tagMind ControlLa Chinga Muerte Ch. 04

La Chinga Muerte Ch. 04

byDecayed Angel©

I told my wife that my boss had sent me out to pick something up and I was calling from a pay phone, which was why the hotel name didn't appear on the caller id. I also told her that I was going to have to work late, later than I originally anticipated. Fortunately she understood, it was the holiday season and the hotel was very busy with all the parties, banquets and holiday guests. Telling her goodbye, I headed back and told the detective I was ready for the hypnotist.

In a short period of time, I found myself back in the interrogation room sitting facing a bald man. He talked with me for a few minutes about what he planned to do and then he showed me how he was going to do it. Before he finished I was no longer in the room, I was somewhere else and he seemed to be calling me from an open doorway. I walked to him and stepped through the door and suddenly found myself back at the Christmas party I worked the night before.

I could hear my voice telling him what I was seeing, but it was like I was watching it happen all over again as I spoke. Sure enough, I stood at the meat carving platform, slicing pieces of roast beef for the partygoers. It was still early and it was a bit slow, so I went ahead and sliced a number of pieces so I could be ready if it really got busy. After about an hour or so, a strange lady approached without a plate. She had a strange hairdo, it was teased upward and held in place with a headband. Above the headband her hair just frizzed out willy-nilly.

Offering to grab a plate for her, I looked down awaiting her response, but instead she held up her fork and began moving it so the light reflecting off of it was flashing in my eyes. I felt a bit dizzy, but the she whispered something and I leaned forward. I could hear her then as she said, "I am the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, so beautiful that you cannot describe it, I'm stunning, attractive and gorgeous. My hair is a beautiful auburn that I am wearing up, but there are two strands that tumble down the back of my sensuous neck.

"My blouse is unbuttoned three buttons, but as hard as you try, you cannot see my breasts, just a hint of cleavage. Wherever I am in the room, you will be drawn to me, to my beauty. When I come to you later, you will follow my instructions," she said and then walked away.

I continued slicing and serving the roast beef, but also found myself watching the woman as she moved about the party, talking to the guests. It seemed a perfectly natural thing, when a guest came to the platform I'd slice the meat and place it on their plate. When I finished I'd glance around the room and find her again.

Later in the evening, she walked up with a plate and I put a slice of the meat on the plate. She headed away, but turned back to me and said, "Follow me." Without a thought, I put down the fork and knife, pulled off my jacket and followed the woman out of the banquet room, across the lobby and down a corridor past the restrooms. She turned a corner and I followed her into the electrical room. Closing the door and then unfastened my pants, instructing me to remove them.

I pulled off my pants and she told me to make myself hard. Stroking my cock, it quickly grew to full erection. Handing me a condom, she had me put it on, then she smiled and told me to get on the desk, which I did. Lifting her skirt, she climbed on top of me. Her pubic hair was a black, but unlike the hair on her head, it had a lot of gray streaked through it. As she lowered herself onto me, my cock slipped in easily and even though my cock is a fairly normal size, she was so small she could barely take it all in.

As she moved herself up and down on me she began to speak, "Your cock is enormous, so big most women can't take it all, but I do, I take all of you." She continued describing the act as if this beautiful auburn haired woman with red, curly pubic hair was fucking my enormous cock.

It took her some time, but after a while, she began to moan and then came as her pussy pulsated on my cock. I was able to hold off coming so when she climbed off me and headed for the door, I could pull the condom off without making much of a mess. She then repeated some of her description of herself again and left, closing the door behind her.

Suddenly I heard a man saying, "Three, two and one," and I found myself facing the hypnotist. He smiled and said, "Okay we're done here." As he was picking up his notebook and getting ready to leave, the detective came back in, thanked him and then turned to me.

"Okay, I think we've gotten a lot worked out here. Based upon the help you've given us I think we should be bringing in the suspect in just a short while. We may need you some more if this thing goes to trial, but I'll be contacting you," he said reaching into his pocket and handing me a card. "If you have anything else you can think of about the case, or if you need anything, just give me a call. Again, thank you for all your help."

I shook his hand, and headed out to my car, anxious to get home and crawl into bed with my wife.

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