tagLesbian SexLabor Day Lesbian Rapture Ch. 04

Labor Day Lesbian Rapture Ch. 04


Heather removed the spreader bar and all of my restraints and led me to the bathroom. I relieved myself as she drew a warm bath for me. She was now very gentle and loving and as I lay in the soothing water she brought smoothies for us to share: they were delicious and we drank greedily. My thirst and hunger disappeared. . I let her soap and clean me thoroughly, though we took care to keep my long braided red hair dry. We really didn't talk much, didn't have to. She rinsed and toweled me gingerly and even applied some soothing lotion to my breasts and pussy.

"The night's still young," she said.

I was utterly naked except for my collar as Heather lay me out on the warm soft bed, such a welcome relief from dangling.

But she bound me again, this time with cords. My wrists were pulled straight back to the headboard, and my legs were lifted backward and spread apart, each ankle attached to opposite ends of the headboard. My ass was elevated and exposed in addition to my tender cunt. I could move very little, but at least I could rest. And yet again I experienced the thrill of being at this beautiful bitch's mercy.

"Why don't you relax for a while before Gwen gets back?" cooed Heather.

"Mistress," I tentatively spoke, "please …."

"What is it, slut?" Heather responded.

I screwed up my courage, out of sheer lustful desperation. "Please fuck me, please! Or lick me, please make me cum before Gwen gets back!"

Heather got that look in her eye again and I feared the worst for I had spoken out of turn. Instead she crawled between my legs and began to lick the insides of my thighs, so beautifully. Holding my legs even further apart with her hands she brought her lips to my crotch and snaked her tongue in the cleft between my leg and pussy, on either side, and then she flicked it over my nether-bud. I was crazed with the need to cum and when she traced the tip of her tongue upward along my pussy lips I pushed my cunt into her – but she pulled away.

Smirking, she said, "I'm sorry dear, I'm not going to make the same mistake twice….I promised Gwen that she would have that honor."

"Oh please Mistress, lick it, fuck it, fuck me, do something now, anything!" I pleaded hoarsely.

"Well, maybe we can compromise" she said coolly.

Heather left the bed for a moment and then returned with a rather large black dildo. It was tapered at the front and grew very thick in the middle, and it was ribbed. She spat on it and coated it with her spittle using her tongue and offered it to me. I sucked and spat on it and wet it until it glistened and dripped with saliva.

"This will keep your lovely ass nice and warm for a while."

Heather inserted the dildo into my puckered ass very slowly, twisting it and occasionally spitting on it some more until I had taken it entirely into my once-violated ass (and that was many many years ago..) The feeling was incredible. My cunt throbbed from the pressure and I closed my muscles around the thick ribbed dildo and felt a gushing inner heat. I guess I now knew what my ex had liked so much about being gay!

Heather worked it in and out a bit, letting the ribs of the dildo pass through and stretch my sphincter as it moved and I was in a minor kind of heaven. I wanted her to become more aggressive and to fuck me with it harder, but Heather merely settled it into my ass snugly and told me she had to leave for a while to wait for Gwen. It was getting dark outside and I lay in semi-contented expectancy.

The room was warm and I smelled fresh from the bath and I reflected on the explosiveness of the past two days, how Gwen had boldly taken me home from her club, the wild sex with her, the surprising initiation into submission, the entrance of Heather, the next day of sleeping and walking followed by the night of humiliating bondage and then the sweet embrace of Gwen. And I thought too – how could I not? – about the past few deliciously devious hours with the merciless yet tender Heather…How would this all play out? When would it end? What would Gwen – who really scared me – do with me tonight?

And as I lay I thought about how I truly loved the way I was being held captive, immobile, spread open so lewdly and helplessly, and I can't describe how different this feeling was from anything I'd ever experienced, how much more satisfying and overwhelmingly exciting. I could have screamed out, and I fantasized about asking my Mistresses for more, for sharper blows, for more degrading and subservient tasks. I wanted to show them how much I could bear, how much I could sacrifice, how much I could please. How could I ever go back to the way I was before?

I must have dozed off because now the room was candlelit again and Gwen and Heather were at my side. Gwen wore a corset that exposed her breasts, and thigh-high leather boots: she looked very forbidding, very much the Domme. He shaved gorgeous pussy was on display. Heather wore only her collar, a nearly sheer thong, and heels: she really was a darling, beautiful in a very different way from Gwen.

Next to Gwen's hand on the bed were a crop and a flogger. I noticed that the strips of the whip were knotted throughout. I became anxious.

Gwen spoke: "Well, slut, I hear you've been a good and obedient little whore today." She paused, "Are you ready for our last night together?"

I was disappointed: did this mean I'd never be seeing them again? But I didn't let it show and simply answered, "Yes, Mistress, whatever you wish."

"Good girl…. You know, I really shouldn't have blamed Heather for your mishap last night; after all, it was you who didn't ask permission, wasn't it?"

"Yes, Mistress, I was at fault." Gwen picked up the whip and I instinctively turned my head out of fear. She trailed it between my legs and up along my breasts and I got a very close look at what it might do.

"I'm going to show you why Heather is my pet, Susie, I'm going to show you how a truly obedient slave responds to her Mistress."

She continued: "Heather, get the restraints, please." Gwen turned to me and said, "Susie, my slut, I want you to watch."

It took only a few minutes before Heather was suspended and spread just as I had been a few hours before, except that she had her back to the mirrored wall. She looked so incredibly attractive.

Gwen approached and flicked the whip lightly on her stomach, and lightly across her breasts, and lightly across her thighs.

"Are you watching, slut?" she said to me. As I was answering I saw a forceful swing and heard the loud snap of the flogger across Heather's breasts.

"Just for starters, Heather dear, just for starters. I hope you're not planning to dance this week, are you?"

"I was, Mistress, I'm supposed to start up again tomorrow night."

Another sharp lash across her breasts and Heather bit her lip.

"I'm not sure your patrons will appreciate the stripes I'm going to leave."

The third blow fell across her pussy and upper thighs and Heather let out a soft breathy moan.

I watched in horrified but excited fascination as Gwen ferociously snapped her whip across Heather's helpless body. Heather winced and flinched and moaned and panted, but each time Gwen asked her how she liked it, Heather begged for more. And more she got. Her poor breasts and tummy and thighs were bright red, and Gwen started taking aim at her pussy until by the tenth sharp lash Heather broke. "Please," she whimpered.

Gwen stepped toward her and kissed her on the lips and stroked her beautiful face.

"Not bad, my pet, not bad – I'm surprised you held out so long." She turned to me and lashed me twice, just as hard as she had lashed Heather, across my buttocks and anus and I squirmed and gasped but had the good sense to thank her through the unexpected pain. If I hadn't had the dildo in my ass the lashes of the whip on my anus would have destroyed me, I thought.

"You're learning well, slut," she replied. "But now I'm going to show you just how good Heather really is."

Gwen unbound me from the bedposts but immediately tied my ankles together and forced my hands behind my back, winding the cord around my wrists and arms just like the night before. She dragged me by the hair and positioned me before Heather's cunt which was glistening behind the flimsy fabric of her thong.

"Now, Susie-slut, open your mouth and press your lips to your girlfriend's pussy, ever so lightly, but don't under any circumstances use your tongue, understand?"

I nodded. "Heather is NOT, I repeat, NOT, to cum."

Gwen took several steps back and stood behind Heather.

"How old are you, bitch?" she asked me.

"37" I replied.

"Heather will count backwards…."

The lashes began. The whoosh and snap of the whip made my heart leap. The blows landed on her back and buttocks and the backs of her legs, and Heather counted. She leaned her head forward to give Gwen access to her upper back.

With each blow Heather's pussy was thrust up against my mouth, and with each blow I smelled her became wetter and wetter. I could taste her sweet pussy juice on the sheer thong and feel the beginnings of quivering as her cunt yearned for release.

The intensity of the blows increased and Heather's panting became much heavier. Gwen was ruthless. She started a quick hard volley that began at 13 and ended at 3 and I thought Heather would capitulate and cum or scream for her to stop, and then I thought for a second that I could get back at the bitch by tonguing her into a forbidden orgasm. But I didn't act on that thought: Heather had become too precious. She screamed as the next-to-last lash landed cruelly across her back.

Gwen pulled on Heather's short blond hair and spat in her face.

"Do not cum, bitch.," she said sharply but quietly.

And then she finished with a searing blow to her ass. The aroma of Heather's sopping cunt was irresistible and I involuntarily moved my mouth into her before Gwen vigilantly yanked me away..

Heather was a glorious mess: red, sweating, panting, but beautiful and victorious. Her thong was soaked through and through. I knew how much she wanted my tongue and I admired how she restrained herself and I vowed I would somehow pleasure her before I left.

"Thank you, Mistress Gwen," whispered Heather gratefully.

"You're welcome, my pet," replied Gwen.

(to be concluded)

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