tagRomanceKyle's Porch Ch. 01

Kyle's Porch Ch. 01


If you are looking for outright sex, it's not in this series, sorry.

This story is the product of a diseased and febrile mind. As such, it is fiction. Having said that; All my stories are true, even the ones I make up.

Copyright 2007 L_D_Darrow

I wish to thank Wolv_Project for taking the time to edit my offering. All mistakes are mine solely, whether planed or not.

Part one of eight: A girl from out of the desert


I was enjoying the morning setting here on my new porch in my underwear. The sun had cleared the distant horizon, and it was in the 87F/30.5C all ready. Grandpa had left me his place in his will. It wasn't a fair trade, him for this. But it was all I had left of him. I had moved in just a few months ago, and had finished screening in the porch last weekend.

My place was situated in the rolling foothills in the high south-eastern deserts of Arizona, several hundred acres bordering a National Wildlife Refuge. My nearest neighbors were about five miles away, where a trailer/motor home park had sprung up. The nearest store was eleven miles. My job was thirty.

The phone rang. I knew it would be mom, it was. She accused me of setting on the porch in my underwear, planning to waste the whole day away, so come for dinner at one. I could only say, "Yes mom, I'll be there."

I let the back of the lounge down a bit and was starting to doze off, I was having a curious dream. Someone was saying, "Excuse me, Hello?"

I opened my eyes to see a nice looking girl, about my age, which is to say, mid 20s. She was standing in my front yard, in the direct heat of the sun. She had a large floppy hat, knee length shorts, blouse, and sunglasses on. I said, "Come on up, the door's open." She did and froze just inside seeing how I wasn't dressed.

I said, "Don't be silly, just pretend I have on swimming trunks. I'm not about to put clothes on in this heat." I pointed at the large temperature gage on the wall, it was at 98F/36.7C degrees.

"The kitchen is to the right, the bathroom to the left. There are cold drinks in the 'frig, grab what you want, and relax, I'm not a rapist."

After her initial shock, she did relax, and asked me from the 'frig, "What can I bring for you?"

"Whatever you are having, there's more in the cupboards, replace what you take out please."

Soon she handed me an iced tea, and sat her drink down across the table. The only other lounge chair was there. She looked me over and I could see her make a decision. She turned away and took off her button blouse, she was wearing just a thin cotton halter over her small breasts. Then she slid her shorts off too. As a precaution she said. "I'm not implying any permission here, just pretend I'm wearing a swimming suit."

"Okay, no problem. My name is Kyle Brown. In the interests of the brevity we have apparently agreed upon, call me Kyle."

She was wearing plain white cotton panties, and stood about five foot five inches to my five foot ten. (1.65m/1.78m)

She hadn't yet sat, she was folding her clothes. She held out her hand and I shook it, then reluctantly let go. She said. "I'm Kate Brown, Kyle. So the last names cancel, call me Kate."

She was even more attractive then I had first realized. I decided to gaze out at the desert for a while. I saw her smile at the reaction she was causing me.

"May I ask what you do?" I said, to get the conversation restarted.

"Ornithologist, I study birds Kyle." She said my name as if she was trying it on to see how it fit.

"Okay, you must know most of the birds have left for cooler climates?"

"That's what I have been waiting for, I want to study the birds that live here."

For some reason we were both almost whispering. I could see her watching the yard, there were a covey of Quail out there. She sat in the lounge, bringing the back up to the mostly upright position.

"Well you can see most of them right here from the porch. It's similar to a duck blind here, but with better comforts."

She didn't say anything for quite some time, watching the yard and me.

I glanced at the temp. It was up over 102F/39C.

"What do you do Kyle?" She said, watching another family of quail move cautiously across the yard. She took a sip from the tea.

"I'm a machinist in Willcox." I was watching her from the corner of my eye and liking the view. She was quite trim, obviously exercised a lot. When she spoke her stomach muscles became quite well defined.

"So you go to work every day in Willcox?"

"That's right Kate, Monday through Friday, I leave before dawn, our starting hours are earlier in the summer, because of the daytime heat."

"Were you serious about offering me a place to watch the birds from?"

"Yes, although I didn't think you would be interested."

I could see she was watching me in the same way. I suppressed the sudden urge to tighten up, to show off.

"It's not perfect." She said. "But there are fringe benefits."

Now, I knew she was playing word games. "What do you have in mind?" I asked directly, looking in her eyes.

She blushed a little, and said. "I need a place to setup and watch the birds, for extended periods of time. This place is a good alternative to lying in the sand. But let me make it clear. I'm here to study birds. I have a boyfriend at the U of A, he takes care of me other ways."

"He is a lucky man then... I offer you the use of my place, no strings attached. But with some regrets to that."

She smiled then and my heart skipped a beat. To cover, I said let's go inside to the table, I'll turn on the cooler and we can talk this out.

She gathered up her things, and followed me inside. I turned the cooler on and soon it was lowering the temperature inside. I put on a net shirt and jogging shorts. She had put her shorts on and was just buttoning her blouse when I came back in. I averted my eyes and asked. "Would you like another?" As I opened the 'frig.

"A beer this time, please." She sat, but I could feel her eyes on me.

She didn't look away when I turned around to hand her a can. "Glass?" I asked her.

"No, I'm used to roughing it." She said as she took a drink.

I sat across from her, now noticing the light dusting of freckles over her small nose and her dark blue eyes.

She said. "My research was funded to include the building of blinds, and a moderate selection of equipment. I borrowed my parents motor home. Just a class 'C'. It's parked at the Resort on the main road. I was looking for a way to get it off-road, in to where I want to study birds. I also need the permission from whom ever owns this land. The less money I spend, the longer my research can last, up to the year's end. The use of your porch would save me a lot of money. I would be willing to pay rent of course. I need to study from dawn to dawn. Not necessarily continuously, I know they are inactive during parts of the day and night. I also have borrowed some IR equipment to observe any night time activity. The equipment is expensive. It would be nice if I could lock it up for when I'm not here. Carting heavy equipment, in this kind of heat, from my home base to a blind every day, is a sure invitation to a coronary."

I stood up and opened the cupboard on the end. I removed a key from a hook, and handed it to her. I said as I sat back down. "The key to my door. I don't need rent money, I inherited this place from my grandfather, from the main road more or less, to the refuge is all mine. So you have the permission you need. I suppose there are papers I will need to sign for you. Use whatever you need from here and replace it if you can. Come and go as you need. The drive in here will support your RV, if it's not muddy. Otherwise I would suggest you take my dirt bike. Which ever way is best for you?"

She looked at me with suspicion, and said "Why?"

I knew she meant "why would you do this for me?" I answered. "I won't try to snow you. I am willing to do this, in the hopes that you will find me more interesting than Mr. U of A. I want to capture your heart, as you have already captured mine. I am quite serious about my motives, please don't misuse my feelings. If I get to close for your comfort ask me to back off. I may continue to let you know how I feel, but I won't take advantage of you. That's from my heart."

She didn't comment on that. We discussed where she could set up and store her stuff. There were restrictions on when I could move about the yard, and other small details.

"Kyle, could you teach me how to ride the dirt-bike you mentioned?"

"Can you ride a bicycle?"


"Then it's easier to learn to ride the bike. I'll teach you."

It was several minutes before she spoke. "I should get going soon. I have to go grocery shopping later today, maybe when it cools down."

"I'll make you an offer then. I have to head to my parents house for dinner. When I come back from there I'll take you to town to shop, and bring you back."

She started to decline. "You will buy the gas for the trip of course."

As it would be easier and cheaper, then unhooking her home and buying gas for it. She gave in.

"How did you find my place anyway?" I asked as we got ready to go.

She mumbled something, I said. "I couldn't hear you."

She looked at me with a blush she said. "I got lost. I have no idea where I am."

I said, locking the door behind us, "You must have crossed a fence or cattle guard somewhere."

She said. "Yes, there was a fence, a gate. Your's?"

I said "The whole property is fenced, there are no internal fences. So if you wander around and see a fence, it is the property line. The wildlife refuge is marked clearly, there are a couple of places to climb over to get in there."

My truck was parked in the garage. I usually left the doors open unless it was stormy. Just the fifty feet trek to the garage left us feeling drenched. But the sweat evaporated to quickly to leave a wet mark. I started the truck and set the AC on high. I pointed out easily recognizable mountain peaks she could use for navigation. My place was almost straight north of the park, but the drive wandered a lot. We stopped at the cattle guard and she hopped out to unlock the gate and relocked it after I drove through. The park was down the road a mile or so and I took her to her motor home. "I'll be back in a few hours." I said as she got out.

"Okay, Kyle, I might be dozing, just knock. Thank you for everything."

We waved and I headed to my parents place.



"Huh" I said.

"I asked you twice now, how you liked your porch." Said my mother. "Where are your thoughts son?"

My mother and I have always gotten along well. "Sorry mom. I met a girl from the RV park this morning. She has a captivating smile." I wasn't about to go into detail, mom would guess most of it anyway.

"I see." She said, and I knew she did. I knew I needed to explain some of it.

"She is studying ground birds this summer, she asked permission to use grandpa's land for her studies."

I needed to stay close to the truth. Without all the details.

"Oh? She is that good looking?"

"Yes, mom she is good looking, but she has a boyfriend. So don't be looking for a match."

She hugged me and gave me the old 'I want grand kids' routine we had gone through a few times. Dad wandered in from the back patio, for a refill and said "Who's got grand kids?"

Mom gave him her version of what I had told her and over her head he gave me a wink.

I pulled into the park fully resolved to let it go, the thought of her. She was awake and saw as I drove up. She locked her door, and hopped in the cab. She joked, "Taxi, how much to Willcox and back?"

I said "This time about six bucks. I can do it in about two gallons, if I putter along. If you give a list I can bring back stuff any work day. No charge."

She smiled at me and my resolve crumbled. To keep from speaking I drove out and did putter along between 45 and 50 mph. We pulled into the grocery store just before dark, about 6:00. She took almost an hour, and filled two carts. Very little of it was perishable food. We placed it all in the back of my truck and headed south. She handed me a five and a one. I nodded and stuck it in my shirt.

"I don't see how you are going to find room for all of this in your home." I said.

She looked at me and said. "I'm not, most of it goes to your place. We will unload there first, then you can bring me home. Ok?"

"Sure no problem. Why don't you let me haul your equipment back tonight so you won't have to fight with it in the morning?"

"I was hopping I could talk you into it."

Again she got the gate for me, I said out the window. "Don't close it, I'll get it on the way home."

She insisted that she store her stuff in a corner of the porch. I cleaned out a corner of the freezer and talked her into putting freezable stuff there. Before we got back in the truck to take her home she dug a small instrument from her purse, and turned it on.

"GPS." She said. "I should have had it with me this morning. I want to mark your place so I can't get lost again." Then at the gate I stopped for her to fix its location too.

I helped her carry the groceries in and helped her stow them away. Her refrigerator was tiny. She had to get inventive to stow it all in there. We also loaded her equipment into my truck.

She got out two mostly cool beers and asked. "Will you set and talk a moment?"

I sat and asked. "Is this where you will tell me there's no hope and I should find another?"

"Well... You make me sound so mean. But that's what I was going to try to tell you."

"Ok, I saved you from that headache."

"Oh shit. You get me so flustered. ... Okay, a little truth, you deserve that much anyway. I am attracted to you. But I have a job to do, and I'll use you to do it. It's important to me. Don't expect me to change my mind. I'll have to pay you for the electric and gas I'll use while I'm there. I'll probably have to sleep some during the day, when I set up my night studies. I'll be ruining around the place nearly naked while it's hot. Which is the next four months or more. If you don't think you can keep your hands off me, tell me now and I'll find another spot. Because if you screw this study up for me I'll kick you squarely in your nuts, I'll pound your head in, then I'll mace you. Got it?"

I stood up almost bashing my head in the process. "I promise. Good Night."

I heard her say something as I stormed out to my truck. But I pulled away, she had to stop and put her shoes on. I pretended I didn't see her wave to me. I wasn't sure why I was angry. After all we were saying the same thing. I guess I expected her just to trust me, I didn't like being pre-accused of such actions.

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