tagFetishLactating Jane

Lactating Jane


Jane's marriage was in the toilet. She was on her couch sitting cross-legged, telling Dave, her best friend's boyfriend all about it. An attractive woman in her late 30's with her long blonde hair tied back & an unmistakable rack that told the world that she had just bore a child, who'd watched her marriage turn into a series of small separations.

"Well I don't care what Mike thinks Jan I think you're gorgeous."

"Thanks Dave, you always know how to cheer me up, but no he's right...I have put on weight." Dave could hear the defeat in her voice.

"But in all the right places." He pointed to her hips, & stared at the cleavage peeking out of her white halter-top. Jane blushed. Before she could continue a noise came from the bedroom, it was the baby, she was crying.

"That's Avril, she must be hungry."

Dave watched her hips sway as she walked out of the room, round & seamless in her short denim skirt. He felt sorry for his wife's best friend; he had never understood why she had ever hurried to get married to that jerk. A truck driver who was taking more & more interstate calls since the baby had arrived.

Jane walked in with the baby & sat back down, "You don't mind if I do this in here do you?" she said already pulling down her top & feeding her tit into her child's mouth.

"It's not that I'm not interested in sex, in fact I'm hornier since I had the baby -" she admitted as they both watched Avril's tiny lips suckling on her large round nipple. Dave had seen Jane's tits before at the beach but they must have doubled in size since then & he could feel himself get an erection.

"Dave, your not listening to me."

"Huh!" Dave grunted, lowering his hand to his crotch to hide the bulge pointing out of his shorts. Jane noticed & smiled. Secretly pleased she could still do it to a man.

"Dave you're staring."

"Oh! I'm sorry Jane, I've never seen this done before, its...its..."

Dave searched for the write words but couldn't find any.

"Arousing?" Jane volunteered.

Now it was Dave's turn to feel embarrassed.

"Mike didn't think so. he thought it was disgusting."

"It's...beautiful" Dave squeezed his cock through his shorts.

"Dave!" Jane protested, getting up & putting her tit away.

"Jane...don't- "The disappointment on his face was clearly visible.

"She's had enough." And she went back down the hall returning the baby to her crib.

When she returned Dave was still nursing his erection. She stood in the hall way with her hands on her hips, "Are you sure its safe for me to come in there she said smiling." Dave was clearly embarrassed. "I'm sorry Jane." his face flushed. she sat down beside him with her legs slightly crossed, the electricity between them building.

"How's April?" she asked, bringing his girlfriend into the equation to defuse the conversation..

"Good-" he replied, as a matter-of-factly, "Couldn't believe she went home with that black guy from the club though."

Jane envied their relationship, they had refused to get married & although they had bought a house together had continued to live the single life. There's was an open relationship that had worked.

"I think its called having the cake & eating it too," she pronounced.

there was silence as they smiled at each other.

"Jane...Can I..." Dave pointed to her tit.

"No way!" Jane lifted her self off the settee accentuating her response, but dropped back down again.

"Please Jane, just a little bit. I wanna see."

Jane thought it over at once outraged & curious at the proposition. What harm could it do? The attention was kinda nice.

"O.K. but you can look but don't touch."

Dave's eye's lit up. Jane reached for the strap of her halter top & bought it down over her flesh exposing her nipple. She marveled at the fascination on Dave's face. "Its just a tit Dave," she chided.

"Can I taste it Jane?" He asked her.

"No definitely not. Jesus! Dave what's gotten into you?"

Dave put a hand around her waste & bought his face closer the pink round flesh. She could feel his cool breath on her nipple making the little lumps on her areole stand up.

Please Jane, just a little.

"Dave no," she said but her breathing betrayed her & the temper in her voice faded.

Dave's lips were on her nipple now, his hot mouth sending electric currents through her body. She grabbed the back of his head & moaned. "Just a little bit Dave, they're sensitive." Dave sucked on her nipple drinking in the warm sweet milk. His hand reached up to slip under her halter & grab her other tit. Jane was moaning with her head tilted back. Dave was licking all around her areole now & the soft meat of her breast.

"Dave, Stop!" She protested, but let him squeeze her tit a little longer before reaching under her top to remove it. Dave's hand was on her thigh now tentatively creeping up under her skirt. Jane could feel herself get wet, as his fingers touched her flesh. She reached under her skirt & squeezed his hand, before reaching up & pulling her top down giving her tit to him. Dave worked her other tit, now leaking milk. Jane grabbed his head with both her hands "Please don't tell Mike about this". There was milk dribbling on the side of his lips. He pushed his tongue into her mouth just as his fingers found her wet vulva.

Jane's hand went back under her skirt & squeezed Dave's fingers into an arrow & fed them into her open pussy. She grabbed his wrist & began fucking her self with it. "I like it really hard & fast now Dave", she admitted without being embarrassed. Dave started at her, driving his four fingers in & out of her cunt like a piston. His tongue was working its way from her tits to her mouth giving her a taste of her own milk.

"Do you like it Jane"

'Oh yea, keep fucking me."

She reached into his black shorts, grabbed his cock & started masturbating him. It was all wet & she worked his pre-cum down the length of his shaft. She had always fantasized about fucking him. She'd seen his cock before when the 3 of them had shared a shower after getting really drunk. But until today she had never dared take it.

Jane's tits & thighs were covered in her own juices.

"Lick my pussy Dave, Mike never licks my pussy", she pleaded, grabbing his head with both hands & guiding it between her legs. Jane squeezed her nipples covering herself in her own milk then proceeded to lick & suck her own tits. She had never been this wanton before, not since she had the baby & Mike stopped fucking her.

Dave was licking & biting the sweet hot meat of her vagina, fingering the little hood of her clit as he did. Jane's breathing was erratic, she lifted up her skirt over her arse & stomach, to hide the caesarian scar & watch Dave's mouth & fingers work her pussy.

'Your gonna make me cum," she admitted.

"What do you want Jane?"

"I wanna cum, I wanna be your slut Dave, make me cum."

"Suck my cock Jane," he demanded, getting up & standing in front of her. Jane pulled herself up from the couch & pulled his shorts over his muscular thighs exposing his cock, she grabbed hold of his arse cheeks & guided his cock into her mouth. Dave groaned as he reached for her huge tits.

'Mike always said you sucked good cock."

"Mike's got a big mouth," she thought to herself. She knew he talked about her to all his friends at the pub, by the way they leered at her when she went to pick him up.

"Turn around & show me your hot arse."

Jane climbed back onto the couch with her tits dangling over the back rest. She turned to watch Dave enter her. She let out a moan as Dave took hold of her arse & his thick girth spread open her pussy lips. He started pounding in & out of her like woody wood-pecker. They were both moaning madly now, as they both felt the pulse of their own oncoming orgasms.

""Keep fucking me Dave I'm gonna cum", she yelled as her finger found her clit & worked it to the rhythm of Dave's hard cock.

"I'm gonna cum." Dave yelled, at the sound of his balls slapping Jane's twat.

"Don't stop fucking me...I'm gonna cum... cum inside me, fuck... fuck...i'm...cuming...yelled Jane as Dave emptied his load & bought her to orgasm.

They fell on top of each other exhausted only to be interrupted by the baby's crying in the next room.

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