tagRomanceKyle's Porch Ch. 05

Kyle's Porch Ch. 05


These are not "Stand alone" Chapters. I suggest reading from the beginning.

Part five of eight: Two naked girls, leave a memory

This story is the product of a diseased and febrile mind. As such, it is fiction. Having said that; All my stories are true, even the ones I make up.

Copyright 2007 L_D_Darrow

I wish to thank Wolv_Project for taking the time to edit my offering. All mistakes are mine solely, whether planed or not.


Olive asked. "What hours are you working this week Kyle?"

"6:00 am to 2:30 pm, the calendar on inside the door has my schedule. Every week or two it changes, The heat in the shop really gets bad from the machines and the hot chips coming off the castings we cut. At the peak of the heat, it will be 3:00 am to 11:30 am and it will be over 120F/49C even with the ventilators running."

Olive said. "We were thinking of going shopping, and thought we could meet you for an afternoon meal after you were done and then go to the store, we'll drop off the bags also. What do you think?"

"Okay, I can take a shower at work before leaving so I'll meet you at the Trails End diner around quarter of three. I won't stink too bad that way."

Candy asked. "Why do they have showers where you work?"

"We wear a coverall. Full sleeves, it's hot but the chips coming off the castings are fifteen to eighteen hundred degrees. So no one on the big machines goes without. At lunch and last break each one in coveralls takes a shower to cool off, many take another before leaving. It's not a luxury, it's a necessity. We have lockers to store our clothes in."

NOTE: 800C to 1000C

I yawned and said. "You girls can stay here, or inside, it won't bother me. I'm going to bed. Oh, another thing. Start parking in the garage tomorrow. I don't need to have my truck in there, but with the sun you will. Good night girls."

They put their hands on top of mine for a moment as I started to get up. "Good night Kyle." They both said.

Then Olive said. "We will be waiting at the diner tomorrow."

I lay there just resting, I could hear the TV faintly from the front. Each girl used the bathroom, and each looked in to the bedroom for a few seconds, I don't know why. Much later the house was dark and quiet, I rolled over and back to sleep.

Around 5am I rolled out a head of the alarm, and got ready for work. I hated to start the truck up so close to their trailer but Olive had told me they wouldn't need to set an alarm that way.

As I drove up the ridge I saw a light on in their home in my mirror.

During the long cuts at work I had plenty of time to reflect on the current situation. How DID I get roped into these things? At least this one was starting out more sanely, but there were two of them, and there was some unprofessional interest from both of them. I didn't want to cause a problem for any of us. On the other hand, both were quite attractive.

It wasn't that hot today in the shop, but I took a shower anyway, the smell of the place wasn't that bad, but it was always noticeable.

I spotted the girls in a window booth, I was afraid I would be forced to decide which one I would have to set by, but they moved together when they saw me, and I sat across from them. I had been coming in here on and off for years and the waitress knew me. "Hi Kyle. How are you?"

She took our order and left.

Candy wrinkled her nose a little. "I thought you were going to shower before you left?"

"Sorry, I did. Is it that bad?"

Olive said. "No it's more unfamiliar, like an old suit of armor."

"It's the smell of fresh cast steel, the cutting fluids, and much sweat. Cooked at a high heat until well done. I could leave if you want me to."

"No." "No."

Our food came and we talked about the town and the area while we ate.

I insisted on paying my share of the bill, we all pitched in on the tip. Then we wandered around the store for a while. They had a full cart at the checkout, mine was much smaller, many canned drinks, most of that was not beer.

I let then go ahead of me, and told them not to wait as I just putted along to save fuel.

Candy was setting back in the lounge when I carted in my groceries, She smiled but let me finish my task. Olive came in with a laptop and hooked up to the phone line to do some work. She had the register receipt from the store so I figured she was updating her budget. I took a beer out to my lounge and relaxed. I saw Candy wrinkle her nose so I finished the beer quickly and went inside to take another shower.

They were both on the porch when I got out. It was cooling off rapidly. I dressed accordingly. Cindy sniffed as I sat. They looked at each other and giggled. I sighed.

A while later Olive asked. "Did you tell your parents we were here?"

"No. They were heading out on a trip around the states for the summer, I didn't want mom to worry that I was getting into another mess, so I said nothing."

They said nothing either, they just looked outside. I decided There was plenty of time to string the lights I had promised. So I got the ladder out and hooked to the house. They came out to help and soon we had lighting from the garage to the house. I had run the lines so they could be turned on or off from either end. It was 12-volt lighting so there was little danger of problems in rain.

The rest of the week the temperatures on the porch soared. I had installed ceiling fans around Christmas time as a quieter way of moving air. The girls had their own positions staked out on the porch, with spotting scopes on tripods. They had low, net bed frames to keep air moving around their bodies. The frames were low enough, they could take notes on the floor. I knew they had heard me pull in and walk in the door. Rightly so, they continued their work. They were both only wearing panties, but lying on their stomachs They were decent enough. They had rearranged the furniture again, but the basic layout was the same. There was more room with all those bags gone, there were boxes of equipment in the corners.

I went inside and took a long shower. I felt much better after. They had thought to hang a blanket a few feet out from the window looking on to the porch. It didn't block the air much and did block the naked view. I had turned the cooler on and was watching the news when Olive came in.

She had put a shirt on and shorts to come in the house. She ran her hand through my hair and sat in the next chair. When the commercial came on she said. "Welcome home Kyle. Do you want to wait for us to have supper at dark, or eat by your self?"

"Putting it that way, I'll wait. But I may sneak a snack."

"Why not, that's what we do. I have to use the bathroom and then it's back to work. Are the arrangements ok?"

"Oh yes, very thoughtful. Thank you both."

She left and I finished watching the news. Candy came in next, a shirt and shorts on she dashed to the bathroom and came back out slower. I was raiding the snack cupboard and she got a can of tea and an insulator. She said as she went by and ran her hand across my lower back. "Hi Kyle, I get so wrapped up sometimes in the work, I nearly burst getting somewhere to pee. Are we having supper together?"

"Yes Olive has already asked. I think that will be the norm, so plan on it. Are you learning anything?"

"Sis has taught me not to make conclusions as we go. Every week we will summarize and then conjecture. I'd better go now, I'll see you at supper."

I went into the bed and lay down under the cooler blast. One or both had been here sometime today, so I got out the sheets to change after I awoke. The scent was pleasant, and not like Kate. I wanted it to keep it as clean as possible for all of us.

I had found Kate to be a bit of a slob after she moved in, she skipped showers and left her clothes laying where ever she took them off. I don't think these girls were that way at all.

Someone was stroking my brow, I opened my eyes to Candy, setting on the side of the bed. "Hi Candy."

She stood up and said. "Supper's ready Kyle." And left.

The sun had gone down, but it was still light out. I changed the sheets and went to the table, Olive was cooking to night.

"There you are. I was getting ready to call you again."

She put the food on the table, Candy came in from the porch. "I changed the sheets, I tend to sweat a lot in the afternoon. I'll have to take another shower before bed tonight."

Olive said. "Candy and I will too."

They had found my stash of games in the hall closet, and we played for several hours. I found them both to be quite competitive, but good winners and losers. A rare combination. We sat the rest of the evening on the porch, taking turns at the shower. Around 10pm I went to bed. I noticed that neither of them had beer since Saturday. I seldom did either, the next days heat taught me not to do so.

I was shaving in the morning when Olive came in. "I need to pee Kyle, you don't have to move." She had a robe on so there wasn't any real reason to leave. The bathroom is quite large, and the toilet isn't in line with the mirror. Candy came in and was dancing around, waiting for Olive, they switched places, Olive watched me shave from the hall. Candy flushed and watched from the other side. As soon as I finished they washed their hands and I finished dressing. I wondered at that, as they could have used the kitchen sink. Not that it really bothered me to have them watch or that I was only wearing briefs. They both gave me pecks on my cheeks before I left. That seemed to start a new trend they repeated every morning. It made me feel good. Not all torn up like some of Kate's antics.


They had been here for over a month now, we had settled into a relatively stable relationship. They were more casual about being nude in front of me, Candy's mad dashes to the toilet started that. She just didn't have time do dress. By the time her body had succeeded in getting her attention it was almost too late. Olive started following her lead after she asked if Candy was bothering me.

"No, Olive. Neither of you are flaunting. If you need the bathroom why dress? If you come in here nude and start bouncing around in front of me then I'll assume you are wanting me to screw you, and I'll act accordingly."

She caressed my face. "You are a dear man. Maybe some day we'll try that."

She left for the porch, I wondered at the we in her statement.

I joined them on the porch sometimes when it wasn't quite so hot. I couldn't lay down behind them if they didn't at least have panties on.

One Saturday morning, I think they did it just to bug me, I had snoozed for a while. I woke up when it got too warm, they had taken off their panties and were hard at work. They were lying in front of me a couple feet apart from each other their legs spread slightly. I stared for several minutes before I realized I wasn't dreaming. I dashed into the house, hearing soft laughter from behind.

Mom and dad had written to say where they were, and that they were fine. I wrote to the next place they were headed, to tell them everything was fine here.

One Friday night I discovered the girls were through playing games. Olive followed me into my room and put her arms around me and we kissed for a long time before undressing. I only asked. "Candy?"

She snuggled tight to me and said. "We are much too competitive to both be here, We tossed a coin, I got to be first. She'll be along later."

From then on, one or the other was at my side in bed, or just holding hands when they were working. The blanket disappeared from in front of the window. I could go on the porch any time. Occasionally one of them would join me on the lounge for a little groping session, sometimes that would up end inside. There were no signs of jealousy between them. I showed no favoritism. There also were no words of love. I understood there would be an end to this sometime. We were just very close friends.

Mom and dad were due back soon. We were into September. There had been a slight change in our complex relationship, I started finding them both in bed with me sleeping. There was no sex when that happened although hands did wander freely. I wasn't surprised when one would leave for the front room and the other would get serious. Then they would usually swap places but we always woke up three at a time. I was only sad that it wasn't going to be forever.

They never said how long they could stay. Olive said they might be back next spring. But she couldn't say for sure.

The folks sent another letter saying they would be back mid week, I was expected for dinner Sunday. I checked their house over, but everything was fine. I invited the girls to go along with me Sunday. Olive said. "We are much to close to being done do that. Maybe another time."

The rest of the week they broke tradition and both stayed for the sex games. It stretched my endurance to the limit. They would have the cooler running, and as soon as I walked in they would attack. Into the shower and beyond. I was exhausted, and clear headed. From Friday to Sunday when I left to see my parents, was one continuous romp.

Oh, I knew, this level of intensity couldn't have gone on, I knew when they begged off from visiting that they would be gone when I got back. I knew so strongly that I wrote a goodbye note and put it in the book where they kept their gas slips in their truck.

My dear lovely girls. I'm betting that Sunday afternoon you will have left my life. I'm also betting that sometime we will meet again even if it's only a public meeting. The change you have made in my life is a profound one. I shall never forget either of you. You are and shall always be my very best friends. Come back a day, a week, or years from now. I will welcome you. With all my love as your friend, Kyle.


I saw the hole next to the garage first. There was a letter on my table. I turned the cooler on and stripped down before reading it. The sentences alternated, first from one, and then the other.

Dearest beautiful Kyle. My sister and I are crying as we write this. Our stay with you, has been the greatest adventure of our lives. Your kindness and caring has renewed our faith in the male gender. We both love you in a way that we never could have imagined before. Free and no strings. A brotherly love plus. We have never done this before, both of us sharing one man let alone separately sharing a man. And a man you are. I have been more worldly than my sister, I bet we will never top this. I don't think we will even try. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. We can only hope that some day, a week or years from now, you will welcome one, or both back to the shelter of your arms. Or even if it can't be as close, we still wish to spend time with you. We will stare into each other's eyes, and remember. Good byes are much too hard. We could not leave, if you were here. So we are sneaking out, like a thief in the night. But we have left things behind for you to remember us. All our love and friendship. Olive, and Candy.

There were indeed, tear stains on the page, I read it several times, and each time I was choked up more. But it wasn't grief. There was sorrow, yes, but it was a good ending. It started in honest friendship and ended the same way. They had left behind more then memories, there was a large stock of food and drink, and the little trinkets they had added to the front room as the mood struck them. I picked up my dirty clothes and headed for the shower. I stayed under the stream for a long, long time. I dried off and went in search of clean clothes I found two bags in my dresser, and an other note in two different hands.

Kyle, These are yours to keep. We stored them in specimen collection bags to preserve our scent. Love, Olive, Candy.

They were two pairs of panties, used, one to a bag. I stored them carefully in the back of the drawer. Touching them only briefly through the bag with my finger tips.

On the computer were many photos, most I never knew had been taken. Most showed the joy that we were sharing, myself and one or the other. Most would be pornographic to anyone else. There were a series showing both girls and I. They must have set up a time lapse sequence to capture them. The last two were them standing arms around each other, naked, waving at me. The last, they were bent over butts to the camera looking through their boobs and legs hands spreading their butts so I had no doubt what they were saying.

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