tagSci-Fi & FantasyLa Belle Dame Sans Merci Redux

La Belle Dame Sans Merci Redux


Ah, what can ail thee, Knight at arms, alone and palely loitering? The wind blows cold, the harvest's done, and no birds sing. Ah, what can ail thee, wretched wight, so haggard and so woe-begone? For this day is All-hallows eve, and tonight the fairies dance. Your skin is pale, your eyes are hollow, though your cock bulges greatly. What can ail thee, poor traveler, for tonight is Halloween.

"I am a wanderer who has ridden many miles; I chase a dream and pursue a fantasy, and never sleep in the same bed twice. There was a day, on this day of the year and on this very road, I sat upon my horse high and rode proudly along, when I spied by the roadside the most enchanting vision my eyes have beheld: I met a lady in the meads full beautiful, a fairy's child; Her hair was long and golden, her foot was light, and her eyes were wild and blue. Her body was small and firm; her breasts glimpsed through her robe of gossamer were small and pert with tiny rosy nipples. She filled me with such desire I could not look away; enchanted I approached and took her delicate hand in mine. Asking if she would be mine for the day she spoke not a word, but reached her arms to me and was gathered in my arms. I set her on my pacing steed, and nothing else saw all day long; for sideways would she lean, and sing a fairy's song. She sat before me on my steed and my hands clasped round her waist; her hips she would rock and writhe, and rub against my cock till soon I feared to cum. My hands soon slid up to her chest, and caressed the gentle swell of her breast. When her sweet tender nipple I found and pinched she looked at me as she did love, and made sweet moan.

"Still sitting astride my mighty horse she swung around her legs and faced me. Sitting thus we rode face to face, and turning her head up to mine she kissed me with her rosebud mouth. Her flickering tongue soon found my mouth and on it I did suck, till smiling sweetly she pulled away and her tiny hands sought my cock. Unlacing quickly my fine silk leggings she freed my mighty beast; gently did she stroke my cock until it stood up proud like a lance. Then lifting her gossamer gown above her hips she climbed on me to ride, and slowly she split her tight fairy snatch with my knightly rod. Inch by inch she slipped and sunk until all my length she took; bouncing up and down she rode my cock, taking her pleasure as she would. Her face did flush and her breathing became quick, and I felt her come to shuddering climax. Her pussy hot and wet excited me, and soon I felt myself explode. We looked in each other's eyes and in passion we were lost, as spurt after spurt of sweet sticky cum I pumped into her fairy snatch. We held each other tight and kissed again as deep; and sure in language strange she said, 'I love thee true.'

"We rode together locked in embrace until the sun did set, then promising me pleasure more and more she lead me to her elfin den, to her house of pleasure. There she introduced me to her other fairy friends, her two companions in her life of pleasure. Both reclined nude upon cushions of satin, in embrace they sat locked. The first was of jet-black hair, which gleamed like polished moonlight. Her body was young and firm and her breasts were full and high. Her eyes too were midnight black and depthless as the sea. Her gaze held mine like a trap snapped shut, and her silence seemed to say, 'I am eternal, yet forever young. I am what you desire. No matter how much you want me, and however much you have me, you may never, ever hold me.' The other fairy maid had hair like fire, cascading red and curly. Equally young and lithe was her body, and her breasts were ponderous as melons – each the size of a grown man's head, full as flasks of wine. Her gaze spoke clear as if to say, 'you can fuck my mouth, my tits, my pussy or my ass: I care not for I shall devour you.'

"The raven haired woman returned to her task, nibbling on the red-head's slender white neck; while the other casually dropped her hand and fingered jet-black fairy snatch. My little blonde fairy took my by the hand and led me to my fate. She delicately undressed me, where she put my clothes I could not see; then taking a shining vial in her hand she anointed me with oil warm. Her tiny hands caressed me, soothing tired muscles with sweet scented oil: she caressed and explored my body, from face to cock to ass. The other two watched with delight and my cock grew proud by her ministrations, and soon they too joined the game, and their hands all stroked me hard. Then one, two, three all dropped to their knees and my cock passed from mouth to mouth: the innocent blonde took tiny licks, around my cock her mouth would hardly fit; the redhead took me in one great swallow and sucked me to the hilt, my balls bounced against her chin as she sucked me deep within; finally the raven haired fairy licked my cock and caressed it with her tongue, she took me into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. But that was not the pleasure she craved, and she lay down on her back; spreading her legs wide she invited me to take my pleasure wild.

"I entered her in one long stoke, to the brim I filled her; I plunged my cock into her until my thrust hit bottom. My raven fairy did sigh and moan as I slipped out, and powerfully slid in again. Again and again I pierced her, faster and harder my attack grew. Not to be left out the blonde climbed on, and lowered herself onto the raven's face. Her tongue licked clit as I pounded snatch, and the redhead watched our play. But redheaded fiery temper cannot be held at bay; she crawled beside me, her ass held in the air. Raven on cue rolled away and redhead asshole was presented: I hardly missed a stroke as we changed from black to red. The redhead's asshole was tight and warm, and it squeezed me with every thrust. I grabbed her hips and pulled her close, and body slapped on body. But before I could have my finish, and squirt on redhead's ass, blonde presented her snatch again, and begged to be fucked.

"I took my precious blonde fairy in my arms and pressed her close to me; and tenderly I entered her, and took her breath away. We rocked together body hugging body, and or sweat made slippery the bed. My faces to hers I looked in her eyes, and was lost in the blue infinity. What future I saw I could not understand, only the present pleasure I knew. I felt my passion rising, and her trembling grew, as together we met our goal and came together as one. And there she gazed and sighed deep, and there I shut her wild sad eyes – so kissed to sleep I was lost.

"And there we slumbered on the moss, and there I was lost, ah woes betide. For I awoke abandoned and alone and found myself here, on the cold hill side. For I knew then that it would be my quest travel all alone, and seek my lost fairy princess. After her pleasure I knew I cannot have another. And this is why I sojourn here, alone and palely loitering, on this again Halloween night. For I cannot wake and I cannot sleep until I find my fairy love.

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