He loved his father.

But he loved Kylee more.

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