tagLoving WivesLabor Day of '05

Labor Day of '05


This was our first experience of its kind and it still has my head spinning as I cant believe that it happened. It all began this past Labor Day weekend, is 100% real, and what follows is exactly how we remember it.

It was to be a gorgeous weekend spent with the family, camping north of the cities at a favorite campground. We set up our camper, freshened up a bit, and walked to meet up with some old friends that had a year round place at the campgrounds. A great time was had as we relived memories, shared maybe a few too many drinks, and listened to the pre season football game. Our children were having a great time and it wasn't long before they were begging us to stay over at the camper of our friends to play with their children. Who were we to say no as we would have our place to ourselves and maybe christen our new camper since it was never possible before. As midnight approached and the fire wore down, we decided to call it a night and headed back to our camper.

As my wife Chris and I strolled back to our site we enjoying the time alone as we walked in the near deserted park. At one point I let my hand slide down and softly squeeze her ass as I nibbled at her ear. She giggled and pulled away as we must have looked like teenagers alone on a Friday night, should anyone been around to see. We walked and played a bit more with each other in the dark as we slowly made our way back to our camper. When we arrived we were both in a daring mood and it was easier than I thought to talk her into coming over to shower with me in the men's bathroom. Some of it might have been the booze, but we grabbed our hygiene kits, some towels, and quickly walked to the bathrooms.

We had been at the campgrounds almost all day and had only come upon 2 other campers (other than our resident friends) so it was almost guaranteed that we would have the place to ourselves. I peeked in, flipped on the lights, and escorted my wife to the back showers. In this bathroom there were a total of 4 "shower areas". Each "shower area" had 2 large curtained showers and a good sized common dressing area directly in front of them. We entered the common area, and slid that curtain shut and began undressing.

After I finished undressing I flipped on one of the showers and was quickly joined inside by my wife. When she entered the shower she pulled that curtain shut also. We spent quite a while soaping each other up and slowly massaging each other while sharing passionate kisses. I moved behind my wife at one point and wrapped my left arm around her breasts and began kissing the nape of her neck. She always responds to this touch and reached back with her left arm and wrapped it behind my head, slowly stroking my hair. As I kissed to the other side of her neck I moved both hands up to massage her breasts as a slid my rock hard erection between her legs. We slowly ground against each other as our desire and passion grew.

I slid my right hand down, finding her engorged clit with my fingers and began slowly caressing it. A low moan of approval that escaped her lips encouraged my continued touch. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back against my chest as she lost herself in the experience.

All at once I heard the bathroom screen door open and we collectively froze our actions, and stared at one another. We were safely behind the privacy of 2 curtains so all we could do was wait out this unexpected interruption. All that raced through my mind was that we would have to finish our love making session back at the camper. We sat in silence waiting for the sound of the wood screen door creaking open and banging shut.

After a few minutes I pulled the shower curtain aside and reached out to grab a towel to wipe soap that had dripped from my wife's arms into my eyes. As I reached for the towel the outside curtain suddenly snapped open . I looked up and was greeted by a surprised looking 30 some year old naked man holding his clothes. My wife meanwhile had taken refuge behind my body, doing her best to cover herself from any prying eyes.

"Umm.. Oops." was all he mustered at first. After a moment of silence and as he slowly took a step back he stated "Um...I'm sorry... I guess my wife and I aren't the only ones with this idea... I thought she was in here." As I cradled my wife I watched as her eyes attempted to discreetly sneak peaks at this mans body.

She had, however, tightly pressed the front of her body against my body leaving only her ass exposed to this stranger. I watched as he spoke and how his eyes darted around attempting to absorb as much of my wife as he could. Just as he was pulling the curtain shut, he suddenly stopped and said "Well hell. How about if when my wife Jill gets here we all just share this space? My name is Steve" No answer or any kind of real reply was ever given as my wife and I just looked at one another and I wrapped my arm around her waist, retreating into the shower.

We had made love with other couples in dark rooms before, so this didn't seem totally strange. Plus I looked forward to seeing this mans wife naked and the thought of four of us making love together was quite exciting to me. I gave my wife a kiss as I watched this man hang his clothes up on the hook. I awaited the opening of the bathroom door so the fun could begin. I closed my eyes and French kissed my wife as my hand slid down and over her ass. I could feel her heart beating with excitement as we embraced in our kiss.

Suddenly, my eyes snapped open as I sensed a presence nearby and was somewhat surprised to find Steve standing right behind my wife. I was about to go into a self defense mode as I worried about his intentions, and if he meant to harm either one of us. He must have sensed my anxiety but he looked me in the eyes and I felt a sense of reassurance.

This was stepping it up a notch from my wife and myself previous experiences with other couples. We had never expected or attempted to interact with the other couple. Here was this naked stranger standing directly behind my wife apparently wanting to join my wife and I at least until his wife arrived. My wife looked into my eyes with a bit of worry but I was so horned in on getting some equal time with his wife that it seemed almost natural. I had no intention of letting this man fuck my wife, so what damage could a little bit of slap and tickle do?

Steve obviously sensed that he was ok to join and stepped directly behind my wife, placing his hands onto her back and moving her hair to one side of her neck. His cock was obviously pressed into her ass as he slowly kissed the back of her neck-just as I had done minutes before. I cant say what expression came over my wife, maybe a bit of shock at first, but she was deeply into the fact that two men were at her disposal. Maybe it was the excitement of the experience because her breathing became quick and her pulse appeared to skyrocket . She was lost in the moment and her eyes were closed as she enjoyed our touch.

I softly held her cheek exchanging kisses with her as I watched Steve's hands slip around and grab hold of her breasts. Her nipples were fully erect and I watched a moment as he flicked and played with them as he continued kissing her neck and ears. Her soft moans, that she attempted to cover at first, slipped for her lips as she reached forward to stroke my cock. She slowly massaged my cock as our tongues continued to intertwine.

Steve slid his hands onto my wife's hips and I took the opportunity to bend down and suckle on her d cup breasts. I held her breasts as best I could as my tongue flicked her nipples. I noticed her back arching and looked up to watch as she reached back and slid her arm around Steve's head. Her eyes were closed as she turned her head towards the side and their tongues met in mid air. I must say it was a bit of a shock to watch my wife kiss another man but the thought was gone as soon as I noticed her grinding her ass against his crotch.

I stood up and their kiss subsided and again my wife reached for my cock giving it several jerks. Slowly she dropped to her knees and sank my penis into her mouth. She grabbed the base with her left hand and began bobbing her head onto my engorged member. I leaned back against the shower wall and enjoyed the attention that my dick was receiving -forgetting all about Steve for the time. She stopped for a moment and our eyes met as if she was searching for approval to reach out and touch Steve. While I cant say that I gave the approval., she slowly reached up and grabbed hold of Steve's cock and then resumed the blow job she had started. It wasn't but a moment before I watched as her hand began methodically jerking Steve's cock. This was the first time I had really noticed his erection - and while it wasn't nearly as thick as mine--I believe it was almost as long.

Chris continued to suck and lick my penis and I could only imagine it was just a matter of time before she switched to blowing Steve. I probably changed her plans as I helped her to her feet and led her into the curtained common area. She quickly figured out my intentions as I lowered her to the ground and slid behind to mount her from behind. Placing my cock against her pussy I was amazing as there appeared to be no resistance as I slid into her. She had never been this wet or as highly lubricated in all of our time together. As I sat balls deep into her, I noticed just how fantastic she looked. She ground her ass back into me as if to jump start our lovemaking. Who was I to deny her and I began slowly pumping into her while grabbing hold of her hips. I noticed Steve walk around us and peek out into the bathroom area. He then returned with one of the small stools and sat in front of my wife, his cock sticking into her face. She looked back again for signs of jealousy, then turned forward and throated his cock.

I watched as his eyes closed and his hands wrapped behind her head guiding her head further into his lap. Her moans and shrieks were now muffled with sounds of gurgling as I drove into her. She let Steve fall from her mouth and reached down touching her clit and rubbing it like a woman possessed. Her cries must have been heard throughout the campground as she suddenly stopped her movement and shuttered her way through a huge orgasm. The perspiration on her face glistened as she looked back at me ...her eyes glowing with lust and passion. Her pussy was still quivering as I resumed my thrusting. It was cut short as she came up to her knees and passionately kissed me. Our eyes again locked together as she went back onto all fours. I watched as she didn't immediately resume sucking Steve off but instead grabbed our open hygiene bag and pulled something from it. I could not make it out until I saw the package of one of my condoms being tossed to the side and my wife apparently sliding it onto Steve's cock.

She leaned forward enough to allow my cock to slip from her and stood up directly over Steve. It shocked me a bit as she started to lower herself onto his cock. His hands meanwhile reached up to grab hold of her tits. Then as if thinking about it- she stopped and turned around and threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply. Her arms then loosened and she stepped back over Steve and lowered herself fully onto Steve, groaning as his cock parted her. She sat on top of him for a moment as I absorbed the situation and his hands began wandering her body. She again turned her head to the side and they kissed as she slowly began grinding on his cock. I stepped closer which prompted her to stop kissing Steve and grab my own cock. She guided it to her mouth and began sucking as if her life depended on it. It wasn't long before Steve had lowered his hands onto her hips and helped encourage her to start bouncing on his cock. She removed me from her mouth and began thrusting her body up and down on top of him. His groans of approval and her tightly closed eyes told me that they were having the time of their lives.

I then stepped aside, allowing them some freedom and watched as Chris bounced on this mans cock. Her nipples were as hard as I have ever seen them and her hands found there way to cup her flopping breasts. It was the most erotic event I have ever witnessed in my life. I leaned down into her hygiene bag and pulled out a small massager which I brought back with me in front of my wife. My wife sensing my presence again, reached out to blow me-but was stopped as I turned on this vibrator. I placed it in her hands and she quickly lowered it to her pussy, resting it on her clit. Her approval moans were immediately noticed and appreciated. Steve was still pumping into her from below as she crashed down onto of him. It wasn't long before Chris's breathing became shallow and quick as she approached and shook her way through an orgasm. Steve meanwhile was speeding up his own actions and was obviously close to his own orgasm. My wife suddenly jumped off of him as I didn't think she would let him cum inside of her with or without a condom on. She dropped in front of me and began a feverish blowjob in an attempt to get me off. Steve meanwhile shed his condom and approached her from the side. She looked over and saw that he was about to come and turned towards him. She guided his cock between her tits and allowed him to thrust a few times. That was all it took and his body stiffened as he dumped pulse after pulse of cum into her tits. She held them close together giving him as much friction as she could. When he finished he pulled out. The sight of another man cumming on my wife had me on the edge and when my wife took me back into her mouth-it only took a few flicks of her tongue to set me over the edge. I went to pull her head off of my cock but she resisted and took the first three shots of cum into her throat. She then pulled away and emptied my cock onto her cum filled breasts.

When she had milked me dry she looked up at me with a look of intensity and fulfillment. She stood and our lips met in a passionate kiss. Steve was still to the side of her and she reached out and gave his cock a few last strokes as he leaned closer to give her a parting kiss. He again cupped her ass as they shared their last kiss and he excused himself from the shower area. It seemed like just a moment and we heard the screen door bang shut as he obviously departed the building. SO much for his wife showing up I thought as my wife and I resumed the shower we had started about ¾ of an hour before.

The rest of the weekend was over in a flash but my wife and I managed several more encounters (alone) during the course of the weekend. No doubt it was fueled by this shower room encounter and we hope to enjoy more controlled encounters in the future. We spent time talking over the past weeks of the night and she filled me in on a few things regarding the night. She told me she was always checking my body language to make sure I was ok with what was happening. Chris explained that when she first went to mount Steve that she wanted to make sure that I was ok which was why she suddenly stopped, turned, and mounted him facing away from him. Then when she knew he was about to cum, she didn't want him to do it inside of her and take the risks associated with it, so she jumped off. She also wanted me to know how much she loved me and swallowed my cum as a testament to the fact. We both decided that it was a good experience and while it is not something we plan to do every weekend, I have been assured that when we find the right woman and time- its my turn next. I can hardly wait- and I will be sure to let you all know about the encounter.

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