tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKylie & Dannii Minogue: 2 Hearts

Kylie & Dannii Minogue: 2 Hearts


Author's note: This story is a work of fiction. It is not a reflection of reality whatsoever. It is a parody and should be read only by those 18 years and older.

This is my first lesbian slashfic. It's a very short story done for the fun of it, based off a request sent through by a reader. Let me know what you think.


Kylie stood in the darkened hallway of her London townhouse. On the other side of the door she could hear the muttering of a handful of paparazzi as they sipped their coffees and smoked their cigarettes, staking out her home like cops trailing a suspect.

Even at this late hour, they congregated outside with the vague hope of taking the one photo that could net them thousands of pounds from the gossip rags they worked for. With the house's shades drawn and the blinds closed, however, none of them had had any success. But Kylie knew something they didn't; she knew that she had a guest arriving very, very soon.

Her stomach was tight with guilt, with excitement, with trepidation, with desire. All the same feelings she'd been dealing with for years now. All the shame, all the passion...it ran through her with such force that it couldn't be denied, leaving her hands to shake and her skin to break out in goose bumps.

All her life she'd been trying to deny these feelings, and she failed every time. How could she deny the one person that made her feel whole? The one person that offered her such joy, such understanding, such exquisite release?

How could she deny Dannii?

It had started when they were young – two sisters experimenting with each other and the feelings that dawned as they entered adolescence. It had only grown stronger, more heated, from there. They had managed to keep it secret for so long now, knowing that nobody would ever understand, knowing that it would mean the end of both their careers, if not their lives. But the threat of that had only made it that much more exciting.

At least that was the case until the News of the World scandal broke, and all the revelations that came with it. As details surfaced of every celebrity that had their privacy recklessly violated, both Kylie and Dannii had been left to wonder – had they, too, had their private messages hacked? Was there someone out there just waiting to expose their secret to the world? To ruin both their lives?

With the threat of scandal hanging heavy around them, they promised each other to lay low, to stay away from one another, to not draw any unwanted attention. Weeks passed, then months. As the scandal grew and grew, so too did their worries. After all, it wouldn't be the first time the News of the World had sullied the Minogue name, with the paper having exposed the lap dance Dannii had gotten from a female stripper in a moment of desperation.

Slowly, however, it became obvious that even with all the press's privacy violations, their secret remained theirs. The relief they both felt was overwhelming.

So now, despite their promises that the last time had really been the last time, Kylie waited behind her front door, biting her manicured nails, tapping her feet, and pacing up and down. How long would it be until Dannii arrived? How long would it be until Kylie felt the satisfaction that only came at the hands and lips of the other half of herself?

Just as the need was becoming too much to handle, she heard the voices of the paparazzi calling out as their cameras rocketed into action. Flashes of light seeped in beneath the crack of the front door as the bell chimed. Kylie was blinded as she opened it without hesitation – and there she was.

She never failed to take Kylie's breath away. She looked like a queen standing in the door way, her crystal blue eyes framed by a wave of rich, dark hair. Her cheekbones and her slim pixie nose looked to have been sculpted by a master artisan, and her porcelain skin was smooth as ice and soft as butter. Her cheeks were flushed red, with Dannii blushing in the manner that only Kylie knew to be hiding a secret desire.

Kylie grabbed her sister by the wrist and pulled her in through the door, their names barked at them by the band of photographers even as Kylie slammed the door shut. Away from the prying eyes of the press, they wasted no time in tasting one another, lips and tongues entwining, hands exploring bodies.

"I've missed you so much!" Kylie murmured, backing her sister against the wall, sliding her hands inside her coat to circle the raven-haired beauty's waist.

"Kylie, I..." Dannii started, her head lolling back as she offered her throat and neck to her sister's peppery kisses. She raked her nails down Kylie's back, grinding herself up against the blonde pop star's petite little frame. Her breath was already ragged, and in the corner of her long, dark eyelashes tears were forming.

Catching sight of the glittering tears, Kylie kissed her way up along Dannii's diamond-cut cheek. "Shh," she hushed as she pressed her lips to the corner of her sister's beautiful eye, tasting her sadness. "I know it's been hard..."

"...We shouldn't do this..." Dannii whispered, even as her hands found the buttons on her sister's jeans to undo them. They were words they'd said to each other every time this had happened for decades now. They were the preface they gave one another, the acknowledgement that this was wrong, that they should stop themselves. And yet they never did.

Sure enough, Dannii offered no other protest as Kylie drew her into another hungry, needful kiss. If anything, Dannii's passion only grew stronger, her tongue and breath hot against Kylie's lips and mouth.

Dannii, freeing up her arms long enough to throw off her coat, returned her hands to Kylie's waistband to yank away her jeans, her pop star sister eagerly stepping out of them to reveal the sheer g-string she wore, already drenched with the juices of her arousal.

The small break as Kylie threw away her jeans was the opportunity they both needed to shed themselves of their clothing. Kylie pulled off her top as Dannii unbuttoned her blouse and dropped her fashionable black trousers, before reaching out to unhook Kylie's bra.

Kylie's perky little breasts had always been a sticking point for her – she'd long wished that they were bigger. Her sister didn't seem to mind, however, as she offered hushed, breathless admiration as she pulled away the bra, revealing the soft flesh and the round nipples beneath.

Smiling, Kylie pounced on her sister once more, skin on warm skin, fingers running through hair and hips grinding against one another.

Kylie couldn't resist anymore. Just as she herself was topless, she needed Dannii to be the same. Kissing her sister feverishly, she reached up to undo the clasp at the front of Dannii's bra, secreted in her delicious cleavage. The bra gave way, and Dannii stood topless in the half-dark of Kylie's hallway.

Dannii's breasts had always been larger than Kylie's, even before the surgery that had transformed them into the luscious peaks that made Kylie's mouth water and her lips twitch. The tiny little nipples grew hard in the cold hair, standing firm and proud and rosy pink, and oh so appetising at that!

"God yes..." Kylie muttered as she lowered her head to nuzzle at her sister's cleavage, wrapping a long, wet, hungry tongue around the rough little nipple. Flicking the protruding nub, she parted her mouth wider to suck in more of Dannii's breast, swallowing the soft flesh like it was a ripe, juicy fruit.

"Mmm!" Dannii sighed, arcing her back and stroking the back of Kylie's head. Kylie wasted no time in coating her sister's breasts with her saliva, enjoying their sumptuous flavour. All the while, she raked her nails up and down Dannii's thighs, teasing her on the way to her ultimate destination; her sister's fragrant pussy.

One finger dipped below the hemline of Dannii's panties, then two. Dannii's breath was lodged deep in her throat, her eyes fluttering closed, her teeth sharp on her pouty lips.

"Please...!...Kylie, please...!" Dannii softly begged, and her sister obliged her. Pressing her hand down inside Dannii's panties, Kylie ran firm fingers down along her sibling's oozing slit, touching her in all the places she knew she loved to be touched. When other girls had been discovering masturbation, they had been discovering each other, and that showed now with all the shortcut ways they knew to excite and pleasure the other.

That intimate knowledge shone through as Kylie worked one finger on her sister's clit as the others stroked her labia.

"Ohnhfuck!" Dannii cursed, kicking against the wall as her thighs clenched and her legs shook. She grabbed her sister's shoulders, clawing into them as she started to buck and thrash and grind down on Kylie's able fingers.

Kylie smirked to herself as she pulled away from Dannii's clit, teetering on the brink of her sister's cunt just long enough to tease her, before sinking two fingers inside, delving deep into Dannii's hot honey insides.

"Shit! Shit!" Dannii hissed, thrusting against her sibling, kissing at Kylie's forehead and licking at her cheeks. Kylie offered a single kiss to the side of Dannii's perfect face before pressing forward, sinking her fingers in up past the knuckle. Pinning Dannii's back squarely against the wall, Kylie started to pump her fingers into Dannii's foaming pussy, lashing her nipples with her strawberry tongue.

"Yes!Yesyesyessss!" The younger Minogue sister kicked, thrashed, whinnied. When Kylie returned her fingers to her swollen clit and suckled at her plump, bouncing breast, it finally proved too much for the brunette songstress, and she let out a loud wail of release.

"FFFUUUUUUUCK yysssssssssss!" Dannii screamed and drooled, saliva running from the corner of her glistening bottom lip to hang from her jaw. Her breath exploded from her in bursts, her fingers dug welts into her sister's skin, her thighs flexed and her heels kicked. She was sated.

With stars dancing before her eyes, Dannii's lashes fluttered open to offer her sister a salacious look. Kylie didn't get the chance to say anything as Dannii pounced on her, wrestling her to the floor so they could lay on top of each other in a half-naked, writhing pile.

Her gushing pussy dribbling on Kylie's thighs, Dannii kissed her sister with heated abandon, squirming and wriggling on top of her. With fiery determination, the younger sister ripped the underwear from the hips of her pixie starlet sibling to force her mouth between her thighs.

"OH!" Kylie started, unaccustomed to Dannii being so aggressive. It seemed all this time apart had only fed Dannii's desire, amplified twice over by the cathartic release of her orgasm. Kylie would have speculated on it more if not for how distracted she was by Dannii's tongue as it slid over her clitoral hood and swollen labia, lapping at her like a propeller before slithering up inside her.

"Chruh--Christ!!" Kylie exclaimed, rolling her hips up into Dannii's mouth, even as Dannii added her fingers to the proceedings. She started by lightly frigging her sister's clit, working Kylie into a bubbling lather, before delving her digits into the seeping liquid long enough to thoroughly lubricate them.

Her fingers thick with Kylie's musky molasses, Dannii rounded her sister's tiny hips to press her fingers against Kylie's tiny pink asshole. Kylie tensed for a moment – only for a moment – before Dannii clamped her mouth to Kylie's clitoris, slurping on the pulsing button, as she pushed a finger into her sister's ass.

"NNNNRRR!!!" Kylie cried through gritted teeth and squeezed-shut eyes, her legs outstretched and her tiny feet kicking the air. There was no one else in the world who had mapped her body as thoroughly as Dannii had, and as her sister stimulated and excited all her secret points of pleasure, Kylie knew it wouldn't be long before she too felt the thrill of release.

It came just as Dannii offered up her other hand to finger Kylie's parted slit, working her g-spot, her clit and her puckered little asshole all at the same time.

"Dannii! Dannii! Oh fuck! Fuck!! You're making me---making me----!"

Her sentence was punctuated with a sharp cry of surrender, Kylie's body heaving on the cold, hardwood floor as her pussy exploded, her juices spurting over Dannii's lips and smearing her all across the chin.

"Shit! Shhhiittt! Oh sshhitt!" Kylie gasped with every breath, her head lolling from left to right, her tits rising and falling. Her legs wavered to either side as Dannii crawled her way up along her sister's body, kissing her with every inch of ground she gained.

Finally, they were face-to-face, staring deeply into each other's piercing blue eyes. They hesitated for only a moment before melting into another kiss, this one less fevered but far more loving than any of the others. Dannii's perfectly-shaped breasts pressed up against Kylie's chest, squeezing between the two of them as Dannii rested her weight on Kylie's small frame.

They didn't need to speak as they took one another in their arms, holding each other close in the darkness, both of them thankful that their secret remained just that, both of them wondering how much longer they could keep it.

Outside, the members of the paparazzi gathered together in silence, none of them any the wiser...

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