tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLa Femme Michele: London Nights

La Femme Michele: London Nights


Directorate General de la Securite Extericure
Paris, France




**** Bon Jour Agent 69- G. Kincaid ****

************** You Have Mail *************


Michele and I (Code Name: Kincaid) have finally made it to London. Yet, despite the dreary weather, as well as the somewhat stiff and boring sightseeing, since we are supposed to be posing as tourists, we are both very excited. Tonight we are to get our first glimpse of the wild and depraved sub-culture that is said to exist in this old Roman-conquered city. However, our purpose here is of a strictly professional nature, but as is my style, as an industrial spy, I have decided to use my personal erotic interests to yet again successfully accomplish my professional mission. Michele is what we in the business call a "personal operative," which as you will see, is an exciting career choice for any woman with the desire to see the world, have some fun, and live adventurously!

Michele and I are here in London to make contact with a woman who goes by the name of Linda. She is a disgruntled employee of the hugely successful British software company called VisionCorp, which is presently developing a new computer technology which, if developed, will put France behind in the race for technological superiority of all of Europe.

Michele, as always, being the eager personal operative and lover that she is, has come with her favorite suitcase of attire, chosen to tease, tantalize and generally drive the English men crazy with lust from stolen glances at her firm round cleavage and curvaceous ass. She always wears her skirts just high enough and tight enough that nobody doubts the lack of underwear.

After a day of the sights and a building anticipation of the night to come, the cold weather brazenly pointing Michele's nipples for all to see, we return to the hotel for a hot shared shower, both of us enjoying gently massaging the soap all over each others bodies but resisting the desperate and growing need to fuck each other, wanting to save it all for the evening ahead. Michele chooses to wear a see-through white chiffon blouse tied at the waist (giving a teasingly vague view of her beautiful breasts and swelling nipples and proudly showing her pierced navel) and a pair of faded and torn blue jeans, topped off with a brass buttoned navy blazer that she has stolen from me, she looks like a supermodel and I know that I will be seeing other men devour her with their eyes all night, I like it. We head out, scrubbed and vibrant with energy, sparkling with desire.

After our dinner in a moonlit wine bar, spent exploring each others thoughts, discussing the mission, and engaging in one of our favorite pastimes (people watching) I tell Michele about the special gentleman’s club located in Kensington where we are to meet our contact, The club is in a very exclusive part of London, far removed from the tacky tourist strip club hangouts in Soho. The more I tell her the more she can't wait to get there. I can see the excitement in her eyes at the prospect of entering my old, male oriented domain and the thrill of the sensation. I smile at the thought that she knows I saved this last erotic tidbit of information for her all along. We pay for our meal and hail a cab...

According to my directions we pull up in 'Old Kensington', grand old houses and parks occupy this area; it is possible to feel the 'society' atmosphere. We stroll along the flagged footpath and stop before a huge old Victorian house, steps rising to massive old oak door. The street is almost silent and empty save an impressive collection of cars ranging from Ferrari's to old Bentleys' and Rolls' Royce parked along the street. Michele looks at me questioningly as we go up the steps and knock on the door.

After a few moments a gray haired, tall and very distinguished butler, with a clipped British accent, who is in fact my agency's inside mole, upon recognizing me opens the door and invites us in. He gives me an enquiring glance, whilst giving Michelle an appraising, attentive and admiring look, I nod that it's ok. I whisper "it's not too often you can break this guys cool, and you've just blown him away", Michele hides her smile. The house is magnificent, with Italian marble floors, silk covered walls and crystal chandeliers with a massif-style stair leading up from the front hall. Led by the butler we ascend the stairs and then enter 'The Club'.

This entire floor is 'The Club', the setting is that of a very fine mansion style home with leather and finely upholstered couches and chairs arranged throughout, grand oil paintings on the walls and huge wood burning fireplaces with marble, stone and mahogany mantels. Butlers are serving drinks throughout while in direct but appropriate contrast modern music is being played at the perfect volume. The crowd is self assured and fashionable but not snobbish. These are people who don't need to prove anything and just know how to enjoy life. Michele notices that all the patrons are men, and she now understands the butler’s unspoken inquiry. As we are led to our table, nearly every guy we pass pauses in their conversation to run their approving eyes up and down Michele's body.

As we sit at a comfortable couch, drinks on the way, Michele now sees that at various locations throughout the club there are several stylishly clad women in differing stages of undress, dancing chatting and stroking themselves or their male partners, they obviously work here. The atmosphere though is so relaxed and comfortable though that the picture is almost surreal. This is definitely not the 'dirty old men' and 'ogling perverts' type scenario she had expected. To her surprise and pleasure, all the men in the place seem to be as if hand picked as without exception they possess fine, good-looking bodies and are certainly attractive. Our drinks arrive and after our first sip I look Michele challengingly in the eye and say, " Take your pick!!! "

Michelle sits back to survey the room. She is becoming more and more aroused at the thoughts of her prospects while at the same time wanting to do something different, unusual. She also wants to rebel a little at the environment that I have brought her into, break the male dominant atmosphere and take control. Her gaze rests on one of the women teasing one of the men at the table next to ours. Tall, stocking clad and slender bodied, wearing a tight black dress revealing pert nipples and thong lines that disappear into a tight, toned ass, just as Linda described herself in the e-mail. The blonde haired beauty makes Michele's pussy moist as she watches her as both sense the warm lust rising and spreading out through Michele's body. Michele is the type of woman who when she knows what she wants, gets it. As Michelle survey's the blonde, I can tell from her smouldering looks that she has decided what she is going to do to get the information we need to break into VisionCorp.

As she watches, the woman looks across at Michele and it is clear to see in her blue eyes that she is attracted to Michele and turned on by her gaze. She finishes talking to our neighbor and rises, walking to our table she takes out a cigarette and leaning forward letting Michele see her cleavage, politely asks for a light. That is the signal, all is going just as we planned. However, there may be VisionCorp counterspies here, so we have to be indiscrete.

Michele takes a box of the club matches from the table and all the while sharing their common gaze she slowly and sensuously lights her cigarette. "My name is Linda," she murmurs as she exhales in sexy way while smoothly taking a seat beside Michele. "My name is Rachael," Michele says in her best fake British accent, as she then whispers into Linda's ear , "just be natural tonight, we can make the exchange later in the week, tonight we just have to exchange contact numbers. So relax and have some fun, I know I am," Michele says as she looks at Linda, licks her lips and then turns to me to with a knowing smile.

I can feel myself taking the role of voyeur, as the two ladies seem to become more and more oblivious of their surroundings. Michele and Linda chat for a bit over their drinks, but I can see that Michele is not really listening to what is being said, she's just looking at Linda's lips as they form the words. Linda boldly begins to caress Michele's thigh and Michele cannot resist leaning towards her and begins to kiss her. Linda's mouth is soft but firm and her tongue moves against Michele's in response. Michele can feel the edges of Linda's teeth and the beating of her heart as she begins to get more and more excited. Linda reaches out and slowly unties and then unbuttons Michele's blouse, then she starts to knead Michele's breasts and strokes her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Michele loves this and pushes forward her chest to let her know she likes what she is doing.

Linda smiles and lowers her head to run her tongue over Michele's pink areola and gently graze her teeth over and bite her nipples. After a while Michele turns Linda around and lays back into the couch bringing Linda down on top of her so that she can press her tits into Linda's back while letting her hand creep down Linda's stomach towards her pussy. Linda sighs opening and closing her legs around Michele's hand finally letting Michele raise her dress and slip the slight thong aside to touch her pussy.

Michele can feel the little swelling of Linda's clit and gently strokes the back of her finger over it, she runs her fingers through her bush and rubs her swollen cunt lips until, inexorably, she parts her legs and gives her access to her pink pussy hole. Michele starts to finger her, feeling Linda's pussy getting wetter and wetter and then bringing her fingers to her own mouth, licks them clean of Linda's cream.

An overwhelming urge to eat Linda's pussy brings Michele to her knees in front of her, Linda lying back on the couch. As she does so, Michele notices a large group of men now beginning to watch them. This is what she wanted. Linda's succulent love hole hovers in front of Michele's face and Michele can feel the heat from it on her cheeks. She sinks her tongue into the salty depths of Linda's pussy and feels her cunt muscles draw her in. Michele's face begins to get slicked with her juice as Linda moves forward and squats on her tongue and bucking her hips, grinds on her face.

Michele loves the taste of her pussy and swallows down the tangy ooze of her delicious girl-juice. Linda's hands gently grip the back of Michelle's head, wrapping Michele's hair around her fingers, and then begins to pump her into her hot, soft bush. Michele's nose rubs her clit and her lips open and close in an 'O' around her cunt, while her tongue licks her hole. She can feel Linda cumming as she squeezes Michele's head so tightly between her legs she can hardly breathe and gushes her juice over Michele's frenzied lips and tongue. Michele makes sure she licks every drop of it.

The crowd is rapt with attention and Michele knows that she is breaking the rules and loving it!! She is hungry for a climax herself and so she stands removing all her clothes revealing herself completely, her shaved pussy glistening. Linda groans in the thrill of this and does the same. Linda stands and bends Michele over double while she smoothes her ass cheeks with her hands. Then she stretches the pert ass cheek apart and Michele can feel the Linda's hot breath on her pussy and asshole. Linda's fingers alternate between the hole, first plugging Michele's ass and then finger pumping her pussy. Michele gasps at the pleasure of the two different sensations, the tight, intense feeling in her ass and the slippery pleasure in her pussy.

Linda knows just how long to play with each one, keeping Michele on the brink, never totally satisfied until Michele, no longer in control, turns her head to give a pleading look. Linda just smiles and bends her head down towards her ass, as Michele feels four fingers sliding into her pussy stretching its pink, sensitive flesh, and the hot stab of her tongue against the ring of her ass. Finally Linda gets her tongue all the way up into Michele as her fingers start to hammer her pussy like a makeshift dick. Linda leans back up and starts to slide her slippery pussy against Michele's ass cheeks and she can feel her juice running down her bum crack, running around her asshole, down along the lips of her pussy and dripping off her pubes.

Linda then makes both of them lie in the couch against each other so that she can press her pussy against Michele's grinding their oily lips together. She shoves her fingers into Michele's pussy again and then grasps Michele's breasts with her sticky, oily hands and smears Michele's hard erect nipples. She leans forward finding a position where she can still press her mound against Michele's and starts to suck Michele's nipples biting them harder and harder as she takes one hand and pushes two fingers into Michele's asshole and two fingers into her pussy. Both of their movements become more frenzied and desperate, Linda pumping, grinding and sucking Michele until Michele's whole body shudders violently with the force of an overwhelming orgasm. They disentangle and Michele slowly becomes aware of all the men who have been watching her and Linda. She slowly dresses as a butler arrives with complimentary drinks. I smile appreciatively at her.

On the way out Michele and Linda casually share addresses and telephone numbers, as Linda promises to have a cup of tea with Michele soon, so that we can all get reacquainted. As they chat, Linda slips Michele a business card.

Michele and I then finish our drinks as I beg her to come back to the hotel to plan for our surveillance of VisionCorp. However the main reason why I want to return now is that I feel as if I will die from the pain in my balls from needing to cum. Michele, who be know is desperate for some cock, politely agrees in her clipped fake British accent, as she says Bridget Jones like, "I believe that I could go for the taste of some male cock and spunk. Splendid idea!"

As we call for a cab and leave hurriedly for the hotel, neither one of us notice Dominic Laura Blake rise from their hidden table in the back of the club. A mere coincident perhaps? Like all of the other patrons, they to were witness to the floor show put on by both Michele and Linda.

In the cab Michele looked at the back of the business card. On the back Linda wrote, "Tomorrow night meet me alone at the Kings Cross train station. From there we will go to a biker bar, where we will be safe to discuss what it is I want to sell. Please come alone, and remember, there are spies everywhere! Linda"

So tomorrow evening, while Michele rendezvous with Linda in the area near Kings Cross, which is a very dangerous woman to be at night, I will conduct surveillance to ensure her safety. However I will only make my presence when I hear the code phrase.

FYI- Dominic and Laura Blake are the owners and founders of VisionCorp, our target, as well as regular contributors to the erotic arts!


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