tagRomanceKyle's Porch Ch. 04

Kyle's Porch Ch. 04


These are not "Stand alone" Chapters. I suggest reading from the beginning.

This story is the product of a diseased and febrile mind. As such, it is fiction. Having said that; All my stories are true, even the ones I make up.

Copyright 2007 L_D_Darrow

I wish to thank Wolv_Project for taking the time to edit my offering. All mistakes are mine solely, whether planed or not.

Part four of eight: Two beauties apply this time


I got a long letter from a UoA student wishing to pursue the study Kate had started, depicting all the areas left to fill. It was signed O. Hills. The person sounded nice enough so I replied politely. I stated that my experience with Miss Kate Brown left me less than enthusiastic to be of any help. I pointed out that the refuge was quite close to the study area and was available.

A week later I got another letter not on a UoA letterhead.

Dear Mr. Brown

I can understand some of your reluctance to accept my plea

for assistance. I have had the misfortune recently to spend

an extended time with Miss Brown on an expedition, I found

her to be somewhat less than an admirable person. However

the project she started has some intrinsic value if pursued.

I will be in the area this coming Saturday, Would you accept

the offer of a drink to compensate for me pleading to you in

person? I will be at the Roadside Bar/Eat and Fire Station

after 5pm and until closing.

Thank you, O. Hills.

The frank admission of dislike caught my attention. I could see why it wasn't on an official letterhead. I was curious about what had dear Kate had been up to. I wondered why it was O. Hills, and how would I recognize him/her. The Bar was only twelve miles or so, and I could just hang out and see who came in at 5pm. I occasionally stopped in there anyway. Not enough to where people would know me though.

I wandered in around 4:15, found a good spot at the bar where I could see people come in the door in the mirror behind the bar. I ordered a beer and nursed it along. There were quite a few people there but most of them went into the dining area for supper. At around 5pm, I watched several more come in but they were either known by people drinking or were here for the food. At five after, two girls came in and looked around. They looked like sisters to me, in their late teens or more. Probably more because you had to be 21 to drink here. One of them pointed at me and they came over.

With a single finger one touched my shoulder. "Excuse me but you look like Kyle Brown."

"I'm amazed you would know me by sight. Are either of you O. Hills?"

"I am Olive Hills, this is my sister Candy. I would like to up my offer to supper, if you are willing to put up with two broads from Tucson, Mr. Brown."

I sipped from the warm beer, "Can we agree to use first names?"

"Yes Kyle. Shall we see if there's room?"

I finished my beer and followed the girls. They were trim, in good shape and reasonably well breasted girls. As they did not ask for alcohol I still was guessing ages. We were shown to a table not far from the restrooms. I decided to have a steak, a specialty of the house and not nearly as expensive as in Tucson. Olive had a seafood platter and Candy had pasta. No business was attempted during the meal and I was in a much more congenial mood after. I was sure it was intentional. We talked about a variety of subjects. The girls seemed well informed and not afraid to express their opinions.

I ordered a beer, as did Olive. Candy ordered coffee. Olive had to show her ID. They didn't ask Candy or me.

I sighed. Olive asked "What Kyle?"

"There was a time not long ago when I had to show my ID. Not anymore."

They snickered.

"Ok girls." I said. "Go ahead and convince me."

Olive started to expand on the importance of the research. I stopped her. "I am willing to agree to the importance of your work. What you need to do, is convince me that I should allow you on to my property after I booted Miss Brown off for trespassing."

Candy, wide-eyed said. "You did? When?"

"It's been weeks now." I settled deeper in my chair, beer in hand.

"Candy." Said Olive, clearly a warning.

"How did you know who I was?" I asked Olive.

"Miss Brown had a picture of you sitting in a room, at a computer. She obviously took it through a window while you were not aware. She told everyone she was going to marry you when she got back."

"Including the several playmates she was seeing?" I threw out.

The girls looked at each other and blushed. "Yes." Said Olive.

"Were both of you on that expedition?" I set my empty glass down.

"Yes, I arraigned to have Candy as my assistant. Dr. Cole and Mr. Keith had Miss Brown and Mr. Young as their assistants. The expedition was nearly ruined by Miss Brown's nocturnal... activities with all three. I didn't wish to confront you with the facts Kyle. But you seemed to have some notion of the situation."

I gave a brief laugh, "Miss Brown, made the error of showing up with the nearly healed hickeys still evident. The weight gain was also an indication that she wasn't exactly pining away for me... That's in the past. Some day I might be interested in the facts but I'm quite over her and you still need to convince me."

Olive said. "If the importance of the study isn't a good argument. I am at a loss how to proceed." She ended, arms held up.

Candy, one hand over mine, said. "Please Kyle. Say yes."

I gave a big sigh. "I've always been a sucker for a pretty face and here I've got two. Okay, We can try it."

They both had incredulous looks on their faces. I asked "What?"

Olive said. "Miss Brown said we didn't have a snowball's hope in hell of getting you to agree."

I growled, "This study better not be of any benefit to her. I'll toss both of you out."

Candy said. "No Kyle. She has moved her great... talent, to Colorado. We are only using her data as guidelines, we think some of her ideas are complete junk."

I pondered for a moment. "Ok, what will you be needing in resources from me?"

Olive said. "About the same as Miss Brown used. A little more because Cindy is a part of the effort. Miss Brown was a very good records keeper, we have all her data, We just don't agree with her methods or conclusions. We have a travel trailer and truck to move it. Can we park it somewhere in the area?"

"Kate had us park just over the ridge behind the house." I said.

Cindy said. "That's one of the things we disagree with her on. You should not do anything different from your normal activities. The fact that at least four groups of birds are nesting close to your home means they are a part of your activities already."

Olive continued. "We would like to park the trailer near the garage. Are there any hook-ups around your home for sewer or water and electric?"

"I honestly don't know, we'll have to look. But you can always use the house. I'm gone most of the day, so I wouldn't be bothering you except on weekends. You are aware of the temperatures involved?"

Cindy answered. "Miss Brown bragged extensively how she could flaunt herself in front of you in safety."

"I'm not making that promise this time. That was tearing me to pieces. I understand the need to be as comfortable as possible while studying But the cooler works just fine in the house. Some clothes should be worn there. I'm sure that after a short time we will figure out a way to get along."

"We will try to be considerate of your situation." Said Olive.

I asked. "When do you want to start?"

"Our rig is outside."

"You can follow me home then and start in the morning."


They paid the bill and followed me out, I said. "I'll open my gate and move out of the way, go on in, go slow down to the house, it's a bit steep."

When I got to the house they were just looking around the yard. I invited them in to look around the house, I sat on the porch with a cold beer. When they were done poking around. They came out and sat too. "There's cold stuff in the 'frig."

Olive and Candy went back inside. "Kyle, do you care if Candy has a beer?"

"No, go for it."

A little later I came out with two keys. "House and gate. You only need to lock the house if your leaving and I'm not here, Gate stays locked."

Olive and I talked about the general area, Candy was on her second beer and was humming to herself.

During a break in the general conversation Candy said. "She really screwed up to loose this, and you."

Olive said. "I guess we should go and get some sleep, two, is her limit."

Candy went on. "Course she screwed anything in men's pants. I saw her with the guide, one night."

"Candy! That's enough!" Olive said, getting up and dragging Candy off the porch. "I'm sorry Kyle. She's usually not that bad."

"It's 4500 feet here, alcohol hits a little harder then in Tucson."

Olive said. "Good night Kyle."

"Good lookin' Kyle." From Candy.

"Good night girls."

I sat there for a while wondering what had gone wrong with Kate, or was she like that before she came here. It's hard when you don't know someone well enough to tell where the lies start and stop.

Sometime, early morning, I heard both girls come in and use the toilet, instead of turning on the lights they had a flashlight. I was sleeping again before they left.

I got up before the sun was over the distant mountains. I had plenty of eggs so I started an omelet with bits of meat and spices. Olive came in to use the toilet. "Candy, should be along in a minute, her head hurts this morning, and she's not moving very fast."

"Pull up a plate, these things are about done." I said and poured coffee into three cups.

Candy came in squinting, I stopped her and handed a cup to her. "Drink." I said.

She took a few sips. "Now, go."

She looked much better when she came out.

They both devoured the omelets, so I guessed that I had done okay.

We found the clean-out access for the sewer system behind the house, the ridge was too close there for the trailer. There was water, and a power outlet at the garage. We decided to hook up the power and water for them. I said I would string some low power lights between the house and garage for dark-time navigation.

Olive was good at maneuvering, she parked the trailer on the house side of the garage. The girls disconnected the truck, and we leveled the trailer with the jacks they had. The roadrunners were so used to me, they came in the yard to watch what we were doing. Olive parked their truck on the far side of the garage. With everything done for the moment we sat on the porch for a break. I had brought in another lounge from the garage, it needed some patching on the netting, Cindy claimed it as her own, and promised to fix it up.

It was already very warm, I said. "I'm going to switch into shorts now."

When I came out the girls were gone, but soon they showed up in two piece bathing suits. They both looked good in them, and I said so. They turned around so I could get a good look. Olive sat on one side of me, and Candy went to the 'frig for tea. She replaced the cans from the supply in the cupboards, then brought out cans for each of us in foam insulators. She sat on the other side of me.

I said. "I'll be headed to my parents place in a while. Then you lady's may snoop all you want. The water heater tank is quite large, you shouldn't have any problems with consecutive showers."

Olive said. "Why would you think we were going to snoop?"

"You might not have, but you would have wanted to, it's only natural for women to do so. I just thought I'd give you permission."

Cindy said. "He's got us there sis."

"Also, make yourselves room where ever you want. Kate left much of her stuff here. Feel free to bag it up. It can go to the Good Will store. I could never force myself to take care of it. You'll see that I don't use a lot of room. Of course the front room has a lot of mementos from my grandfather, and other family keepsakes. I know you won't misuse them. The washing machine has lately begun to act up a little, the door switch is bad, just hit it on the side until it goes. I haven't ordered a new switch yet. If you remember to nag me I'll do it."

Olive asked. "Nag?"

"Are you going to pretend that with two of you here you won't nag me?"

Cindy giggled spraying tea over her self.

I handed her a paper towel.

It was too hot to be comfortable so we moved inside to the table, the girls had brought t-shirts and put them on as the cooler brought the temperature down. I showed them the key rack and told them that as soon as I serviced the John Deere and checked them out on it they would be welcome to use it.

It was time for me to get going so I went in and changed into my better clothes, and said. "I'll be back tonight or tomorrow after work. The number for my parents is by the phone. There's the internet on my computer, and the dish for the TV. Oh there's a DVD player too, but I don't have a large selection yet. Bye, ladies."

"Bye, Kyle." They both said.

Mom and dad were preparing to take off on an extended trip around the states to visit family, something they had been thinking about for several years. They were leaving Monday morning. I helped dad finish packing their car and promised to look in on the place once and a while. The neighbors would be watching too. I said my good byes to them and went back home.

The girls were watching a documentary on the TV, they had done a lot of work while I was gone. There were plastic bags on the porch full of Kate's stuff. They had apparently taken showers and were dressed now in light summer clothing. I went in and took a shower and dressed in similar clothes.

The show was over and they were fussing around in the kitchen. I fired up the computer and checked my budget, I was doing fine, I paid the bills that were sitting in the Pay slot.

When I had come in the door we had only waved, I didn't want to interrupt their obvious interest in the show. As the girls set supper on the table they both took time to touch my shoulders as they went by.

"So what do you think?" I asked as we were eating.

Olive answered smiling. "I love your home, Kyle."

"Ditto." Said Candy. As she wiped the sink.

The sun had set and it was getting cooler. "What say we retire to the porch ladies, I'll clean up later."

So we sat back in the lounges, they had moved everything a little closer together to make room for their equipment and the bags.

Olive said. "I hope it's ok, we had to move things around."

"Let me see, I'm squeezed between the two most beautiful women for miles around. Nope! I'm not upset." Then in a more serious tone. "I really appreciate you bagging that stuff up for me. I just couldn't do it. I tried several times."

"It's ok Kyle, we understand. It was the old Kate. That's why she didn't come back for them, that's not her style anymore." Said Candy.

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