tagRomanceL.S. Apartment Ch. 03

L.S. Apartment Ch. 03


Chapter 3 --The End of the Tale.

All parties are above the Age of 18 and willing. This is the final part of the tale of L.S. Apartment, again dedicated to a woman that needs to know that good guys exist that can be naughty at heart.


You awake the next day still wearing his t-shit and boxers. Noticing that the other side of the bed is unoccupied; you look around the room. Still very tired, you roll over and cocoon yourself in all of the blankets. Who know how much later it is when you feel the bed shift and the blankets being moved off of you. You feel lips press yours in a slow, sensual kiss. You melt into it, unwilling to open your eyes as you wrap your arms around him. You feel his weight on you as he puts more of his body on the bed. He keeps the connection to your lips, kissing you slowly yet passionately. Your covers leave your body; his strong hands caress your skin as the boxers are pulled off of you. His lips move against yours as one of his hands spread your legs apart. You feel yourself being teased as his hand slides along your skin, touching your pussy firmly but tenderly as well. You shiver at his caress. He breaks the kiss to run his lips along your neck up to your ear. You can almost sense his smile.

"Poke, poke... good morning sunshine," He whispers in your ear.

You giggle at your inside joke but it turns into a gasp as he slides his cock into you. His hand slides his cock into you. His hand slips underneath you, touching the small of your back. His lips meet yours again as he slow, deliberately thrusts in and out of you. You feel his body tense as your hands run along his body, caressing his skin. You are almost distracted by his self control in his slow pace. His passion and desire radiates out of him and into you but his will power dominates his actions. You wrap your legs around him trying to force him to fuck you harder but he ignores your encouragement, keep his slow and steady pace. His kiss is leaving you breathless and turning you on more and more. The two of you are both wishing to kiss and consume each other as your desire for each other expands and multiplies. Your fingers knead the flesh of his back as his maddening self-control continues to thrust his cock in and out of your very wet pussy.

Morning sex has always been your thing and, apparently, his as well.

"Oh, god, yes..." you moan out as his thrusts go deep inside you and slowly draw back out.

With one arm supporting him, his other hand tilts your head and he places kisses and then bites into your neck. You feel that smug self-control slip, a little as he kisses, sucks and bites your neck.

"Please fuck me harder...," you gasp out, some of it from pain but mostly from pleasure.

"As you wish darling," He whispers into your ear, followed by his lips and tongue brushing your ear.

You dig your long finger nails into his back, drawing a little blood through the scratches. He growls into your ear and he picks up his pace, slamming his hard cock into you. You rake up and down, using your nails like spurs to force him deeper, faster and harder. His willpower slips as you do this and he fucks you exactly the way you want. Gasping and moaning almost in time with his gasps and growls; you move your hips in counter point to his thrusts bringing you together with greater force.

"You feel so good, baby," He says," your pussy is so tight."

"OH fuck me harder, please, you cock fills me up," you moan and almost scream out.

You lose yourselves in each other, swept up and carried by the passion and this need to possess the other. Your kisses fuel and fan those desires as you almost mash your lips to his and you come closer and closer to a great orgasm.

"Yes, yes, ye....," You trail off as you cum on his cock. Your hands clench as you finish, your nails digging into his back, causing him to growl, loudly, and plunges a final deep thrust inside your pussy. You have finally broken his self-control.

He kisses you softly and slides off the bed. He smiles down at you and runs his fingers through your hair. You sit up and kiss him, tenderly.

"I almost have breakfast ready," He tells you," I just have to finish cooking it but I'm sure you would want to help."

He smiles, a big shit eating grin at you, knowing your cooking skills aren't the greatest.

"Fuck you, old man," You say with no heat in your voice.

"I just did that, darling, maybe later," He says, chuckling.

He moves off and picks up a towel; returning back to you, he presents it to you with a smart ass bow. You grab the towel, smiling and shaking your head at his behavior. It is uncanny on what he remembers; you mentioned what a bastard your ex fuck buddy was and how he failed to provide a towel to clean off his cum.

"If you want darling, you can take a shower and breakfast will be served," He says as he walks of your bedroom.

You get up and hop into your shower. Smiling with a satisfaction that only morning sex can bring to you, you enjoy a nice relaxing shower. Toweling off, you go back into your bedroom to get dressed. You get into some comfortable clothes and wander out into your kitchen.

He is cooking pancakes as you walk up, flipping them over. You stand on your toes and kiss his neck as you come up behind him. He turns around and kisses you softly on the forehead.

"Did you have a good shower?" he asks you.

"Pretty good but my alarm clock was a better way to wake up," You reply, smiling naughtily at him.

He chuckles and kisses you, this time on the lips. He turns back around and finishes cooking the pancakes. Gathering everything up, he brings it over to the table and sets it down. Smiling, he goes back to and gets out some juice and pours it into some glasses then brings those over to the table. You take a seat and look at the spread. Some eggs, bacon, toast and pancakes are what is for breakfast today and you smile as he sets the juice down in front of you. Leaning down, he kisses you softly and takes his seat afterwards.

"Thanks for making breakfast," you say.

"No problem, at least I know you ate better while I was here," he says, smiling.

You catch a sad smile but it is quickly replaced by his usual impish smirk. You both knew that this little vacation was going to end but you are still happy that he came to visit. The few days he has been here has put a brighter picture on the world and shown you that there are decent guys out there, which can manage to be naughty and nice at the same time. Digging into the food, you both eat in silence as you glance shyly at him. You catch him doing the same.

"So what is the plan today?" he asks.

"Well I do have class later," you reply.

"I figured but my plane leaves tonight so ... what would you like to do between now and class?" He asks you.

"Well, not sure," you say.

"How about we run around and explore and just see some of the city?"

"Sounds good to me."

"Good then I can buy you that dinner I promised you before class and the last thing you never had from a guy will be done," He says, grinning.

"What did you do? Make a check list?"

"Oh, nope, I just remember, darling."

"Sure, sure," you say, shaking your head.

After breakfast you both leave and wander the city. You have been here a couple of years and it's really nothing new to you but he seems to be like a kid. He looks around and explores, dragging you with him as he goes into shops and buildings and rides on the trains. It is a fun day and both of you have a great time. All too soon the though, it is getting closer and closer to class time. He notices you glances at your phone and realizes it is time for dinner.

Leading you into a random small restaurant, he quickly gets you both seated and menus in hand.

"Have you ever eaten here before?" He asks you.

"Nope, I barely know where we are," you reply smiling.

"Good," he says, though you see a sparkle of a naughty thought in his eye.

It turns out to be an Italian restaurant and you both order lasagna with side salads. The food is good and you talk and talk about really nothing but it is fun all the same. Both of you seem to be avoiding the fact he is leaving and that you are going to class shortly; it has been a fun and interesting couple of days. Neither of you really want it to end but he has to leave and you have to be in school and here so it is goodbye soon enough. After you eat and enjoy some nice tiramisu for desert, he pays the check; leaving a fairly big tip for the waiter and stands up. Holding out his hand to you and once you take it; he drags you back into the bathroom. Locking the door behind you, he pins you against the wall kissing you and caressing your body.

"What are you doing?" you ask, pulling your face away from his.

"I think you know, darling," He says and then kisses your neck and your throat.

"What if we get caught?"

"We get thrown out and we never come back here but since you never have eaten here before you shouldn't have a problem with that."


He silences your protests with kisses and quickly pushes down your pants, dragging your panties with them. He puts his hand over your mouth as he kisses your neck, pushing himself between your legs. You feel his cock pushing against your pussy as he keeps you pinned up against the wall. This turning you on: the sex in a public place, his hand on your mouth and his insistence are all combining to make you wet for him. He easily slips his hard dick into you and fucks you against the wall. You gasp into his hand and moan but it is muffled as he strokes his cock in and out of you. He seems seriously intent on fucking you hard and fast. You can already feel it building up inside you which just turns you on more and more. It is crazy to think how well he knows after only a short time but he does and it is such a good feeling. His passion and desire for you are unmatched and his willingness to be completely freaky makes you so hot. Lost in these thoughts and feeling you feel yourself cum and you scream a little into his hand. He picks you up and sets you on the sink as he continues to pound your pussy.

A knock on the door is ignored by both of you.

He pulls on your hair as he merciless slams his cock into you, making you want to cum again. Fucking you on the hard sink and the hair pulling brings you back to the point of no return as you feel him cum inside you. That is the final blow to you and your orgasm ripples through your body for the second time in a short time. You lean your head against him, still quivering and gasping. He removes his hand from your mouth and kisses you.

"I know this isn't the movies but I figured it would work for now," He says, smiling tenderly at you.

"Thank you," you manage to say.

"My pleasure, darling one," He replies.

A more insistent knock hammers the door and he glances at it and quickly pulls up his pants. You hop off the sink and get your pants back on as well.

"Just a minute, keep your pants on," He yells out, smirking at you.

"Come on buddy," a male voice yells through the door.

Seeing that you are ready, he grabs your hand and opens the door. You both rush past the guy as he stares in shock and you realize that the scent of sex is heavy on the air as you leave the bathroom. You are blushing and you notice so is he as he leads you out of the restaurant and onto the street. Quickly, flags down a cab and you both take a rid back to your apartment complex; you still holding hand as you drive through the city. Throwing money at the driver, he motions for you to get out and he follows quickly. You glance at your cell, noting you barely have enough time to get to class and he is going to be cutting close to get to the airport time with enough time to get through security.

He smiles at you as you pull him along to your apartment, taking the elevator up. You grab him and kiss him the entire way, barely noticing the door open he pushes you out, returning your kiss. You bump against your door, hearing your two dogs bark inside: Eva and Layla. You come out of the kiss barely breathing and grinning at him. He shakes his head, almost sadly.

"What?" you ask him.

"Nothing just going to miss you, a little more than I thought," he replies.

You smile, shyly and look into his eyes. You just see his admiration and sincerity shining through the deep green eyes of his and you glance quickly away. You manage to unlock the door and get inside he follows you, giving you a quick spank on the butt. You yelp in surprise and spin around into his arms as he kisses you.

"Bastard," you tell him once the kiss is over.

"Nope I know who my father is," He replies with a grin.

"Sure, you do," you say smiling back. He always manages to make you smile and laugh. It is a good thing.

He walks around you and grabs his bag out of your room bringing it out. He sets it down and roots in it for a moment. Pulling out the handcuffs, he used on you last night; he holds them out to you. You look at them and then him and then back.

"Keep them, I want you too and plus I don't want to explain them to airport security," He says to you.

"Ok," You say as you take them.

He takes you into his arm and kisses you softly and passionately.

"This has been wonderful and I am going to miss you but we will still talk online and I hope you understand now darling," he tells you.

You nod it is all you can manage at the moment.

"Now once I leave here, give me five minutes and check your bedroom. Don't do it before please darling as a favor to me. I will miss you and I hope you have a good day at class," He says kissing your cheeks then your forehead and finally your lips. This kiss is intense and your stomach quivers a little as you feel this desire for something deep inside you.

"Goodbye, little one," He says as he opens the door and slips out.

You try several times to say something but nothing comes out.

He smiles at you and tilts his head down, a small bow to you and he shuts the door.

You stand there a moment, breathing hard.

"Goodbye, sweetheart, I'm going to miss you," you whisper to the closed door.

A little sadly you absently pet your dogs as you walk into your room. Sitting on the bed is a single red rose and folded below it is a sheet of paper. Picking you the rose and the paper, you put the flower to your nose and inhale deeply and smile. Taking your time you open the paper and read it.

Darling, I'm so glad you trusted yourself and me as well to let me visit you. I just wanted you to know that this trip has meant more than you can know and so has your friendship. If we never speak again or see each other again just know you have found a special place in my heart and that someone, somewhere will miss you, yet will wish you all the best. Good Guys exist, so keep the faith. Also in my tradition here is a poem for you, enjoy.

Sparks of truth
Guide us down
Our Paths
Lighting the way
Like beacons of hope
Will' wisps dance
Across our vision
Of our future
From the past
Our own personal
Messengers of will.

You smile but yet you choke back a few tears as you fold the piece of paper back up and put it in your pocket as you get ready for school. Keeping the rose with you as you leave your apartment going back to your life, the thing that occupies your thoughts is that final smile he gave you and you wish you could see it again. Closing the door on your L.S. Apartment, you wish for a moment that life was different.

I hope you all enjoyed this and the woman that is about has managed to make me want to write a lot which in itself is unusual. I hope you liked it darling and if you ever want to talk you know how to get a hold of me. I hope you do because you are missed, even though this is a work of fiction, part of me hopes to make it a reality. If not be well and know that where there is life there is hope.

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