tagRomanceKyle's Porch Ch. 02

Kyle's Porch Ch. 02


These are not "Stand alone" Chapters. I suggest reading from the beginning.

This story is the product of a diseased and febrile mind. As such, it is fiction. Having said that; All my stories are true, even the ones I make up.

Copyright 2007 L_D_Darrow

I wish to thank Wolv_Project for taking the time to edit my offering. All mistakes are mine solely, whether planed or not.

Part two of eight: Birds, and a naked girl?


I vowed to take some pretty drastic actions to avoid any problems. At first I couldn't think of any. "I could be gone before she came over in the morning." But in the afternoons it would be difficult to avoid her. Then the thought flashed in my mind that "I could move back home for a while. That would get some distance between us, maybe I could regain control of my feelings. I would have to level with mom though."... I had an escape, so in the mean time I could take it one day at a time.

I unloaded her equipment in to the house for her. "Wow!" I had to get to bed 4am wasn't that far away.

My boss asked me what was wrong the next day, just after the mid break. Not that I was making bad parts or anything, I just wasn't my normal happy self. I said simply. "Female problem boss, no worries."

He slapped me on the shoulder, "All men got to have female problems once in a while" He said.

I got home in the early afternoon, and parked the truck away from the house, on the ridge per instructions. I walked the rest of the way, staying away from any bushes where birds might nest. Later she would know where they were and we could be more lax about it. I quietly walked to the house and up the stairs to the porch. She was there with a spotter's scope, laying stomach down on a blanket and occasionally taking notes. I wasn't sure she heard me come in but she looked at me with a small smile. She was only wearing panties. So I just waved my hand slightly and went inside.

I had some catching up to do on my banking records so after getting out of the shower I sat at the computer to do so. She came in later all enthused about the birds. She proceeded to tell me what she had observed. It was interesting but I couldn't have stood up just then. She was still only wearing panties and they were pulled up tight. I locked my eyes to only her face and listened. I even managed to ask a few questions. She dashed back out to observe some more. I wanted to watch her but talked myself out of it.

One thing didn't quite fit the picture of her innocence of dress. In this heat, 102 or so. If she was so relaxed to walk, actually run, around in front of me like that, why had her nipples been so hard? A possibility did eventually occur to me, maybe from looking through the scope and then back to write notes, the blanket was irritating her a little.

I spent time reading, and working on the computer for the next few days, the sight of her still affected me. I ceased to be shocked by it. After dark I again had the place to myself, and sat on the porch.

Thursday it was up to 111F/44C on the porch she didn't even have her panties on now, and she had brought in a fan from the garage to keep the air moving. I wasn't surprised when she came in all bubbly from her work. I again locked my eyes to only her face but noticed that from when she came in to the time she left again her nipples became harder. So, maybe she finds that teasing me that way was exciting for her, whether she consciously realized it or not. I managed to separate her actions from any personal feeling for me because, as far as her body was concerned almost any male would have done the same for her. The only thing I could gain from this was that she must feel safe with me anyway. I did wonder if it was only the cooler air inside, but it wasn't that cool.

I could not face the entire weekend around her that way. Fortunately for me she didn't like walking home after dark. I had taken her home once as she was so deep into her studies she missed the sun setting. I promised that we would take the bike out away from the house early Saturday so she could practice riding it.

Then I had a better idea. Dad had a small 4-wheeler that he used to ride around on but it bothered his back and he didn't ride it as much now. I called over there and asked mom about borrowing it for Kate.

Dad got on the line and said. "I have been thinking about sending it over so you could use to check your fences. Mother hates to see me on it anyway, so come on over Saturday morning and we can toss it in your truck."

Mom came back on mostly hinting about Kate. I really had nothing I could say.

I asked Kate if she would rather have the use of the 4-wheel instead of the bike and she liked the idea immediately. I just wished she wouldn't bounce on her heels when she was ecstatic.

"Okay, I can pick it up Saturday morning around 7, and we can teach you how to ride it."

"Pick me up on your way out, I'll be ready." She said and bounced back to her towel.

I was trying to remember where I said anything about taking her along and made the mistake of looking out the porch window. She was on her hands and knees, pulling the blanket flat. Her bottom was pointed straight at me as she stretched out.

I quickly turned away, it was too late. The vision was burned into my mind and I couldn't get rid of it.

I had almost made two dumb mistakes today at work. I caught them and corrected them with only a little loss of time. I made that up by not taking the last break of the shift. My boss probably saw it, or at least saw me fix it. He didn't say anything. I had to get back my concentration.

I stopped to get extra gas containers and supplies for the 4-wheeler. It was a John Deer and everything I needed was available.

It was only 95F/35C on the porch today, a light breeze and some clouds had brought it down. She was naked and stood up as I came up the steps. I noticed she was getting browner, and I asked her about it.

"Oh sure. I go out and take pictures like this, and sometimes I lay down on the steps just to sun."

I had also brought home a chain and a lock, and after getting her permission I brought the truck to the garage and unloaded the supplies. The John did not require premixed oil/gas like the bike did, so that was one worry off my mind. I said, "After I'm sure you know the basics you can take me for a ride. If you do good then, you'll be on your own."

Under my breath I added "For the whole weekend."

I picked her up at 6:30am, It was already hot, but she was decently dressed. I drove us to my parents' house. Dad was out tinkering with the John, he had changed and serviced it for me, so I wouldn't have to do that when I got it home. Mom came out and introduced herself to Kate, I hadn't told Kate that these were my parents. So I'm sure that shocked her.

Dad and I loaded the John into the back and added some more supplies, and two helmets. Then we went inside to get drinks. Mom, always on the ball, had them ready for us. I followed dad into his den and we sat down, I was grateful for the cool air.

Dad asked "That was Kate?" I just nodded. "You didn't go out of your way to introduce her to us. Probably your mother will have something to say about that. We raised you to have better manners."

"I'm sorry if it bothers you dad, but she rubs me the wrong way. I offered to make the John available for her to use. She demanded to be brought along today. I didn't tell her where I was getting it from, so until mom came out and grabbed her, she didn't know who you were."

"So why are you going out of your way to let her use the John?"

"Two reasons, I know it's not safe for her to be out walking at night in the desert. The dirt-bike was an other alternative. From a liability point of view the John is the better choice."

"Well, at least you thought that out. Will you be coming for dinner this weekend?"

"After I get her checked out on the John. I'm going out to the access gate to the park and replace the lock with a new one. That gives her the shortest ride from her place to her studies. When I get home from that I'm coming here for the weekend. Tell mom for me. I'm going to head out now."

With that I went out and sat in the truck. A few moments later Kate came out. She got in and I waved to mom and dad. She kept quiet for a few moments before asking. "Why didn't you tell me they were your parents, I like your mom she is so nice."

"Are you sure I didn't say? I must have mentioned it sometime."

"You could have introduced me at least."

"You saw my dad, he had that all cleaned up and even waxed it. I was afraid he would try loading it on the truck without my help. By then mom had brought you inside and it was too late."

"Oh. Okay." Then she was bubbly and bright again all the way home.

She was fine at shifting and developed a feel for the way it handled. So I got the bag of tools and directed her to the gate. We came over a small rise and the first thing she saw was her motor home. We stopped at the gate and I cut the old lock off and installed the new chain and lock. Gave her the second key of course.

She wanted to get something from her place so she drove us there. I waited outside, she didn't invite me in anyway. We got back to my place she parked "JD" as she officially named it, near where I was to park the truck. We went into my house and she took her clothes off. It was near a hundred. I hung the spare key for "JD" on an unused hook and labelled it and the spare gate key.

I had enough, I said. "Ok if I move my truck?"

"Sure, slowly of course."

I drove slowly out over the rise and past "JD" and kept going. I hated to admit it, but it felt good.

Dad and I talked about the financial side of the acreage I now had to manage, I showed him the amount I was setting aside monthly for the taxes. He asked me about renting the land out for cattle, that's what it was intended to be used for. I pointed out my agreement with Kate would stop that for this year any way.

Dad had some other things to do so I wandered out to see mom, she was just fixing drinks for us and said. "Set down son, I'll be right back."

She commented on my lack of manners, but dad must have told her how upset I was with Kate. She didn't make an issue about it. Then she said. "I think she is a little sweet on you, dear."

"Now mom, I find that hard to believe. She was the one that told me that she already had a boyfriend and thank you but no way."

"You see son, that's what's so strange, because all she could talk about was how good you are to her. What you have done for her, and she wanted to know all about you. Just like someone who was interested in you. From the way she acted you were the only boyfriend she has."

"Okay mom, I wasn't going to tell you this but. You know how hot it must get on that porch at this time of year. Right?" She just nodded. "Kate wears between almost nothing to absolutely nothing there. Then every ten or fifteen minutes she comes in to the computer where I am hiding. She bubbles all over explaining her work to me. That's fine, but she never thinks to put clothes on while doing so. I've promised I wouldn't make any advances to her. That's why I'll be spending more time here."


It was Monday afternoon when I got home. It was only 85F/29.4C on the porch, an approaching storm had kept it cooler. I didn't see Kate on the porch but the cooler was running. I peaked in the bedroom, she was sleeping on top of the bed just her panties on. The cooler wasn't working properly so I went out to look. One of the distribution tubes was clogged. I kept a wire right there to clean it out with. By the time I got back inside it was already working better.

I sat at the computer to see how, what dad and I talked about, would look on the spread sheet. Kate came out of the bedroom and into the bath without seeing me. She did see me coming out of the bath and a happy smile came to her face and was gone so quickly I wasn't sure it had been there. She was chilled now her arms across her chest she pulled a shirt on that was lying on the couch.

She sat and asked quietly, "Where have you been?"

"At my parents home, my room is still has some of my stuff. Mom likes to see me." I answered in a neutral tone.

"Oh I just didn't know. I saw the number for your parents, but couldn't make my self call."

She started telling me what she had discovered with the family of quails at the end of the yard. I found her interesting, her enthusiasm flowed with her speech and made the listener feel the importance of her discoveries. As she became more animated, she took off the shirt, an unconscious action I think. Then it became more difficult to follow her as she waved her arms around in the air. I did for the most part, keep my eyes on her face. I even thought of a few possibilities for her to investigate. One seemed to fire her imagination, she wrote it down in her workbook.

I said. "Was the bed ok to sleep on? I keep a board under the mattress. I could take it out."

"Oh, It's fine just the way it is, don't change it. I wanted to try and set up the IR system to night, can you give me a hand?"

"Sure, no problem."

"Ok How about I make us something for supper then?"

"My stomach is a little off today, I'm just going to have some crackers and water, maybe next time, OK?"

"Oh... Okay. I guess I won't eat much either."

We set up the IR system. She could watch the quail family on the monitor on the porch, there was a rechargable wireless connection good for ten hours. I didn't see much there to keep me awake, and I was hungry. So I said good night and went to bed. I heard "JD" start up later, but I went right back to sleep.

Tuesday afternoon I got home to find a note from her saying, she would be back in the evening to watch the bird channel. I sat out on the porch where I really liked to be, wondering how I got into this mess.

I heard "JD" stop at the corner of the house. She quietly came up on the porch and sat in her chair, the monitor in front of her. She turned it on but I don't think she saw it. So far she hadn't said anything.

I started to get up to go to bed. I heard her say. "Kyle."

I hadn't turned back to her. "Yes?"

"Do you think I'm a bad person?" She kept her eyes on the screen.

I sat back down. I said. "I really don't know Kate. Why do you ask? Why do you care what I think about you?"

I could tell she was nearly in tears. I could see her rapidly blink in the glow from her monitor. "I talked to your mother today, she called here looking for me... She was rough on me."

I've been on the wrong side of her a time or two, it's not a comfortable place to be.

"Kyle." She sniffed and ran her sleeve across her face. "I d-d-don't h-have a b-boy friend, I lied to you."

So, mom was right. "Why?"

"At first because I didn't know you." She sniffled again I handed her a paper towel, and she blew her nose. "And then because I was confused around you. I couldn't think. I knew I was in trouble right from the first, when I stripped down to the way you were dressed. I've never done that before, really."

I clenched the armrests, hard "So, Why?"

"Why did I make you promise to leave me alone? Why did I keep throwing myself at you?" She asked.


"Because I don't trust myself around you. And it made me feel good to walk around you like that. It was similar to what I imagined sex is like."

"Are you saying you have never had sex?" That piqued my interest.

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